ADRIENNE MALOOF: Dear Adrienne… Do You Know Your Date?… Rod’s Kid on Judge TV Show For Not Paying Personal Trainer…

As mentioned many times on SH, we are perplexed at Adrienne Maloof’s choice of who she’s hangin’ with lately.


Can only conclude that Adrienne needs some publicity… however, if that is the case, we now have to question Adrienne’s “people” … the “people” advising her!  Judging on past experiences with Adrienne’s “people,” they have been polite, efficient, intelligent and wonderful to deal with!

Therefore, perhaps when Adrienne dumped Paul, maybe her “people” took up residence over at Paul’s place!  Just can’t figure this whole “Adrienne being seen with Rod’s kid” thang!  Other than it’s a publicity stunt pulled together by Alana Stewart and Adrienne… just for kicks… and to get lil Rod’s kid back in the spotlight.

However, Rod’s kid WAS in the spotlight on Judge Pirro’s show back in 2010… for not paying his trainer!

Note to Adrienne:  Honestly, Adrienne… you can do better.  We all get the joke.  Now, please find someone more believable!!  Howz about some of the guys from MO-reese’s RE office… 

Just can’t help it!

…like Mike Ruiz, the guy from MO-reese’s RE company that MO-reese set up on phony dates with other Housewives… 

(Thanks to SH reader “MP”!!!)