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One of the largest, if not THE largest, of all the Hollywood talent agencies, CAA, is being questioned about their taste level after their big par-tay at the Sundance Film Festival.


The Mint Agency party planners, who received approval from CAA, hired, among others, the “Act LV” which is known for acts which provide their clients lewd “thrills.”

From the LATimes:

“… the bash thrown by Hollywood’s powerful Creative Artists Agency on Sunday night took festival revelry in an unexpectedly bawdy direction, as Sundance guests mingled with lingerie-clad women pretending to snort prop cocaine, erotic dancers outfitted with sex toys and an Alice in Wonderland look-alike performing a simulated sex act on a man in a rabbit costume.”

Some CAA clients found the party so shocking that they said it made them embarrassed to be associated with the agency.

“I said to my agent, ‘Is this how you want to brand yourself? Pole dancers? Really?'” said Oscar-nominated writer-director [and mother of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall] Naomi Foner, who was at the festival with her film, “Very Good Girls.”

“They [CAA executives] were a little bit concerned,” Foner said following the public relations backlash to the party. “It’s not the image they want to portray — a slutty, trashy image. It’s the antithesis of what they are as a brand.”   NOTE:  Has Ms. Foner had the great opportunity to watch any Bravo shows lately?  Bravo has turned into one great big CAA party!

alice HH

NOTE:  Jake and Maggie’s mother was just one party-goer who had any clout which forced CAA to weakly “apologize”:   “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.’”

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

The complete irony of this:  Robert Redford was indignant about Paris Hilton showing up at Sundance! 


There is a brand new cut-rate airline… WalAir!  

Just somma the passengers who have taken advantage of the $5.76 seats…

walair walair walair walair walair

walair  This guy paid for 100 tickets… and just stayed on the plane!


If you’re not aware of TheStraightDope, it’s better than Snopes.   In fact, who the hell ARE the people behind Snopes… and how did Snopes so quickly become the “go-to-never-wrong-about-facts” site?    A great question posed to Cecil from TheStraightDope!

Dear Cecil:

I watched the film Turbulence the other day. In the movie, after a shootout on a flight transporting prisoners, a stewardess must outwit a serial killer and land the airplane herself. Has it ever happened that the pilots have been incapacitated and an airplane has been landed by a flight attendant or passenger? – Bjarne Martensson, Hamina, Finland

Cecil replies:

Well, having a little prior training seems to be extremely helpful, if not an actual prerequisite. But yes, it can be and has been done.   Examples … from TheStraightDope!

  • In July 1985 a passenger who had flown a plane once but wasn’t certified was able to bring a Cessna safely to ground in Lansing, Michigan, after the pilot suffered a heart attack and died in midflight.
  • In February 2002 a woman with just 48 hours of pilot training took the controls of a twin-engine Cessna over Cape Cod after the pilot became incoherent following an insulin reaction. Unable to reach anyone on the ground, she was able to safely crash-land the plane on the ground next to the runway, saving everyone aboard.
  • In 2009 a Florida man with 130 hours of experience flying single-engine planes took the controls of a twin-engine turboprop after the pilot died early in the flight. The emergency stand-in, whose wife and daughters were also aboard, claimed later he’d had no idea how to operate the larger plane beyond working the radio, but he was successfully talked down to a safe landing.



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WHO Did It?  The Real Housewives of Atlanta…


You can win yourself a trip to New York City… woo-hoo!  And, even better, get to play bartender in MissAndy’s Clubhouse!!   Bravo is actually footing the bill!  Enter quickly at Bravo… that shark has jumped and might be circling again!!

andy shark pg


RHOBH Giggy haircut Ken pg

LisaVPump’s latest edition of her lifestyle newsletter is now available… Divine Addiction.    LisaVPump is ALSO giving away some stuff in her newsletter lifestyle advice brochure!   Even more important, LisaVPump is letting YOU purchase Valentine’s Day cards!  Yes, who wouldn’t want heartfelt Valentine’s Day love expressions from a dog?  Git yer Giggy cards for $6.00 EACH!

giggy card

NOTE:  Don’t know what that Housewife “fee” is if you purchase the $6.00 card, as the HWs have gotten smart and want all your credit card info BEFORE they tell you how much the additional “fee” is for your purchase!   Just noticed that Giggy Christmas cards were 20 for $18.00!  What a ripoff… ONE Valentine’s Day card for $6.00?!

giggy cards


Speakin’ of LisaVPump…

This is funny!!!  Whoever took this video in August 2012 had no idea who the hell Lisa Vanderpump is/was!    Lisa was shooting scenes for her SUR spinoff show…


 naeem khan

Were you wishing you could dress in somma those clothes made by Carole Radziwill’s bestest friend, Naeem Kahn?

Carole’s bestest friend whom Carole was offended when Countless LuAnnie asked to wear some of his items?  Well, guess what!!  You can!!

This famous fashion designer’s duds are now in the clearance rack at HSN!

khan carole friend


From USWeekly… Kim Richards is “Super Blessed”…

On a personal note:  was supposed to have an evening of fun and frolic with some entertainment thrown in there!  However, the roads are treacherous and I got all made up and dressed up with no where to go! 

HOWEVER… just learned that “Lord of the Flies” is on TMC!  Therefore, will pretend I am in the balcony of a huge movie theater of the 1960’s era and enjoy a great movie!

Hope all SH readers are staying warm!!!   

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