SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Adrienne Maloof “Rod’s Son Eats in LV… But, Not At ThePalms”…RHONY “Production Start Stalled”… Camille Grammer “Drag Race Judge”…Carole Radziwill “Book By Bravo”…

RHONY Luann Heather Pirate SH

The NYDailyNews:

The “Real Housewives of New York City” have turned into a bunch of nail-biting nervous Nellies whose futures on the show are in limbo.

“They are getting the runaround from the Bravo network about the new season,” a show insider tells Confidenti@l. Bravo is always secretive about the drama leading up to filming, but we hear from a source that it’s worse than ever now, and the ladies feel “tortured” by their bosses.


RHOBH Camille

Camille Grammer is scheduled to be a judge on the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race… and spoke with former contestant, Willam…

NOTE:  Still think Manila Luzon was robbed!


Carole book

Carole Radziwill clarified that her latest book… available via Amazon… which is a compilation of her RHONY episode reviews aka Carole’s BravoBlogs, was not her idea!

Carole tweet book

Carole tweeted that Bravo owns all of the Housewives words submitted to Bravo.  Apparently, Bravo loved Carole’s witty words so much that they are willing to bet that HWs watchers purchase them all put together in book form!

NOTE:  We love Carole!  Carole is one of the most intelligent Housewives… and Carole is “highly-educated” too!… and we are happy to know that this book was not Carole’s self-indulgence sparking this idea.  If this is a test by Bravo, they should stop immediately.  Carole’s was the only BravoBlog written which drew the attention of literate Bravo viewers.  If Bravo really thinks that, based on the sales of Carole’s “Madcap Adventures as a RHONY” book, other BravoBlogBooks will sell, Bravo really needs to take a step back and actually READ some of the other Housewives BravoBlogs!   Stop with Carole’s book, Bravo… otherwise, you will be embarrassing yourself!   OOPS!  Nevermind!  The word “embarrassing” has never prevented Bravo from pushing anything!


nene sanford pg


adrienne sean pg

PeopleMagazine is reporting that Rod Stewart’s child… aka Adrienne Maloof’s “casual dating material”… was out and about in Las Vegas.  Without **GASP** Adrienne!!

Lil Sean also dined at Planet Hollywood, which is located in Caesar’s Palace!  Holy cow… don’t any of these Housewives-related people EVER visit the Maloof’s place, ThePalms?

People gave a complete rundown of what LilSean consumed!

Top Chef contestant Carla Pellegrino prepared Italian delights for the pair, which included starters such as baby arugula salad, the eatery’s popular Garbage Salad (which features salami, pepperoni and two different cheeses), mushroom risotto and macaroni and cheese.

For the main course, the men enjoyed chicken meatballs with classic tomato sauce, classic meatballs with spicy meat sauce, veggie meatballs with pesto sauce and a half-tray of pizza topped with artichokes, parmesan, prosciutto and black olives. Stewart also took a half-tray of margherita pizza to-go.

NOTE:  “Garbage salad”?  Sounds very appetizing!  Maybe the “to-go” pizza was for Adrienne!

(Thanks to SH readers “GF” PMG” “FLPhil”!!!)

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53 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Adrienne Maloof “Rod’s Son Eats in LV… But, Not At ThePalms”…RHONY “Production Start Stalled”… Camille Grammer “Drag Race Judge”…Carole Radziwill “Book By Bravo”…

  1. I hope PT and phoney countess get the boot. Cuz as it is i will not be tuning in any longer.
    Did anyone actually buy Carole’s book?

    • I knew there was somethin’ up with Carole Radzwills blogs being sold in book form…I just knew it!
      I loved reading Carole’s blogs, and intentionally only ever left one comment to her, on her last blog. Thanking her for the “witty read” all season; that she reminds me the most of the New York I grew up with, love and miss. Heck, I enjoyed Carole’s blogs more then the show itself!
      A big thank you goes out to Carole for clarifying that Blavo is the one making the MONEY!

    • The Countess is the most probable candidate to be axed, as she has virtually no story line. Although I find PT terribly hard to watch (and her cringe worthy father even more so) I would be surprised if she was kicked off, as she brought the drama in St. Barts.

    • Loved reading Carole’s blogs, but would never buy a book of her blogs. When I read on SH that her blogs were being sold in book form, I had a gut feeling blavo had THEIR hand in “that” cookie jar. Should of realized…. they owned the jar and the cookies!

      • I know that’s not the case, but other folks might not realize it and think “That’s what panic disorder looks like. Eeeeeek!”

  2. Camile and Ru Paul kind of look alike, No? I found Carole some what whitty as a writer, but buy her book? Nope,

    • I am thinking that since her husband left her in the middle of doing a play where he cross dressed I am sure this judging gig will give Camille ample opportunity to get in a few jabs on Kelsey. But not the “selfish” kind…

    • Camille doesn’t look as good in those pics, she needs to leave the ‘work’ off….why do these women have all these cosmetic surgeries that render them unrecognizable after so many of them. Looks like she has done a lot to her face, and she didn’t need work done,

  3. So glad about Carole’s latest “book” just being a thing meant for friends, she’s one of only 3 housewives I actually like, and that flipped me for a minute yesterday. Liked her muuuch even before her stint on RHONY due to her first book “What Remains” and and interview I caught at the time. Very good book, very cool chick!

    • Also glad to know it was a “book” meant for friends at Christmas….cute idea! Stinks that Blavo is the one making the money off of her words!
      Wonder if Carole is even interested in returning to rhony next season? Caught her on wwhl once; Miss Mandy seemed intimidated by her and I SOooo enjoyed seeing THAT!

      • TA, Ktgirl dunno for sure, but think chances are very good. There’s a comment on Carole’s website/homepage (think it’s a tweet just written in her own handwriting) Can’t read who she replying to, but she says: (So and So) @BravoTV “Low bar, jokes even sailed over LuAnn’s head and she’s 6 ft. tall!” (Dated today) Can’t really imagine her hangin’ out with LuAnn without it pertaining to the show, lol! Keepin’ fingers crossed, not sure I’d watch too often if she’s not, gettin’ burned out!

  4. Her blogs were funny, but to buy a book, not… She annoyed me when she would talk of the Kennedy’s… We didn’t care who she was close to, it was about New York, not who you knew..I’m about finished with all these shows… Watching BH, I’m exhausted. And NeNe, she is so over the top, that show has become nasty… Can’t watch it.. Jersey, I will not watch unless Ms SH, tells me that the strippers, and idiots, are going down, until then, I’ll be lurking here as always.. :)

    • Her talk was very real, gave the fans some insights as to what happened and how she felt, and told us more about her then we could have gotten from gossip magazines/sites since they are notoriously very private. The best part of what Carole said when she did talk, was that she didn’t feel the need to mention last names. I remember standing in front of a TV when I was supposed to be at the first desk of the hotel I was working out, believing that John and Caroline’s plane was going to be found and all was well, even as the realization that it wasn’t going to happen set in. I have never met a Kennedy, but the pain of that loss was just so real at the time, it was interesting to hear someone on the inside speak of how devastating the loss truly was.

  5. Carole may be educated and a professional writer prior to her RHONY casting, but I found her blogs as annoying and grating as her voice. She wasn’t as clever as she thought she was. It seemed to me that the reason she accepted to be on the show was to write a book about her experiences. That’s why it’s no surprise that it happened. IF production is stalled for NYC, hopefully, there are 2nd thoughts of recasting Aviva and her pervert father (GrossGeorge). RaMOANa could be deleted as well. I just can’t stand her volatility, cackling and demands.

    • Oh, I so disagree. Her blogs were wonderfully biting, hilariously insightful, and enormously enjoyable to read each and every week. I was sad when the last one was posted, and really hope she is brought back for a second season. However, I do agree that Ramona is past her expiration date, and I’ve had enough of her husband as well. She should have gone when Jill Zarin was kicked to the curb.

  6. PT and her pervert father are absolutely nauseating. I want to reach through the tv screen and slam their heads together. I like Carole a lot too. She is a refreshing addition to the show.

  7. I always looked forward to Caroles blogs, I appreciated her sense of humor and her take on her other castmates! To buy a book of her blogs? Nah I will pass I have her first book waiting for me to read I will get to it eventually!

    • I think you’ll really like it if you like her Sapphirelady, although it’s not much like her blogs. Of course the subject matter is totally different. It’s really touching without being overly sentimental or schmaltzy–makes you feel like you were there :-(

  8. So does thins mean I can offer my yearly Christmas newsletter up on Amazon for sale and have all my friend and family just get it thata way? Sure would save on stamps. :)

    • You might orta try it Made, you know they have the little sample page for their books/letters, you might make a pretty penny for real as hilarious as you are! Been known to happen, there’s a few indie authors actually makin’ mucho dinero that way. Seriously, think about it girl.

        • Just go to amazon dot com and and hit the drop-down on the upper left, hit books on it. Then in the seach engine (right where the drop down is) write in in indie authors, indie books, any variation. Go to the author’s pages on any of the books too (by hitting author’s name on their book page) some of them have blogs that’ll give you info. Also there are booklets for sale to help, but read the reviews first.

          • Also at the bottom of the book pages you’ll see a “discussions” area. It’ll show a couple of discussions on that page, but if you hit the word (if it hasn’t changed) it’ll take you to all the book discussions. A lot of indie authors post in those. Also a lot of independent book discussions and authors on the kindle book area. Hit Kindle on the drop down on the main page, then hit kindle books (don’t have to write anything in the spacebar) when that page shows up you will see the word “discussions” around the top under the spacebar. Hit that and it will take you there.

            • You owe me no thanks Made are you kidding me??? I seriously don’t know what I’d have done without you in my hours of need, lol but true!! <3 Not to mention all the great laughs :-) I'm just thrilled you're thinking about it, honestly hope you go through with it! Just don't get so busy with it all that you for get us at Stoopidhousewives you hear??!! Crazy easy to lose some hours over there, without actually doing any writing (I'm a Kindle free book freak, or was 'til i started spending time here :-) ) I know good things are coming of this Made!!! <3

            • Tank you. I got ideas but it will just be a matter of focusing on one and sticking with it. This site is special. First one I have ever been part of and its truly amazing to see the deep friendships that are created here because we end up sharing personal accounts in order to justify our opinions on these HWs. At least I do. Something very profound happens when you pray for someone you know but have never laid eyes on. And I know that people have prayed for me at times. I feel it working in my life. Crazy how a machine full of wires and circuits connects us in more ways than one.

            • That was beautiful, incredibly sweet and very profound on your part, Made. I’m sure it’s bound to be much appreciated and will surely touch everyone on this board. I know you brought tears to my eyes, and I’m still a newbie really. Cannot imagine how all of you must feel about each other. And you truly hit the jackpot with this being your first site. It had to be meant to be Made, as totally silly and trite as that must sound. I’ve only been a part of one other site, it shut down about four years ago. Never found another I was interested in until this one. Some have caught my eye, and many, many more did not. If you go looking around, no matter how cool you may think a blog is, I’d advise you to lurk around for several weeks more than you think you need to. And it’ll take awhile (unless your amazing luck keeps up, that is!) before you’ll even find any you’re truly interested in. Takes special bloggers and special folks, and apparently it’s extremely rare that they find each other. Four years, not kidding. Because my experience has been the peeps all go total apechit for real, on each other after very little time at all. Not kidding, lol! They become control freaks about the threads, the peeps, the posts, you name it. Turn into 2 yr olds, no lie. Happens all over the internet. NOT trying to discourage you!!! Just lettin’ you know this place is every bit as rare as you already know in your heart. :-) Now about your new career :-) I honestly believe something is going to come of this for you Made. You absolutely have the talent, and your sense of humor, well, that’s just the gravy, the dessert and the whipped topping and cherry on top of the main course. Well, that doesn’t sound exactly right, but you’re talent is one-of-a-kind, pure, and totally original. Lots of others have gotten into the indie game Made, so I wouldn’t encourage just anybody this way. Even though I realize my opinion doesn’t mean much, I know that anyone really interested in something can become encouraged and sometimes excited over anybody’s words to them. I don’t believe in false praise. I think it’s incredibly cruel. So, besides the talent, you have the intelligence, quickness, and business sense needed to make it. And I mean make it. There’s plenty of crap out there in the indie market now. And extremely few good ones. I honest to God have not found one that touches you, and I read obsessively, have for years. I think you’re going to sharpen your puppy teeth on this, and then go on to bigger and better things. Whether in the exact same field, or another part of it, I can’t tell. But I feel it in my bones, that this is going to lead to something that’s going to excite, surprise and fulfill you girl. You mark my words, Made

            • I’m beginning again to believe that maybe it does. And thanks so much for your words. Because the truth is, I realize I don’t fit in here. Always did. It’s why I took so long to post after I fell in love with the place. I know I’m far from the sharpest tack in the box, and this site is full of the sharpest around. I know I’m here because you all let me be, out of the kindness of all your huge hearts. That I’m more like the goofy (though not necessarily cute, lol!) mascot for the football team, for lack of a better metaphor. This is not me feeling sorry for myself!!! I accepted what is happening to my brain a long time ago. And I really do feel blessed to have have found this place, these people. And that I get to hang with you all as well. And hey, even though the old noodle is going more and more limp, I’ve still got the ability to see the intelligence, clarity, coolness, love and snarkability in the best!!! And that makes me happy too. I used to use Michael Jordan as the example when it first started being noticeable, and people wondered how a person could recognize in others what they no long have themselves. Everybody does it, in a way. You know, you might not be able able to play a lick of basketball yourself, but when you see Michael on the floor, you know you’re watching magic!!!

            • Thank you, MsSH!! Do not know the words to tell you what this means to me, but somehow I have a feeling you already know <3 <3 <3 Literally cannot wait for Made to see this–for her to see you've always seen those same things in her, that you know what her future holds!!! And of course, we'll all be able to say we knew her when, and you'll be able to add you gave her her start!! :-) An absolutely beautiful night…Thanks again MsSH, for all of it.

  9. Carole is great. Pretty cool Lady. If I had to pick a RH to get stuck in an elevator with…

    Always loved some Rod Stewart…probably have 5 of his albums. His kid sure appears to be lost though! :( Also, that vehicle is unlikely to be his. What young person would pick the extended wheelbase aka Suburban based loooong Cadillac? Is he driving Adrienne’s vehicle? Cuz if he is, then he’s likely driving it on home as well, iffa U get my drift. ;)

  10. I too hope that they do not invite Adiva back. If they do I will not be watching that porn show with her and her father again I had to get up and take a shower every time they showed him and his huge dentures. And, her husband was pretty disgusting also with his name calling.

    • NY is out for me, too, if PT and her perverted daddy are back…..not to mention all of her phobias! I’m done with Miami, they are all ridiculous. I’m done with NJ, for the same reason, all of them are crazy. IF they keep parading NayNay as having “Arrived” and she’s a “STAR” and this is her “New Normal”….I’m done with that show, too. I don’t intend to spend a season watching her and Gregg plan an over the hill wedding just because Kim had one, as a matter of fact, I don’t think they ever broke up, she just didn’t want to help him pay off those debts she run up trying to keep up with the Jones and being a “rich bitch”……I’d respect her more if she did it like Theresa did, even though Theresa intended to do the same thing, but got caught in the porky pies she told. I understand ppl getting in a financial bind and having to file bankruptcy, but when you know they spent the money on thousand dollar shoes and purses, clothes, new noses, and bs like that….then it’s very offensive to ppl who really have problems from lack of jobs, etc’. I’m not liking the digs NayNay is making toward Phaedra and Kandi, either because they don’t act like her sheat don’t stink….she clearly wants to see them both fired, imo. I don’t look for Kandi to be back next season anyway, she has stopped blogging for awhile now. Plus, she doesn’t need the money, or the need to put up with NayNay’s smart ass every week. NayNay is ruing the show for me. BH’s is all I got left, hope nothing drastic happens there….oh, and I’m sick of OC..don’t care to see Tamball’s marry Ellie, and sure the heck don’t want to watch Vicki and Crooks another season. Funny how they end up together again right before the show starts, reckon Vicki is making his work off his debt to her with his baby mama’s…sign over his Bravo checks to her for the money she spent on him?

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