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First I would like to apologize for missing my blog last week and address a few of last week’s issues.  While I appreciate Mauricio’s apology…

it was a personal attack and a half-hearted “I’m sorry. It  wasn’t personal that’s just how I personally feel” were his actual words. Contradict yourself much?

On to Marisa.   I was in no way trying to take a dig at her when I said I thought she was hard on Dean. I actually really like  Marisa and Dean a lot. I just don’t think she realizes that she is saying these things to a national audience and that they never ever go away and are forever chronicled.

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My parents got married at 19 years old and had three children back to back-to-back. My mother has been with one man her entire life, and I’m sure has thoughts about the things she missed out on.
However I know she would never say a negative thing about my father and especially not about my father on television.  My parents have been happily married for over 40 years now, but not without a few hiccups on their journey. I wish and hope the same long-term love and joy for Dean and Marissa.

Vegas! I invited all the girls to come help me prepare for a new hosting gig I have. It’s a trial run and thought it would be a fun time and something we all really needed after all the dinner parties from hell.I had not originally planned on inviting Taylor  but caved when we were all together at the art show. I am not going to lie, I was relieved when she said that she couldn’t make it. I wanted to keep the group as happy and drama-free as possible.

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Prior to leaving for Vegas  my good friend Amy suggested we go see Sheila Kelley, a personal friend of hers and the founder of S Factor. I had taken a few of her strip classes years prior and wanted to brush up on my skills. They are still not perfect but it was really fun! Thanks Shelia!!

Off to Vegas — woo hoo.  Lisa had decided that she was happy to come and support me, but would not be getting on any kind of pole. . .we shall see!!

We arrive at the Four Seasons to our beautiful rooms, freshen up, and head to a dinner I had planned for us. We all ate drank, made and “vagina” jokes (much to the chagrin of Lisa, she despises that word).


I told Marisa that it seems Dean loves her more then she him. She expresses that she loves him very much, but long term marriages can be tough especially when you marry so young. I’m glad she professed her love for him and realizes she is lucky.

The “vag” jokes took a turn into some serious conversation of my past marriage, divorce, and Eddie’s current new wife. I think the women’s comments were just their way of showing me they cared and were being protective of me. After all, three of these ladies are happily married and can’t imagine what they would feel if this had happened to them. Camille was supportive of me because she was going and still is going through a very similar situation of her own. Eddie’s new wife took a bit of bashing from the ladies, but they were just being protective friends.

Tune in next week to see who gets on the stripper pole and who starts World War III!


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74 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog…

  1. I liked the episode as it was around Brandi, not so much seeing the tension between Adrienne and Paul. Man, you could have cut that tension with a knife when Paul tried to serve Adrienne. I’ve seen one of Sheila’s pole dancing classes, and would love to take one if I could find one close to me. It looks like great fun, and it’s supposed to be great workout too. When Kyle is not sniffing up Adrienne’s ass, she is not so bad to be around, and this group without Taylor is the best. Unfortunately next week we get to see Camille attack Lisa, so I guess the drama can’t stay away for long.

    • I’ve noticed this season that Camille was aligned herself with Kyle. I’ll wait to see what happens, but can’t help but think her attack is all about the Adrienne/Kyle plan to get rid of Lisa.

      • Yep! Camille is setting the stage to show where her allegiance lies. I suppose she feels more comfortable siding with Adrienne/Kyle then she does with Brandi/Lisa. But it would have been nice if she had told Lisa that before she was there for her during her divorce. Personally, I would never back Kyle after the way she behaved in the first season, but when you are working to get invited back, I guess you go where you feel you will be most welcome.

        • Yes – it’s odd considering their history together. Maybe Kyle “invited” her to her side because she needs someone to be on her side. All she has is Adrienne. Taylor will play either side. I liked it when Camille read Taylor the riot act on “honesty” which Taylor was preaching. That showed integrity. But, I feel she’s lost that trait.

    • OMGosh, ur so right I have a question for the room I have been watching CAMILLE who should be very happy with her new GUY but she seems like the bitchy gal from Season One She never has a smile on her face and what’s up with that remark about LISA not owning SUR, well as we all saw her buying, decorating, then having a GRAND OPENING last year then when VP RULES STARTED Lisa and Ken have been very open that they have partners ONLY WITH SUR I’m sure its due 2 BRAVO GETTING A % of any and all HOUSEWIVES projects so love ur thoughts.

      • I think I read somewhere once that it takes a restaurant 2 to 5 years to show a profit. Why spend all your own money, when you can bring in investor’s? It make sense to me. They were working on this restaurant in during the first season of the show, so why Camille would open her mouth about it I don’t know, but her alignment with Adrienne/Kyle seems like the reason for me. Remember, Camille had said she had no intention of returning for a new season, then did an about face when Kelsey froze their bank accounts, hence her “friend of” status. I think she’s angling to come back as a full fledged cast member, knows that the audience loves the bitchier her, and is giving the audience what they want to show Bravo that she is still wanted.

  2. What did I miss? About Lisa not owning Sur? And I can’t wait to find out how that is brought up and why.

    • It’s sorta weird. Lisa has always made it known that she has a partner and we’ve seen him twice on Vanderpump Rules, so I’m not sure what the issue is?

      • And, she also made it known that they did not own the property when she and her partner were discussing that the tenant next door had vacated and they should expand.

        • Owning the property and owning the business are two entirely different things since most restaurants I would imagine are on leased property.

            • No she wasn’t. She made the statement that she doesn’t own the restaurant, not that she doesn’t own the building the restaurant is in, or the land the building is on. Maybe you heard words that Camille didn’t actually say?

      • Ahh, finally something that makes sense about what prompted Camille’s heated remark. How absurd for her to compare the two situations. Bringing the drama I guess … yawn

        • Exactly. Owning 2% of a business and having A partner, are two entirely different things. The Maloof’s have no say or control over anything related to the Palms, although Lisa does have a say and control over what happens with Sur. Adrienne’s brother was replaced as Chariman/CEO and I believe only has a seat on the board, although that may have ended since last year, the last time I read anything about it.

        • Dang it, I get it now. Brandi points out that Adrienne only owns 2% of the Palms, then Camille makes her statement about Lisa, thereby setting up the storyline that Lisa tells Brandi what to say (according to Camille and Faye. I’m trying to remember everything that was said during the season sneak peak, and this was definitely one of them. Oh, darn. That means we get to see more Fake Faye!

  3. “I actually really like Marisa and Dean a lot. I just don’t think she realizes that she is saying these things to a national audience and that they never ever go away and are forever chronicled.”

    Ummmmm, OK… Is she for real!?

    Take a leaf outta your own book Brandi…

    • But Brandi is talking about an ex, where Marisa is talking about someone he is currently married to. I think there’s a difference.

    • I agree with you, HH.. I know that Marisa is talking about her current husband … but Brandi has no filter about anything that she spouts off. And she has a national audience so the things she says will never go away and will be chronicled forever. That Brandi is astute enough to point this about another, that she expects Marisa to think before she speaks because she’s on national TV makes me wonder if Brandi does just that, think before she speaks? if so then she is one calculated woman. She is 40 years old for heaven’s sake not onty is the salty language getting really boring, but her spouting off about others personal business just to say opps sorry is as well.

      • Come on! Stop it with the “no filter” jargon. Brandi said what any number of people were thinking. What she said was not at all malicious, but was a very nice assessment of the things coming out of Marisa’s mouth who herself admits that she…..wait for it….has no filter! LOL! As much fun as it is to bash Brandi, there are times when she is absolutely right in what she is saying.

        • Brandi has proudly stated that she says what she thinks and if she’s wrong says she’s sorry, then she usually nagates her aplogy with a “but they did … to me first” . If Brandi outs a personal secret in retaliation for a perceived harm done to her, then that is malicious. She does not have a filter … that is not jargon, it is my opinion. And as you said above “but that’s why we all have opinions”

          • But that specific negation was because Kim and Kyle did start it first, as we all saw on screen, and so did Adrienne. I appreciate Brandi’s candor and really wish Kyle would be as candid instead of attempting to play both sides of the fence. It really is getting annoying!

  4. I find it quite disingenuous that MO-reese would tell Brandi that his comments weren’t personal. Yeah, right. Calling her out in a group of people with very strong opinions, and that judgmental tone of voice, doesn’t constitute “personal” to him? I call bullshit on that one. Course he’s a phony, but I didn’t realize that he’s none to bright either. Brandi’s mouth may overload her brain at times, but she’s not a total dummy. Also, didn’t at some point he tell Kyle that he didn’t like Brandi? Yeah, it was personal. Very personal. Heck, I even took it personal.

    • Yeah, he turned on a dime after Kyle told him to shut up. “I care about your children, Brandi.” Please. Her kids can’t buy a house.

    • You are right Slaen, at the dinner party at Kyle’s house before the guests arrive Vyle and Mo are gossiping and he states he does not like Brandi.

      • Kinda hurtful to hear on TV when the man is telling you to your face that it’s not personal. Brandi addressed this in one of first blogs, since she had no idea.

      • I just wish he were man enough to tell her to her face, rather then having her hear it as she watches the show. It’s a bitch boy move to be sure, and doesn’t make him look very trust worthy.

  5. For the first time, and after reading Ms. SH’s description of yesterday’s episode, I decided to skip it, as i couldn’t bear to see a sixth grade graduation and some old cougars on a stripper pole. Instead, I watched the new show The Following which is pretty damn good. I feel so clean this morning. and since Brandi is the new star of RHOBH, I feel great with my decision. But that’s just me.

    • I know what you mean, gessie. I’ve slowed down on watching the shows and am starting to feel cleansed myself. If they were all canceled I wouldn’t give a whit. Having said that, I couldn’t live without flipits redubs….ms SH, have your hubs get on that will you? the preview redubs are the best!

      • I couldn’t live without the knowledge of what happened and the comedy of the recaps, but I did not experience withdrawl. I feel a little smarter. Not smarter than a fifth grader, though. Cause I still watch trash t.v. And I doubt i will ever be able to give up New Jersey, unless Teresa leaves the show.

  6. I am surprised Morris wasn’t with the other ladies in LV! It was nice to see Kyle uncomfortable for a change and it was wonderful without SWINE there! She would have started a huge fight, no doubt.

  7. I have never minded Mauricio til the episode where he was scolding Brandi. He needed to shut his mouth. I guess he and Faye share a single brain cell. Why would you go on Tv and rant and rave about an argument you were not present to see and only have heard about it from Kyle. Its very obvious that there is major tension between Adrienne and Paul in the last episode. I wonder if Mauricio and Kyle will feel like absolute idiots when Paul and Adrienne break up and Adrienne falsely accuses Paul of battering her. Well well Mauricio, maybe it was Adrienne who was lying all the time and not Brandi. Maybe Mauricio, you owe Brandi a real apology. I just love that Ken stood up for Brandi. To me, that man is more of a man than Mauricio.

    • Two of my best friends just went through a divorce which was described as a “War of the Roses” in the paper, and I was “lucky enough” to have the husband stay at my house for a week because I was asleep and my dopey husband said, “Sure!” Now she hates my guts, and won’t let her children say my name in the house, even though I am godmother to two, my son, one and my husband three. (they have six) My point is, when people break up they won’t let you stay friends with both of them when it is a nasty divorce. I promise you that Kyle and Ho-rice will have to chose sides, even if they don’t want to. It sucks, but it is true. My guess is that they will go with Paul, as he seems like a great guy, despite what he said to Brandi which she freaking deserved because she called Adrienne a bitch first. Plus, Brandi is a bitch. Every dog has it’s day. Let Brandi enjoy hers now, because with her stinking attitude and nasty mouth she has a lonley life ahead of her with jennifer giminez. No man would marry that crazy mess. Not when there are millions of young, single beauties in L.A. who are sweet and without crazy baggage. (Not referring to her kids, of course.

      • I am so sorry about your friend. It seems when there is a divorce the friends are forced to choose, even if they would rather remain friends with both. My best friend cheated on her hubby, I couldn’t excuse that one.

  8. I fast forwarded through the Kyle dinner and the nose job. Something about Kim just irks me and Kyle makes me want to vomit. Love, love, love that Brandi is coming into her own though!! Lisa is gorgeous and Yolanda reminds me of why I started watching these shows in the first place. The kind of glam that is her life is refreshing. Not that I bought completely into that whole “let me serve you” bit. . . she has an angle. Haven’t figured out what it is though.

  9. Someone said they “cleansed” themselves by not watching! Funny! But you’ve got to admit. Sometimes watching someone stew in their own juices can be the funniest thing on the telly. One reason I have a hard time not watching. It may sound mean spirited, but someone getting all wrapped up & trapped in their own flaws, it’s just too funny to turn away from.

  10. Way to go Brandi. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive or like Kyle or Kim again. The things that you say, at least it’s honest. Their nasty back-stabbing, two-faced attitude the first couple of times they met you were enough to make the Mean Girls look nice. Everyone is supporting you through your divorce and the stupidest suing battle ever documented. And, you’re right, this child-like behavior on Adrienne’s part will be documented forever for the world to see.

  11. In Kyle’s talking heads is she wearing the same dress that Marisa wore to the Moroccan dinner party? Yes right? Ugh, she steals everything!

  12. Sorry if this has been anwered elswhere, but is Brandi’s friend the lady in charge of the house on the show “Sober House”?

    • Girl, you got it going on! I knew Brandi’s friend seemed familiar and I used to watch Sober House. Sure enough, it’s the same person. Her name is Jennifer Gimenez and she’s a recovering addict.

      • That’s why she got mad on Twitter when Adrienne made her accusations against Brandi. Ya’ gotta hand it to Adrienne. She has a knack for throwing out baseless accusations that are later disproven!

        • Adrienne, like any politician, will throw sh*t against the wall in the hopes that some of it will stick. She’s turned out to be a devious wench.

          • Yep, whether she realizes it or not, she’s showing her business strategy to her competitors. I’m sure they’ll put the info to good use. LOL!

        • “Has a knack for throwing out baseless accusations..” funny how many of the hwvs this could apply to, but yeah, especially with Paul & the divorce I think she became a pro at that. I think with alot of people it’s a defense thing. Throw something out to take the focus off you or your troubles.

  13. I enjoyed the show and Brandi was a perfect hostess. The suite was amazing and the food and booze that they had at the dinner looked so good. The poolside brunch also looked awesome. The ladies all seemed to get along quite well, a few little nicks but all seemed ok. Brandi looked fantastic on the pole and I am sure the rest of the girls are going to look just as good next week. Camille, opened her mouth and she will get a foot in it next week. Do your homework before you put foot in mouth Camille. I liked you but stop the crap or I’m not going to like you anymore LOL as if you cared. Lisa told everyone a while ago she had partners. Read my lips her and ken own 51% of Sur….that’s the controlling number and their partners own 49%. I guess some people only hear what they want to hear. I’m looking forward to next week are you LeeAnn? Made a fool out of you, did your hubby have enough of his own money to go out and get you a pole? I hope so. You can’t hold a candle to Brandi though. Ok this was my opinion. Thanks :-)

    • Camille is doing Adrienne’s bidding and will get shut down quickly by both Lisa and Yolanda, at least from what little we got to see in the teaser. But come on, anyone who has been reading the gossip sites knows that the bitchiness we saw in Camille season one was not an accident, since she decided to….incredibly stupidly….attack her boyfriends ex as a recorded message. Between Fake Faye and Camille, Adrienne really needs to rethink who she sends out to represent on her behalf! LMAO!

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