SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Yolanda And David Foster… David Says He Called Shana “Kim” ‘Cause He Never Met Her!… Brandi Glanville’s Book Signing… BFrankel and Jason Hoppy… Brooks Ayers… KomaKathy Wakile… “KIDS” of “Reality” Stars…

Yolanda David KathieLee Hoda

Yesterday on the TodayShow with KathieLee and Hoda…

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…RHOBH Yolanda Foster dropped by with her husband, David Foster.

David clarifies that he had never met Shana.  And because he didn’t know who she was at Yolanda’s dinner party… he called her “Kim”!


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Brandi Glanville went to her book signing yesterday…

Of course, Housewives seeking attention made sure to send lots of “love” and congrats to Brandi!

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Don’t know if Crooksy will be a part of the next season of the RHOC, but…

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…. this is what MissAndy really thinks!!

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BFrankel’s VERY lucky-to-be EX-husband, Jason Hoppy, has blocked BFrankel from taking their child with her to Australia.   Hmmmm….. isn’t Ellen taking her show to Australia?  Perhaps Ellen wants to slowly introduce BFrankel to the Australian people.  Note to Ellen:  A tiny, little, itsy, bitsy piece of BFrankel goes a VERY loooooooong way… as Jason discovered immediately after marrying her!

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RHOC knickerbocker kid mugshot

If you haven’t heard this already… the RHOC’s Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter, Lindsey, got herself wasted.  Lindsey got behind the wheel of her car, smashing into two parked cars while on her way to her friend’s house… where she bopped a cop while resisting arrest.

These poor, poor “children” of these “reality” “STARS”!!    Can’t wait to see the new “reality” show “RealityWrecks… Children of Phony Reality Stars”!!

From Mugshots

Lindsey Knickerbocker, 23, was arrested by police in Orange County, CA for DUI, having a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher (in this case, much higher), hit-and-run, and battery on an officer.

According to news reports, she rammed into two parked cars and fled to a friend’s house nearby.

When police arrived, she reportedly punched an officer in the stomach.

Of course, she was promptly placed under arrest. Her violent rampage likely did not surprise officers who determined her blood alcohol content at the time of her arrest to be .32, a mindboggling four times over the legal limit in California.


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Da Manzoids all showed up to push that black stuff… from CarrollwoodPatch.  

PrinceAlbie is now comparing his black stuff to “sports drinks” and “coconut water”!!  And, when you drink it EVERY DAY, you see a difference.  However, PrinceAlbie does not elaborate on exactly what “differences” you would see/feel from drinking the black stuff daily!


AND… according to the Patch… approximately 100… yes, ONE HUNDRED!!!… people showed up to see da Manzoids!  Keep in mind that the number of people (100) included the casual Whole Foods shopper who may have just sauntered into the store to buy a gallon of milk!

“… The minerals provide an added health benefit to drinking the water. Like sports sports drinks and coconut water, it balances the body’s Ph balance, said Albie Manzo.

“When we saw the water it was so different and unique,” said Christopher Laurita, Albie’s uncle who appears on the show with his wife, Jacqueline.

Anecdotally the Manzos said the water has been working for those who drink it regularly.

“When you drink it day to day you see the difference,” Albie said.

More than 100 people showed up at Whole Foods on Monday.

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