KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… AND… Shana’s, Too!… Both Short And Boring…



This week was a welcome relief from the drama. Sophia graduating from sixth grade, while not a college graduation, is definitely something to celebrate. Being one of four daughters, I think it’s important to celebrate them each individually whenever possible. I love being surrounded by family and friends on these special days. I am grateful to have such loving in-laws that are able to watch our children grow. Times like these always make me miss my parents because I want so much to be able to share  all of these moments with them. I DO feel that my parents are watching over us, but of course it’s not the same as having them physically here.

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

Watching Sophia standing next to me at 12 years old and 5′ 6″ makes me smile. I am 5 ‘3″ on a good day, so I love that she inherited her Dad’s height. Of course, she doesn’t like being taller than her Mom and friends and is always hunching over to talk to us. Now though, she is starting to appreciate her height and is coming out of her shell.

I was excited to go to Vegas with the girls. Vegas is always fun and I knew there would be lot of laughs. The dinner that night was so much fun! I enjoyed getting to know Brandi better and was happy that we both got to see another side of each other.

I cannot believe she got that oyster down my throat. It was disgusting but it made me laugh. God knows I am always up for a laugh!

I also had to laugh watching us at the pool when I thought there was a bug in my hair. Lisa is always teasing me and I never know when she is joking.
Everyone was in a good mood and ready to have fun.

Like Lisa, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the pole dancing place, but I think everyone really wanted to support Brandi in her venture and maybe have a few laughs along the way.   NOTE:  Brandi’s “venture” is another producer-induced Bravo phony “career”… in the same category as Nene’s “TV entertainment reporter”; DonCaro’s radio “advice” show; Alexis Bellino’s “style reporting”…

Next week there is more fun and then. . .not so fun. I should have known it was too good to last..

Until next week. . .

NOTE:  Since Kyle’s is so short; will throw in the two sentences which made up Shana’s BravoBlog!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.26.34 PM

It was fun to see Suzanne Somers in this week’s episode. When I was growing up, I watchedThree’s Company and she was my favorite. I find all the hormone replacement therapy quite interesting. Lisa was making me laugh, as usual.

I adore Sophia and all the Umansky girls so seeing her graduation celebration warmed my heart. She is a beautiful girl inside and out and she is a wonderful role model for Portia and Kennedy. Glad the girls got a chance to go on a little getaway weekend to Vegas. We have had some fun times (and some drama) there in the past.

I would have enjoyed going but I had a prior commitment. It was nice to see the girls enjoying their time together and having a few laughs.

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  1. Kyle leaves a dig wherever she goes. She just HAD to comment on her daughter ‘hunching’ her shoulders. Couldn’t leave that alone could she? Just HAD to make a comment about it. I’m not so sure the girl is worried about her height as much as she is the excessive (over the top) attention of graduating 6th grade. 5’6″ isn’t THAT tall. Then again… maybe it is in 6th grade, but really… for a female, it’s average


    • I figured she was doing it because of the strapless dress she was wearing, and was perhaps a little self conscious about, but that’s Kyle. Call attention to what the viewers probably didn’t even care about.

      My daughter was 5’6: in 6th grade, and is now 5;10:. I was 5’6″ in 6th grade….and that’s where I stopped.


      • Maybe a 6th grader shouldn’t wear strapless? Kyle should stay away from them too, she’s always adjusting herself – it’s like a tick.


  2. that was terrible. i’m glad i have sons & g sons because if i had daughters they would make the “passive little woman” obsolete it’s a damn shame


  3. Yeah, you can’t help but fell like Kyle HAS to make digs. That & the way she treats Kim, can’t help but think she’s really insecure. You have to wonder how a woman old enough to have a 12 yr. old child could still be so ill at ease with herself. Wonder if it was her mom’s doing or just growing up in Hollyweird that caused that.


    • You are right. I think it could be both. My husband’s ex-wife told me at their daughter’s birthday parties (they have 2 girls) about bad things the girls do. I wonder if she’s willing to tell her husband’s new wife stuff like that, what she says to the girls directly. I certainly see effects in the girls that warrant a different kind of approach.

      And Hollywood, geez, all the stories of people churned and burned there, it doesn’t seem stable at all.


  4. Get the feeling you are being phased out Taylor? Yes, you’re history. Good riddance and go to rehab when your stint on the show is finished. Kyle is nothing but an overbearing nuisance and I agree, she always has to get her nasty digs in…even at her own daughter’s expense. I wish Kyle was history as well.


    • I hate to say it, but I’d rather Taylor stay and Adrienne leave. I just don’t care for her. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s but if our choice is between the two… I get the feeling Bravo has Marissa in to replace one of them and wanted to have Faye replace another. So, in order to not have Faye, I’ll take Taylor :)


  5. Kim & Kyle were $$$ tickets for their parents. No 2 ways about it. Putting your kids to work, that much, at such a young age, can definitely leave lifelong issues. :(

    Notice: Neither Kim nor Kyle apparently wanted the acting thing for their kids/girls. Speaks volumes, don’t ya think! :)


  6. i’m still wondering about Yolanda’s blog page. Camille, Yolanda and Adrienne think the cast should be cut except for them? Give me a break. They are the least favorite of the women. I wouldn’t watch this show if Lisa and Brandi weren’t on it. They should be cut. Who cares about Yolanda? No one I know that watches this show. It’s always about decorating. And adrienne is a bawl-bag. I was so happy to see that Taylor was missing from this episode. It was quite calm without her water-work hysterics, me, me, me attitude. Kyle, of course, she can’t help herself. She’s a two-faced witch (give or take a letter). Kim get even more stupid with each passing episode. I fastforward through her retarted ( He know, noses) over and over again. I think the Mobwives need to speak to these women.


    • pj: Seriously!! They say nothing; give zero insight; and no one cares to read their very weak “recaps” of what we’ve already watched! My inner “Allison DuBois” is telling me that even the Housewives are getting tired of the Housewives!!! TFC!!! SH


      • LOL! Bring on Miss Allison as a new blogger! (Never thought I’d say that!)

        Here is a template to help future housewives to blog HW Style:

        “Hi _____ (lovers, loves, fans)! I’m so sorry I am late with this blog! I have been so busy with other projects and causes that I can’t talk about yet, but I will let you know as soon as I can! Well, this week we see_______________ (insert two sentences about two stupid story lines). I have come a long way in my friendship with___________ (insert name of HW having conflict this week) and it hurts me to see _____________ (make up some reason why you won’t give your opinion). However, the trip to _______________(insert location of Bravo sponsored field trip) was amazing! It really felt great to laugh with all the ladies (Don’t mention free alcohol used to help you laugh). I’m feel bad that_________________ (insert name of HW who didn’t attend field trip) could not join us. Many of you have made comments about my husband_____________________. Let me just say he is really doesn’t like to get involved with the drama because____________________________ (insert b.s. reason why husband needs his camera time). Well, next week there is more_______________________ (insert at most two words about next week and pretend that you will explain that in next blog). I am so grateful for all your kind words! XXXXOOOOO ______________________ (Insert your name here) p.s. Don’t forget to add all your links to the crap you are selling!”



  7. If you think about it , I really don’t think some of the housewives (Kim for example) really have that much to say to start with. Plus the more some of the talk the umm, let’s say – the dimmer the bulb appears. If ya’ know what what I mean ;P


  8. I didn’t like Sophia’s dress, I think she is too young for that type of a dress. I don’t like Kim’s dress in the above picture, I think she’s too old for it. I love the template pj, I am sure someone will grab it. Well I’m off to see the wizard….. Later people :-)


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