SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!!… YES … “COUGH, COUGH”… **EXCLUSIVE**!!! … Rod Stewart Speaks Out About His Son And Adrienne Maloof!!!

Sung to Rod’s “MaggieMay“…

Rod Stewart Adrienne pg

(Thanks to SH reader “PG”!!!)

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40 comments on “SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!!… YES … “COUGH, COUGH”… **EXCLUSIVE**!!! … Rod Stewart Speaks Out About His Son And Adrienne Maloof!!!

  1. I suppose I should collect my dope and head on back to dad. Or steal this bitch’s dough then make a living off some other fool……

  2. FYI: It’s being reported that Maggie Mae Maloof had a secret fling with the “playboy” Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, age 60. This supposedly happened right after her separation from Paul, back in November. Also, her rep says that she has been on several dates with different men, but won’t comment on specifics. Sounds like Maggie Mae Maloof has been one busy little beaver.

  3. So is Paul sitting around crying or is he being a great dad? Any chance Ad was getting it on with other studs during the marriage? Smells of desperation.

  4. I don’t think Adrienne is being taken advantage of. How else will she get someone to pretend this undying devotion without paying for it?

  5. I still don’t know if Paul is guilty of anything. I miss that man already – was astonished he’d even let cameras, et al , in his office, but he did, he was dumb, apparently he did it for her. But, I miss him. He’s smart, adorable, and missed.

    • I liked Paul too, and will miss him, but I’m glad that he’s out of that loveless marriage. He deserves better and I hope that he finds it.

  6. LilSean to Ad:
    “Will I see you tonight,
    In the drive-thru lane?
    Every night, every night, it’s such a pain,
    In the drive-thru lane.” (Downtown Train)

  7. She sits alone waiting for suggestions
    He’s so nervous, avoiding all the questions
    His lips are dry, supersizing the cola drinking
    Of course they know the paparazzi is slinking!

    If you want my trust fund just tell me that I’m sexy
    Come on let sugarmomma know
    If you really need it just reach out and touch me
    Come on Sean tell me so, you can be my baby

    He’s acting shy looking for a twenty
    Come on Adrienee lets spend this together
    Now hold on a minute a Big mac needs munching
    Give me the cash so I can you my mother
    She lets him drive her escalade even if he dents it
    At last he can tell her exactly what his heart meant

  8. Maybe this is what Brandi spilled – tha Adrienne Paul were divorcing and that Adrienne was ” dating” Sean. Adrienne she said she was waiting to tell the kids. I think having your divorce plans blurted out would cause that much anger if you hadn’t yet told the children. Food for thought , preferably a Big Mac it seems.

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