YOLANDA FOSTER: The Art of The Deal… Yolanda Style!!… AND… Who Is “Artiste” Daniel Maltzman?… One Answer: Daniel Maltzman “RealityShowRegular”!

RHOBH sign pgOn the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

The BH Housewives visit an art gallery for another of their staged producer-induced events.

The highlight of this particular producer-induced event was Yolanda Foster’s negotiating skills.  YoFo talked the artiste down from his asking price of $14,000 to $8,500… not bad.

Let’s take a detailed look at how exactly this deal between the artiste, Daniel Maltzman, and Yolanda happened!

yolanda   You are actually asking $14,000 for your black and white streaked painting?

yolanda   Did I REALLY just tell this woman that I want $14,000?

yolanda   Yeah, I think I DID just tell this woman that I want $13,995 more than the painting is actually worth!yolanda   Am I crazy?yolanda   Yeah, I might be crazy….yolanda   But, what if she gives me $14,ooo!!!??yolanda   Will you give me $14,000 for my painting?  yolanda   I would really LOVE to give you $14,000… but you are staring at my boobalage?yolanda   I’ll stop staring at your boobalage if you give me $14,000…yolanda   How about if I give you $10 for your painting… that’s more than it’s worth.yolanda   Just LOOK at the painting… $10 cash.  NOW.  Take it or leave it.yolanda artwork yolanda   Is it a deal?  Will you take $10 for it?yolanda   I’ll agree to that price.. only if I can stare at your boobalage for another 20 minutes.yolanda   $10 it is!!  It’s always nice doing bizness with the artiste directly!yolanda  That’s the only way I sell my work!   You’re not the FIRST “reality” star that I’ve dealt with!

Daniel Matlzman is just another ‘artist’ who likes to show up on “reality” shows!   Think Robert Lorsch… but, with less money!

From CultureMapAustin July 2011:

Even without that immediate intention, Maltzman is finding more than his fair share of publicity in the form of celebrity-funded charity events and television appearances. His artwork has been displayed at both the Academy and Emmy Awards as well as in the background of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, NBC’s Dirty Sexy Money and MTV’sParis Hilton’s My New BFF.

When asked about the assigned monikers of artist and celebrity, Maltzman humbly denies his incorporation of the latter role. “Nah, Warhol was the guy that did that. I’ve grown up in that world, but I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a Hollywood guy.”

Of course, his brushes with on-screen fame would speak otherwise. Not only did Maltzman appear as a bachelor looking for love in the second season of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmakerhe also appeared on TLC’s The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan.

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29 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: The Art of The Deal… Yolanda Style!!… AND… Who Is “Artiste” Daniel Maltzman?… One Answer: Daniel Maltzman “RealityShowRegular”!

  1. I actually like the painting, I love art galleries and go to many of them in and around NJ and NY. Yolanda is a business woman and a good one at that. IMO she got herself a good deal.

  2. Any “artist” who talks about the value of his painting because of how much work went into it is a huckster and obviously doesn’t know a thing about art or the art world.

    • YES especially since this dildo is a screen printer. He made a gigantic portrait panting of his date for Millionaire Matchmaker that was unveiled on their first date. A canvas that size & using just brush work… we weren’t talking abstract art, either, it was detailed & the colors were layered… anyway, as an actual artist myself, i know how long something like that should take if you are making real art & not glorified digital design sifted through a sophistacted graffiti/tshirt printing machine. His daddy helped him get his work out there & he played into celebrity narcissism/vanity to get relevance.

      • And it’s why I got a C in Art Appreciation. I don’t get it, don’t want to get it, and unless it’s something that appeals to me, I have no need to get into the intricacies of how the art was produced, how it should have been produced, who is better then someone else, and on, and on, and on. Just another way for people to show just how snobbish they can be. Gross!

  3. Okay, I don’t know how many people on here would get this reference, but… was I the only person thinking that the figures in this painting look a lot like Slender Man ??

    • I like Yolanda; in many ways she reminds me of my Mom, and so I have a biased respect for her. However, I did NOT care for this painting, or this joker.
      My niece is an incredibly gifted artist; she’s not in LA and there’s no “who you know” in her life. She’s a struggling artist who has to work for a living to make ends meet.
      I wish just “some” of these celebre-bees, with the massive amount of money that some of them have, would be as willing to buy paintings from some of the real struggling artists of the world.
      Why not put a real unknown on the map…make a real difference in someone’s life and share Art with the world.
      I’m not saying the guy has no talent but he IS just another reality putz…and Yolanda paid to much!

      • Kt just wrote a long post post commiserating with you about your niece, as one of my daughters is an artist too, but not only did the post wipe out, the whole site blipped off my computer. So will make this one very short, and hope to have a conversation with you about this soon if you’re willing. Okay, trying to mess up again, never mind,

        Umm, ITA your post!

        • lindak7: Sorry I missed you last night. I always enjoy reading your comments; It’s a bummer your ‘puter gave you trouble with the post you mentioned. My lap-top is always acting up, so I know how frustrating that can be.
          I’m sure your daughter is talented, after all her Mom has a knack for writing herself :).
          Anyway, wanted to say hi and I’m home. Have a few things I’m trying to get done but I’ll be on SH. Hope your having a great day!

    • Omg, ThatOtherChick my daughter is practically obsessed with Slenderman, isn’t much into the game, but adds him to stories she writes for classes whenever she can fit him in (and she’s 17 lol!) and loves to scare herself while walking to school in the fog–there’s been a lot lately, normally can see the whole school from the house, and the streets and homes behind/to the sides of it, cannot see a thing for prolly the last 7 out of 10 days. Puts her in the best mood in the mornings now, lol! ITA looks a lot like him, thank God YoFo bought the darn thing, not an argument I’d be interested in having at all :-)

      • No, it looked like a really dainty version of the rosary necklaces. I thought it was gold, maybe filigree, possibly with some diamond chips. Loved it. Then again, I don’t think that the Catholic church looks kindly on wearing a rosary as a piece of jewelry. I was brought up to also only have crucifixes as necklaces (and they were blessed back in the day), but having an ornate cross without Jesus on it was a big no-no.

    • I thought the art work was pretty cool. Now I will slink away and hide before some art critic comes by and bitch slaps me. LOL!

  4. it’s all about profits. if i still had a gallery would i host this guy? hell yes! i do think he’s talented. the patrons want to hob nob it with the artist. i’ve seen local dildos clean up and some very good talent dismissed.

    • I started painting by chance. My first show was sold out an I was thrilled to get 2 thousand for a painting.To this day I remember how thrilled I was because it meant my kids would have a Xmas with presents. Luck plays a large part in the scheme of things.

  5. I like YoYo, but her comment that the painting was romantic and reminded her of her relationship with David was a real wtf moment.

  6. yep and as tamballs has suggested you serve the guests the 14% alchohol by volume merlot. oh that’s right yo fo doesn’t imbibe. ?

  7. The still shots of this guy’s face are hilarious! RHOBH sure attract some crazy eyed guys. Still crack up when I look at the pic of Adrienne and Seann (with the slightly altered peepers.)

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