KIM RICHARDS: Letter To Kim Richards… Let’s Chat About What Yer Sellin’!!


Kim Richards’ included in her BravoBlog a link to her site where viewers can purchase several types of items.

After reviewing the items offered for sale on Kim’s site, there is one question for Kim:  do you have an advisor, Kim?

If so, can we speak to her/him?  Would a good time to talk be now?

  • OK!  Is this Kim Richards’ advisor?
  • Why, yes… yes, it is!!
  • OK, well, this is just a viewer of Kim’s when she’s on the RHOBH.  Just a viewer who kinda likes Kim, but is a bit hesitant to continue this conversation re Kim because she’s a bit fragile and we don’t wanna hurt her feelings.
  • Well, Kim’s out shopping at her sister’s store.

RHOBH Kathy Hilton store

  • OK… well, that’s a bit of a coincidence, because we’d like to speak with you regarding the items Kim is selling at her online store “
  • OH!  Great!!  So, you’ve already selected some items to purchase?
  • Well… not exactly!   We’d like to ask why Kim is selling some of these items.
  • But, all of the items are very high quality….

Maybe speaking to Kim’s ‘advisor’ wasn’t the best idea.  Maybe we should speak directly to Kim… that’s usually the best road to take… the direct path!

kimr                                                                      They want to talk….now???

Dear Kim,

We understand that you’ve had some very personal issues with which you’ve been dealing with from the first episode of the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  We could kinda tell that you were barely there mentally and that’s understandable, being that you had a substance issue and we understand that you shied away from participating in interviews which promoted the RHOBH; we also understand why you didn’t care to write your weekly BravoBlog!  All understandable… and if there is anyone who doesn’t understand, well just poo on them!

We know that you have been trying your hardest and commend you for putting one foot in front of the other every day.  It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you have an audience which is expecting good things from you.    We won’t get into the flip side of this, which is “she’s getting paid pretty well… blah, blah, blah…”

We also understand that you would like to cash in on your Housewife status… and that is where the questions lie!  Kim, did you create all of the items on your site?  Did anyone else have a hand in them?

We really like and encourage you to put up more of your “positive” clothing items!

However, if there was someone advising you about the other items on your site… they missed the boat.  That ship sailed… that train left the station… that car dusted you!  Whose idea was it to include “slut pig” t-shirts and “slut pig” capri yoga pants?

RHOBH Kim yoga pants slut pig


As a woman… let’s just chat “woman to woman” here… neither I; nor anyone whom I know would wear the above capri pants or this women’s t-shirt which has the words “SLUT PIG” across the chest…

rhobh kimr t-shirt slut pig


kyle kim finger pointing gif

After giving this some thought… thinking that maybe it’s just bad timing on your part; and if you would have been in a better creative frame of mind after the “slut pig” incident took place at the time of AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey’s Game Night, that these “slut pig” items would have been big sellers.

However, after much consideration, your “slut pig” items are simply in poor taste.  We truly hope the best for your online endeavor; however, you will do much better selling items which convey “positive messages!”

This is what we think of your “slut pig” merchandise…

kyle gif bleech

You can do better, Kim!!!


Game Night… Brandi’s version…






31 comments on “KIM RICHARDS: Letter To Kim Richards… Let’s Chat About What Yer Sellin’!!

  1. Let Kimmies baby girls wear the capris that have slut pig on the butt and see how she would feel.I even hate to see the ones that say “Juicy” on the butt.What would Chaddy think about seeing his sisters in those slut pig britches.Just a gross idea to make money.


  2. OFF TOPIC: Sorry, but I have to ask. What does TTC mean? I hope I don’t sound dumb, but I just couldn’t figure it out.


  3. The whole “slut pig” concept is so crass. I’d expect this from Tamballs but not Kim. Any ounce of interest I had in Kim is now completely gone.


  4. Kim’s proudest moment. I’m over her. That whole family & toss in Faye and Adrienne could fall off the face of the earth and the earth would be a better place. I don’t know why this really strikes a chord with me – maybe the hypocrisy of it? She goes on and on for two flipping seasons how Brandi called her a meth head (after she and Kyle attack her for 4 hours – it was hyperbole after all), tells Mo at dinner that as a single mother she knows to watch her mouth, then does this.


    • I was shocked when I saw her clothes. So unoriginal and tacky. Is there any hope for Kim because this is a big fail.


  5. Didn’t I see in an interview somewhere that what the girls do and say on Bravo is owned by Bravo? i.e., Bravo can sell shirts saying “You’re a Slut Pig,” but Kim can’t? This rings a bell for me…


  6. Those sisters are just so rude, every time I see that video of them pointing at Brandi it drives me bonkers. You do not point at people; you can point at inanimate objects. Apparently they were born in a barn. Okay, rant over!


    • It’s hilarious! Now that we know about Brandi’s vajayjay tightening situation. Go back and look at the Richards sisters gif and imagine them telling Brandi, “I know you di-nt get Leann Rimes to buy you a new cooch!” :-D


  7. There are a whole host of things they could use like Try AA or You Take That Back or We Don’t Care. I don’t care for Kim and I think Kyle has been “taking care of” her since their mother died or at least what Kyle calls care. I think both need a new storyline they are boring.


  8. When Kim is making positive strides why on God’s green earth would she bring up her lowest point and try to capitalize on it. I don’t believe that anyone would ever want to wear clothing with “you’re a slut pig” emblazoned across it…just wrong You’re right ms SH….bad advice or no advice. pathetic


  9. All I can say is whoever told Kim this slogan was a good idea, must have hated her guts, and Kim should have known better. No excuse for this kind of classless taste. None.


    • You said it Stacy….Kim must have had one traumatic childhood experience to set her on this road… I feel sorry for her….just staying tuned to everyday life is a challenging concept for her….


  10. I’m embarrassed for her. She and her witchy sister were WRONG in that whole scene. I don’t care that Brandi came back with the ‘meth’ comment. They were wrong first, they made a new person to their group feel mocked, unsafe, and uncomfortable. They HID HER CRUTCHES for goodness sake. This year they STILL try to rake Brandi over the coals for the meth comment – conveniently forgetting that they started that crap to begin with. Unreal. Piece of work – the both of them.


    • They didn’t hide Brandy’s crutches Kim did. Kyle didn’t know where they were but she didn’t behave any better than her sister. Brandy’s comment was out of line but so was their behavior. I think us viewers have more class than the Hollywood born and raised sisters have put together. I don’t think Kim is a victim at all.


      • Kyle might not have known where Kim put the crutches, but she did know that she had hid them, so she is no better than Kim for that happening. All she had to do was ask Kim where she put them and bring them back. If Kim wouldn’t tell her, then she could help Brandi look for them. Both are guilty. One is no better than the other. Kyle has been friends with Faye so many years, and Faye is known for using cocaine, so I wouldn’t be surprised if both the sister’s were in the bathroom doing cocaine. I know it didn’t take Brandi saying ‘meth’ to make me think Kim was in the bathroom doing hard drugs…and after finding out how long Kyle and Faye have hung out together, lets me know Kyle ain’t no angel, either.


  11. Kim’s struggles are really front and center. I don’t remember her early roles and therefore, have no fondness for her from that time. This current gig isn’t casting her in a favorable light at all. Now, she is selling her sage sayings on crappy clothes?! Way to go. She might want to completely heal internally before she continues with her tv show and/or junk line.


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