TLC’S NEW FORAY INTO “REALITY” TV: Plastic Wives… “Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of This Quirky World”… Will “Plastic Wives” Meet The Same Demise As “SinCityRules”?

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TLC will stop at nothing to become as big as Bravo in the “reality” show game!

TLC’s latest “reality” show, “Plastic Wives will premiere Sunday, Jan. 27, at 10 pm.  “Plastic Wives” has been described as a cross between “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Nip/Tuck.”

The 10 pm Sunday time slot for “PlasticWives” means that this new TLC show will go head-to-head with VH1’s new 10 pm time slot for “MobWives”!

NOTE:  VH1’s “MobWives” got the same message which Bravo redrecognized weeks ago… no use in a ratings war with “Here Comes HoneyBooBoo,” ’cause you’ll lose!  

Not THIS HoneyBooBoo…

tamballs honey boo boo

THIS HoneyBooBoo!

june honey boo boo

Bravo moved the Real Housewives of Atlanta from its long-time slot of 9 pm to 8 pm weeks ago and Bravo STILL brags about the RHOA being the cable ratings winner on Sunday evenings!  

Let’s hear those braggin’ words from Bravo AFTER they’ve moved the RHOA back to its original Sunday time slot of 9 pm… and see if the RHOA can beat HoneyBooBoo in that time slot!

From TLC’s “PlasticWives” PressRelease:

“TLC slices into this tight-knit community, warts and all, in the all new one-hour special PLASTIC WIVES, following four women who are romantically linked to some of the most successful cosmetic doctors in Los Angeles.

Frances, Veronica, Alana and Dayna have no qualms about taking advantage of the unlimited access to their husband’s procedure room.

These women are so obsessed with looks that they’ll stop at nothing to attain perfection from head to toe- and everywhere in between. From labiaplasty to chin liposuction to G-Spot injections, these extreme treatments have become routine for those living inside this industry.

Everyone wants to be part of this quirky world.”

NOTE:  We had such high hopes for TLC’s last venture at “reality”… SinCityRules… only because SCR was produced by EvolutionMedia, the production company responsible for The Real Housewives of BeverlyHills and OC!  Unfortunately, SCR bombed.  

As for “PlasticWives”… ratings will determine if “everyone wants to be part of this quirky world”!  We predict that you’ll smell that same smell left behind by the tanked SCR…burnt sulfur! 

SCR arrow

We would be interested, however, in knowing more about Alicia Jacobs and Jennifer Harman since SCR has met its inevitable demise. 


Plastic Knives Wives…

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189 comments on “TLC’S NEW FORAY INTO “REALITY” TV: Plastic Wives… “Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of This Quirky World”… Will “Plastic Wives” Meet The Same Demise As “SinCityRules”?

  1. Speaking of new shows. Is anyone watching Big Rich Atlanta? Is it a coinkidink that the day after the Meet The Cast episode aired that Amy Hadley took to calling herself a boss? That ashlee chick on there BRA has got to be putting on an act. She is a white Kenya yall.

    • Made I saw the ad but I can’t stand to add anymore reality tv to my line up. I am losing enough brain cells between NJ and Atlanta.

      • LOL. I know whatcha mean but now that we know how these things are made and thats its all a big ole put on then its more entertaining thata way. Last seasons RHONJ almost done me in.

        • Aaah it’s losing it’s appeal to me. I rather watch Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty. I will finish watching NJ and ATL because I have put so much time into those franchises but I won’t add anymore.

          • I understand believe me. I still feel like I gotta see RHONJ to the end. I am super disturbed about the mean things people from the Marco faction have been saying about Bulldog anticipating he is gonna spill. Making fun of his brain tumor and saying he was gonna die anyway. Just so sad that someone would be that cruel.

            • MP you are all about righting wrongs and doing the right thing. It’s a shame there aren’t more like you. Fight the good fight a saying made just for you!

            • Ooh crackers I didn’t see that. The Marcos are something else. How the eff do you make fun of something like a tumor. He really should blow up all of their business.

            • Geeze, what is she going to take us into the toilet with her next. Love how empty her place looks when she pans the camera the other way.

            • Nope, she did it in an attempt to get more tw followers and get keek’s attention. It worked for KimK when she mentioned keek in her tw video. It started a chit storm on Kim tw and blew keek up. Now keek is main stream. Go to their home page. Basically MeGo wants to be mentioned on keek’s homepage as a “Who to Follow.”

            • Ole MeGo and her sisters want so badly to be a Kardashian.Can you imagine the absolutely pathetic lives that they all three must lead in order aspire to Kardashianhood?

            • Bulldog has been saying awful things about Melissa, he isnt sitting there like a innocent victim of bullying he is slinging the crap around to. In saying that its not right they are making fun if his tumor.
              This whole thing is a nasty mess and needs to stop.

            • I have been watching him from the get-go I see that they struck first. He is still being gentle considering what trash they are.

            • Made! Oh how I’ve missed ya! Been too busy and only been lurkin on SH. I’ve got to catch up on this Bulldog stuff!

            • Glad you are back. Bulldog has sorta stolen my heart with his tweets. But ya know I’ve been fooled before . I just get the feeling he is genuine

            • Wow..I just caught a little glimpse thru GLHole and Bulldog on twitter….Meho said that she wasn’t worried about what her ex had to say bc he would be dying soon!!!??? I also noticed that both Dina and Jamie Laurita follow GLH on twitter. That’s pretty neat. I’m sure the Don loves that!

            • Wishing someone , anyone dead always makes me shiver. Footsteps across a grave……shudder. Plus all that negativity is never a good pan.

            • Shows how viscous they are when they are desperate and already without him saying a word makes what he is fixin to say look like its gonna be the truth. Can you imagine how super pissed JoGo will be at his “sisters” when he finds out they knew and condoned it and helped cover it up this whole time all the while saying “we are your only sisters now Joe” Same thing goes for those turd knockin husbands of theirs. Like the one whose only focus was to get JoGo more plastered at his son’s christening after he just yelled at his sick father. EVIL.

            • Oh yea, that Bro-in- Law was a gem! “Come on bro let’s go to the bar for shots. I’m goin to the bar with my bro”…as Senior Gorga is in turning white in the corner after open heart surgery.

            • I have no words and no patience for the Marco sisters. They need to quit showing their azzes on twitter. Disgusting and wrong.

            • I guess I see it different, IMO he is giving it as well as he is getting it. If he was a true gentleman as peopel keep saying he is he would stop talking potshots at melissa and calling her names.
              But I guess anytime melissa is trashed its ok.

            • What names did he call her? What I saw was that queenz fella messing with him at the behest of the Marco hags. How much was he suppose to take? I didn’t even know about his brain tumor till the chick with a dik made her smart remark about it.

            • all all this is for is to get attention, its pathetic on both sides I dont like what he is doing making references to His affair with her and calling her a gold digger
              and his butt boy That Chris chick is no better. it all needs to stop its sick and pathetic.
              I know people think anything that is said and done to melissa is fine, i dont see it that way. what They are doing is wrong the Marco sister and Bulldog and all the players Take off the Twitter. I had to unfollow people because they keep retweeting that crap non stop to my TL and wouldnt stop.

            • really so you will be ok when juicys mistress start coming forward exposing him and destroying the guidice family im sure we will all be high fiving and be happy about that too.

            • Men do have a different standard to adhere to. Sucks but its true. Now Bulldog had intentions of doing the gentlemanly thing by keeping his mouth shut until he was pushed. The Marcos can thank Queenz and themselves for that.

            • or is it the guidice have a different standard to live by.
              Sorry bulldog is no gentleman never was he was just waiting for his chance he is just as much a slime as the rest of them.

            • Well normally I would agree its pretty sorry for a man to kiss and tell regardless of circumstances. However, just like on the show once they attack someone they create an underdog that I am gonna pull for. They should have learned their lesson based on how people turned on them for what they did to Tree.

            • I hope if a Juicy mistress comes forward that nobody makes fun of that woman for missing a tit (if she has breast cancer) or for losing her brain (from having brain cancer) or wishing her dead in a few years. I don’t want to see any remarks related to a person’s health condition whatsoever. Absolutely disgusting.

            • Queenz and the Marco witches have no problem going after bulldog for his health condition and wishing him dead. My friends threw a party for 4th of July and long story short, this one guy there was a total dick to his girlfriend and when he pushed her very hard into a kiddy pool (she was clearly hurt), I called him out on it. He knew I had cancer and his comeback was, “I don’t care what you say because you will be dead in a few years anyways.” The guy was booted and he is no longer friends with any of the folks that are in the circle because he did that and they were all disgusted. It didn’t bother me so much but it’s just the principal of it all: You don’t wish dead on anyone or say something so crass regardless of what the medical situation is.

            • Oh my word!! That guy was horrible. Sorry he did that. Glad your friends had your back on that and put him out on the curb where trash like that belongs.

            • Thanks. I literally laughed at him because it was so ignorant. Queenz and the Marco witches are in the same camp. Also saw Fishy Bowl Ed go after a woman for having cancer on twitter. Not surprised because of the company he keeps. Queenz and MeGo are like peas and carrots. They love them some MeGo and the Marco witches are twittering to Queenz on a regular basis.

            • I am so sorry Chem. People can be so callous and insensitive. I’m so glad you have great friends who are loyal. I think wishing someone dead is particularly heinous but even more so when that person has health issues. There is no excuse for stooping to that level.

            • IMO this isn’t even an issue that in any way shape or form relates to the Guidice issues. This ,IMO, is about some really nasty petty vindictive back and forth between MeGo and her sisters and the ex boyfriend on twitter. Bulldog was just a rumor floating around the blogs and a complete contradiction to the sweet little schoolteacher that married a millionaire image. I could have cared less. Now it seems BullDog was indeed the pre-Joe Gorga live in and not a bunch of female roomies. This situation is on the heels of stripper gate. So are the drug rumors true as well? Perhaps MeGo would do better to regroup, lay low and re-evaluate the image she is putting out there before all her past garbage comes back to smack her in the face and destroy any shred of credibility she has left. This isn’t the way to build a brand or sell a book about a happy marriage if she’s been sneaking around and giving bjs to Buldog in parking lots. The new image of I always wanted to be a wife and Mommy doesn’t jive with reality. MeGo’s public image has a split personality.
              Getting off twitter along with her sisters would be a good starting place for the Marco Clan.

            • ITA. I don’t exactly know what the Giudices have to do with this. There was another thread where it was stated that folks around here want to believe that JoGo raped a woman and the anti-MeGo camp were salivating over that fact. I pointed out at the time that is was not true IMO. Now I am reading that folks around here are clapping and high five-ing about an alleged affair? Please, just like the JoGo rape thing, I don’t think anyone on SH is salivating over the affair.Whether it’s rape, abuse or an affair, there are innocent victims involved. I’m tired of reading statements that paint SH readers as vindictive, salivating over rape or affairs.

              I do think people are curious if the other rumors are true, which is why discussions are had.

            • ITA Lisa …twitter isn’t the NJ housewives or husbands friend because none of them seem to possess an edit button. This isn’t just mudslinging this is crawling down in the primordial ooze and reveling in the layers of detritus. MeGo would do well to ask her sisters to step off and let her handle her business. They act as if they have her back but they are doing great harm. IMO I would start questioning the Marco and the Queenz real motivations and intentions. They have nothing to lose while MeGo has everything……..Mellissa may think Teresa is her enemy but I think the women lighting the torch to her reputation are actually her sisters.

            • Chem you are of course correct and I agree. We can have a great discussion and even disagreement by keeping it real. There is of course speculation but when specific events such as the rape come up and other things that are definitely disproved then we can try to steer a better course. The discussion devolves into trash slinging and we stop having real discourse. Not chastising anyone cuz I will be first to raise a guilty hand and sit in the naughty corner.

            • MeGo’s PR rep needs to be in there doing damage control at times like this. MeGo’s sisters are terrors, especially Kim. It makes me feel bad for her having to grow up with that. MeGo needs to get a new PR rep (and not that wooden shoe lady that Amy Hanley has).

              Aint, I would also sit in the naughty corner with ya. Of course we all have our moments. I didn’t mean to sound chastizing either. My impression of SH folks is that they are not mean spirited. We debate, discuss and joke around. Deep down, nobody wishes for the breakdown of a marriage, particularly when children are involved.

            • @ Chem, I truly loved your previous comments and utterly agree. I find myself feeling a tad sorry for MeGo growing up in that vipers nest of sisters. She genuinely needs a real friend to advise her to cut them lose. A reputable PR person would be going ballistic over those tweets because they are the complete antithesis of the image MeGo should be projecting. She is an adult and it’s time to make some happy choices. Having a past is one thing but MeGo is only underlining the negative public perception of her by continuing to engage with BullDog or condoning her sisters actions on her behalf. MeGo needs to divorce the hags. Unfortunately she sees nothing wrong with their very calculated behavior.

            • Wonder what KatFish thinks of those hags making those remarks about his brain tumor. You know, with KatFish being associated with that brain tumor organization and all……

            • IMO liking BullDog . Cant stand the the Queeniw with a weinie. Dogs and Fleas syndrome when it comes to the Marcos. Joey is a cutie patootie but shouldn’t MeGo &JoGo have the little man down by 11:00? Eight o’clock was bath time over , teeths brushed , storytime/books , prayers and lights out.

            • If she keeps the lil one up she dont have to do her wifely duties. Thats a secret that wont be in her book I bet.

            • Bahahahaha! MeGo probably puts the kiddos to bed and then locks herself in the closet so that JoGo don’t paw her. I bet she puts a tranquilizer in his food and just tells him “Oh yeah, we totally got it on last night. Maybe you had a little too much wine at dinner.” ;)

            • Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj

              I remember the Friday nite u said 2me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3months Lata you were married Lol shallistart

            • I like Bulldog. I feel disgusted on his behalf that anyone would wish him dead and also that anyone would make fun of him for “losing his brain” due to a tumor. Totally disgusting! Bulldog was incredibly respectful about the MeGo stuff until Queenz and the Marcos got involved. At that point, he struck back but he is doing it in a tasteful way. I have not seen him call MeGo ANY names. (Granted I have not checked in a few days, but all I have seen are tweets of his pups and him joking around. It is very rare that young folks with cancer really give a flying frak about much. Kinda makes life difficulties seem minor and puts it all into perspective.) I love the pictures of the pups and how much he loves the pups.

            • wait who has a brain tumour? joey g’s and teresa’s dad? that is literally disgusting/disturbing to make fun of someone who has a life theartening illness. the marco’s/gorga’s are true scum of the earth. i hope melissa gets her ass exposed in season 5.

            • No its the ex boyfriend Bryan. He goes by Bulldog on twitter. It was a jab that Marco sisters and Marco mouthpiece Queenz made toward him. He has already had surgery once and now has to go back.

            • I saw that picture of his skull, that looks very similar to my Father in laws head after his surgery but his was horseshoe shaped. Bulldog is very lucky her made it through that surgery as well as he did, my Father in law lost most of his vision.

            • I am so sorry to hear that. I cannot imagine having to go through such an extensive and traumatic experience only to lose sight. I know it the grand scheme of things one might feel grateful to be alive, but it still stinks and it is just sad that anyone has to go through it. :(

            • I agree, but when my Father in law woke up from his surgery he cried, not because he couldn’t see but because he was terrifed that he would lose his mental capacities. He was so relived he could still walk and talk and think, Losing his site was the least thing as far as he was concerned, I guess it’s all perspective. I am very greatful he is stil with us he is a kind and insightful man.

            • It truly is all about perspective. Life is very precious as are the gifts we are given at every turn. I am glad he is still with all of you and that he is deeply loved. I wish him many happy years of life. I also wish you and all of his loved ones emotional healing. May God (or whatever you believe) bless all of you!

            • Sorry to hear about you father-in-law. You are right , he is lucky. I am sure going through something like that made him reassess his life and now making the the choices he needs to make to keep trash out of it.

        • that ashlee chick is all kinds of crazy. she has had way too much plastic surrgery. and she’s using megan and harvin needs to stop kissing her ass.

          • I cant wait to see what happens as the season progresses. I swear I think she is putting on an act. No one can be THAT vapid right? Well maybe they can. I agree she does have too much surgery. Megan is the one that dated her boyfriend right? Cant figure out why she still speaks to Ashlee. Weird people

    • O.K. Little Missy Madepiley, you have a lot to answer for!!!! lol After reading your post I went and watched Big Rich Atlanta and I think I might be watching this. Dammit!

  2. OMG the one on the left hand side looks like she would melt if left out in the sun. These women are going to end up looking like that catwoman that couldn’t stop until she looked like a total wreck.

    • Or they’re going to end up looking like just like Joan Rivers–a silicone Pekeingese with a wig.

    • the rest don’t look bad at all. frances looks like a tranny. i doubt this show will do well probably will get cancelled like sin city rules.

  3. Remarkable how plastic surgery can make you look so incredibly ugly….. The one on the left is truly frightening!

  4. Im sorry thres of those women need to get there money back on their plastic surgery they look awful goes to show its true “you get what you pay for”

  5. Saw Nay Nay on the catwalk on Elle saying she wanted her upcoming wedding to be her fantasy wedding .I bet she is hoping Bravo and some vendors pick up that tab.Sad to say but I bet they will to appease her donkey bootie.

    • She don’t have a donkey butt, she was on team Stallion butt, but her mirror was broke. She’s got a moose butt.

    • Some of these people get so many face lifts their ears will soon meet in the back of thier heads

      • Folks are beginning to look like aliens from a Star Trek convention. None of the females in that pic are the least bit attractive. We have a local plastic surgeon who does commercial for her practice and she is freakin’ scary. Hideous and henious she probably scares patients away.

      • I have to admit, I got some fillers beneath my eyes last year. The doctor told me I may have “a bit of bruising.” Phhssshhht, I looked like I had been beaten amongst the face. :( But after it went away I did like the results. I have a friend that has had so much done she looks like a cat woman. Shame, because she was so pretty pre-surgery.

      • No, my favorite line from AbFab: (paraphrased)

        “One more face life and she’ll be sporting a goatee.”

  6. None of these plastic wives look as bad as Lisa Hochstein from miami and she’s younger than all the plastic wives. Lenny needs to lay off her face! The blonde woman on plastic wives has her upper lip overdone and it looks so unnatural and distracting. Of course the wife whose husband left her for a younger woman is overdone as well but not nearly as bad as those SCR wives. I couldn’t stand any of them and did not watch beyond 2 episodes. They were all mean and unlikable. I will give Plastic Wives a try even though the blonde already seems annoying.

    • My boyfriend thought Lisa was in her early 40s because of how plastic her face looks. He made the assumption that women in their 20s and 30s are not paying to look like that. She is far too young to be doing that stuff IMO.

  7. None of these women looked good to me. All of them had parts of their faces that they simply couldn’t move and it looked totally unnatural. I am not against plastic surgery, but I always remember that the business started as reconstructive surgery and was meant to be used when a person had suffered a severe trauma.

    Oh and the line that one of them used “when picking your plastic surgeon look at their wife first”, if I saw any of these women as a plastic surgeons wife I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

  8. Wow. I don’t know if I can bring myself to watch this show. The things women are willing to do to themselves is just appalling. I agree, the one on the left, Marques already looks like a freak show.
    What is going to happen to these women when they get older? And about amy becoming boss right after the Meet The Cast episode. She will do or say whatever she thinks can help her be famous. One show flops, do another one. One lie flops, tell another one. One excuse flops, make another one. When all else fails, become an “investigate reporter” .threaten ‘em all
    I think her mantra has to be, must be famous, must be famous, must be famous,

    • I worry if Btix will have consequences in the future. this is literally the first generation of women that have been injecting botulism in their faces. I watched the last episode of SCR online and noticed that Amy might have had to go for the discount/groupon version of botox. Right over her eyes smooth as a baby’s butt but up toward her hairline… different story.
      And Amy and her moma also pull the medical condition card too wenver it suits them. Saw her tweeting today about her mommas polyps but claiming all is well now? Really? That is the fastest biopsy ever. Must pay to be mobbed up huh? bahahahahahahaha. And what is this crap about that Gambino twit being her cousin. The more he messes with her the more I think he is a few fries short of a happy meal himself. He wants to be Governor or sumpin? But hangs with the likes of Amy and her momma? really delusion must be contagious.

      • Gambino is trash. I am still technically a MN resident (due to strange IA resident laws and waiting so many years post-graduation). There is no way in hell anyone in MN is going to vote for him. Why? Because he is all over twitter saying disgusting things to folks for absolutely no reason except that they do not care for Amy and/or SCR. These folks are not even being nasty. It wouldn’t take long for me to pass along the screenshots of him degrading a few women. I can send them into Fargo which is right across the river from where he lives (Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN are practically the same city). I have media connections there and in MN. I think the kid will sink his own ship without those screen shots but I’ll be damned if he’ll govern MN.

            • I just don’t see how he even got his mane on the ballot? Is it? or is he full of crap? Who backs something like that? The republican party sure doesn’t need to have yet another embarrassment on their hands. Not when the liberals salivate over something like this. Perhaps he is a plant?

            • Dumbo-Gumball is so full of crap. There is just no way. He has got to be a plant. Folks in MN are not interested in a baby running their state. I wonder if wooden shoe is his PR rep.

            • That goofy balding mofo Ed called me a lonely hillbilly. Bahahahaha. He is in tight with the Queenz feller on twitter aint he?
              Here’s to ya you manly piece of hunky meat.

              Muah you goofy bass turd,

            • Oh yeah, Fishy Ed loves Queenz feller…errr….it….whatever it is.

              If Fishy Ed called you a lonely hillibilly that is the highest compliment ever. :D

        • Since when do guys hyphenate their names? How is it he ( this Gambino fellow) is Amy’s cousin now, how does that work out? Jesus will not be pleased with him, hanging out with the likes of Amy. SMH! Things are getting seriously desperate for “are” girl Amy. She is grasping and totally going off her rocker with the copy paste spam. They sent me over here from fishy bowl. By the way, Amy is the person that wrote the most recent article over at fishy bowl. Part 1 where she is pretending to be Ed B, does the word intriguing sound familiar. Or how about the screen grab off her Facebook where she says she had to change the photo she used for her article. Heck, I’m beginning to think she is everyone, Sybil maybe. She sure does have a lot of time on her hands to be rising 3 kids and running all these businesses. I hope the Dad has the kids, it would be a damn shame if she is ignoring them while constantly posting on social media sites. I am glad I don’t have any little kids, if I did I sure wouldn’t be on all these social media sites. The latest episode was hilarious, what a hot mess. Oh and I am all of you guys, I am AWESOME! Still waiting on the Justice League to show up!

          • She twitted this afternoon about just getting up due to late night. And tweeted later about going out again tonight. Mommy of three she sho nuff be. And I am soooo jealous of her. So jealous. If only Amy could hook me up with her makeup artist and jacklegged botox doctor I could only dream to be as wonderful as her. bahahahahaha.
            I am so jealous that my daddy was not a worthless POS thug(sorry carla) that died in prison being segregated from the general population (oh excuse me witness protection) because he was a rat. So jealous that I didnt have the prize of a stepdaddy snaggle toothed trailer trashy murderer or the utterly touched in the head momma. So jealous. I have felt sorry for Amy and at first I really thought she could pull herself out of this mess of a life that her delusional momma created out of whole cloth for her but now I am thinking that she is too far gone and a bit long in the tooth to be making the kind of profound changes she needs to make. I feel sorry for her kids.

            • No offense taken, he killed someone, he did some heinous things, he should have gone to prison. My problem is so should have Wendy. Wendy helped and should be sitting in a cell rotting with life with no parole. Just like the sentence by cousin Gramby got, she (Wendy) was just as involved as he was. Now my a Uncle Tom, he pulled the trigger he got his justice, now it is Wendy’s turn for justice. She can’t blow her way out of his one, and Amy can’t blow her way out for her. She needs to be concentrating on them kids, poor little fellas. Their Daddy is probably a good guy and look what she did to him on here. Go check out the Reno court page, or the clark county Nevada one, these hookers run out on landlords left and right, both of them. Must be nice to party every night yet not pay your bills. You silly hillbilly s ;) wink wink.

            • I just read where you invited everyone to come over to SH and read up on the progression of things over here as it pertains to Amy and how we all eventually saw her and her momma for what they are. Thank you , I bet Edwin’s butthole tightened up just a wee bit when he saw that. bahahahahahah.

            • Jealous? LOL! Yup, that’s all of us right here. Where’s my electric chair so that I can sit in the throne of a murderer? :( Oh, you mean I have to settle for a recliner since my daddy has a moral compass. Shucks! I sure hope that they come and take my doctorate and vaccine inventions away. I should probably tell my plastic surgeon to mangle up my breast reconstruction so that I can have gigantic scars and a less natural look. I’ll show him the Fishy Bowl tit pics for inspiration. Then I can be just like Amy! Sooooooo jealous. Gotta be Amy cuz I have such a terrible and lonely life hehe

              ITA that she is way too far gone. She’s twittering graziano almost every single tweet. I see graziano responding and retweeting other folks, even regular folks. I notice graziano is ignoring Amy. Gee, wonder why. ;)

            • Graziono is ignoring the dogpiss outa Amy. I think thats hilarious. Just like Twitter ignores her begging for that lil blue check mark every freakin day.

            • So sad for Amy that she is just part of the general public, just like the rest of us lonely hillbillies on SH :D

            • LOL.

              Lisa, if you are reading this, I hope you know Edwin is letting Amy talk smack about you on his lil blog too. Your screen name was thrown in there with all the other regulars on here who saw through her bullcrap and dared to voice it.

            • The “me vs I” issue is the start…did you see this?
              Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley
              …… I can’t take the impostures anymore! :(

              Not just once, but here we go again:

              Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley
              …….it isn’t me n another imposture!

              And I’m sure you saw this:

              Team Mobdoll
              This is one of the website that have comments about Amy from alrac, madepiley, and chemgeek very nasty ladies RT
              Sounds just like Amy herself.

              What is wrong with her and the rest of the lying liars who lie all for the sake of famwhoring it? When the truth is nasty, they stick their head in the sand and blame everyone else for putting their own selves on blast? Have none of these women who sign up for these shows realized that their crap WILL be found out and put out there? Easier to stay off the tv and so no one will analyze your life/lies/BS/past any more than your neighbors/friends already do. OR don’t lie about who you are/were when you show up for the viewers who can apparently smell a lying skank through through their tv sets.

            • It used to be amusing that she was so clueless. That’s”are” girl Amy “weather” she knows it or not. bahahahahaa

          • How is Amy the cousin of Dumbo-Gumball? Seems like they barely knew each other a month ago. I need to read that Fishy article and the comments.

            • I will not comment over there. He is small taters. all 1200 of his readers will find there way over here based on all the Sh plugs Amy is giving. So read it but dont give them the ooey gooey goodness in their belly feeling they get from having more comments on that one story than they ever have on anything. And its ALL about SH.
              Thanks Ed for the new traffic form your tens of readers ;)

            • LOL! I don’t ever remember anyone kissing Amy’s ass on SH. People were treating her like a poster because we all treat one another with respect. We gave her the benefit of the doubt, but no ass kissing going on here. I never needed Amy to like me, not the way she desperately needs approval and attention. Ummm, and I don’t remember when Anna Cephaly ever kissed Amy’s ass. I don’t even think she posted on those threads. That was hilarious and I appreciate the warning because I wanted to dissect and magical science that stupid post, but I remembered your example of not posting :D

              SCR SWINE really is bringing in the SH readers. Free publicity for Ms SH.

            • Yep. Media hore(awesoe name for a human with ah ecker) only has a thousand or so followers on twitter so I sure hope the sytem doesnt crash form all the traffic he sends oue way! :)
              Thats “are” girl Amy, knowing not what she does.
              Tell you Teammobdoll that they make you look like big ole dummy when they keep screwing up our vs are. Perhaps you can take some of that 2 million that you are worth(hardy har har) and send em back to school? Maybe even set them up in dorm living in case they get evicted again?

              Helpfully yours,

            • I remrber how she tried to back peddle once her comment on this Fb account was pointed out. Saying that everyone knows her middle initial is not D. Completely leaving out that D is the first inital of her baby’s daddy, the one she was married to and had legal use of his last name

            • Alrac: This chatfest re someone whom is a non-entity here on SH is over. As is the mention of other sites. If there is something going on at other site(s), take that business on over to that site. This sites is about the Housewives…as mentioned previously, NOT about a non-Housewife whose show was cancelled. Comments will be deleted. SH

            • Sorry bout that Ms SH. I got caught up in the moment. You are right. We should not be talking about someone with a cancelled show or another site. On to the WORKING HWs. :)

            • I’m sorry, I didn’t see this. I apologize, I’ll take it elsewhere and read your funny posts on the relevant HW.

            • Alrac, I hope you will stick around and b.s. with us about the housewives and other posts. Do you watch any of the Real Housewives shows? “Reality” shows? Or Gold Rush? (I love FRICKEN Gold Rush). I understand you are passionate about the family stuff. I imagine it is difficult. I have empathy for all involved and I hope the situation resolves in truth.

              I wonder if Plastic Wives is a goat rodeo. I haven’t watched the first episode. Hmmmm

            • I never watched any reality tv before the swine got a show. After I came on here I watched the HWOA a few times. It was pretty hilarious I must admit. I still read everyone’s posts on here and laugh though, even if I don’t know the characters you are talking about. I am going to start watching at least one, that is all I have time for. I’m not much of a TV person, which one in your opinion would be best/funniest to watch?

            • Chem: Unfortunately, this is not the type of “publicity” wanted on SH. Especially from those sources. Everyone reads SH and already is very aware of SH; therefore, this type of attention is unwanted. Let’s get back to bashing those who deserve the attention… the Housewives! These other chicks looking for a launch of their “reality” career, which didn’t happen, are not the type wanted on SH. TFC!!! SH

            • I completely understand. :) I read about SH elsewhere and that’s why I am here, but I didn’t read about it from a blechy place or a “reality” has-been.

              The housewives are so redundant that I feel like I need to make a sheet of standard phrases for particular scenarios and copy paste. lol

          • She did write it. Her linguistic style is all over that article. Plus some copy past from previous blog posts that we’ve seen all over the sites 100 times over.

            • I wonder why Amy doesnt have a picture of her dear ole daddy holding his lil goosey bundle of joy? Perhaps he wasn’t as into the new bundle as her momma tried to make her believe? We was pretty dadburn ancient and I would say didn’t want to have any more kids at all . But Wendy types get preggers on purpose. Ya know so that dont get turned out from the shack they were living in back on the streets again. Low life stuff.

      • LOL about Groupon botox! HAAAAA! I will have to look at the recent episodes. I put the SWINE of SCR (the one with Groupon botox) outta my mind and wasn’t going to watch but it sounds like SWINE of SCR ends up looking nutter butter and after “Investigative Reporter” (*cough* SWINE of SCR) went to town and DID threaten me as well as others, I want to watch the insanity of her melting down. Some days I feel a little evil. The devil on my shoulder made me do it hehe

        • Yeah she sure does show her true colors in the last episode. Not surprised at all that she claimed on twitter that she didnt watch it had “moved on” blah blah blah. pfft she didnt want anyone tweeting her questions about it is more likely. And then lo and behold.. momma has polyps…just in time to divert. i was angry when I saw her threaten like that but I refuse to comment. But just know I saw it and you were 100% right. Which is what pissed her and her momma off.

          • Awwww thanks made :) Posting there reminded me of how much I love SH and FRE.

            Ha! I saw her post that on Twitter as well and I thought “huh?” because she’s always been the one promoting the show from the get-go. She absolutely did not want to answer questions. I’m getting ready to check out the nutter butter goat rodeo. The sad part of the fall of SCR is that even though Jen came off a little boring, I want to know more about her and her life. Jen was the first to say that SCR SWINE loves drama. Successful poker players are very good at reading character so even if I hadn’t caught a glimpse of the insanity, the seed would have been planted by Jen and I would have believed her.

            Why is the Rain cosmetics lady SWINE’d? Is it from her thieving of the cosmetics line or did something else happen?

          • It is so frustrating over at the fishy bowl, they don’t post half my comments when there are no threats, yet they let threatening language and curse words fly when it is someone else. No wonder they cancelled the SCR show, I can’t imagine having to deal with Amy for more than a few minutes. Isn’t there some sort of vetting process that happens before the let any old nut go on TV. Actually, I guess the dirtier and nuttier, the better for TV these days.

            • That place aint even worth visiting. He must be an delusional as Amy and her momma. So I wouldn’t sweat it if I was you. I’m not. Just read his fruity posts and had to laugh.

            • Perhaps like Amy and Wendy, Ed also shares a reading comprehension problem. Does he not see the words Sin City Rules in the title of this thread?

            • Oh yeah, crazy nutters are the “stars” nowadays. No talent required. I bet Amy was sending threatening voice mails and emails to production, just like she did to Ms SH and all over that newspaper posts. I bet nobody features her because all she does is threaten people. I believe she is insane enough to kill a person and dig a “whole” (LOL).

              The only part of fish bowl I enjoy is reading what you write, Alrac, and what some other folks write. I like how everyone that does not like SCR or Amy automatically is a “stalker” and “abuser”. Ed has to allow Amy to feel “safe”. He runs his site how he wants it, with zero integrity. You should watch how disgusting he is on twitter, making fun of a woman for having cancer and pneumonia.

              There we all go again being “abusers”. We’re all so darn “abusive” having opinions of this crap ;) Wendy and Amy cry wolf about abuse to the point that it actually minimizes the experience of folks who have actually been abused.

            • My Son (deathchurch) is in the Navy, my daughter is a Navy veteran whom is married to a Marine that has been to iraq and Afghanastan they are actually talking crap saying my daughter is a stripper over there because I busted Amy being a stripper. I told my daughter and she spit out her soda laughing, if you knew her, you would know she is no,way a stripper. She would if she could though, but the customers would be in trouble. Desperation at its finest. Have any of you EVER seen an actual family photo from Amy? You know one with her gangster Famiglia? My guess is nope!

            • I have never seen a photo, not even on that one FB page that is more like a memorial to her daddy than it is about her. During my youngin years, my parents took so many photos, including family photos. I think I have 4-5 albums of just ages 1-3. I think having a large number of photos for the couple’s first born is normal. Having photos for the family is normal. There is an inconsistency between “Those photos are private” and “All of those photos were ripped up” and “Only some were ripped up”. All cannot exist at the same time.

              BTW, I love the service men and women and appreciate their efforts. Thank your son and daughter on my behalf. I can’t believe Amy would call your daughter a stripper. So, Amy stripped? I need to poke around. To juicy to pass up. It’s like reading a gossip rag mag but better!

              How’s your pain doing, Carla? I saw on the other thread you still had pain. Post-surgical pain can be a beast and make it difficult to sleep. I found alternating extra strength tylenol with ibuprofen to be effective for my post-surgical pain.

            • I’m doing much better, getting back to my life finally. I have been back cooking which is what I love to do. The pain is much better now, I’m almost 2 weeks in and everyday is better. Thanks for thinking of me. I will tell the kids but it always embarrasses them when people say that, I tell them stand proud and accept the thanks. she would totally do it (strip) but her belly and boobs didn’t bounce back after her kids. Unlike Amy she can’t afford to have Dr. frankenstien operate, she is busy being a mother, unlike Amy again.

            • That is wonderful news about the pain subsiding. It is always good to begin returning to normal life with ever day tasks. I have friends that stripped when they were younger and for them it was a good fit. They enjoyed the money, their coworkers and the hours. I have nothing against strippers. I say do whatever makes you happy. I am glad your daughter thought Amy calling her a stripper was funny. I had a good laugh over that as well. Your kids should feel great pride and you as well for raising children that chose to be selfless in serving our country.

  9. tlc has 3 other reality shows coming out: the sister hood- about the lives of preacher’s wives, starter wives-celebrity exes, and gypsy sisters. i’ll probably cath the repeat of this show cause at 10 i watch mob wives. 2

      • It’s all good. Sometimes the comments get a little skinny and are hard to read hehe

        That tweet is hilarious!

        • After I read a few skinny comments my eyes start to cross, no matter how large I adjust the text on my screen!

          Yep, that Bryan has the goods on Missy, that’s for sure. Probably her hagalicious sisters too.

          • Speaking of Messy’s hag sisters, I was reading the back and forth tweets posted Bryan and her hag sister Kim.. I don’t have a twitter account, so I googled “Kim Pirella twitter” and two accounts came up. This is the one I clicked on first. I think she forgot to delete this one (it has a blue background). No new tweets on it since 2011 and I found it to be hysterical!


            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            @KyleRichards18 Hey its @melissagorga sister from RHONJ. Hows life hun? Loved the episode tonight

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            @BravoAndy Its Kim, @melissagorga sister. I THINK US MARCO SISTERS SHOULD GET THERE OWN SHOW #goodratings

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            @AdrienneMaloof Heyy this is Melissa Gorgas sister from RHONJ, can i get a retweet. IM A HUGE FAN

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            @BravoAndy Can me and @LysaSimpson come on the WWHL

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            @BravoAndy What do you have against us marco sisters?

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            Sorry for me and my sisters harassing you! Just leave Mel alone please

            and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE:

            Kim Pirrella ‏@kimpirella
            The reason @melissagorga doesn’t like Teresa is because @Teresa_Giudice did not let them on cameras for S1 and S2. It was rude, and not fair

            • She’s dillusional. These people could care less who Melissa Gorga is or who she is. I had to laugh how Teresa kept her off the show. Is there anything Teresa doesn’t get blamed for? She’s even drawn into a comment even if its not about her. Her 5 minutes is almost over.

            • Hey Barb! How are things in your neck of the shore? We’re back to speed up here, in Central NJ, but I have friends who aren’t doing so well down in Ocean Cty. It’s going to take a lot of time and if only congress was getting the heat like they did when Katrina hit. But I’m going to leave it there before I go off.

              Ya know? The Marco sisters really, really, really were famewhores right out of the gate and Kimmy’s abandoned twitter account just proves it.

              “Hey (insert Bravo reality tv personality) I’m @MelissaGorga sister. Can you retweet me/give/buy/let me have/do this for me?”

              She even told off Nene.

              Her active twitter account has some back and forth with someone (who does podcasts or pod something) and the other person says that Krazy Kimmy couldn’t believe (the podcast chick) was 51 when Kimmy isn’t even 40. I’m thinking that had to be a joke b/c not only does Kim Pirella look a really hard 50, she’s in her 40’s.

            • We aren’t doing as well. There was a poll last week to see if people were going to return and the negativity was high. High rents, not as much going on, some are afraid to rent due to mold. A lot are going further south. We will just have to take it one day at a time. I haven’t even been over there I’ve had business in Bergen County since Thanksgiving and only go home a week at a time and then back up here. This could go on for another couple of months. Where I use to go to take my pictures Holgate isn’t even open to the end of it and the trailer park isn’t opening again so a lot of people just lost what they had there. Some restaurants are open but one of my favs is still closed, The Bayberry Inn. We will have to see. There will be a shore but not as we knew it and as I knew it as a kid as we owned a home in Lavallette. Ortley is wiped. Just hopin and prayin.

            • Barb, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope in the coming months that folks do decide to return. What happened with Sandy is absolutely devastating. Prayers to all who continue to deal with it.

            • Everyone is optimistic and everyone is helping each other. It will be good….Thanks for thinking of those who were devastated. We were lucky, however we are all one here and helping each other. Many fundraisers and a lot of help. We don’t cry and we don’t go around tooting our horns we do it the old fashion way with LOVE.

            • I hear you. I just found out today that friends of my parents were out of the country when Sandy hit (I knew they had moved a few years back but didn’t know they retired to the shore, I thought they went to FL). When they came home, there was none. All they had with them was their warm weather vacation clothing. Everything was washed away including their house & cars. They have kids in the area but the kids didn’t think Sandy was going to be “so bad” so they didn’t pack up any of their parents stuff or move their cars. I’m sending my prayers!

            • It’s bad and it will never ever be the same. I sent MsSH a video today. If she chooses to use it you will see it first hand as it is now. It’s very sad indeed. :-( Just the Jersey shore

            • The Marco witches are definitely the photo that should be placed next to the word famewhore. I’m including JoGo in there as well since he’s a Marco. Kim’s old twitter account is absolutely nuts. The paddy wagon better get to her house stat and take her away. Craaaaaaaazy!

  10. Say what you want but Frances’ story was touching. Her husband abandoned her for a younger woman. She is beautiful like many of you surely are. I mean, dammit, Made P, you are stunning and obviously you have a charismatic personality. If your hubby “traded you in” you’d be more than fine cause that’s him, not you. Frances, unfortunately, has scars inside. Too bad none of you were around to tell her that it’s all on him and he is sub-human.

    • Frances’ ex-husband sounds like a major douchebag for leaving her for a younger woman.

      You are right on in saying that if a man does that, it’s his issues. Too many women blame themselves for cheating, etc. No way, that’s the result of major issues coming from that person. Total douchebaggery.

  11. I think Demi Moore needs to be on Plastic Wives. I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel and she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. It was horrible.

  12. Plastic Wives already sounds like a more interesting concept than SCR. Then again, had high hopes for SCR and after the first two episodes, it became very dark and the twitter war between cast mates was boring along with other off-screen drama. I hope these Plastic Wives handle themselves with more grace and tact.

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