SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Adrienne Maloof “Rod’s Son Eats in LV… But, Not At ThePalms”…RHONY “Production Start Stalled”… Camille Grammer “Drag Race Judge”…Carole Radziwill “Book By Bravo”…

RHONY Luann Heather Pirate SH

The NYDailyNews:

The “Real Housewives of New York City” have turned into a bunch of nail-biting nervous Nellies whose futures on the show are in limbo.

“They are getting the runaround from the Bravo network about the new season,” a show insider tells Confidenti@l. Bravo is always secretive about the drama leading up to filming, but we hear from a source that it’s worse than ever now, and the ladies feel “tortured” by their bosses.


RHOBH Camille

Camille Grammer is scheduled to be a judge on the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race… and spoke with former contestant, Willam…

NOTE:  Still think Manila Luzon was robbed!


Carole book

Carole Radziwill clarified that her latest book… available via Amazon… which is a compilation of her RHONY episode reviews aka Carole’s BravoBlogs, was not her idea!

Carole tweet book

Carole tweeted that Bravo owns all of the Housewives words submitted to Bravo.  Apparently, Bravo loved Carole’s witty words so much that they are willing to bet that HWs watchers purchase them all put together in book form!

NOTE:  We love Carole!  Carole is one of the most intelligent Housewives… and Carole is “highly-educated” too!… and we are happy to know that this book was not Carole’s self-indulgence sparking this idea.  If this is a test by Bravo, they should stop immediately.  Carole’s was the only BravoBlog written which drew the attention of literate Bravo viewers.  If Bravo really thinks that, based on the sales of Carole’s “Madcap Adventures as a RHONY” book, other BravoBlogBooks will sell, Bravo really needs to take a step back and actually READ some of the other Housewives BravoBlogs!   Stop with Carole’s book, Bravo… otherwise, you will be embarrassing yourself!   OOPS!  Nevermind!  The word “embarrassing” has never prevented Bravo from pushing anything!


nene sanford pg


adrienne sean pg

PeopleMagazine is reporting that Rod Stewart’s child… aka Adrienne Maloof’s “casual dating material”… was out and about in Las Vegas.  Without **GASP** Adrienne!!

Lil Sean also dined at Planet Hollywood, which is located in Caesar’s Palace!  Holy cow… don’t any of these Housewives-related people EVER visit the Maloof’s place, ThePalms?

People gave a complete rundown of what LilSean consumed!

Top Chef contestant Carla Pellegrino prepared Italian delights for the pair, which included starters such as baby arugula salad, the eatery’s popular Garbage Salad (which features salami, pepperoni and two different cheeses), mushroom risotto and macaroni and cheese.

For the main course, the men enjoyed chicken meatballs with classic tomato sauce, classic meatballs with spicy meat sauce, veggie meatballs with pesto sauce and a half-tray of pizza topped with artichokes, parmesan, prosciutto and black olives. Stewart also took a half-tray of margherita pizza to-go.

NOTE:  “Garbage salad”?  Sounds very appetizing!  Maybe the “to-go” pizza was for Adrienne!

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