ADRIENNE MALOOF: Dear Adrienne… Do You Know Your Date?… Rod’s Kid on Judge TV Show For Not Paying Personal Trainer…

As mentioned many times on SH, we are perplexed at Adrienne Maloof’s choice of who she’s hangin’ with lately.


Can only conclude that Adrienne needs some publicity… however, if that is the case, we now have to question Adrienne’s “people” … the “people” advising her!  Judging on past experiences with Adrienne’s “people,” they have been polite, efficient, intelligent and wonderful to deal with!

Therefore, perhaps when Adrienne dumped Paul, maybe her “people” took up residence over at Paul’s place!  Just can’t figure this whole “Adrienne being seen with Rod’s kid” thang!  Other than it’s a publicity stunt pulled together by Alana Stewart and Adrienne… just for kicks… and to get lil Rod’s kid back in the spotlight.

However, Rod’s kid WAS in the spotlight on Judge Pirro’s show back in 2010… for not paying his trainer!

Note to Adrienne:  Honestly, Adrienne… you can do better.  We all get the joke.  Now, please find someone more believable!!  Howz about some of the guys from MO-reese’s RE office… 

Just can’t help it!

…like Mike Ruiz, the guy from MO-reese’s RE company that MO-reese set up on phony dates with other Housewives… 

(Thanks to SH reader “MP”!!!)

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50 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Dear Adrienne… Do You Know Your Date?… Rod’s Kid on Judge TV Show For Not Paying Personal Trainer…

  1. Adrienne/Maggie Mae needs the gray scene over her face like Trailer Trash gets from SH.She is a disgrace to older women that have some sense when it comes to love/sex.She has lowered herself to gutter trash with “money”.The PR if that is what she is going for is ruining what little respect people have for her.Sh please block out her face from now on.I can not stand to look or listen to her anymore.I hope Paul finds a nice woman that will treat him right and not try to belittle him in public.Adrienne/Maggie Mae has really changed since season 1.She was my favorite in the beginning but not now.

          • Brandi/Brandys the world over know every word to this song because they get serenaded every time they introduce themselves. Always found it a bit disturbing that parents would name baby daughter after a song about a gal that walks the streets endlessly longing for a man that chose the sea over her only sassified with just a braided chain made from Spanish silver. pffft. I have yet to meet one Brandi that would abide that sorta of treatment.
            Bit of trivia. The original Barry Manilow song was recorded as Brandy released roughly same time frame. Another depressing song to saddle a female child with … givin without takin? pffft whatever :)

            • Hey MP, sorry to bust in on your thread but I just saw something on t.v. and I had to tell you! I was watching TMZ and they saw Warren Buffet at an event and asked him if he ever made it rain. Everyone in the studio laughed and said Warren Buffet would not even know what that ment. Then someone else said yes he would because he is friends with JayZ. They start showing random shots of Warren Buffet and JayZ together and I’ll be dammed if there isn’t a pic of JayZ and Warren making that pyramid symbol together! Holy cow considering Warren Buffet’s influence on the economy and all the stuff I’ve read that you have posted about the illuminati makes that chilling. Sorry back to housewives lol! I just had to tell you !

  2. I can’t believe Adrienne is such an idiot!!! Even if this is just a publicity stunt, that almost makes it worse that she would align herself with these people she PAYS to make her look good! As far as the baby boy stewart is concerned, well,,,, the less said the better – I actually don’t know WHO is the worse fool!

    • Maybe she could meet up with Jennifer Lopez and go the dancer-who-looks-young-enough-to-be-your-son route?

        • I think JLo and Adrianne need to take a look at what’s going on with Demi right now and really think about what their doing. I have a dear friend that has had a boyfriend that was 17 years younger than her. They have been together for 7 years and he is close to 30 now and guess what???? He wants children. I have been dreading this for her from day one. She has some other issues with him and is bailing but how demoralizing, the one thing that you can NOT give after so many years. To me you should be able to see this train racing down the track but I guess they want to roll the dice. Oh and add Madonna to that list!!!

          • Don’t forget to add Miss Susan Sarandon. These women are very talented and they need to realize that it’s not cute dating nobodies who are old enough to be their sons. YUCK!!!

  3. I can’t believe that she is doing this. Its not getting her good PR that’s for sure…Only makes her look bad and it may hinder her case. Grow up Adrienne you’re in your 50′s now. Get rid of the kid, send him back to mommy to change his diaper.

    • Yeah it is kinda weird that a supposedly abused woman who is concerned about the safety of her kids, would bring someone with this guys drug addiction issues into the fold.

  4. I pray to all that is Holy that Paul will be able to step in and at least get 50/50 custody…….how dare she rob the cradle and insist Paul has supervised visitation…..what kind of a mother exposes her children to a new man/boy in their mother’s life when they probably haven’t gotten over the loss of their father …..I’m seething…..

  5. To each her own. Ad is just acting like the typical new divorcee; a little slutty and desperate to reclaim their self esteem and sexuality. Unfortunately she is playing this out in public. She is smart enough to eventually pull herself together and kick the bum boyfriends out of her house and be a mom.

  6. SPOOF on Maloof….

    In today’s episode, Adrienne explains to her 4th child – er, boyfriend – that you have to WORK for your money,,,, it’s just not going to be handed down from a father to a son or daughter, oh wait a sec…

    “So uncross those eyes, zip up your hoodie and get your unemployed tushy on your bicycle and deliver those newspapers! Momma needs a new pair of shoes!”

  7. I lost all respect for her when she claimed that Paul was not a good father and the whole lying thing about the abuse. She is screaming that Bravo gave her a bad edit this season but it appears to me that she is not helping her case by dating a loser. I am hoping the courts see through the BS and maybe give Paul the kids until Adrienne can get her life together.

    • Ya know this country would be sooo much better off in the long run if all judges would severely limit contact of a parent that is caught lying in this way. Lies are so damaging. And the kids are really NOT safe. I propose a law that the lying parent be made to pay into a special fund set aside specifically for their children’s therapy. And then a little bit of a flogging. Nothing severe just enough to get their attention and send a message.

      • I’m down with the flogging. If the toyboy is Adrienne’s genius idea to appear hip and relevant ? Just FAIL huge fail.

        • I agree. Maybe she is going to go for the insanity defense when she has to tell her boys that she fibbed to them about her pregnancy? See how crazy momma was back then? Sorry bout it my preciousnesses.

          • Of course you are spot on Miss Made! Sob! I was devastated before the divorce and after, so traumatized ,sob, that I was incapable of rational thought , Covers a whole lot of ground and laundry list of guilty sins! LOL!

      • I think that any parent who is caught lying should immediately lose custody. Its obvious they are not capable of being a good role model for the kids

  8. She should have tried for Sean Cassidy! it just might be true that Miss Adrienne is not the sharpest tool in the box!

  9. I am totally surprised that this is her choice of man….call me stoopid…but I would have NEVER have guessed her capable of this going by her portrayal in past seasons…what I saw was snooty, snotty, snippy, b@#tchy and coniving….but liking the bad boy? Not even the bad boy, a loser…sorry to say that…he is someone’s son…but Sean has certainly has had (and maybe still does..) his issues… as his parent I would be totally helpless as to how to address it.

    Wonder what Paulie thinks? ;)

    • Maybe she likes to be “On Top”? And he was the only one who would sit there like a beyotch & take it? Hmmm…

  10. Poppa Rod cuts off his son’s funding for bullcrap training and Sean calls him “cheap.” Welcome to your future Adrienne.

      • Its really jacked timing. Has the courts already decided custody? I cant imagine opening herself up like that for Paul’s attorney to say “see your honor.” She really shouldn’t be moving ANYONE in at this point but this kid is really a bad move.
        If you needed a storyline you get a gay pretty boy swindler to move in like Lisa did. Oh and send the oldest away to “get yourself sorted out” school. That should be sufficient. Cedric still need a place to crash? I bet for room n board and a small spending allowance he will sill all he knows about Miss Brandi. Plus you wont have to do that pesky sex thing with a sweaty fumbling man-child. Give it some thought.Its not too late. You can even call him your lady-sitter. Since he pretty like a lady and all he do is sit.

      • I think when the Hoof got her last botox injection, they slipped and injected it straight into her brain.

    • His dad probably cut him off because he was spending it on drugs, and is trying to help him so that he don’t overdose or something. I hope Ad is not giving him money to aid his addiction, and something happens to him……daddy might be suing her butt for giving him the money. Rod should cut his money off if he doesn’t try to do something with his life.

      If Ad only knew how bad this makes her look, just shows how out of touch with real life she is to do something like this. If she wanted a young ‘stud’. she should have at least kept him hid out somewhere..especially going through a divorce and custody issues. I hope Paul get’s the kids, too, they don’t need to be around a young man living in their home In fact, it’s way to soon to move a man into the house to live no matter how old he is, divorce is very hard on kids. I bet Paul is fit to be tied. I just wonder if she’s going through menopause, or if she’s always had this real crazy side to her we haven’t seen on air?

        • LOL! Ad is keeping the cougar species from going extinct! How very honorable of her ! She is doing something for the world and hopes that this will be recognized on the following season of bh. Finally something to be proud of lol!

  11. He looks like a young Brett Michaels. One that got side tracked and never made it. How does he have SO many miles on him already? Weird.

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