MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOM Lisa Hochstein “Suing Commenter”!… flipit/Ronnie’s “ProjectRunway” Review!… Adrienne and Rod’s Kid…

Fembot Lisa Hochstein is suing Jessica Lederman for something Jessica said on some website… somewhere.


In checking the Miami-Dade Courts, this phony baloney very serious lawsuit against a commenter on some site was actually filed on Lisa Hochstein’s behalf FOUR months ago.

Apparently the person who Lisa is suing for “libel/slander” is either not answering her door or she has skipped town, as the sheriff deputies cannot serve Jessica with a summons… TWO months ago.  They haven’t tried since.

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From Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts

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This “lawsuit” brought on by Lisa Hochstein is gettin’ the side eye.  Just like the item last week which involved PierogiePrincess going after Adriana de Moura again.

The usual SOP for the players in the shows not currently on the air… and especially Miami, as they might not be getting a third season… is to create interest in them and their franchise any way they can.  SkankyJo decided to create some chaos by going after Adriana… again (we get it, SkankyJo… we get it).

And MONTHS after Lisa files her lawsuit claiming “libel/slander” the story appears.

Hochstein alleges in her complaint that the woman said some things that suggested she exchanged sex for money.  Court documents say Lederman wrote this comment on a website about the television personality: “Lisa was an escort who also did soft porn in Vegas.”   Apparently, Jessica wrote in response to a conversation around Lisa joining the cast of the “Real Housewives” franchise.

NOTE:  Similar comments to the one for which Lisa is suing have been all over the internet… and Lisa is suing just this ONE person?  One of the first things that will have to be determined is “what is considered “soft porn”?   We’re thinkin’ this is a total BS lawsuit by Lisa Hochstein to garner attention for the RHOM… also, Lisa’s hubbend, Dr. Lenny Hochstein has at least 13 lawsuits at the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts site!

Again… we’re giving all of the above the big eye roll!


Ma boo, flipit/Ronnie from TVGasm has reviewed one of our favorites shows, ProjectRunway!!  YAY!!! Love Ronnie’s imitation of Tim Gunn!!


Ya just KNOW that as soon as the RHOC is put to sleep, Slimey would move to NY!

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Adrienne Maloof’s boyfriend is a real piece of work!

In 2007, he tried to barge into a party, along with his friends, and was rejected.  When the trio was told they were not welcome, Stewart became upset … especially when people leaving the party began teasing him.

We’re told witnesses say that at around 4:00 AM, Stewart and his buddies began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and even a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried to open the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

From VH1… Rod’s kids Bio…

Celebrity Offspring
Born: September 1, 1980
Age: 31
• Father is rocker Rod Stewart
• Mother is former model Alana Hamilton
• He’s the only celebrity offspring featured on the show this season
• Sean is unmarried, but was engaged to Caleigh Peters for a few days in 2007. He threw her out days after their engagement was announced and they remain in an unhealthy on again, off again relationship.
• Starred in the reality show, Sons of Hollywood, and is an aspiring DJ
• Sons of Hollywood co-stars call him ‘carefree’ and ‘unfiltered.’
• Sean is very impulsive. He struggles with numerous women issues, as well as a huge father issue. He says, “Being Rod’s son is a curse.”

adrienne mcdonalds arrow

• Regarding what he’s been doing since high school, Sean says: “Lot of rehab. Lot of drugs. Heroin and pills. Lot of alcohol. And that’s about it. I don’t care what people think of me. I am funny, courageous, outgoing, not afraid to say what the hell I want. I have gotten smacked across the face a few times in my life. I have an outrageous mouth. I don’t know why. My dad must have been pretty wasted when he had me.”

• He has had numerous arrests: June 2007 for assaulting a married couple with a brick; was sued for assaulting a man in a nightclub in January 2006; was arrested twice in 2002 for separate incidences of assault and drug possession.
• However, according to “Stewart is clean and sober after a decade spent dabbling in hard drugs, but even without the added stimulation he’s a whirling dervish who rarely finishes conversations and constantly pulls up his T-shirt to display his numerous tattoos.”
• The big question is whether or not Sean will take his time at Celebrity Rehab seriously. Due to his opportunist history as a reality television star, it is unlikely that he sees participation on the show as anything other than a chance to further his notoriety, not sobriety.
• He claims he’s been off drugs for years, and is three months sober off alcohol

NOTE TO ADRIENNE:  There ARE better candidates for you!!