SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Yolanda And David Foster… David Says He Called Shana “Kim” ‘Cause He Never Met Her!… Brandi Glanville’s Book Signing… BFrankel and Jason Hoppy… Brooks Ayers… KomaKathy Wakile… “KIDS” of “Reality” Stars…

Yolanda David KathieLee Hoda

Yesterday on the TodayShow with KathieLee and Hoda…

RHOBH Yolanda David Foster arrow

…RHOBH Yolanda Foster dropped by with her husband, David Foster.

David clarifies that he had never met Shana.  And because he didn’t know who she was at Yolanda’s dinner party… he called her “Kim”!


RHOBH Brandi pg

Brandi Glanville went to her book signing yesterday…

Of course, Housewives seeking attention made sure to send lots of “love” and congrats to Brandi!

brandi melissa tweet


Don’t know if Crooksy will be a part of the next season of the RHOC, but…

RHOC brooks pg

…. this is what MissAndy really thinks!!

rhoc brooks andy pg


BFrankel’s VERY lucky-to-be EX-husband, Jason Hoppy, has blocked BFrankel from taking their child with her to Australia.   Hmmmm….. isn’t Ellen taking her show to Australia?  Perhaps Ellen wants to slowly introduce BFrankel to the Australian people.  Note to Ellen:  A tiny, little, itsy, bitsy piece of BFrankel goes a VERY loooooooong way… as Jason discovered immediately after marrying her!

bfrankel jason hoppy pg


RHOBH Camille Adrienne Yolanda pg


RHOC knickerbocker kid mugshot

If you haven’t heard this already… the RHOC’s Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter, Lindsey, got herself wasted.  Lindsey got behind the wheel of her car, smashing into two parked cars while on her way to her friend’s house… where she bopped a cop while resisting arrest.

These poor, poor “children” of these “reality” “STARS”!!    Can’t wait to see the new “reality” show “RealityWrecks… Children of Phony Reality Stars”!!

From Mugshots

Lindsey Knickerbocker, 23, was arrested by police in Orange County, CA for DUI, having a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher (in this case, much higher), hit-and-run, and battery on an officer.

According to news reports, she rammed into two parked cars and fled to a friend’s house nearby.

When police arrived, she reportedly punched an officer in the stomach.

Of course, she was promptly placed under arrest. Her violent rampage likely did not surprise officers who determined her blood alcohol content at the time of her arrest to be .32, a mindboggling four times over the legal limit in California.


RHONJ Wakile pg


RHONJ blk pg

Da Manzoids all showed up to push that black stuff… from CarrollwoodPatch.  

PrinceAlbie is now comparing his black stuff to “sports drinks” and “coconut water”!!  And, when you drink it EVERY DAY, you see a difference.  However, PrinceAlbie does not elaborate on exactly what “differences” you would see/feel from drinking the black stuff daily!


AND… according to the Patch… approximately 100… yes, ONE HUNDRED!!!… people showed up to see da Manzoids!  Keep in mind that the number of people (100) included the casual Whole Foods shopper who may have just sauntered into the store to buy a gallon of milk!

“… The minerals provide an added health benefit to drinking the water. Like sports sports drinks and coconut water, it balances the body’s Ph balance, said Albie Manzo.

“When we saw the water it was so different and unique,” said Christopher Laurita, Albie’s uncle who appears on the show with his wife, Jacqueline.

Anecdotally the Manzos said the water has been working for those who drink it regularly.

“When you drink it day to day you see the difference,” Albie said.

More than 100 people showed up at Whole Foods on Monday.

(Thanks to SH readers “DP” “Chameleon” “MissA” “PMG” “Grumpy” “cybraxis” “LW” “FLPhil” “CathyFromFtM”!!!)

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73 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Yolanda And David Foster… David Says He Called Shana “Kim” ‘Cause He Never Met Her!… Brandi Glanville’s Book Signing… BFrankel and Jason Hoppy… Brooks Ayers… KomaKathy Wakile… “KIDS” of “Reality” Stars…

    • I’m not sure why he should be expected to remember the names and faces of his ex wife’s friends. Then again, as we all know Shana has been known to stretch the truth when it suits her, so can we really believe how well she knows his ex?

      • I saw that interview. Contrary to Traylor-Park’s claim that David knew her very well, he stated they had never met. Hmmmmm – who to believe? An award winning song writer, who made it on his own OR a shifty woman of ill repute??? I thought his explanation was hilarious. Why should he remember Traylor Park? She probably had a different face and different name.

  1. I wonder if SWINE is screaming at her t.v. this morning watching David Foster say he didn’t know her. She would have us all belive that she hobknobs with the likes of David Foster and all of his friends through her association with his ex wife Linda but she is not even a blip on his radar. She must feel like the end coming soon, she is barely on the show this year and what they do show of her is not flattering at all. Even her cast mates TTC are negative in regaurds to her. Could this truely be the demise of SWINE??!! The only thing that would have been funnier than David Foster calling SWINE Kim would have been if he called her Shana.

    • I wonder if Shana is spiraling downward to oblivion. I don’t mean to joke. I’ve seen behavior like hers in real life and it ended tragically. I am in no way rooting for anything like that, but she’s in a place that can easily get very dark. I hope she gets some real help and not the tv kind.

      • Yes, she is. I am not joking either. If there is anyone in the world that truly cares; they need to get her some help. Now

      • AZ fan,
        The difference is that Trailor/Shana IS THE DARKFORCE. A seriously evil woman. Don’t be fooled by her words. Watch her behavior. Speaks volumes IMHO.

        • Oh, I totally agree. I think she’s fit for a straight jacket in more ways the one and what she did to Russell is beyond evil. I think of her as Phaedra put it “Satan’s Little Sister”. The help I’m referring to is jail kind with a shrink that talks to her once a year before she does something tragic to someone.

      • I don’t think that. I believe Traylor-Park’s entire persona is as fake as Brokes Ayers’. She’s a swindler who has changed or embellished her “story” multiple times over the course of the 3 seasons. Remember when she claimed to be a successful businesswoman with her own business??

  2. That was very funny when David called Taylor Kim…at least he didn’t call her by her real name…duck lips. I don’t see Taylor coming back on this show AT ALL. She’s just a mental mess, she’s boring and has nothing to offer.

  3. I will NOT watch OC if that loser Crooksy is on. I must draw the line somewhere. I know I was one of the 4 people that watched Miami, but not gonna do it on gross, nobody, idiot Crooksy. He’s not the only loser on that show either… I mean I’d rather watch that drunk Knickerbocker kid than the crap they’re serving up on the OC. Ok, I believe I’ve made my point. :-P

    • Same here, romo, I won’t watch if that jerk is even once on the OC show. In fact, I think the fanchise would be very, very foolish to try to wedge that toothless (before Vicki’s wallet) creep in because lots of people are not only turned off by him, they will turn their TVs off because of him. We hate grifters.

      • I’m torn – I would watch because I never did like that shreiking Icky and her nasty attitude and although I don’t wish anyone bad fortune, it would be entertaining to see someone really stick it to her! (I’m not talking about in her love tank neither!)

      • I thought Vicki wasn’t coming back next season? They both just need to take their affirmations and fade away….

      • I agree with you both. I can’t stand to listen to Brokes’ slow drawl. He sounds like a snake oil salesman as he tries to remember exactly which B.S. he wants to spew. Btw: his profile in the above picture looks as though his nose grew. He really is a walking Pinocchio!

    • But I read that what’s her face broke up with him finally. Perhaps Bravo wanted us to see the break up on air?

  4. So it is true….Brandi IS friends with AMelGo Marco ho-ho?!?!!! Dang! Sorry, to all my dear SH friends but that means I’m gonna’ “fold” on THAT hand….I’m out! Wanted to give Brandi the benefit of a doubt but that little “tid-bit” is the icing on the cake for me!

    • I’m sure that Mel is just putting her name out there because she has a book coming out too and wants to garner attention.

      • I have my doubts. It wouldn’t be the first time a HW from a Blah-Void show aligned themselves with a HW from another show. Not to mention Blah-Void loves that sh**!!.. I was “already” wondering about “this” potential alignment when Brandi commented, in an episode, “I’m not the kind of person to choose sides”…huge Red flag to me. To boot, it’s been obvious to me, by reading some of the boards that the witches and minions are doing their share of manipulative infiltrating…
        l have an unspoken bond and respect for you ‘done’. While we don’t have the advantage of sitting at a table and chatting, to a cup of tea, or a glass of wine…I still feel like I know you somehow and I care about that.
        I only realized recently that you and I stand on the opposite side of the fence with another housewife, and so I chose to omit any snark i would have normally said in that thread.
        I know we’re going to have different opinions sometimes, but I don’t want it to undue the bond we have. No matter what…I want ‘us’ to be good. Hope that makes sense. kt

        • Aww, kt, it’s all cool. We could definitely have differing opinions while maintaining a friendship. And, yes, we have enough in common that it’s nice! So, no problem. Even though I might formulate my own opinion on a HW, I’m never dead-set in my opinions not to be swayed by new info! Nothing’s real about them or the shows anyway! So, no problem!

          • So glad to hear that done, thanks. I never did know which # child you are in your family..I’m #4. Miss being around my siblings as much as I use to be. Can you tell :)?
            I agree and Blah-Void luvs stirring up the BS. Glad it’s all good!

            • I’m #5 of 6. So, we’re both in the 2nd bunch……. Hmm……. I miss my siblings daily (well, most of them! LOL). I’m on the phone daily with at least 1 of them or my mom. I’d LOVE to live closeby again! I’m workin’ on it. <3

            • I missed this earlier. I always thought of being in the “2nd” bunch too! I think I was a bit of a surprise. Sis #5 and I always shared a room growing up so we fought like cats & dogs; we were very protective of one another outside of the house :). Today, we joke a lot about having to share a room when we were kids because our bond is unbreakable today.

            • I shared a room with the youngest 3 also. The 3 of us have so many hilarious memories! For some reason, we’d make a ton of noise but my parents would always yell up at the other 2 and not me! We had bunkbeds + a trundle bed and they’d constantly pull me down by my arm, out of the top bunk. Fun times!!!!!

            • Done: Didn’t see this yesterday. Off topic: Is what I ‘read’ about, what you were talking about one day? If so….Congratulations to your DH and “family.” I never really knew all that was going on, ‘cept what you wrote and I could tell it was heavy on your mind and caused a lot of sadness with loved ones. Anyway, thinking about you and hope all is well and closure and peace follows. If ‘read’ was not related..I apologize for the seeming correlation? In my thoughts & prayers. kt

            • Thank you, ktgirl. Yes, we’re relieved. I just posted on the other thread. Small world that SH would post a link to it! I have chills now!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t all the Bravo cast members know each other, at least somewhat? I don’t know, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that someone who’s show is NOT on right now, would send a tweet to get her name associated with someone who IS on right now. Just sayin.

      • It’s the NOT being on right now … that makes it seem calculated to me. Gee, which HW show is it again that follows BH…oh yeah…. NJ!

  5. Someone is being cute with the numbers for sure. 100 people to see that Manzos should equal apx 15,000(with the wholefood match) raised for charity. However only about 1200 was raised TOTAL according to the Jax twit. So yeah milk pickers upers were counted.

    • LOL! Desperately holding on to the fantasy in which they have legions of fans, the milk in the hands of the passers-by began to turn –in the Manzoid mind– into the black sludge water.. I’m sure Jax attempted to bestow her signature on at least several milk jugs thinking she has manifested them into her husband’s fabulocrapulous water.

  6. I liked Tammy a lot when she was on the show, and appreciated that she was willing to step away from the reality limelight when her kids were having issues after the death of their family, although at the time it was the older one losing it. I can’t hate on her for this one. Her kids are grown, able to make their own misguided decisions, and hopefully will snap out of it because things spiral any further out of control.

    • I also liked Tammy when she was on the show. However, her kids seemed like spoiled brats much of the time. But, then again, so few of the “Housewives” kids seem like they are grounded, polite or normal (except for ironically,Vicki’s). Briana and Michael seem more normal than their narcissistic, self-pitying mother.

  7. If this Blk water is meant to be so good for you, why do all the Manzos/Lauritas (sp) look so terrible and bloated? Just to clarify….I wouldn’t pour it on my plants.

  8. Another day, another BFrankel story. Her divorce has kept her in print more than her selling her business to Beam. I still hope that Jason gets to hop away from her with a good severance package. He deserved it. After all, he had to serve her on camera and do it without making faces.

    • And he earned every penny of it. What a hideous harpy she turned out to be. Poor guy. I want to see him really put the screws to her and get primary custody of Bryn so she’ll at least have a chance to be a well-adjusted happy Hoppy.

      • I completely agree with you – especially on the custody issue. I can just picture B in the future when Bryn asks her mother to braid her hair (or some other mundane task), B would respond, “I CAN’T, I CAN’T”….

  9. I can just see it now. Brandi’s book is coming out 02/13 and on Valentine’s Day Leann will put on the biggest display with her husband shortly to be followed by a fake total breakdown all because of Brandi. Not to mention the many lawsuits she will file against Brandi about the book.

  10. My favorite part of this post is the pic of Wakiles with the bird dispensing quite the volume of karma on Richard’s head while he continues to smile like an idiot (no different from their real life where he has already sank in chit while smiling –anything to be on tv). Good job to whoever made this pic! I can’t stop laughing!

  11. Mego would tweet to anybody who she thinks would give her more viewership. I hope Brand is smart enough to block her.

  12. Leann was caught by a papparazi (not one of her paid ones, it is reported), crying on Monday and folks were speculating if it was because of the latest episode where Brandi and the ladies all talk about how Leann copied her, or because of her book signing where she says Leann can F***k off.

    Now that not only is Brandi on TV every week, but so is Eddie’s other mistress Shaena or whatever her name is from Lisa Vanderpump’s show, this must be bugging the crap outta her!

    When I watched the preview of Leann’s interview on ET where she is prancing around in her closet in a bikini and the woman doing the interview kept throwing out key words like “Leann’s sexy body, Leann sexy, etc. It was obvious to me that Leann is so intimidated not only by Brandi, but now also Eddie’s ex very pretty mistress. I also thought that it was deliberate that her and Eddie’s bed was visible in the open doorway of her closet during this tour through Leann’s closet. Why would she also make a point of showing her wedding gown that everyone knows was a copy of Brandi’s?
    I think when this book comes out, and all the details of the affair is exposed, Leann will try to do even more damage control. It’s almost predictable now, everytime RHOBH airs, Leann gives an interview or stages a photo op with herself in a bikini clinging onto Eddie and smiling for the paps.

    • This is the same public fall out from the divorce. It isn’t anymore uncomfortable for Leanne as it was when there affair was made public and all that followed.

  13. Just playing devil’s advocate here – I am by no means a Shana fan but I think David is one of those people who is so absorbed in his own world he would meet someone many times and not know their name because he doesn’t care. There is a chick at my work (you know who you are FLORA) to whom I have introduced my self at least 6 times in the year and a half we have been working together and she still forgets who I am. David is brilliant but he is also arrogant.

    • People like that Flora are just nittywitty. One of the first tricks I ever learned when meeting new people was to say their name at least three times in the conversation while looking at them. At first it seems weird but eventually I got the hang of it and it didn’t sound so WTHly. Anyway that was my lil trick. I think David prolly knows this trick too but intentionally didnt care to say her name and really wishes he didnt have to know her. So its a very conscience effort to ice her out.

      • ITA Made !! Whats another overly tanned, bleached within an inch of her life ,botoxed grifter in La-La land ? David’s been around the block a time or 3. Quite certain he can spot a Shana Ford a mile away . He is handsome and successful, a legend in the music business where one hit wonders are the norm. He could have a trailer full of trash like her every day if he chose and probably wades through seas of eager young supplicants
        before and after every appearance but why eat crackers when you can have steak? He is a gentleman and simply chooses not to acknowledge a low life eager to attach herself to anyone remotely wealthy or famous. Whether he remembers that chick or not he drove a stake right through her black heart by denying her what she craves most…recognition.

        • Agree. Got her right where it hurts. I also think he and his wife are smart enough to have watched the shows before signing on so even though they say that were not familiar with the way the show is I have to call bullcrap on that just a lil bit. They know and that means they KNOW what SWINE is all about.

          • Grifters like her come sniffing out of the woodwork like roaches when they see a crumb. David Foster probably knows all about the dangers of somethin’ for nothin’s of this world.

          • I agree. And don’t forget that Yolanda’s ex, with whom she has a good relationship, was ripped off by the Armstrongs, allegedly. Plus Lisa, who is Yolanda and David’s very good friend, never liked Taylor from the start (and only agreed to be her friend after the woman threw a hysterical fit about it.) I’m sure her name/face was well-known by ALL of those involved.

            • Goooooood point. I always forget about that Mohamed connection. David is friends with him too so he knew.

  14. 1200. dollars ? Really? I know it was a business trip combined with charity but the Lauritas, Manzos and adult children aren’t stepping up to match the donation? Oh no , Pitty slaps self , I am mistaken after al that would be the gesture of a gracious person or persons. Clearly they are not. Is this how a spokesperson , who has been given a platform behaves? If she is so serious about representing a charity why not get serious about it and give some serious money. I bet one session at the spa witha few inject-able treats tossed in equal that. Not dissing Whole Foods at all.
    Quite clearly the Manzos and lauritas couldn’t bring it. So if they can’t pull a crowd for a charity event how can they pull in customers for BLK unholy water. Clearly the sun has set on their 15 minutes and it’s time to pack it in.

      • Finally! I bow to the master Ms Ana . It’s payback for all the times one of your oneliners made me spit various liquids ..ok usually wine, all over my keyboard. Or forgot myself and LOL’ed , in the patient waiting room.

  15. I think YoFo and her husband are so beyond Traylor, people like them don’t remember names of people like her, I don’t mean this in a mean way just two different circles of people. I am surprised YoFo is on a show like this? Croooksy just looking for air time, poor Vicky! Brandi, Brandi, Brandi, just pushing her book and story like there is no tomorrow; the highlights she is pushing all over the media seem like low blows, again, what about the kids? Someday, somehow this will all surface for the kids; hope she makes the money and or name she wants?

  16. Well I don’t think anyone showed up to see the boys because they are obnoxious. They are always making fun of people, for instance Teresa on their show. They are not genuine. I also never see them drinking the stuff themselves what is that about?

  17. I hate to ask, what does TTC mean? I really tried to figure it out for fear of sounding stupid, but I give up…… What’s it mean please?

  18. okay guys…I am intelligent, and run in all kinds of circles…Sometimes a persons name just doesn’t stick. I can see them every week at soccer matches, or my daughter’s dance stuff, and it doesn’t stick. If I have a lot going on in my life..stuff like that sometimes won’t stay in my brain. I have to remember everything, when and how much to pay all my bills..the kids things..all of their performances, papers due, lesson times, etc…Sometimes a name won’t stick even if I like them – I just can’t remember it. Really to say David Foster is a douche because he doesn’t remember that calling me a douche. Maybe he is super busy, and it is not his job to absolutely remember that name, so he didn’t. If I have to remember someone’s name, I keep it in my phone, other than that – I frequently forget.

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