FOR ALL SH READERS… TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: All Others Know What To Do!… We Thought Da Stanker Was Gone… But, She’s NOT!… AND, Look Who Threw Her Own Father Under The Bus For Bravo!…

Time for a SH Detour!!  “Why now” you may ask?  OH… many reasons!

Tree Joodice  Electronics Expo  cookbook book signing

TreeJoodice is NOT one of the reasons for this SH Detour!  However, ran across this while searching for something else!!    Yes… TreeJoodice DID advertise for a local electronics firm!

Probably when Tree was still attached to those PR people who now take care of Melissa, KomaKathy and the HoneyBooBoo of the OC!

Tree electronics store book signing

However, the MAIN reason… and the usual reason for SH Detours is that we’re sick and tired of these MORONIC HOUSEWIVES!!

But, first, a question:  WHY the hell is da Stanker still on TV?  Da Stanker got herself a two-year development deal with Bravo… from SH August 2, 2011:

“Additionally, Bravo renewed its relationship with Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger, signing the Bravolebrity to a two-year development deal.

She will help find and mold new talent, and could potentially star in and executive produce another show for the network.  

The fifth season of Matchmaker premieres Monday, Aug. 15 [2011].″

We all were dancing around, celebratin’ like it was New Year’s Eve when this announcement was made in 2011.  However, da Stanker simply will not go away!

One of da Stanker’s new clients on her brand new season is **surprise** Denise Richards’ father!

Is Denise that hard up for attention that she will subject her own father to da Stanker’s “matchmaking skills”?  Is da Stanker so hard up for clients that she had to use one from MissAndy’s circle?   As you are all very well aware, Denise Richards is one of MissAndy’s tight circle of friends…


NOTE:  If da Stanker needs more singles, howz about Melissa Gorga’s mother?  Not only would MeGo’s mother appear on da Stanker’s show, but Stanker would also get entertainment from both MeGo AND JoGo gratis!!  


MeGo would do her very best lip-synching job…

and JoGo would dance…

Gorga Chippendale Dancer

From May 2012… da Gorgas on WWHL.  NOTE:  Like the question for Missy re “other women looking at your husband” wasn’t a plant!

AND… while looking for something else, look who popped up on “FlippingOut”!  

NOTE:   Bravo simply churns and turns the same people out and over continuously … weaving their “guests” through every conceivable Bravo show!   Still can’t figure out WHY “hoarder” Bob Lorsch… the guy who sued Shana… was on Jeff Lewis’ new “Therapy” show!  Lorsch certainly has enough money to pay someone to “unclutter” his home and to redesign his space!


This “detour” is taking another twist in the road… and the REAL reason for this detour was this!


These idiots were pissed off because they never learned how to drive a stick shift!  Therefore, the car they had planned on stealing wasn’t stolen!  However, the owner of the vehicle now has to keep his car hidden from these creeps for fear that they will get one of their friends, who DOES know how to drive a stick, to steal the car for them!

ORLANDO, Florida [NMT] — Orlando television station WKMG reported an armed carjacking in Orlando was foiled when the two suspects couldn’t drive a stick shift, according to the victim.

The incident occurred outside the Orlando Regional Medical Center as the victim, Randolph Bean, was sitting in his 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette around 11:20 pm on Sunday.

At the time, Bean said he was waiting for his wife to get off work and the car’s ignition was off. He said he saw two men approaching in his rear view mirror as he waited.

“With the gun drawn and pointing at me,” said Bean. “The guy finally yanked the door open and kind of half dragged me out, and demanded that I get on the ground.”

Bean said while he was held at gunpoint, the second suspect hopped in the driver’s seat hoping to make a getaway. However, his high-performance sports car wouldn’t start.

“The guy started screaming at me, ‘How do I start the car?,'” said Bean. “It’s got a standard transmission, so you have to push in the clutch when you start it. I told the guy that.”

But Bean said the man didn’t understand how to and was only getting more enraged.

“Four times the guy screamed at me, cussed at me about ‘How do I start the car?’ and finally, the other fella goes ‘It’s a stick!,’ said Bean.

Bean said at that point, the men took his keys, wallet and phone, and then ran off. He said he is now worried the thieves may come to his house and try again.

“Well, if they can’t drive a stick, they might have a buddy that can,” said Bean.

For now, Bean said his yellow Corvette is in hiding at an undisclosed location.

If police are unable to find these two men, Bean said he’ll have to change the Corvette’s locks, ignition and keys. He estimates it will cost as much as $800.

Bean describes both carjackers as Black males between 17 and 25 years old. He said police dusted the Corvette for fingerprints, but as of Monday night, the two are still on the run, WKMG said.

NOTE:  Don’t usually address these types of “rumors”… however, this fits perfectly!  The new “rumor” is that SH is the Queen of Videos and SH commenter, “MadePiley”!  IF SH were MP, this post would have been out hours ago!  SH does not have the video skills of MP!  Also, how many times is this rumor going to go around?  In previous incarnations, SH was commenter “BitterKitten” “click” and “Miles”!!  

Corvette commercial from 1984… **wanted to add Prince’s “LittleRedCorvette” to this; however, Prince has silenced ALL of his songs on YouTube!**