RHONJ DANIELLE STAUB: Jobless UK Teen Spends Welfare Money To Buy Twitter Followers “Wants To Be Just Like **GASP** Danielle Staub”!…

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WOW!   Just WOW!

An unemployed 19-year-old living in the UK has devoted his life (what there is of it) to becoming the next big “STAR”… even though he has zero talent!   This unemployed wannabe wants to be just like his idol… DANIELLE STAUB!

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According to TheSun Kieran Miller has fallen under the spell of believing that being a “reality” star is the way to go!

AND… what is the very first item required to becoming a “reality” star?  Everybody knows **said like Phaedra Parks** that the VERY first item on the list to becoming a “reality” star to make your presence known by BUYING followers on Twitter!

Kieran is spending his unemployment checks on just that!

“Kieran Miller, 19, has bought nearly 300,000 followers to boost his profile on the social networking site, at a cost of nearly £300.”

Kieran continues to say that he has no idea what he wants to become famous FOR and he admits that he has no special talent… but, that will not stop him, he just wants to be famous!   Kiernan has stopped looking for a J-O-B and is spending all his money and time on becoming “FAMOUS”!

“I don’t know if I can sing, dance or act or nothing, but it probably won’t stop me.

“I’ve been dreaming of this since I was 16, and nothing will stop me.”

Kieran, who lives with his unemployed mum Kelly Miller, 37, says his goal is to be like Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Danielle Staub.

He explained: “She’s getting people to follow her life just by being herself. She’s like an open book – that’s what I want to be.”

Note to Kiernan:  You should probably find out if you can sing… or act… or dance… first!    Good luck, Keirnan!   AND… keep buying your twitter followers… that has worked for many “reality” stars, including Danielle Staub!!

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