MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Says Yolanda Foster Will Be Fined For Littering “Dropping All Those Names”!!… Says YoFo Is An Expert At “Directing Her STAFF”!!… Not Into Brandi’s “Empowerment By Pole Dancing”!


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Hey there, hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was spent cleaning out the garage.

Before I get into this week’s blog I want to thank you for taking the time to comment. I read every post and really enjoy this connection we have. I appreciate your words of advice, encouragement, and even your constructive criticism. I know you won’t always have positive things to say but I appreciate your honesty and participation.

Now on to this week’s episode. I was really excited and grateful that Brandi invited me to come to Vegas with her. . .but first a few of the girls spent some quality time at Yolanda’s. 


I laughed out loud when Lisa asked, “Who is Chrissy Snow?” I really like Lisa’s personality and she always looks effortlessly beautiful. I dig Yolanda but she could be facing some serious littering fines with all the names she’s dropping. Putting that aside, Yolanda is an wonderful homemaker, host,and expert at directing her staff. I am nothing like that. Between work and the kids, I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home and either throw something basic together or order in. Fortunately, Dean just likes to eat PowerBars.

Then we are off to another dinner gathering at Kyle’s.  I have never been one to produce lavish dinner parties. With me, it’s usually girlfriends over, sweats, no make up, sitting in the living room with a bottle of wine and Chinese. Kyle, however, has always been quite the entertainer and she is great at it!  Adrienne and Paul arrive upbeat, but their mood quickly fades as the broken record of the infamous Brandi and Adrienne debacle begins to play. This horse has been beaten to death, hasn’t it?

Moving on. . .Having recently lost my father-in-law (a truly incredible man), it was very hard for me to watch Kyle break down about her missing her late mom and dad.


Speaking of family, my mom comes over to help me pack for Vegas. I shouldn’t have asked, as she ends up criticizing half my wardrobe, my hair, etc. . .and then tries to glom on and invite herself on the trip. I’ll give her credit, my mom has tremendous chutzpah for the good and the bad! I hope you find her as galling and entertaining as the rest of the clan does. Love you mom!


And we’re off to Vegas for some fun with just the girls. . .

Our first night was a blast as we all laughed with and at each other at dinner. I swear Kyle’s theatrics always cracks me up, and it was hilarious when she was peer pressured into trying the oyster! I couldn’t have done it!

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games, as Brandi brought up my relationship with Dean. I adore Brandi and her snap judgement that Dean was “more in love with me than I am with him” was based off an impression I obviously gave her or she wouldn’t have said it. That said, I’ve never thought this was the case. I’d always thought we loved each other the same. I asked Dean and, typical of him, he said he had never thought about it. Brandi was absolutely right to point out how lucky I am. Deanie and I are blessed to have each other. I love him very much. But it doesn’t matter if you live in Beverly Hills and are married to a film producer or if you live in Pennsylvania and are married to a coal miner, all marriages take work and it isn’t always a bed of roses.

Now I’m all for empowering women and I’m glad Brandi has gained strength and independence working the pole, but it’s clearly not something for me. So if it looks like I was in a mood when we
arrived at the class it’s because I probably was. The last thing I wanted to do was swing around a pole, which would not make me feel sexy at all. What makes me feel confident and sexy is creating success for myself as a businesswoman which allows me to take care of myself financially!

I look forward to chatting with you next week!



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55 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Says Yolanda Foster Will Be Fined For Littering “Dropping All Those Names”!!… Says YoFo Is An Expert At “Directing Her STAFF”!!… Not Into Brandi’s “Empowerment By Pole Dancing”!

    • i just dont get this chick any home is a great one all clothes are fine that said this woman is from big money and I see a frumpy unhappy mid life gal she does seem that she is just not that into her hubby AKA the maloofs just my view and I hope her blogs get better she really just is a dull chick on this show I will say not having taylor was great and I am seeing the Camille of season one back for having the boy toy and all the love she says she has
      Why cant she smile and cant wait 2 see what makes her say that lisa is not the owner of SUR I know that lisa and Ken have said they have partners who cares and of all people camille Any thoughts until next week Enjoy!

    • I’m still on the fence, but I know that more then a few people who responded on her blog told her that Brandi only said what they were thinking. Even if her husband knows how she feels, Brandi was right in that having all that on film gives people an impression that they shouldn’t have even if true. We don’t know her well enough to know that she wasn’t serious, and like Brandi much of he audience cringed when she said her husband wasn’t sexy and wasn’t her type. Hopefully she learned a lesson from this, and won’t just use it as something to throw at Brandi at the reunion.

  1. Marisa seems so normal; Brandi had no place critiquing Marisa’s marriage. Rude, rude and nasty. Marisa is way too normal for this phony bunch; don’t see her as friends with mean Kyle.

  2. Ok, I loved her til the living in Pennsylvania/married to a coal miner comment! ;) JK… I still love her :) Good thing my hubby isn’t a coal miner though… not sure if I could continue my growing adoration of this very interesting (and seemingly flexible with an attitude) woman. She’s a GREAT addition to the group.

    I like Brandi, but she’d do well to mind her own business once in a while. I was uncomfortable with the ‘Marisa tells all’ dinner scene too, but I would NEVER say something like that in front of all the women. If she were my friend, then I would pull her aside. Brandi gets a pass on a lot of things but she DOES need to start applying a bit of a filter and grow up now. She’s got boys to raise and instability in the other household. Time to stop using her ‘non filter’ as a crutch (this is coming from a very tempermental gal who has learned when NOT to run her mouth).

    Back to Marisa – I just don’t see her as Kyle’s friend. Maybe she’s a rude snake who sneaks up on the other women like Kyle does… and we just haven’t seen it yet. Otherwise, their ‘friendship’ just can NOT be real. Then again… I actually like Kyle in Season 1 – before she outed her sister – so my first impressions aren’t necessarily the greatest…

    • I may not have said it, but I sure would have been thinking it. Marisa’s words about her husband didn’t indicate she was happy in her marriage, and her husband’s laid back demeanor made it seem like he was simply taking it for the cameras. It’s not about not having a filter, but letting a potential friend (remember at this point they barely know ech other) know that perhaps she should dial the rhetoric back a few notches. I thought of what her husband’s film crews would think and say, since men can be so mean spirited at times. Saying something among friends is one thing, but allowing those things to be memorialized on film can lead to unnecessary tension for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

      Truthfully, I’m with you. I don’t see Marisa and Kyle as friends. Maybe Kyle just as different faces that she shows to different people.

      • I don’t think Brandi should have said anything to Marisa, but Marisa doesn’t need to be dissing her hubby like that, either. Men have ego’s just like women do, and I’d be very hurt and embarrassed for my hubby to say all Marisa said on television. They may have a great marriage, but she best be careful….messing with someone’s self esteem makes them much more vulnerable when a female comes along with praises to them. Her hubby seems like such a nice guy, and nice looking to boot. Brandi also knows about all those single women looking for a man like him that’ll be glad to take him off her hands…just like Trailor, she’s lucky Trailor found one before she joined the show.

        • Marisa let it all out to everyone so I don’t see any reason why Brandi couldn’t comment on what she said. After all, they had cameras on them. It’s not like it was a private conversation. If anything, Brandi was kind of giving her a warning to be careful – a warning that Marisa should have heeded.

    • I’m the only person on the planet who did not like Kyle from season one. I thought Camille was telling the truth, but no one wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because she was married to a very well known actor, and she made a couple of “full of myself” comments. From the get-go, Kyle was making “high school” comments to her like, “don’t be insecure.” That’s exactly the kind of thing a bully says after she’s made a passive aggressive move.

      • I thought I was the only one who didn’t like kyle since the “get go” of season one? It sure seemed that way from the comments I read. I also believed Camille was telling the truth about what was said/not said between her & Kyle & the drama Traylor managed to stir up between them in S1.

      • No, you are not the only one. I saw Kyle as insecure and very catty from the get-go. I too think Camille was telling the truth, it was either what Kyle said, or more likely, HOW she said it, that was catty. Kyle strikes me as very good at being catty without doing it too obviously.

  3. I don’t see her as friends with Kyle either. I don’t care how many years you’ve known her Marisa, watch your back. At some point Kyle will turn on you too. I love Brandi, but in hindisight, no, she shouldn’t have said anything about you and Dean. Adrienne needs to keep her mouth shut for once. I’m over her droning on and on about what a victim she is. She defamed Brandi the night of Morris’ fiasco party and you don’t see Brandi sueing her. I think you’re a good egg Marisa!

  4. Oooohhh!! Just watched the video! You go Yolanda! Get ‘er! (Kyle)

    And WTH is wrong with irrelevant Camille?

        • I definitely got the impression that David was there at the tapping last night.. Several times when she was commenting about him, she would look in the same direction with loving looks.

          • Yofo and david were both in nyctogether, David did the today show this morning and both of them were on hoda and Kathy lee this morning as well

  5. Marisa was friends with Kyle because Marissa works at Hilton and HYLAND where her husband worked until he started his new agency. They were friends through her sister adn work, but when they saw each other a few episodes, the first thing Marissa said, was that they had not seen each other in a long time – so I think when Kyle’s husband started his agency, they probably don’t see Marissa and Kathy (Kyle’s sister as much). Brandi is on the show to say what other’s are thinking. She is one of those people that has brutal honesty and says the bubble in everyone’s head. That is her quality – and love her or hate her…she will always be the one saying the bubble in your head. I love it for this show because, nothing is left in the dark shadows with Brandi. She is going to call out everyone’s bullshit including her own. I like it, but I understand other’s don’t. However, that is her whole point on the show, and I think some, like Lisa, appreciate things being said for once that others can only think.

    • No one wants to be around a loudmouth spewing her thoughts all the time. She will have a hard time making friends and she lives in constant turmoil. Exhausting. Don’t care if its the truth coming out of her mouth; that’s just not polite or nice and hurts alot of people. A lot of thoughts need to stay in your head. Nuff said.

  6. Marisa is too boring, like oatmeal. Sorry, she’s very plain-looking. Her house is even boring. Her clothes are boring. She needs an update on everything!!!! She worked at Hilton & Hyland?? As what? A broker? You’d think she’d look better than that. She’s on target with her assessment of everyone so far, although I agree with Brandi about how she comes across with Dean. I’d never approach it like Brandi did, but Marisa makes it seem like she “settled” for Dean.

      • If she dressed like she does on the show, I’d NEVER hire her. Sorry. She doesn’t come across as a powerful broker to me.

      • Thanks, SH! Will do (if I’m ever motivated enough to check–she’s pretty darned boring! LOL).

        • she has sold multi million dollar homes in BH for forever.
          She is probably as rich as Mauricio in her own right.
          Not that I am a Marissa fan or anything. I am still trying to figure out if I like her
          or not…but she is not like Kyle – she is a self made woman, more like Lisa.
          Except she doesn’t appear to have Lisa’s wit and adoration for her husby

          • nancy: I like that she’s not like Kyle. I like her personality. I just don’t like how sloppy she looks & her house looks shabby too. Maybe she’s just a messcat who doesn’t give appearance top billing.

            • I thought her home seemed average too. I think she’s pretty and her mom cracked me up. I don’t think we’ve had a chance to see her fully yet. I hope Bravo gives her a chance. Kim needs to resume her personal life off camera.

            • oh come on. she probably doesn’t have a staff like the others who don’t even go to work besides sitting in hair and makeup, if you can call that a job. i, for one, LOVE marisa. most real hw of all time!

  7. Seems like a level headed post. I get her. Unlike Kyle and Yo, she has a full time job. Chinese it is! Nothing wrong with that. I do hope we don’t see more of her mother, stresses me out. My mom is similar (she’s toned it down A LOT and the few “comments” that get through, I try hard not to respond to). That’s just not the kind of thing I want to see on TV. All in all – her life might be a little too close to normal and while I want to like her, I am on the fence. After all, she is a friend of Kyle’s….

  8. Camille (or any of these hws) trying to be relevant is actually kind of pitiful to watch. & the remark about beating a dead horse, I think for alot of these women that’s all they can do. Of couse I’m sure the producers wouldn’t have anything to do with that ;) Another way of trying to matter to the viewers. Wonder if they will notice the harder they try , the less most viewers will care. Really like the blog today.

  9. Camille still looks like a deer caught in the headlights.She has no backbone to go up against these women.She just looks weak and helpless but at least she is getting great sex.

    • You think Camille looks weak and helpless? No, she’s shown that she can be vicious.They all are. Actually, the least vicious one is Taylor. She’s been in over her head since day one.

  10. Yes Marisa, loving your mom! I wish y’all would’ve left stupid Kyle at home and took mom to Vegas! She would’ve been way more entertaining. Lol at Dean and his Powerbars. I thought the stripper pole/empowering women thing was a dumb storyline. Who’s the dipshit that came up with that one?

  11. Anyone who’s on Brandi’s side has my vote. Adrienne needs to get over it. She’s on a reality show, things are going to be said. It’s ridiculous to sue someone over saying something that’s the truth. It doesn’t matter either way, does it? I mean who cares really? I loved the dynamic of the girls in vegas, Even, annoying and two-faced Kyle made a few points. I didn’t totally hate her at the end of this epidsode like usual.

  12. Marissa, I loved your mom. I just wish you would do something different with your hair. I had to agree with Brandi when she called you out about loving your husband. I got the same impression when I watched the show. Please be yourself and let down your hair and enjoy the trip. When is the Real Estate show coming back on? I so loved watching it.

    • The Bravo curse is already hard enough on marriages. Not sure why Marissa aired all her concerns (did anyone really ask?) regarding her relationship & husband. Some deep seated personal issues there IMO. He’s handsome, friendly, polite, but maybe not too driven for the fame/fortune me thinks.

      That combined with the scene where she looks nothing like her own brother…then it hits you. The fried hair color straining to be lighter than it can possibly be, her washed out makeup tones, eyebrows tweezed/lightened into non-existence, awkwardly says she only likes dark/tan men (then works too hard at NOT being a brunette)…

      Curious choices & words there! Mrs. Zanuck seems guided by society’s comments. And her Mother! Momma Put the word “honey” in front of every sentence, but she clearly insists on controlling her adult grown married daughter. I doubt her harsh intrusions stop with Marissa. Dean has got to be on the topic pole of what Momma didn’t want for her daughter (and thus her child for herself).

      Be strong Marissa. Whew!

  13. Why does she feel the need to “take care of myself financially”? I don’t care how often she claims different, she gives the distinct impression that she wants out of the marriage and has for a long time.

    • I got the vibe that the Mother disapproves. Marissa responds viscerally to her Momma’s demands. Like a puppet on A string. Marissa needs a thicker skin to stand tall with her hubbend next to just her Mother. Much less the rest of the family! IMvHO.

  14. I was picking up on some digs at Kyle too. Anyone else notice this? She called Kyle an “entertainer” instead of a hostess. And mentioned her theatrics. The bed of roses was a dis towards Ken & Lisa. She got her digs in on Yoyo and then on Brandi. Over all, I like her style. I think she and Lisa would make a great pair because I think they could bounce these types of digs off of each other without bruising egos. I remember when she was first filming, Marissa had said some negative things about Lisa. Glad to see that she has seen the fun side of LV.

  15. So far I like Marisa, except for her comments about her hubby. But I’m sure she wasn’t seriously trying to knock him, maybe she was just giving us tmi to sound more interesting. I think she dresses fine, I loved her look at the dinner party where Flayke went off on Brandi. It is nice to see women dress like grown women, with a little class. It is sooo nauseating seeing all the moms and “career women” in platforms and hair extensions on these shows. Get real, life isn’t all about looking like a call girl and keeping your home like a resort.

  16. I almost got the impression that she was putting her husband down before anyone else would. Does that make sense? It’s like she thinks he doesn’t measure up to them. Which is really funny, since he seems like the nicest one in the bunch. (Not to mention cute as all hell.)

  17. I still don’t know why the slutty Brandi is on this show. She isn’t married or wealthy. In fact, her house looks like a trailer.

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