SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: EX-OC Housewife Moves To NYC… EX-RHONY Back With Andy (But He Don’t Want Her)!!… Why RHOBH Restaurant “Dar Maghreb” REALLY Closed!… New Jersey Shore “After Sandy”…

One of the original “Housewives” from OC… the “Housewife” who holds responsibility for introducing the world to her boyfriend, Slimey, has ditched the temperate climate of southern Cali for that of New York City!


Remember Jo DeLaRosa?  Yes… her.  Jo really would not get any attention at SH, except to remind everyone of WHY Slimey is still on your television screens!  Jo now resides on the UES of NY.

jo de la rosa tweet

NOTE:  Could this be a slick move by MissAndy?  Could Bravo be the brains behind Jo’s move to NYC?  Could Bravo have moved Jo to NYC to intimidate the present cast of the RHONY?  

slade pg

Jo does have herself a new boyfriend, which, as you can see, does not appear to be that “into” Jo!

Maybe Carole Radziwill can fix “new to NY” Jo up on a date with one of Carole’s rejects…


Speakin’ of EX-Housewives…

MissAndy is throwin’ Jillz BACK… again!!  

This time into those “shark-infested” waters of the East River!! 

Jillz Andy pg

Poor JILLZ!!!  


As mentioned on SH a few days ago, the Moroccan-themed restaurant in which MO-reese…

… aka HagfaceKyle’s hubbend… aka John Turturro…


… explained to “poor” “dumb” Brandi Glanville…

brandi pg

… how to settle her alleged ‘dispute’ with “big bucks” “loaded” and “dumb for reelz” Adrienne Maloof …

adrienne sean pg

(Oh, Adrienne… your choice of Rod’s kid simply makes you look dumb!  Mainly because Rod’s kid just looks like a total dumbazz!  And, we love you at SH, Adrienne!  In fact, many SH readers simply adore you!  We’re just so disappointed.  There are SO many out-of-work actors to choose from!  THAT will be the subject of an entire post, so stay tuned for THAT!)

… has closed!!  

Yes, the Sunset Blvd. Moroccan restaurant, which had been a long-time favorite of Hollywood diners has met its demise.

RHOBH restaurant closed

The reason given for Dar Maghreb’s shutting its doors was that after the RHOBH was finished shooting their final scene in the restaurant, Dar Maghreb spent an outrageous sum of money on fumigators and specialized restaurant cleaners to deep clean the entire restaurant as the RHOBH left an odor which even the deep cleaning specialists had never encountered!  This resulted in Dar being left at the brink of bankruptcy!

rhobh belly dancer

Even the belly dancers caught it!

Well, not REALLY!!!  Actually, the REAL reason given for Dar Maghreb’s closure was that they could not agree on new lease terms.

dar maghreb

We found the really, really REAL reason for the seemingly sudden closure of Dar Maghreb!  The REAL reason given re the lease terms was partly true.

Here’s what REALLY happened:

Dar was just about to sign up for another ten-year-lease.  However, after listening to Mo-reese explain to Brandi his numerous experiences with attorneys, the Dar Maghreb owners decided to give Mo-reese’s sure-fire-great-results-only on the ‘art of the deal’ a try themselves!

Right before signing the new lease, Dar’s owner thought he could negotiate a much better deal for his restaurant if he called the building owner’s attorneys himself to work out a more advantageous arrangement.

Apparently, Mo-reese’s dealing with attorneys only works for Mo-reese!


Dar Maghreb Morris arrow

After the call to the attorney and the deal went sour, the owner of Dar Maghreb visited MO-reese…

rhobh kyle morris pg

… HagfaceKyle is blaming LisaVPump’s hubbend, Ken!!!


In a tour of the Hurricane Sandy ravaged Jersey Shore in the weeks after the storm, longtime reporter and shore resident, Brian Donohue, explains his feelings about how ‘Sandy’ has affected him… through a shore resident’s eyes.

(Thanks to SH readers “DSP” “XSpa” “PMG” and “Chantext”!!!)

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  1. Ugh! No to Jo!! Couldn’t take her at OC. I’m sure she feels grateful to have Slimey out of her life. The Sandy link didn’t work for me Ms. SH. I did see on the news the ongoing devastation caused by Sandy Staten Island was shown.


    • For Jo to leave to NY for “work opportunities” when she lives in the biggest film and commercial place in the world doesn’t make sense. Unless she got an offer from someone (Bravo) to either get her own show or to be put on the RHONY. I mean she can’t me going for modeling because she doesn’t have the body or look for being one (especially her age). But if you haven’t noticed most if not all the wives that have been on the RHONY have been much older, no young ones except bethanny and her issues. I think they may be wanting to stir stuff up with another young woman.


      • Oh I hope she doesn’t join… I really find her annoying…you’re right Buck Henry the NY franchise is the long in tooth one…. she would really stand out.


  2. That looks like a super tiny(by HW standards) ring on Jo’s ring finger in that picture with her boyfriend. Maybe RHONY needs a new “poor girl?”


          • I have watched it many times over. Morris loves to “Wooo!” whenever anyone brings up him thievin’ Kimmer’s house.


          • Haha! This is in my top 5 faves of your videos. I have to admit (with head down embarassed) that my first favorite is the one of the dogs breaking wind and making funny faces.


            • LOL!!!

              So …I finally watched SCR latest episode and sure enough, saw the progression of a certain someone into SWINE territory in the eyes of the other ladies. Amy was downright disrespectful to her mother in screaming at a business meeting (I think that is what it was). Who yells at their mama like that? Maybe editing played a roll but it did not seem like mama Wendy was provoking her whatsoever. That black light restaurant was kinda trippy. I’ve been to a place like that in Vegas…not sure if it was the same place. I enjoyed Lana’s son. What a well spoken and thoughtful young man. Her daughter is also pretty. I was a little moved by the scene where Lana’s son takes off to school and monkey mama shows her mama side.


            • I think I have been to that restaurant too in Vegas. If I remember right one of their specialties was this HUMONGUS omelet. Used like 8 eggs or sumpin. It looked like that same place. But what ShAmy ShAmy pulled on the ladies was a definite pattern of behavior. And did you catch the “therapy session?” Basically telegraphing what her and her momma do with social media and blog in terms of commenting. Its always them and ONLY them.


      • They need to quit trying to cram belly dancers down our throats all the dang time. Just like my theory about the absent-tee attorney daddy, I am thinking these producers must have had some sort of traumatic experience with a rogue belly dancer and they just keep trying to get it right by forcing us all to relive it. … or sumpin. Every frikkin franchise… Bellydancer, Lawsuit, Botox, Occult.


      • They should try a Shabu Shabu place. There’s one in Korea Town – they whole episode could center around leaving their zip code…(just kidding that other place is on Hollywood Blvd., so they had already left their zip code – but still, Korea Town is really far away from their zip code!)


  3. Thank you Ms.SH you showed my life but not as it was. When I received the video today I watched it over and over, and thought back to my childhood and how great it was. The Jersey Shore is burned in my heart forever. It will come back, but not as it was. :-(


    • Barb , I am so deeply touched by your love for the Jersey Shore. Sad that so many lost so much . Treasure your memories my friend at the end of the day it is one of the few things left us and burns brightly in our minds peopled with our loved ones, laughter and happier times. Wishing you and our fellow countrymen brighter days ahead. Sending you hugs and well wishes. Thank you for sharing. I have never been to NJ but you have made the region and the strength and heart of the people who reside there feel like long lost neighbors. God Bless you all.


  4. I am a hurricane sandy victim myself. My life has been turned upside down and I still not in my home. To top it all off I just had a death in my family while I believe is due to this stupid hurricane. Many people r still suffering and are so lost


  5. If it were not for a caring, smart and great Gov.Christi I think many more would have died in that tragedy. The effects of Sandy will be with us forever. Pray that those that survied will be blessed once again. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the terror in my heart or ever be able to stop the tears.


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