KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog… Kim ACTUALLY Writes!!… Kim Is Pushin’ Her New Nose Doctor… AND Her New Online Store!


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Hi everyone! I miss you all! As you know I been diving and traveling.

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Hope you all caught WWHL!   It wasn’t like there wasn’t a lot going on here at home in Beverly Hills. Sometimes you just have to let the dust settle.  Or has it?

I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff coming up. Changes, Changes! Which of course you’ll see. . .

When I was getting settled in my new home, I was looking at pictures of my children and thinking about them as babies. How they have grown, and how I have grown. How our lives have changed! And I’m realizing that changes are okay! And I have made many. This is a whole new phase in my life!

I get up in the morning. I have my coffee and I listen to the birds. I say little prayer and a count my blessings. That is how I start my day, a whole new way!
It’s a new start for me. My old friends and my new life!

I took a friend for a nose consultation to Dr. Grigoryants ( who came highly recommended from my sister Kyle. After watching my friend decide to do this, I decided to take a consultation of own!


Not that a new nose was going to change me! But each time I make a change it helps my sense of courage! And it seemed exciting! A new nose to go along with all my new changes! When you do something on the exterior sometimes it gives you a sense of confidence too!

I met with Dr. Grigoryants who did an amazing job on my friend (plus he came highly recommended from my sister Kyle). I felt comfortable with him and I’d seen his work now! And I knew he knew about noses! I love him and his personality! So I felt confident and safe!

Aww! Sophia’s graduation! She looked beautiful, of course. I wish I could have been there — but as I said before I would never miss anything for any of my nieces or nephews unless it was important! My Chaddy was sick and I had to be with him. That’s just the way it goes! My baby needed me. I’m sure she understood I was there in spirit.

As I said before exciting things are happening. Keep watching!

Oh yeah I’m having so much fun with my new online store Come visit and check it out my fun and inspirational creations!   Talk to you next week




NOTE:  Kyle’s old nose…


rhobh kyle four faces rhobh kyle four faces

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48 comments on “KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog… Kim ACTUALLY Writes!!… Kim Is Pushin’ Her New Nose Doctor… AND Her New Online Store!

  1. I think for the first time in years Kim is able to handle her own affairs. She seems to be doing well and her self esteem seems to finally be growing in a positive direction. Now she needs to secure herself an income to live on since RHOBH will probably not be around forever.

  2. How old are Kim’s kids? Is Chad the one that just turned 21? Really? needs his mommy to take care of him 24/7? Or is that another of Kim’s lame excuses? Also, did anyone else think she seemed a little loopy talking about the doctor knows noses?

    • What a waste of time.. Chaddy was sick? Who the heck talks like that… I think when she got her nose job, the doctor took some of her brain… The only reason she blogged, is because she has an online store.. Tell me, would you want to dress like her… I find this woman childish, and still on something…

    • I think Kim needs her kids to need her. From what little they have shown of her with her kids it seemed to me they fight for space to breath. I hope her sobriety doesn’t depend on her family being a distraction. I find Kim boring but I wish her well.

  3. She seemed loopy too when the “pyschic” was in her house.She is still on somethng just not level headed.Where does she get the money for a nose job if she keeping moving all the time.

    • She’s renting I believe, and I think she’s still got at least one young enough for her to get child support. Perhaps she’s getting spousal support from the Getty heir she was married to?

    • Since the procedure was filmed for the show, she may not have paid for it. The doctor may have done it at no charge for the publicity.

  4. What’s with all the exclamation points? A little too happy and a lttle too annoying. But I do wish her the best and hopes she can find some sort of balance in her life.

  5. After plastic surgery, especially a nose job (which is notoriously painful), you are given Vicodin or similar painkillers. OMG, it’s a bad idea to give an addict like Kim opiates.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think it is right for a know addictive behavior to under go an elective surgery like a nose job…Seems like she might be asking for troubel.

  6. I thought she was ashamed of season 2-Kim and had`nt seen it, but why then use the writing *You`re a slutpig* on her clothes? Not that the other stuff is not just as stupid….She certaintly does not have any imagination. Who would wanna wear that?

  7. Okay – so on what planet is it okay to not only call someone a slut pig, but to sell short, sweats and t-shirts that say that? I mean, if that’s okay, she needs a t-shirt that says I’m a Meth-Head.

  8. OFF TOPIC Sorry, but I haven’t heard any more about Kim Z., and her new show. Has it been sh*t canned? Can’t really stand her, just curious.

  9. This poor woman, A former addict. Of god knows what. Before anyone judges here, I can say I’ve had too many friends in my age group that were addicted to heroine and cocaine then JUST PILLS in my time, and Kim looks rough; Rough like alcohol and other drugs took over. She should NOT be on a national television show, with her fragile, f*cked up head, giving opinions. NO. Sorry. I am no Brandi apologist but Kim, stay out of it. You insulted a stranger in a drugged-out, drunk condition and you must let it go and and move on. Recovery asks that of you. You got screwed over by your own mother, sisters and family, you are not given much support by these same women who are, realistically, Fame Whores Extraordinaires (sp?), and now, in order to create drama and hence draw a paycheck, you insult strangers and cause drama in order to be relevant. This is NOT what an addict does. You must care for yourself. Alas, you will do do this to keep paying the bills (since perhaps your mother and sisters liquidated your earnings?) and since you had children that are no longer getting you paid alimony, you continue to do this horrible role on RHBH. I dislike your sister VileKyle (and other names that she should be called to her face) with a passion, but she is right when she worries that you will fall off the wagon again. Of course you may fall off the wagon again…YOU ARE ON THIS SHOW! God help you. Good luck. You are so out of your min you should leave this program and be a regular person at AA and NA every day with no cameras anywhere. Sorry. It’s the truth, from someone who has seen too many like you before.

    • She’s still got one in high school, so I think she still gets support for that one, although I thought I read somewhere that she doesn’t always live with him. I think this show was a bad idea for Kim, and I think whoever told her it was a good idea to put those words on a clothing line, really should be fired. Oh, wait. Maybe it was her “houseman”? LOL!

      • I agree. Maybe she should’ve made some bead bracelets or something and sold those. Lord knows, she’s got enough time on her hands.

      • She does get a very nice alimony payment from Davis until she dies or remarries. And, I think he probably still helps with the kids.

  10. OK… I am on my knees, hands together – and praying….”Dear Lord….Please take the Richards sisters and deliver them back to TV has-been-dom…We have grown very tired of them and no longer wish to see them. We wish them no harm…just make them go away.”

  11. Her clothes are sick.Nothing but her coined phrases that as Ken says “We dont care”.
    I guess all the HW hags need to market their signature phrases.Heck Fakedra would have an army of one liners to market.God forbid she steals/bites/boot legs Kims idea that would be funny.Bravo must make a killing getting a % of the HW hags products.Kim has nothing to market.

  12. I’m sure Kim had pain killers after her surgery but don’t you remember that McKensie phillips had all that plastic surgery after celeb rehab supposedly with no painkillers what so ever? I wonder how anyone could endure that?

    • I wouldn’t count on it, but I read that in lieu of narcotics some addicts choose hypnosis for pain relief.

  13. I have to say, I love how Kim called out her sister Kyle for having a nose job by telling us that her sister recomended him! Don’t you remember in season 1 Kyle claimed that Maurice wouldn’t let her do any surgery on her face?

  14. I just got back from Kim’s online store and as interesting as that was her shirts are way better than the ones MeGo sells. IMO anyway. Lol!

  15. O.K. so when do we get to see the big blow out between Adrienne, Paul and Kyle because Kyle recommended a plastic surgeon other then Paul? Oh, wait. It won’t happen.

  16. Nothing says sexy, positive thinking like “you’re a slut pig” hip hugger panties and yoga pants. Did she have a lobotomy with her nose job? Kim Richards drug paraphanelia(s/p?)-bongs, pipes, glass vials, mirrored pill cases, spoon earrings would’ve made sense. Bless her crazy heart.

  17. “The Vertical”?! Seriously!!!!!????? Just when you think the bar can’t drop any lower, in steps the Richard sisters.

  18. Ok, at first I thought that she was just selling a line of clothing, didn’t look at her site.. What a rotten piece of crap… I bet her kids are really proud of their mother… I mean she just got sober, ;) and she is trying to make money on something she said when she was high as a kite… I do think, her, the Richard sister and mom, were exactly that slut pigs… And from what I have read, they were proud of it… I wonder if the family will wear those clothes to a family reunion, have their pictures taken, and sell it to the enquirer… Anything for money!

  19. “I took a friend for a nose consultation to Dr. Grigoryants ( who came highly recommended from my sister Kyle.” I wonder how much work ‘Man hands’ has had!?

  20. Kim didn’t “out” Kyle’s nosejob, since Kyle did that HERSELF on the Season one reunion. They all went around in a circle lying nervously that none of them had EVER had ANY plastic srgery at all, only “Botox and fillers”—and, finally, Vyle admitted to having had plastic surgery: “just my nose job.” (Right.) … The bitter, self absorbed Kim has not ever apologized to Brandi for the “slut pig” remark (or for ANY of her other vile bahavior on game night, and will never truly accept Brandi’s multiple, sincere apologies for her “using meth” comment, either). Kim is deeply grudging and full of resentment (hence, her tasteless “slut pig” slogan on her clothing.) She’s also utterly resistant to taking responsibility for herself, prefering to eternally play victim, instead. As an alcoholic w 6 years of recovery myself, (12 Steps) I doubt Kim has enough humility, forgivness, honesty, or self awareness to successfully recover from her addiction.

    • Well said. I agree and I’m glad someone sees Kim the way I do. She deserves support in her sobriety like everyone else and I think people on this site have shown that but it does not change who Kim is. I think all of this cast has their own issues which makes me wonder why I continue to watch.

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