SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Definitely BACK” With Crooks!!… New Bravo StoryLine!!… Kyle Richards “Graduation Day”!… David Gilmore Does Kenya Moore “GoneWithTheWindFabulous”!!

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A BRAND NEW never-done-before story line will make its debut on tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

We’re all gonna be goin’ to HagfaceKyle’s daughter’s graduation!  Yes, we’ve been forced to watch graduation ceremonies before, but this one is different!

This is a graduation…


From Bravo:

When Kyle’s daughter Sophia graduates from sixth grade, Adrienne and Paul make an appearance, still keeping their distance from the rest of the group. Kim is not in attendance, and Kyle won’t learn until later that her sister is planning to have a nose job. Brandi and the ladies head for Vegas where Brandi is practicing to host events that empower women — through pole dancing.

But before the women hit the pole, they have a surprisingly eye-opening dinner and learn things they never knew about each other.  The ladies head to Vegas to find empowerment through pole dancing.

NOTE:   Oh, come one, BRAVO!!  These story lines are getting worse!  No one wants to see Kyle’s kid “graduate”… just give the kid her report card and move on!

Besides… a much better story line would be “Kyle’s Adopted”!!!


On to David Gilmore.  OH, you don’t know who David Gilmore is?

David Gilmore is the fabulous artist responsible for the best Housewives caricatures… ever!!  His site, “PrettyOnTheOutside” is on the SH blogroll… and he is also selling his artwork via his Etsy site!

His caricatures are sometimes seen as SH wallpaper!   If you are not familiar with his work, you should be!!

One of his latest… Kenya Moore “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”!!

Kenya gilmore

NOTE:  You can also find David’s work via his FacebookPage!  AND… David JUST finished a portrait of Phaedra Parks, which has to be seen!  He captured Phaedra perfectly!!  Give it a look at his FacebookPage!


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Even though Briana Culberson said that her mother was back with Crooks…a sure-fire way to see if Vicki Gunvalson has absolutely accepted Brooks Ayers’ affirmations back into her life is to check Crook’s FacebookPage!   Vicki is for sure BACK with Crooks!!

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98 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Definitely BACK” With Crooks!!… New Bravo StoryLine!!… Kyle Richards “Graduation Day”!… David Gilmore Does Kenya Moore “GoneWithTheWindFabulous”!!

    • Having Brooks back with Piggy-face, just may make me tune in to that show this year. Maybe that is the scam. In other news I graduated from sixth grade because it was expected of me and I would have gotten my ass kicked if I didn’t. Why don’t we celebrate our kids taking a crapper while we are at it. God, this show sucks. Brandi is on the pole, which is not much of a stretch for me.

    • I have’ the doll of Carol Burnett doing Scarlett O’hara. It’s called “Went with the Wind” and it cracks me up every time I look at it. Funniest scene on television, ever.

  1. Now that picture of bipolar Kenya is hysterical :) Spare me the stupid graduation. I can’t believe Bravo is sinking that low…WTF?

  2. Empowerment! EMPOWERMENT????? I’ll never understand what empowerment a woman gains by providing wanking material for assholes.

    • is it really that smart for an addict to go through elective surgery, I’m sure she’s going to be taking some nice painkillers and all sorts of good dope post surgery – I don’t see this as a good idea for Kim

      • Kim needs the Bravo paycheck but doesn’t want to interact with the other women so it seems she just does her own thing and lets the cameras roll.

        It seems vyle is hoping some casting agent or producer will see her little sophia and sign her for up for an acting career like auntie kimmie. Then morris and vyle can live on easy street with sophia paying for everything.

    • LMAO. I agree. I don’t understand all the graduations. 6th grade graduations, 8th grade graduations and then the high school graduations. Have a “small” party with family but I don’t care about your daughters 6th grade graduation.

    • I’m so sick of Kyle, Mo and their kids I could just puke~ who cares about the kid getting out of sixth grade….heck, u don’t even have to be smart to get out of school these days!!!Around here, I hope it’s not like that everywhere, but in public schools, those kids(not all of them, but the majority) can’t even read when they graduate. The school systems are really messed up these days, unless children have parents who really care about how their child is doing. I’m old, but in my day, no one graduated if they couldn’t read. I have a relative who is seventeen with parents who’ve not made school a prioritie, can hardly read….I doubt she’s read a book in her life except listening to the ones I read her when she was a baby!

      Pardon my rant…glad I came here though…..I thought all day today it was Sunday…what a shock to find out I missed all my Judge shows today!

      • Oh, you missed a good Judge Judy….had a puppy pick who to go to…lil boy crying. Okay.

        I love all of David Gilmore’s drawings. The are a riot!

      • Actually I watched a show quite a while ago (on 20/20 or 60 Minutes, one of those shows) on a guy who became a college professor and kept a dirty little secret of not being able to read or write. Talk about cray-cray.

        • dch: Not too surprising to me!! My ex’s sister was a college professor, yet she could barely write a coherent sentence! My ex helped her write nearly every paper for her teaching degrees. It’s sad. I also knew of many, many attorneys who were grammar-lacking!

      • I think I have come to the conclusion that none of the kids should be on the show. They can all claim that they are wonderful parents but keep the kids of the show. I think it would just be a better move all the way around. Maybe Kelsey and Eddie have done their kids a favor by not allowing them to be on.

    • I wouldn’t want Crooks around my child if I was him….any man that calls his child “another one” is not into kids, and just from his past actions of not supporting his children, sponging off women, no way he’d be near my baby.

    • It isnt Ryans place to blast his mother in laws boyfriend. My husband can have all the feelings he wants about my family, but he cant go on public outlets and lay into them. I dont have to tell him that because he’s a big boy and it is common sense.

      • I agree, even though I don’t like Crook, I think it’s Brhianna’s place to say things about him on twitter instead of her husband. Not a good idea to get in the middle of the inlaws, let the mother and daughter tend to that. I just wonder if there’s not more to it that is causing Ryan to go off on Crooks on twitter. Who knows. It does make it harder on Brianna with him interfering, so I do think he should not talk about crook on twitter.

        Yes, I’d forgotten how he worded the ‘extra’ child…I just know it made my butt want a dip of snuff the way he worded it.

        • Crooks put Brianna and Ryan’s personal information out there about their family, it was totally Ryan’s place to stand up or his wife and his family; that is what a man does.

  3. For the life of me, I cannot understand why they have graduations from kindergarten, sixth grade, and then junior high. Seems to me it takes away the special moment of graduating from high school.

    • And yeah, its totally normal for a friend and her husband to come to the kids 6th grade graduation. Anytime I hear of a 6th grade graduation ceremony…Im there! Cookies, punch, and lots of atrwork to look at.

      • It’s boring enuf just for parent’s to have to sit through graduations….all those kids that you have to go through just to get a glimpse of your own bored the crap outta me~ I was proud they made it, but it was still boring… was boring when he graduated and got his PHd, too…in fact, I think it was worse! More students to watch before his turn! Schools here may be different in the way they do things, but I don’t recall having any punch or cookies. Just sitting in the auditorim listening to stuff. We had Parents/Teacher meetings at the middle of the year to see the art, rooms, and things like that…but no punch or cookies then, either…but that was so long ago, and my feet hurt so bad…maybe I forgot! For some strange reason my boys both loved when I wore heels*(which I only wore to funerals, etc), and they’d insist I wear those darn heels….I’d always say…well, we have two choices, I can wear the heels and we can’t stay as long, or I can wear normal shoes and we can stay as long as you’d like! The ‘heels’ won out everytime….thank the Lord I was still small enuf to fit in a kid’s desk so I could sit and rest my feet a little bit! I think my boys(in their early forties now) have “high heel fetishes”…unless they outgrew it, or were just trying to punish me!lol

        • I could not agree more that graduations are boring. I skipped out on my own college graduation. I just had the diploma mailed to me. The thought of sitting through an hours long ceremony was too torturous to consider. To expect anyone other than a parent to sit through a 6th grade graduation ceremony is ridiculous.

          • They are all beyond boring. We do it to prove our love and get our damn $$$ worth. But I refuse to do it for Vyle and Mo’reeceeo.

    • I know. It’s sooo stupid. I NEVER had any kind of graduation ceremony for either my elementary or middle school. The closest thing to a graduation ceremony was an 8th grade dance toward the end of the year for middle school, and a pool party at the local pool for the 5th graders on the last day of school. But a legit “cap and gown, here’s your diploma” graduation? Never.

      • None for me either except high school. We had junior high which was grades 7-9 so there was no 8th grade graduation. I’ve never even heard of a 6th grade one before.

    • It’s all part of this generation’s making every kid feel special. The issue I have with is is that kids feel they are exceptional, because they’ve been told all their lives they are exceptional. But they find it difficult when they are in the pool with all the other “exceptional” kids. Suddenly, they aren’t the most exceptional anymore.

      • There has got to be a better way to make a child feel ‘special’ without them just passing through without putting any effort into learning. It’s also not fair for those who do spend time and effort doing the work and learning….what’s the incentive??? I’m old, 63, but I remember in grade school they’d put us in groups that read on the same level…but I went to a small school, and back then they’d still spank you if you showed out, and you’d never dream of talking back to a teacher. Also, parents didn’t interfere as much as they do know. That’s what made my oldest son decide to teach college instead of regular shcool….he said in college, you either did the work and made the grade, or you didn’t and flunked. He also did student teaching as part time work, and that really made his mind up for him. He said the parents were worse than the kids.

    • She’d like to have her own show, too…in fact, I’m wondering if that’s why Paris showed up, Fayke’s always around….she wants her a ‘family series’….kinda like I’m thinking Nene and Tamball’s is after.

      • I’m thinking Vyle did Paris a favor and let her be shot on RH. Paris needs the publicity. Who follows her anymore? she’s a has-been.

    • PJ, I think your right and I think that is why we were subjected to this graduation. The oldest daughter had her graduation on camera, the second oldest did her driving test and got her new BMW on camera, Fornt Porsha gets tons of camera time so this was an excuse to get Sophia her coveted camera time. I think that little girl looks exactly like her Dad too. I wondered as I watched last night if Kyle asked her Mother in Law to say all that stuff about Grandparents so that Kyle could use her acting chops to cry that her parents were’nt there or if she really just automatically makes everything about her.

  4. Plastic Wives is as bad as BH talking about child birth and vaginas at the dinner table.They went one step further last night with Frances having her “labia” skin in a jar.Dana Devine said she had “meat curtains” at the mixed couples dinner party.Now we know why she is not on Xtra now.She is gross and overbearing.Ken showed off his hip surgery scar and Dana Devine showed off her new belly button surgery.

    • I haven’t watched Plastic Wives, what channel is it on? Is it any good? Why did she have her ‘labia’ skin cut off???? Medical reasons or what? Second thought, you might not can answer that here…lol.

      • I’m liking Plastic Housewives so far. I love anything Hollywood, and they women are not low-class like SCR. The only down side I see so far is the commercials for Honey BooBoo. Ugghhh!

  5. Are they going to give Sophia a Rodeo Drive shopping spree or something? I’m sure she’ll get a Jaguar or something when she turns 16 and can drive, but what do you give a girl for a 6th grade graduation present? What an accomplishment!! @@ (eye roll)

    • Well, that’s a thought…we can try to guess what we think Kyle and Mo will do for this one. My first guess is something with diamonds. Perhaps a necklace or a ring. What’s anyone else’s guess???? We know she’s gonna get something, so anyone wanna guess?

      • Some sort of jewelry. Maybe a party afterwards. Im happy to see that Im not alone on this one. I wanna puke when I see all these parents at these “graduations” with their bouquets of flowers and 6 thousand dollar cameras…you can purchase the video of the blessed event on the schools website. Ya know, cause it was so much fun the first time. You’ll wanna watch it over. And over again.

  6. I can’t stop laughing. That was the best Carol Burnette spoof ever. Love that picture of gone with the wind loca. I’m gone with the wind loca, gone with the wind loca. now twirl, now twirl. :You say I’m crazy I say I’m loca, gone with the wind loca.

    • Oh that Ken-Yuk, Gone with the Wind Kray Kray! Great picture, the original Carol Burnett skit was great, that was great television! Now I get to watch crazy people!

      • I so looked forward to Carol Burnett. It was brilliant. There’s an infomercial on that sells what I’m assuming is the series. I’ve never actually watched it but have seen it on the guide. I have to admit, it’s tempting. I’m just afraid I would get it and not find it funny anymore. I’ve had that happen with other movies and such… it’s always such a disappointment. Anyway, I’m sure it’s not cheap.

  7. If Kyle gives her sister a ration of chit over going to this stoopid sixth grade graduation I am gonna… I ‘m gonna…. get real mad. Real mad :)

    • Made, prepare to get mad, get very, very mad. Kyle never says anything about Kim’s kids and what they have, she doesn’t even mention them. I’m glad Kim is finally not acting like Kyle’s kids are more special than anything, it’s about time. Maybe Kim also thinks Kyle is trying to get her own ‘family show’ like I been thinking!

      • I can see that. I know we are just gonna have to hear a whoa-is-me sister-on-the-cross talking head outa Kyle tonight if Kim doesn’t show up with bells on.
        Now lateness is a big pet peeve of mine as I think it’s a passive aggressive way to tell the people that you keep waiting that they don’t matter But in this case I hope Kim goes.. but late. It should take a while before they get to the M’s anyways. :) Kyle can bish , “but we saved you a seat.” Kim can inform her “just be glad I am here I dont have to sit with yall.”

      • Wonder what BH kids get for “graduating” 6th grade? A penthouse? Rewards for doing the norm is so silly. Almost ALMOST as stoopid as that friggun ‘push” give. Whats the other alternative? not pushing? pffft.

        • Ugh . I hate the push presents. Hate hearing about it too. My mom was a nurse and used to tel us, all 4 of us, how Asian women squatted down in the rice paddy had the baby , got up and went back to gleaning rice. Southern speak for put on ya big girl panties and deal.

          • I heard that. And them prairie women where bad mamajammas too. Of course back then lots more died in childbirth but I wager that most labors were a lot shorter because the women tended to do physical work up till they gave birth out of necessity. Therefore more fit at the time of birth. Also very few prairie women had time to have nervous breakdowns or piss n moan about “cramps” and such either. That dang push gift is just an extension of them silly ole t-ball participation trophies. Or winning queen in your age division. :) whoopity do(Adam Sandler voice)

            • My grandmother birthed eleven babies at home. Not even kidding. She was an Amazon.
              I would have been a statistic with 2 c-sections. My family has cemetery on the ranch and there is aheadstone for a 16 year old who died in childbirth. She passed in 1915 and her grave always gives me the shivers cuz I have the same name as that poor young woman. If you get a participation or 10 the runner-up medal how does a child ever find their niche, their unique talent?

            • My mother had 5 children in 8 years. She didn’t get any “push presents”. Heck, I don’t think that my father ever even changed a single diaper. And by diaper I mean the old fashioned cloth ones, of course.

            • I used cloth ones, too. Only because the plastic one’s had not come out yet and when the did (Flushabyes) were horrible and clogged the toilet despite their name. And when it comes to giving birth I was all about the drugs baby. I was 16 and didn’t need to prove anything to no one. My daughter in law who is a much stronger woman than I will ever be gave birth twice naturally. One in a birthing tub.

            • Kudos to your daughter-in-law to be able to do that. I know with my first one I wanted epidural but figured I could brave labor pains til I dilated enough without anything else. Well I was induced and …. I didn’t last 45 min before I caved. Caved HARD. HAM before HAM was a thing. It was such a humbling moment. I rarely even take Tylenol for headaches so….. Second one I had no choice. But I tell ya I would rather be in labor three days straight than to ever have to recover from a c-section. No one tells you you feel like your entire guts are gonna fall out as soon as you get up.

            • I play hardball without a mitt and I didn’t have any pain medication when I gave birth. The woman who taught the child birthing class I attended told a story about having twins. The first she said was born vaginally and then there were complications so she had to have a c-section for the other. Can you imagine recovering from a c-section and a vaginal birth at the same time.

            • Oh hail naw! That first poop after vaginal birth is a … PITA in and of itself. Another thing I don’t remember being warned about.

            • Didn’t they give you stool softeners? The nurses made such a to do, fussing and warning about the first BM and saying to take the stool softeners, but I don’t remember the poop being so traumatic. Maybe they had built it up to such a big thing, that the actual poop didn’t live up to the hype.

            • Yeah I got those but I just soo afraid of ripping stitches that they didnt work. A skird mind is no match for da colace. Trauma Poop. The story of my life. (working title for autobiography) tee hee

            • My last one would have made me been a statistic too. Placenta Previa. Word is that this is what got most of em back in the day. pre-ultra sound days. That would creep me out too Pittypat to see a headstone of a young girl my same name.

            • I was sooo dumb I thought early labor was constipation. Ate 6 big old stewed prunes in oatmeal for breakfast and had my son at 6pm. I pooped like crazy the next morning and the nurse insisted on coming in the bathroom to take my vitals during the poopage…ick.

            • I would have been a statistic along with ya Pittypat. Toxemia, gestational diabetes, and too small to give birth to almost ten pound babies.

  8. the grad party is just a back drop for one of them to say something nasty or innapopriate to each other. then kyle will grasp her head with those man hands.

  9. So, Vicki has decided to take back that lump of nothing. She has completely lost her mind, self esteem and intellect. Brokes is a sub par beau. He adds nothing positive the show. I sure hope he’s not included in the next season of OC or I’ll be channel surfing a lot.

    • I’m clapping my tiny hands with delight that the Ickster and Crooks are back together. They so deserve to be together. Ickys love tank will be filled to the brim with treacle.

    • I wonder if Vicks and Crooks conveniently “broke up” during filming just to keep him out of sight, which, considering how the majority of viewers feels about him, is fine by me.

  10. ok here goes. Brandi, thinks she is from the hood. NOT. Lisa thinks she is a hot 30 year old. NOT. Camiele looks like a skinny frail comma like freak. YES. Vickie thinks she is from the hood. NOT. Alexis thinks she can think. NOT. West coast gotta to. Joanna thinks she hood, and believe me you wouldn’t make it out alive in the hood girl. so hood ya ain’t. Because ALL those so called BLONDES are really Brunettes (just bleached). So ladies why are you all so stupid???? and my god, why are all the Miami broads havin so much plastic???? i saw a close up pictures of Lisa and dam she looks like she has a dolls face. she doesn’t even look normal.

  11. The artist really caught Kendra’s look. My husband saw her last night and asked if it was a tranny. Poor thing has really bad skin and her hair and makeup color does not compliment her. But for Porsha to call her ashy was just low class.

    • Very low. Porsha had a pretty good argument up ’til then. Why do these women regress to grade school? Just like Aviva with Ramona… referring to her “ugly” bathing suit which wasn’t even a good analogy for the situation. There were other Avivaisms too but I don’t recall them specifically right now. I realize they all want to LOOK young but isn’t acting like children a little much?

  12. love the drawings of Krazy Kenya.. Spot on.. I can still see Carol Burnette walking down those stairs with that curtain rod across her shoulders and trying her hardest not to crack up… Now that was some entertainment for sure..

  13. I got the complete DVD box set of the carol burnett show. Let me tell you I still laugh as if it was the first time. As a kid I would watch that show with my grandma. Great memories and yes that was real entertainment.

  14. Love the art of Kenya! It portrays her perfectly and even more in love with the name of his website “’! VIckie is obviously desperate.

  15. Brooks just went to Indiana. He would like everyone to hope and pray, so Let Us Pray.

    “Headed to Indy this wkd to see my son, Joey. I can’t wait! Let’s hope and pray that Nic does the right thing this time! #drama”

    He is quite the fan of the hashtag. Unusual for a middle-aged male.

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