TLC’S NEW FORAY INTO “REALITY” TV: Plastic Wives… “Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of This Quirky World”… Will “Plastic Wives” Meet The Same Demise As “SinCityRules”?

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TLC will stop at nothing to become as big as Bravo in the “reality” show game!

TLC’s latest “reality” show, “Plastic Wives will premiere Sunday, Jan. 27, at 10 pm.  “Plastic Wives” has been described as a cross between “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Nip/Tuck.”

The 10 pm Sunday time slot for “PlasticWives” means that this new TLC show will go head-to-head with VH1’s new 10 pm time slot for “MobWives”!

NOTE:  VH1’s “MobWives” got the same message which Bravo redrecognized weeks ago… no use in a ratings war with “Here Comes HoneyBooBoo,” ’cause you’ll lose!  

Not THIS HoneyBooBoo…

tamballs honey boo boo

THIS HoneyBooBoo!

june honey boo boo

Bravo moved the Real Housewives of Atlanta from its long-time slot of 9 pm to 8 pm weeks ago and Bravo STILL brags about the RHOA being the cable ratings winner on Sunday evenings!  

Let’s hear those braggin’ words from Bravo AFTER they’ve moved the RHOA back to its original Sunday time slot of 9 pm… and see if the RHOA can beat HoneyBooBoo in that time slot!

From TLC’s “PlasticWives” PressRelease:

“TLC slices into this tight-knit community, warts and all, in the all new one-hour special PLASTIC WIVES, following four women who are romantically linked to some of the most successful cosmetic doctors in Los Angeles.

Frances, Veronica, Alana and Dayna have no qualms about taking advantage of the unlimited access to their husband’s procedure room.

These women are so obsessed with looks that they’ll stop at nothing to attain perfection from head to toe- and everywhere in between. From labiaplasty to chin liposuction to G-Spot injections, these extreme treatments have become routine for those living inside this industry.

Everyone wants to be part of this quirky world.”

NOTE:  We had such high hopes for TLC’s last venture at “reality”… SinCityRules… only because SCR was produced by EvolutionMedia, the production company responsible for The Real Housewives of BeverlyHills and OC!  Unfortunately, SCR bombed.  

As for “PlasticWives”… ratings will determine if “everyone wants to be part of this quirky world”!  We predict that you’ll smell that same smell left behind by the tanked SCR…burnt sulfur! 

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We would be interested, however, in knowing more about Alicia Jacobs and Jennifer Harman since SCR has met its inevitable demise. 


Plastic Knives Wives…