LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Lisa Re Suzanne Somers Hormone Treatment “The only thing I know about how to make a hormone is not to pay her.”


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So I hope you all had a good week and ready to have some fun in Vegas! First we arrive atYolanda’s house for lunch with Suzanne Somers and an education on hormones. I am useless when it comes to this type of stuff, pills, and whatnot. But I could probably do with reading her book, as it is probably about time!

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Nevermind I will get to that. It’s on my list! The only thing I know about how to make a hormone is not to pay her.

suzanne pill pack

Then we have the graduation and Faye arrives. . .OK. . .enough said about that.

Brandi’s trip to Vegas was something I would’ve done anything to get out of. My last memories of Vegas was wriggling around with the chipmunks. It was something I didn’t want to repeat in a hurry. Now Brandi was talking pole dancing, so I was a little nervous of what would transpire. However I felt it was essential to support her. This was after all her much needed business venture…

Our first dinner was hilarious. I remember it well. We laughed with true abandonment and it reminded me of when we first all came together — my how times have changed. It is fascinating how the dynamics develop between us all.  Kyle and I have always shared a sense of humor, but have very different perspectives on what a friendship entails, so one has to separate and choose the elements of the relationship that you want to keep. The rest falls by the wayside.


So off we trot to visit the pole. . .I had one once. Then he went back to Poland. OK this is serious, kinda. Brandi becomes overwhelmed and I nudge her slightly. . .empowerment. . .find your inner sexy. It’s there somewhere and I will find it!

So unusually for me this is a pretty short blog. We leave you in the middle of our escapade, which until the next dinner was perfectly fine. By the way rest assured Sur belongs to my partner and me, just another unwarranted accusation that Camille  for some reason found it necessary to voice.

Until next week.

Love always. Lisa.


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76 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Lisa Re Suzanne Somers Hormone Treatment “The only thing I know about how to make a hormone is not to pay her.”

  1. Love, love, love Lisa she dislikes Fayke as much as the rest of us. Thank you Lisa. And, Camille has she gone off the deep end aligning herself with Fayke, Kyle and Adrienne, She is the one that called Fayke the “morally corrupt Faye Resnick, Kyle bullied and abused her the entire first season, and Adrienne blew Camille off when they were at lunch and Camille was talking to Addie about the way Kyle treated her. She really must have some wires crossed. I think she is backing the wrong horse.

    • Yeah, she doesn’t like her “friend of” status that she asked for, and wants to be a full cast member again. Too bad she has to throw a friend under the bus in the process who was there for her.

    • I believe she was responding to something Brandi may have said about Adrienne not really “owning” The Palms. Last year, the Maloofs had to give up their majority interest in The Palms because of their debt situation and now only own 2%. Since this is split between the five siblings, Adrienne, in effect, owns one-fifth of 2%. Lisa is the majority shareholder in SUR and has a say in the management of the restaurant. Adrienne has no managerial say in the running of The Palms and really never had. So Camille comment was not relevant or on point. She totally deserved Yolanda’s “shush!”.

      Adrienne was so impressive in Season 1. How the might have fallen!

      • I laughed season one as the show was coming on and Adrienne’s would say, “something?? About IF YOUR WILLING TO WORK FOR IT” anyone remember the rest? I’d laugh at her trying to get me to believe she worked for what she has. I feel for Paul but he can do so much better.

          • Yeah Suz is a huckster. Yep. But props on the thighmaster. Twenty years ago my thighmaster and me got me back in shape after three kids. I still have it and it still works. MOre than I can say for the twenty microwaves Ive owned since then.

        • I take offense to your assertion that bio hormone replacement is quackery and snake oil. You should educate yourself about the subject. I watched my mom struggle for 20 years on traditional medical thyroid treatments. Her life was changed once she met a dr who put her on bio identical hormones. It’s anything but snake oil.

          • It’s not snake oil, it’s accepted by mainstream doctors, and works beautifully from what I hear, haven’t reached that point in life yet , but plan on going the bio identical route, Suzanne simmers as looney as she may seem knows what she’s talking about

            • Reading for comprehension is a good thing. Pretty sure thousands of regular MD doctors are prescribing bio hormone replacement therapies in conjunction with tradional Rx. It’s not remotely close to untested, non-peer reviewed “alternative” treatments. I’m not advocating every idea Chrissy Snow has so please don’t marginalize it and call it all snake oil. From the very articles you cited:

              “Mind you, I am not critical of the concept of alternative and complementary medicine. When used wisely, it can be useful. Indeed, open-mindedness to other ideas is how we advance conventional medicine. Today, conventional medicine has the extract of a tree bark called aspirin or the root of a plant called vincristine because of observations from those who practiced non-conventional medicine.

              True, there have been some abuses and misdeeds in conventional medicine, and some conventional practitioners offer conventional therapy in unproven ways.

              While conventional medicine is by no means perfect, and those who practice it are often flawed, the wise use of proven conventional therapy is responsible for a tremendous decrease in the mortality rate (risk of death) over the past century.”

    • I read SH’s Twitter feed last night and saw that Camille posted a weak apology. I suppose that’s easy to do when you’ve already thrown the dirt. In my opinion Camille is setting herself up to be invited back as a full fledged cast member next season, and decided that Adrienne/Kyle were the better crew the back up then Brandi/Lisa. Pretty nasty given that at the last reunion Camille said that Lisa had been checking up on her after her “surprise” divorce filing.

      • And, it was Brandi who requested trailor to leave at her party when trailor was screaming her head off at Camille. Appears Camille has no loyalty to people who have shown her affection and friendship

    • LOL, Lisa’s comment “The only thing I know about how to make a hormone is not to pay her” was 2 flippin’ funny! Gotta’ love that British sense of humor :).

    • I don’t know loangirl.. That came out of left field… I was almost starting to like Camille again… I couldn’t stand her the first season… Now I know why I didn’t like her… She is jealous of everyone… So she has a boyfriend with a package, big damn deal, I am sure she pays for his services…she was almost gone, trying to be a bitch again..

    • I don’t remember this girl at all. What a brat though! Good Lord… She’s lucky she didn’t kill someone or herself. If she were my daughter I would keep her sassy butt in jail for a few days. At least! That’s all I’ll say.

    • So sad. I remember her. Tammy is her. Mom and was on the OCHW for a season or two. Tammy was one of the more natural beauty on the show; especially compared to Laura ;)

  2. BTW Lisa, if you don’t like the word vagina and prefer something like pu*sy or peachy, you can use the term “sugar bowl”. That’s what my mom always called it and it sounds pretty nice :)

  3. I’ve never felt Camille to be a genuine person and I think she is totally untrustworthy. I believe she, like Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor, are all supremely jealous of Lisa. Getting her digs in about Sur is proof of that. Love and adore you Lisa. You’re my #1 out of ALL the housewives on ALL the shows :)

    • After being so hated after season one I believe Camille hired someone to help polish her image and teach her correct graceful responses.

      • Yes, surely Camille hired someone to teach her how to be nice. Sunday School woulda been cheaper. But her true colors are popping up again. Here I thought the whole divorce thing mighta brought her back down to earth…oh well. Glad I didnt actually change my opinion of her.

        • Yep. She is the same witch we saw Season 1. If she left the show tomorrow, I wouldn’t even miss her. She adds nothing to the storyline and has zero personality.

  4. Ms Sommers has had more plastic surgery than you can shake a stick at.. seriously.. look at her. She keeps her bangs long to cover that forehead and hide her crowsfeet.

    • Her face looks like it needs to be ironed, it has many lumps in it… I think that is from to much Botox… I’d rather have a wrinkle then lumps… She looks hideous. Kind of freaky, puffy, and lumpy… Sounds like a couple of the seven dwarfs…

        • Agreed, but Somers and Hawn were both adorable years ago. They would have continued to look pretty as they aged, but they both completely messed it up with their ghastly plastic surgery. I’m not against plastic surgery, but those two had no flaws to correct, and they sadly ended up looking like inflatable dolls.

          • I wish women would do what a lot of the older men in Hollywood do, just fix things here and there. Just tweak your sagging eyes or crowsfeet, don’t do a drastic overhaul facelift and do fillers to the point of no return… You wanna look like yourself, just better, not turn into a cat.

    • These women need to find out who Joan Rivers used! We all know shes had a lot done she don’t hide it. She don’t have that pulled look!

    • I’m having an ultra slow day here at work and clicked on the link above. The content is blocked by my organization – it is deemed “tasteless”!!! Too funny, huh?

    • Check her neck out on these pics. You might think the face looks better but the neck still shows all the ravages of time.

  5. it is not even close to the same thing..camille attacking Lisa out of the blues, as Brandi talking about Adrienne. Adrienne hosted a meeting at the polo lounge adn tried to get Brandi to throw Lisa under the bus. Ever since Brandi refused, Paul adn Adrienne have been bad mouthing her, etc. and having a fued. Brandi bringing up anything about Adrienne and Adrienne bringing up Brandi is understood and a part of their fued…but Camille out of left field bringing up the SUR restaurant. WTF? That was just wrong, intrusive. Camille – learn some table manners. That was just plain obnoxious.

  6. First of all, Suzanne has done a LOT to help perimenopausal and menopausal women around the world. She’s making them aware of things. Her books are an excellent tool. I wouldn’t judge about her surgeries. (I did notice, however, that she looked unusually bloated in last night’s show!). In *her* circumstance, bioidentical hormones were appropriate for her. That’s all she was sharing. Lisa’s very defensive about the aging/sex thing, IMO.

    Why would Camille accuse Lisa of not owning her restaurant? It’s easy enough to prove, unless she has some proof otherwise. It’s not the usual, quiet Camille that’s speaking up, bringing up dirt. I wonder what’s up with that. Could she need more airtime?

    • done: Hi done….it’s been awhile, hope all is well. I think of you often :).
      Just read your post and I’m curious about what bioidentical hormones is all about? Haven’t been feeling well for some time and it’s been frustrating. I did ask my doc. last visit if It could be hormones and what might help? I’m going thru “new spring” lol and it sucks. Anyway, doc. “here” said there isn’t anything that could really help. I was really surprised to get that response. It seems to me that in NY or LA…doctors would think otherwise. I try to take vitamins (make me nauseous) and such and I’m fairly knowledgeable about nutrition, eat healthy, so again….I’m feeling like it’s one brick wall after another. He wants to do more blood work…I’m tired of it. Got any ideas??? kt

      • kt: I learned so much about diet/nutrition when I was in that business not too long ago. If you’re not feeling like yourself, check out her books or the website (if you’re over 35 years old). There are bloodtests to do to check your hormone level. SO much is tied into our hormones. To me, it’s a last resort to have to use hormones due to the side effects Bio-identicals are natural but still, it should be a last resort. People in Hollywood are using them to try to attain the fountain of youth. Hope that helps.

        • done: Your an angel for getting back to me so quickly…thanks! Thank you also for the web connect. I’m just so tired of it all. I struggle with anemia, which is common I know, but it’s at the point where I have to get B-12 shots cuz they’re looking into something called pernicious anemia. The thing is the shots only help for a few days, so I’ve really wondered about the hormone thing. I know Docs. don’t like to go down that road and I understand why, and I do respect that. Its just my Doc. (who I like) basically said, once it’s started, it’s really to late to help. Made zero sense to me. I also did ask that my hormone levels be checked and he said it won’t matter…also made NO sense to me. I do appreciate the info, thanks again. You sound good; glad your doing well.

          • ktgirl: Then go to your ob/gyn. There are specialists who deal with hormonal imbalance, but I haven’t gotten to that step yet. Find a doctor who will be interested in knowing what your bloodlevels are, to see where you’re at hormonally. I know, it’s draining, especially if you have anemia (I’ve been there and now my husband has it occasionally too). Take care. Hope you feel better!

            • done: You’re right…I’ve been putting “that” off and I shouldn’t be. On some level I’ve been avoiding going. I miss my old gyn. (female) she knew what she was talking about…then I moved here. It’s kinda ironic when you need to go to the Doc. but you don’t feel well enough to go lol. Thanks done. You too and DH!

            • Ahh, I know those feelings all too well!!!!!! Call a new ob/gyn (or find one!) on a good day, and take it from there. Don’t get overwhelmed. You’ll get there. I miss my old doctors in NY too!! I’d love to be able to rely on my great doctors there. It’s tough when you move! Hope you feel better (or more like yourself) soon!

      • Birth control pills. I suppose controversial to some but stopped my own private summer that needed a permanent cabana boy…..

        Hearing Camille say that about Sur reminded me why she became the most hated housewife.

        It was surprising and out of the character that she had worked hard to become.


    • I believe part of Suzanne ‘s quest for alternative meds began with her breast cancer some years back. I admire her passion and courage. Ktgirl you may be able to find alternative docs in your area ones devoted to natural hormones and having an MD as well.I used to work for a practice like that and the natural hormones too. Good luck.

  7. People that befriend the Adrienne types pretty much get what they deserve. At least if they knew her “personality” (can we call it that?) Any grown woman should be smart enough to know if their “friend” will turn on one friend for no reason they will , of course, do the same to them. Besides, why would anyone want to befriend someone like that in the first place?

  8. I’m going through a horrible menopause. I have looked into bio-identical hormone replacement. First insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s very, very expensive. I take b12 shots and jus grin and bear the menopause and all it’s uncomfortable symptoms. Getting back to the ladies. The real Camille is back. I knew that goodie two shoe act was just that, an act. I just wished she would have gone after manshands.

  9. Camille is trying to secure her spot next season.Guess her new BF is blowing or enjoying her divorce settlement too.Those 8 inches are not cheap.

    • Will go out on a limb and say that Camille can’t handle Someone else getting a positive edit/platform on the show. Gotta try and drag them down to a level playing field. IMO.

  10. Does someone want to tell Camille that there’s a big difference in owning 51% of a business vs owning 2% like the Maloofs … Oh btw, how many Maloof siblings share that 2% ownership? Right, good point though, Camille. Go back to that bf of yours that owns nothing.

  11. I love Lisa…she’s the only one who doesn’t put on airs, and she is just so darn funny in her own way. Suzanne Somers doesn’t look like the Suzanne I use to see on TV. She looks sorta bloated and her fingernails looked grimmy. I love Lisa when they go to Vegas and I can’t wait to see what goes down next week. Looks like it’s going to be good.

  12. Lisas a worker. She strikes me as the type who would do her best no matter the task. I like those kinds of people.

  13. Hitting the stripper pole in Vegas is a much needed business venture? C,mon, Lisa not everything Brandi does needs to be justified. I’m glad that my mother waitresses and then worked in hospital admissions when my Dad went off to jail. I think my brothers are glad she didn’t hit the pole in Vegas, too.

    • Agreed. I don’t understand why so many women on these shows think the only thing to do is try to sell themselves like a commodity. All this will fade and no one will care about your book, your crappy songs, your makeup line….etc. Whatever happened to just realizing it is time to go back to school and/or get a real JOB, the kind that pays you dependably and gives you benefits??

  14. A few years ago, I actually brought Suzanne’s book with me to my Dr. I had certain pages marked for her to read. Long story short , bioidenticals are okay but not worth the hassle and side problems of dosing. I ended up just sweating through menopause for a couple years and now it’s over and feel good and not bloated!

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