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Hello from New York City! I am writing this blog from my bed at the hotel, overlooking Central Park. It’s an incredibly beautiful day and even though I wish I was running up and down 5th Avenue or strolling through that park right now, I am excited to rest up to go and see Andy tomorrow night on Watch What Happens Live!

Thanks again for all your well wishes. I am on Day 54 of my treatment and I continue to see some bright spots in my days.

Looking back, though, I can see myself struggling to keep it together and participate as each episode airs. The Lyme disease had so severely affected my brain functioning that it was extremely hard for me to think, form sentences, and stay focused. I was always trying to be so extremely healthy because it was the only way I could get through my days.

Anyway, on to the Bravo matters!

This was the perfect Saturday afternoon in Malibu, and it was so much fun having Lisa and Kyle over for lunch at my house. I absolutely adore Suzanne and have a lot of respect for all the awareness she has brought to anti-aging and bio-identical hormone replacement. I have read every one of her books and whenever I spend time with her and her husband Allen I always feel inspired by how energetic and vibrant they both are.

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My Lyme disease wasn’t diagnosed at that time, so I thought all my symptoms were a sign of peri-menopause, which I thought would maybe be an uncomfortable but interesting lunch conversation. Most woman probably choose to suffer through it very privately, but I love sharing and comparing notes on these issues with my girlfriends, because it is for sure a subject that is going to come up for all of us at some point in time. It certainly sucks to see gravity set in, but it’s part of growing older, and it’s always going to be a better option than not being here at all. Suzanne is fighting the battle in the most educated and eloquent way and I feel we can all learn from her.

I have always said 40 is the new 20 and I truly believe that, but it for sure takes a lot of hard work, education, and discipline to keep it all together as we make our way to 50 and beyond. Like Suzanne, for me, it’s a lifestyle choice that I made some time ago, and I am happiest when my body and brain run on all eight cylinders.

suzanne pill pack


In Chinese medicine, menopause is called “second spring” because they believe it’s the most powerful time in a woman’s life — a time we approach a passage where our family duties calm down and we can start thinking about ourselves.

OK. . .it sounds like it, but I honestly don’t have anything against plastic surgery, Botox or injectables. . .do what makes you happy. But I do believe that staying young and growing old gracefully starts from within. The point I was trying to make was that it’s sad to see how a lot of woman in this town feel the need to rush into facelifts, etc. to keep up with the new generations coming in, rather than using their age and wisdom to empower themselves.

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Brandi is so naughty that I wish she had invited all of us for a little practice run before going to Vegas, but now we know the real truth as to why we look like beginners and she looked so hot wrapped around that pole. Haha! But let’s be honest — if you had to pick the one of us that would be the most comfortable on a pole, I think we’d all choose Brandi. Not a bad contest to win. . .

Sophia is gorgeous and it was nice to see Kyle in her family element; as a true Capricorn, that’s where she truly shines.

Lisa is always able to give me a good laugh  out of every situation. I know she is not excited about going to Vegas, but she is going to rally and be a good sport to support Brandi. She says she is not going to wrap her legs around anything, but wait til you see her flying around that pole. . .Believe me, it’s going to be smoking hot so make sure to tune in next week!

Unfortunately, I had to miss the first night in Vegas, but I had to prioritize because David was coming back from a two-week working trip in Italy. All of our time apart and his hard work did pay off as we are enjoying Andréa Bocelli’s new album Passione being released this week and reaching number one on Amazon as I’m writing this.

rhobh david yolanda

As you can probably tell I was so excited to see him, and we needed to reconnect even though my chocolate soufflés sucked (it was the thought that counted right?). I was raised to take pride in homemaking and it’s something that I always love to do. I know I share that pride with millions of other women all over the world. It’s a good feeling and it makes me happy. I have always been fascinated with romance and how to keep it alive so you got another little glimpse of what I think is important!

Once in  Vegas, I learned there was a lot of hesitance going around about going pole dancing. I believe you don’t need to be a stripper in order to pole dance so I just say — let’s just keep our clothes on and have fun!!! I was there to support Brandi in her new business adventure. If she is going to be financially independent by doing pole dancing events then who are we to judge? It’s sweet to see Brandi find her way back to Brandi.

Like I always say the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. . .Brandi is getting closer.

On that note I hope you all have a great week! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to post your comments.

Much love,



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54 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog…

  1. I would hate to live in a city or state so obsessed with beauty and outside appearances. These women worry about a younger/firmer woman taking their husbands.Kyle would go nuts without her lapdog husband with a vagina Maurice.Let them cheat ust dont leave me.

    Brandi needs to STFU on the subject of douche bag Eddie and his new wife.She would take him back in a hearbeat.She keeps LeAnn’s name in her mouth constantly.LeAnn should have a gag order on her to STFU on her.Oh yeah then Brandi would not have a storyline and be out of a job on Bravo.Clothes/book deal/stripper pole dancing she is really doing good for herself.Then LeAnn could not go on talk shows to promote her one CD to support her leaching husband that is probably cheating on her too.Nevermind let the trash talking continue to keep everyone relevant and making money Bravo style.

  2. It was nice to see the ladies actually getting along and having some fun conversations. I for one enjoyed hearing that Brandi is able to put what happened with her ex into prospective, and realize that when something difficult happens in one’s life, it really is hard to simply put it aside and stop talking about it. I too have been shocked and have posted elsewhere about how much LeAnn started to look like Brandi once she got her man, making me wonder if she had to changer herself is she truly happy, and perhaps that why she continually baits Brandi and jumps at Brandi’s bait.

    As an aside, I’ve been wanting to learn to poll dance ever since I saw the lady who taught Brandi on a day time talk show about 8 years ago. As usual I love Yolanda and aside from the Adrienne and Paul thing that is really painful to watch since there marriage was clearly on the rocks, the rest of the episode was really fun. Especially Marissa’s mother teller her she needs a new wardrobe. I think I’ve heard a few folks around here comment on Marissa’s lack of fashion sense, so that was funny to see.

    • I wonder if LeeAnn tries to look like Brandi because she thinks Eddie is still in love with her. It’s VERY odd. Usually, it’s the ex-wife who makes the changes. Remember when the Trumps divorced and Ivanka (is that her name) got a massive face lift. She looks much, much prettier…

      • p.s., why does everyone diss Marisa’s fashion sense? A thousand times better than Adrienne or Kyle’s. Notice the scene with Kyle and Faye? They both had their Hermes bags in their crooks, their skinny jeans, too-long hair, huge shoes and floaty tops. Twinzies!!

  3. I am excited to rest up to go and see Andy tomorrow night on Watch What Happens Live!

    Did she write this last night? She was on WWHL tonight…

  4. I still like Yolanda a lot. I don’t have a problem believing she cooks for her husband every now and then. Sounds like he’s gone a good bit of the time and it’s not like she slaving away at a hot stove 24/7. I also agree with her that men are basically simple creatures. Sex, food and respect (not necessarily in that order) go a long way and I like seeing her love for her husband. I’m glad for her and he’s a fortunate man.

    • ITA Slaen. She charts her own course for her life and relationships and manages to remain mostly drama free and above the fray. Isn’t this a show about HW? it’s actually nice to see a HW cooking occasionally. I enjoy a woman who can laugh at herself.

      • ITA with the both of you. Yolanda is her own woman and the way she treats her husband is the way she feels she should. Who are we to criticize
        her,I know I’m not. I find her so very interesting, I think I could just sit and listen to her talk about anything. She is a down to earth lady and so very nice. I love the show where she made the centerpieces that I went out and bought some things and created one for our dining room table. Yolanda I just can’t wait to see you on the pole. :-)

  5. I’m a bit bored of the constant “I love my husband”, and “I cook and eat healthy” storylines. I’m sure Yolanda does and means every word, but the same rehashed lines on each episode is getting tedious now. Hopefully, seeing the preview for next week Yolana shows a new side to her character.

  6. Chinese medicine may say that menopause is “second spring”, but I say it’s more like a long hot summer.

  7. I agree with the menopause comment not being a second spring . I’m in it and it’s more like puberty in reverse. Hate it.

    • Been there, done that… It’s not a long hot summer, it feels like forever.. Windows opened in the winter, and still sweating… But at last, done with it… Sigh..

    • I really hope that any and all of you suffering through the side effects of menopause consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It is natural and can be achieved through applying plant based (soy and yams) topical cremes produced at a compounding pharmacy. If you are interested in learning more you can Google “bio-identical hormone therapy”. If you think it’s something you might want to pursue you’ll have to seek out an ob/gyn who specializes in natural hormone therapy because most ob/gyn docs only prescribe big pharma drugs, and that means synthetic hormones, which are not good for you in the long run.

      I’ve been on bio-identical hormone replacement for the past six months and can honestly say that my health (and daily functioning ability) have improved TREMENDOUSLY. Prior to starting this program no one could have convinced me that it would have ended the head aches, body sweats, weight gain, flu like symptoms and overall anxiety, but it has. I know a lot of you are able to soldier on dealing with the symptoms on your own, but things got so bad for me I just couldn’t do it anymore. O.K. end of my preaching, I just wanted to share my experience with an option you might not have considered. Have a
      great night.

  8. Wow, phony much? She has that very cold Swedish/Norwegian attitude….really snobby one. She is extremely superficial in her own way while seemingly critical of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. She is raising her children to be overly concerned about their physical appearances. Even Mohammed told his daughter to straighten up. Everything is a show – now that’s what is important!

    • She’s not Swedish or Norwegian. And that’s a pretty broad statement against a huge population of people. I’ve know people from both countries and they’re warm, fun people. What an odd preconception/predjudice

      • Really? Lived in Minnesota for over 20 years. Not saying they arent nice, they are. Just aloof and you might might find that a common opinion. Speaking from a lot of experience. You still have my favorite name. And yes, I am odd.

  9. I still love Yolanda and am very happy she is at least trying to live a healthier lifestyle that includes a natural approach to beauty. Scary to see so many women in their ate 29’s and early 30’s turning to fillers and botox when they are still so truly beautiful. It’s refreshing to see a HW like Yolanda present a different side to the issue. If she and David are genuinely happy then who am I to judge? To some degree isn’t that what we a aspire to have ? A loving relationship?

    • What impresses me most about Yolanda is she has had a lot of serious health problems but she never complains, like the woe is me attitude. She stays upbeat and positive and that is what I find truly remarkable. She really does make lemonade out of lemons (oh gosh, I can’t even believe I said that myself!)

      • Imagine if Trailor had such health problems!! Every conversation would revolve around how said health problem hurt her and changed her life.

  10. Did anyone see her on WWHL last night? Miss Andy introduced her as “fembot…I mean HW of BH”. I could tell she was madder than hell. Miss Andy HATES women, especially the ones who don’t kiss his royal ass and don’t need him. I wish Yolanda wasn’t so classy. Somebody needs to put this moron in his place.

    • I couldn’t sit through the entire 30 minutes of WWHL, I haven’t watched since last year and now it just seems like a dull andy cohen vanity project – blah blah blah blah blah – Hey Bravo, the template has been made, you don’t need Andy anymore!

    • What IS a fembot? I heard it, but no idea….I’ve long thought Andy hates women. He loves putting these people out there to make fools of themselves. You know he’s never have a gay show portraying gays in a negative light.

  11. Men are extremely happy when they have support at home. Business – especially in the work that David does and the people he has to work with, can be trying> how nice for him that he comes home to a wife that loves him, and wants to make a relaxing atmospher for him – and likes to throw nice parties where their friends can enjoy their company. Yolanda has got the right mix going on. Poop on anyone that says she is lame because she is not slaving away, tired and exhausted when he gets home and throwing something together last min. If you have the money and have made the right choices, why not choose a more relaxing life of support and love. I don’t think she is superioristic. I think if you threw her in my life, she would be empathetic and try and make it work withoutcomplaining. Where, Kyle…would just start screaming, go crazy and kill herself after one day in my life. This society that our current politicians are creating..where we are supposed to hate or be jealous of people that have made the right choices in life, not married sociopaths, and ruined their and their kids lives (me) is flat out wrong. Good for David and Yolanda for clean living, good choices, and love in their household. More power to them. I will never begrudge their happiness and life.

    • Really? They are newlyweds who have had other marriages and have broken families etc. Do u really buy Yofo’s pr? This is not reality. She and he have messy lives. They put on the dog for the cameras. We know she has lots of professional hepl to put on this facade. Come on. Lalalalalallala……

      • wow…what kind of world do you live in. I have been anorexic, found out I was adopted at 16 at Magic Mountain, married to an abusive husband for 17 years, and lots of other terrible terrible things, and I can still believe joy, love and happiness exist between two people. I would hate to live in your head where you absolutely cannot believe that two people can actually treat each other with love and respect and have a happy life. That is sad you can’t even imagine it.

        • Just because I don’t believe her fake life does not mean I don’t believe two people can actually treat each other love and respect and have a happy. Geesh. Take a chill pill. I just said I don’t believe theirs is reality. Don’t be so quick to judge. I have been happily married for over 30 years and we are still romantic. But these two are newly married with lots of marriages and children from those past relationships.. Do you really believe everything you see on these housewives shows? I don’t have to imagine as I live a real life with a great marriage and so do my children. And I don’t fake anything.

          • Multiple marriages are red flags, David foster is definitely a bit off, but Yolanda only had one marriage so…….

      • just the fact that Yolanda is putting this traditional ideal out there is so refreshing – everyone has mess in their lives, but how you react & what you decide to do with it is something else altogether!

        • awesome Punky…that is what I am saying. People bash her like there is nastiness she is hiding. My dad and mom had a terrible marriage. He then found someone that treated him like Yolanda, and he treats her back the same way, and they have a happy marriage. I still hate him for not trying with my mom h aha.. but whatever. You can do it right the second time around, and it is so nice for people to see how loving people treat each other. I do not at all get the vibe they are faking it for the cameras…I cannot stand Kyle at all, but i do believe she loves her husband and tries to show him she loves him…barf, I can’t believe that came out of my mouth -

  12. Kyle’s husband is hideous, cannot understand how he could be voted the sexiest husband on housewives, he looks like a tired frog and thinks he knows everything…..blaaaah.

  13. I genuinely respect Yolanda for not complaining abt her current physical problems, and remaining very positive.The ONE thing I don’t care for is that she is extraordinarily judgmental. For instance, it is fine to say that the kind of marriage where the wife cooks, waits on, and treats her husband like a king, is the kind of marriage that works best–FOR HER. But instead she states this, her mere OPINION, like it’s some universal truth–which is reflective of her consistent, slight air of superiority. Also, I feel her husband-comes-first-marraiage is less born from some ideal “pure love” for him than from her personal motive. For having said how many women will quickly take your husbands, if you don’t hold to them extremely tightly, she hangs on hard to David, by doting on his every want.She does so not JUST from love, but in active, endless effort to keep him from straying. I just think some of what Yolanda preaches, in words, is slightly different that WHY she supposedly acts the way she does.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing but have been too lazy to type it. I agree she knows she better do what it takes to hang onto her man….someone will do him for a chanel bag I think was something close to what she said

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