Our friend, @ClosetConfessTV, has reviewed last night’s RHOA.  We couldn’t agree with her more!  We’ve been questioning Bravo’s ridiculousness forever… and happy to know that more literate people of intelligence are doing the same! Go on witcha bad self, ClosetConfessTV!!!  NOTE: “Kendra” “Kenya”… all the same!

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12 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: RHOA Review By @ClosetConfessTV!

  1. That was a PERFECT recap of that truly ridiculous show! Again, although Kenya may just be doing all this for the cameras, I cannot imagine that anyone would hire her for anything after seeing her behavior on this show. Nene knew what she was doing when she recommended this crazy person for the show.

  2. Always love Closet Freak. She has gotten brittle about RHOA. Its so silly that I just burst out laughing at their antics. Butt I did just love Kenya’s fishnet outfit and the shocked responses sent her way. Really? This show is hilarious – the acting is awful! Nene is looking for her inner white woman – Phaedra making a donkey booty video, really, she needs to lose weight and get in shape and lose those thunder thighs and fat butt – not pretty – Porsha just needs to shut up and she doesnt need to bring any more dumb Posha’s into the world. Nuff said.

  3. Love my girl @closet__freak! Please keep blogging HW shows! Love the “Stupid Hoe Housewife High School of Atlanta!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Yep, and I absolutely agree with her about the faux dramer coming up about Kenyer and her fibroid mass (gasp! could it be cancer?). Butt, still love those bunion pads she took from Becky. Oh, and of course, ol’ Neigh Neigh already knew she was coming in a Halloween costume. Twirl.

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