MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Jason Hoppy “Hoppin’ Mad”… Adrienne Maloof Goes To McDonald’s With Rod’s Kid!

RHONY BFrankel pg

The latest in BFrankel’s divorce is that her husband, Jason Hoppy, is not taking BFrankel’s divorce demands lightly and is fighting back!

RHONY BFrankel failure pg

BFrankel, who is reportedly worth between $25 million and $55 million, has filed legal docs asking for the following from Jason:

  • Child support … retroactive from the date she filed for divorce
  • Medical, dental, optical, therapeutic, and orthodontic expenses for HER and her child
  • Life insurance that makes both her and the kid beneficiaries

According to TMZ

Jason,  Bethenny Frankel’s estranged husband, has made it clear … he’s not going down without a fight in divorce court, because he’s gunning for exactly the same spoils Bethenny wants from him.   Jason is also asking to retain his primary residence, which BFrankel ALSO wants.


adrienne sean pg

This is VERY, VERY sad.

Rod’s kid returns from Las Vegas and takes Adrienne Maloof out for dinner… at McDonald’s!!

adrienne mcd arrow adrienne mcdon arrow adrienne mcdonalds arrow

NOTE:  Hope Rod’s kid picked up the tab for the trip to MickeyD’s!

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185 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Jason Hoppy “Hoppin’ Mad”… Adrienne Maloof Goes To McDonald’s With Rod’s Kid!

    • Well, now we can put to rest those paternity rumours. The oldest one looks like Joey, and the youngest one like Antonia. Not that we give a crap, but I guess you can’t get pregnant from giving your ex-boyfriend a blowjob.

      • Bulldog tweetet this:
        Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj

        I remember the Friday nite u said 2me stop seeing other girls or I will marry that millionaire.3months Lata you were married Lol shallistart

        Now I agree that Antonia is Gorga up one side and down the other for sure. At it does seem weird that someone (bulldog) that wouldn’t commit to her would continue to dingle his dangle with her throughout her ENTIRE marriage. The hairline on the baby looks suspect though. I smell a season 6 paternity test coming up. And the Gorgas are fame hungry enough to agree to do it too.

          • Yes and ya know the fuse was lit on that one by the sister saying something like”maybe you were invited by default” . Can I get two boy howdys and an I reckon so?

            • This sister? Looks like she’s doing more harm than good …
              @bulldog_nj: @JohnnyTheGrk I would think they would never wanna push me.kimP called my best friend yest begging him to talk to me not to say anything lol

            • She should never have alluded to him “losing his mind” Basically telegraphing that they would just claim his brain injury causes him to make stuff up.
              His past(and I am assuming that is drugs) he is being pretty honest about. And his newly clean life.
              I am assuming when MeGo lived with him he was balls deep in his addictions right along with her. And the sisters were prolly right there underfoot waiting for crumbs too. “That look” she be a tattletelling mofo and they sure nuff have it. IMO If MeGo jumped straight from Bulldog to JoGO then she really didn’t have time to get clean or stay clean. This is the perception anyways. The one that Tree KNEW we would eventually have.
              The Gorgas would prolly abide having an ex-stripper in-law but a drug addicted ex-stripper is a whole new ballgame. Especially considering that JoGo is one step away from the precipice of insanity himself. Making her the other of their grandchildren? tsk tsk.

            • Boy Howdeeeee! And 1 I reckon so much! Dang Made you are a lethal combination of wit. charm and logic not to mention deduction. Sherlock Holmes would have been working for you! Yikes! The Marco crones cannot keep it shut.

            • Well deserved Made. I stand beside you on this Marco/Bulldog thing.. There is a deep underbelly of darkness that is yet to be revealed that is far worse than a minor past relationship. IMO folks do some crazy stuff to get on reality shows never dreaming what will be revealed and the depths of the past that will step out of the shadows and come to light. Intelligent folks zip it and do not engage but MeGo does not realize how vulnerable she makes her family and her children. Everyone has a past but living better in future and making smarter choices is redemption. Wishing an ill person dead is inviting the darkness back into your life and constantly engaging in negativity is laying out the welcome mat.

            • I agree with Made n Aint P.( always w/AP), it was just a matter of time that those media whoring Marcos would start undoing themselves. Hit dawgs always holler – if he’s cray(per KimP.) why even respond? Why do damage control if that? There’s too much smoke here for there to be no fire, or at least burning embers. Loved Made’s precipice comment, too funny n too true. Im waiting for this lust for fame n them Roids he’s sucking down to take him over the precipice n into the beyond. Again, just a matter of time.

  1. Let’s hope that Hoppy put in for combat pay too.

    Ooooooo, the Maloofhoof went to MickeyDs? Beware the wrath of Chef Bernie! And after all he did for her, and the Hoof spits on his fine cuisine.

    • As evidenced by the last episode of BH, Adrienne does little more then push food around on her plate, so I’m thinking this trip to MickeyDs will not hurt Bernie too badly.

    • On the Howard Stern show they left an unwrapped McDonald’s cheeseburger on a desk for one exact year. While the thing was hard, there was no sign of mold anywhere, the meat looked perfect as did the cheese. There was never a foul odor. Eat well, Adrienne. By the way, if you are going to go for a young guy, skip the pudgy, butt-ugly, flannel and sneaker wearing loser types.

  2. I am LOL because I am putting together some lectures with youtube videos for my chemistry students. I found a trippy video about electron orbitals and after the video was done, the top suggested video was “Faye attacks Brandi.” Ha! Even quantum chemistry has a housewife connection.

    Okay, back to work and then I will read all the great stuff on SH. :) Hope everyone is having a great day!

    • lol. Have fun with the sciencey stuff my dear. I am sure you will come up with some pretty interesting stuff. Quantum chemistry

        • Youre welcome. Still have a hard time wrapping my mind around what quantum means and I watched a documentary once called “what the bleep do we know” and more confused than ever.

          • I saw that documentary too. I understood most of it but it still had me scratching my head. The quantum stuff is a little b.s. Lots of “probability”, no absolute certainty. I am honest with students and tell them they will never need to know this in real life and the only reason I teach it is because it is on the course competencies set by the university. :D

            • …and because I am not much of a sheeple, I buck the system and try to shake it up to make the course relevant to what students actually need to know (i.e. how to critically think with available information). Memorizing equations you can look up in a book is pointless. Come to think of it, I’m surprised my bucking the system hasn’t gotten me fired. lol

            • Hahahahaha. Sorta like our suppositions about these HWs. Quantum opinions? Is that even possible? what if I only THINK I have an opinion? If an opinion happens in the Tennessee woods does anyone else hear it? Is SH the fifth dimension to interstate understanding? Do yall exists? I see your words so you “probably” do but what if I am alone on this planet and I just cant see it? bahahhahahahahaha. Aint you glad I am not in your class? Can you imagine the time I would take up with all my suppositions. Endless really. What if water is not? Not that it doesnt exist but just that it is not? No I aint high.

            • ROFL!!! I love it! I love putting joke questions on exams. “What is the probabilty you are in this room? What if you are not actually in this room? Does your grade exist?” The answers are funny. I’ve seen diagrams of people on Spring Break alongside a diagram of the student in the classroom. I LOL because I believe they are thinking about Spring Break boozin’ vacations all semester. I bet they would love existing in two places at once in that case. Boozin’ it up all semester long. Quantum!

  3. Jason Hoppy is hoppin’ mad. This is about to get really nasty. I guess Jason isn’t going to roll over and play dead. Cannot quite comprehend why Bethenny came out of the gate guns blazing with almost irrational demands ( considering her net worth) and didn’t play nice. At the end of the day the attorneys will drag this out and line their pockets like paupers at a money parade . Bethenny and Jason will play this out in the tabloids and air their dirty linen and humiliate themselves. Why not sit down and settle it quickly and quietly and do whats best for their child? If Bethenny was such a wonderful business woman she would know better than to engage in this nonsense .

        • She has 100x more money than Jason, must already have insurance and everything from Jim beam as an employee, why be so petty BF. learn from the school of cruise and Holmes. Adios, please chime in with any feedback you’ve got on this.

          • Bethenny is not an employee of Beam , she has some sort of consultant status, this position doesn;t come up with benefits or any of the sort and her employment with Warner Brothers doesn’t start until September. Holmes had to leave with nothing becuase she signed a prenup, but she got to keep primary custody so Tom Cruise has to pay child support. Nothing of what Bethenny and/or Jason have requested is uncommon, it is what any divorce lawyer would have asked filed.

            • Except for the insurance policy. I would have serious issues with getting a policy with Bethenny as the beneficiary. People have killed someone for the insurance money. Is Bethenny expecting to need the money?

            • But that is exactly what Jason is requesting as well, which is not uncommon at all among wealthy people, they want the child to keep up certain life style if one of the parents dies and until the child reaches 18, the other one can be the trust fund manager. If anybody should be frightful that could be Bethenny, she worths much more than him.

            • No one knows what Katie Holmes did or didn’t walk away with, all that was disclosed was the child support. I highly doubt Katie Holmes was not paid for being a Tom cruise beard for 5 years, I’m sure there wasa separate agreement for all of it. As for BF its strange that the bread winner with much more than her spouse is asking for anything, she should shut Jason up and settle quickly, so I don’t think it’s so normal for a woman in BFs position to be asking for life insurance, or health insurance for herself

            • It is not uncommon if you are a middle class couple with two careers and living in suburbia. We are not discussing that couple. BF and JH are a high profile couple who have entertainment careers plus sudden wealth , great wealth that puts them in the upper classes financially. How will this affect Bryn? Future playmates? The ability to breach the hedgerow of fancy private schools and the circles Bryn will socialize in? You do not live in a palatial NY apt and go to PS 51. Also why be miserly when you can well afford a settlement that is fair and judicious to everyone involved? Why go after Jason with a sledgehammer when a checkbook will do. Trust. At the end of the day she will realize she could have resolved this quickly, with decency and fairness. They would all have moved on and been richer for having done so in all ways. Instead only the attorneys going to be richer . It’s in the attorneys best financial interest to drag this out rather than make it go away.

            • ITA with everyone’s views on the Holly’s..ain’t pittypat,lexv,Bubbies ..I feel sorry for all of them…even B who I am not a fan of….sad!!!

            • I’m really surprised by part of this comment.
              Katie Holmes did have a prenup, a pretty darn iron clad prenup too…her Dad is an attorney. Her Dad wasn’t going to take any chances with his daughter’s future; he made sure of that by putting it in writing in their prenup. No risk of losing any future children and her share of deserved monies, should a divorce be in their future. Katie was well protected pre that marriage.
              The protection & security of Katie & Suri’s future was handled before the divorce attorney was needed. Katie’s Dad dun’ good!!!!

          • @ GF I have, check my comments. Bitchenny may not have health insurance from Beam but she can easily afford private insurance and she has to provide for her direct employees so she can easily, and probably is , be covered under the same company that her direct employees are covered.

            All Jason wants is his daughter and the ability to be a true parent that participates and makes decisions regarding her health and welfare and to be able to love her without having to jump through Bitchenny’s hoops first. He could care less – in fact – never did care, about fame or fortune. What is happening is his worst nightmare coming to life. He could give a rats ass about public perception, he just wants to parent his child in peace outside of the public domain.

            • @ adios: BBF is being a neuritic fool and continues her quest for fame.
              I read that BBF hired the same divorce attorney that Katie Holmes used; doesn’t mean squat! BBF is a fame.. you know what.
              Katie Holmes “Dad” was one that made sure his daughter was fully protected before marrying sleezy T.C.
              Good for Jason for fighting to keep Bryn!

    • Go figure … I think Bethenny and Larry David would make a good couple. He would give her a major dose of her own medicine. They would blow each others’ minds!!

    • Aint, I totally agree with you, but from watching Betheny…..I think she likes attention so much that she’ll drag it all out for display. Her requests from him are ridiculous to start with, he’d be left with nothing to live on if he had to do all she wanted…sorta like, she don’t want him, but she don’t want no one else to have him either. I can’t say if I was Jason, I’d fight her to the bitter end, too. I think Betheny has what so many of the HW’s seem to get, they think they have more ‘fans’ than they actually have and the public will have sympathy for her just for that reason. She just doesn’t seem to get how quick the viewers will turn on them when they start acting like asses. She’s the one who found someone else and wants out of the marriage, I’ve never thought Jason seemed to be a money hungry person or was ever into the marriage for money or to be filmed. It’s clear she has no business being the sole caregiver of the child for the simple fact she has an eating disorder(looks like she got from her mom), or she needs to have her health checked out…..coming from a skinny person myself, it’s NOT healthy to be as skinny as she is. My doctor is fussing at me right now for my weight being so low from bad health…I weighed in at 95lbs the other day, but it’s not because I think skinny looks good!
      I believe Betheny will really be screwing up if she doesn’t come to her senses and sit down and work it out with Jason…it’s not like her life is not on film to see who is the most unreasonable of the two. I think her friend, Julie, who moved after Betheny got money, will be on Jason’s side, too. I think Julie was very happy to finally get away from Betheny when she went back home and quit her job….she looked too relieved to have been happy working for Beth, even though Beth had finally gotten rich. Looks like Beth is on the stingy side, and Julie probably knew she was still going to be working for peanuts no matter how much Beth was worth. I’m so disappointed with Beth, she sure had me fooled for awhile.

      • And the nanny GIna too. I caught a rerun the other day where Gina went back to visit and Bethany starts crying at the table and i got the feeling Gina was totally over her crying all the time. “Dont do this again” or something to that effect. And as she was leaving Bethanny said I love you. Gina didnt return it.

        • Made, is Gina the nanny that Barfy left Bryn in her care if anything happened to her and Jason?? I quit watching the show because I really disliked the way she treated Jason.

        • Most employees leave Bitchenny because she’s too demanding and has too many issues. She expects her entourage to care for her like family. The problem is that they are essentially hired help and NOT her actual family. Bitchenny blurs the boundaries all the time and wonders why her employees jump ship, screaming…

          • Bitchenny has no family. And if you remember, Ramona and Bitchenny walked over the Brooklyn Bridge together and Ramona said you have no friends. Bitchenny did hustle Gloria, Jill Z’s mother, for sympathy. Gloria said she would always be there for her. Well, Bitchenny ain’t there for Gloria.

      • Holey: 95 lbs?? I’m only 5′ tall and that would be thin for me. I hope you feel better and can gain some weight and strength. Are you taking supplement drinks (like Ensure)? When I get sick, i quickly begin to lose weight and I don’t want to eat or drink, but the Ensure has been a lifesaver. I hope you feel better!!

        By the way, I agree about Betheny not wanting anyone else to have Jason if she can’t have him too. This is exactly how my husband’s ex-wife was with him!! She put in so many stipulations in their divorce agreement about the possibility of him living with a female!! So strange!!!!!!!! So possessive.

        • Boosts are better b/c per volume has more nutritional content. They’re literally life-savers in my world. Also if you’re always having wt. issues the obvious is to check your thyroid, but should also have you noradreneline, or norepinephrine levels looked at. Beta blockers could help you quite a bit.

          as for Beth, whatever happened to Nick? I actually really liked Nick…

      • Holey, Have you had your thyroid tested? hyperthyroidism
        causes you to lose weight among other symptoms. I hope you feel better soon.

        • That’s exactly what happened to me… I started to lose so much weight, I got down to 90 lbs… It was my thyroid… I had a tumor… Had to go to U OF M hospital… Get you’re thyroid checked… Everyone thinks that you want to lose the weight, that can be just as bad as putting on weight… They had me on Ensure too done, but I found it so hard to keep down… I hated the taste of it…

    • I’m wondering why he should have to get a life insurance policy with Bethenny has the beneficiary? Shouldn’t it simply be his child?

        • When I got divorced I had to maintain a Life insurence policy with my child until she was 18 But i could make the beneficiy anyone I chose to. Its pretty standard in Divorces

          • ITA!!! It’s one thing to put a life Ins. policy in his child’s name but one in bulimic BF aka BBF is ridiculous! If BBF (to wizard of oz theme) “only had a brain” she would smarten up and follow Tom C’s “acceptance” and just NOT fight what is right!

    • Bitchenny’s “strategy” is probably a good offense is a good defense. However, any judge would laugh her skinny ass right out of court considering HER demands are too demanding. Considering her financial worth, she is not reasonable. Doesn’t she realize that most sane viewers (or fans of that emaciated loud mouth) would not remain on her side in this divorce. She has played her game wrong. She was too transparent in that she used Jason as a sperm donor and not much else. Jason ought to fight for physical custody because Bitchenny is mentally unbalanced.

  4. Poor Jason….he was castrated the day they got married. She’s been pushing him around forever. The thought of her asking for such a settlement is ridiculous. I certainly understand child support, and medical expenses for the child, but the rest is nonsense. I wonder what got her panties in such a wad?

    • I bet he wants primary custody of the daughter, and I really don’t blame him. Jason does seem like a normal person with very loving parents to help with his child, and Bethenny has had issues since she first showed up on television. I think motherhood to her is more like how many cute clothes and toys the daughter has, all the things that Bethenny wanted…which turns out to be money and material things. jmo

      • I think Bethenny’s biggest fear is that Bryn will be raised by Jason’s parents, not Jason. I am a Bethenny fan, and this whole divorce thing playing out in the media is shocking to me. It’s not what I would have expected from either of these people, and makes me wonder what else might be coming. It is shaking my faith in B, but I’m holding out hope that this is all just tabloid nonsense. Fingers crossed…

        • I think that Bethenny thought this could be friendly but Jason has been holding back and forced her to present her proposal first. i don’t find any of their requests unusual except for Jason asking for the apartment, Bethenny had collected clips about her favorite items for an dreamt apartment since she was 16, she decorated that apartment according to what she always dreamt of and now Jason wants to keep it. I hope he doesn’t get it. As far as custody I am sure they will work out some sort of split custody that would be the best for Bryn.

        • bryn is by far better off with the hoppy’s. she’ll have a shot at being normal and not ending up like b and her mom.

          • ok I know I’m biased because I do like Bethenny but…saying that Bryn’s only shot at being normal comes from being raised by her grandparents is a little harsh, no? Bethenny always seemed like a good (if a little over protective) mom to me.

            • When was that? She was so busy flitting from one interview to another from the second she gave birth. She used Bryn as an accessory (like a Louis Vuittan bag), IMO. Bryn would be better off with grounded, normal people, who don’t consider the Margarita as a health drink.

  5. Oh jeese Blechenny, way too make yourself look petty. People with millions should not argue over who pays for their kid’s healthcare, I mean come on!! There are broke women out there who need the courts to work on their needs, ain’t nobody got time to argue over who pays for Bryn’s BCBS.

    • …and I see that she wants Jason to pay HER med bills too!? Wtf girl, get your new man to pay for your shrink if you are that cheap.

      • I think it should go the other way around. Jason will require MAJOR therapy after discovering he was used like a stud and then discarded. Bitchenny can well afford to pay all of Jason’s medical fees until the end of time. After all, since Jason worked for HER, he should receive severance pay.

  6. Oh crap.Nothing sets my teeth on edge like watching a sugar momma trying to make her bought n paid for peckerboy feel like a big man by letting him drive her car!!! I hate that.

    • I noticed that too. Kandi sure hated being called out for that very same thing at the reunion. I wish I knew the script for how this familiar scenario plays out. I bet it goes something like this. “O.K. (boyfriends name goes here) let’s go to (where ever) get in the car.” “I don’t want to go (pouting).” “Why?!!” ” Because everyone will see us driving around in YOUR car and their going to say, look at his sugar Mama driving her little bitch around and I’m SICK of it.” ” I’m not sure this is going to work, I’m leaving!” “OH NO!! You can drive!!! Would you like it if I buy you your own car? You can pick whatever you want and it will be yours and you can always drive.” “O.K.(more pouting)” I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.

      • I bet you are right. Also these women pretty much KNOW whats happening but they think that it makes them look more traditional to sit in that passengers seat. But everybody knows whose car that is so its really silly.

      • honestly? LMAO I hope it doesn’t go like that! The boy toy comes from money-I doubt his car is any less impressive. But guys like to drive cool cars. I just assume they were going out, he (of course) would be driving, and HE said, can we take YOUR car? I’d love to drive it.
        What shocks ME is that they would go to a McDonald’s!! Even if I went every DAY, I’d never go again after being cast on a reality show. Especially if I was RICH! That stuff is so bad for you…maybe the boy toy is loosening Adrienne up lol

  7. With those demands Jason best have B drug tested b/c she’s smoking crack.
    So true about peckerboy driving A’s Escalade. No denying she’s buying his company. If she wants young and dumb she should find someone better looking.

    • And it totally looks like in one of those pics that he is turning to her to get the money to pay for the Mickey D’s. What in the crap is A gonna eat from McDonalds? I saw something the other day that said “Going to McDonald for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug”

        • Yeah I bet that’s what it was. Water. Cant believe he is living with her and her kids. Now if Brianna was her daughter she would tell some hometruths for sure.

          • Now that’s an idea! Bravo should do a show where Brianna goes in and deals with rouge housewives that have gotten eaten up with the game and forgot this is all play and started taking their t.v. lives seriously. They send in Brianna to burst their bubble and bring them back down to earth. Let’s start with the Manzoids!

            • I would so watch Brianna ride in on the truth train and give them all a Big Ole Come To Jesus. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

            • That was hysterical. They should do a ‘couples-counseling’ using her, although I love the ‘goes in and deals with rouge housewives…great line. But so far there are three men who’re shady, theres the Original-Slade, then there’s I’m a hugger-Brooks, and now this dude!! I would love to see something come of that…

    • Bethenny and everybody else know that her demands are outrageous and ridiculous. They are all fabricated for effect. Its all part of the legal game. It’s her lawyers way to not have Jason take half of her fortune.

      • There is a civilized way of doing this without getting petty. They have a prenup in place he can’t take half her fortune.

        • He should be just fine with marital assets and money acquired during the marriage. I am sure what pissed him off was the primary custody. And the life insurance. Yeah, I’m sure in 20 yrs. he is gonna want to have Bethanny as his beneficiary. I think she wants this war to stay relevant, like ever reality fame whore.

      • My ex did the same thing its just a tactic, My ex had a laundry list of the most outrages things In the end he didnt get anything he asked for.

        • Lisa your ex sounds like a douche. But then aren’t they all? lol Sometimes I think those ancient Amazon broads had it right, I think they just used men for procreation and recreation, but did all their own hunting and gathering…

    • Maybe he has the same thing that attracted Camille to that young guy she’s dating… a big pecker! Camille’s guy doesn’t favor much to me, either….maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing nothing sexy about Camille’s new man, or Ad’s.

      • I like Camille’s guy, and its not a big age gap, whereas Adrienne has been a fool going after a gigolo although Lisa has kinda alluded to Adrienne doing this during the first reunion…

  8. Devil’s advocate here, ITA about crazy Bethenny, but I remember one episode of “Bet. ever after” (haha) where they were fighting in a car while a helicopter was awaiting to take them to the Hamptons or whatever, and Jason was sooo mean to her too! They were not being filmed, we could just hear their fight, and at one point he tells her she’s crazy like her mom and other very hurtful stuff. That’s a colour I had never seen in him. I understand she’s quite a lot to deal with, but Im not sure sweet Jason is that sweet. He used to date swimsuit models (which is fine, why not) but I think he chose Bethenny because he wanted some of the fame too. He’s not the innocent victim, it takes two! But I agree this woman is craaayyyzayy.

    • ITA Malaika. Jason saw $$$ and ran after it. He was and is a nobody. Once divorced, nobody will ever know his name again.

      • Beth really didn’t have any money to speak of when they got married, the money came later….and it’s not like she wasn’t knocked up before they got married, so they really didn’t have too much of an option.

        • That is not accurate. Bethenny met Jason in November 2008 but started dating him seriously by May 2009. Bethenny already had two best seller books, has been in two seasons of RHNY, has already made partners with David Kanbar and was producing and bottleing her SGM, rememeber the charity event at Jill’s (season 2 RHNY), all that SGM cocktails that was donated, Bethenny had already been rumored for a spin off, she was definitely on her way up and I think that Jason knew that.

          • @ Lexv There was no SMG @ that fundraiser, it was a concept at that point. The only thing that was SMG was her logo. Frangelico sponsored that party, it was their signage that was all over the bar, Bitchenny’s signage was there as well,one piece of it, but the booze and the majority of signage was Frangelico’s.

    • @ Malaika What show were you watching? They just reran that and all he said in the car was that she really hated that people thought he was perfect and if that is what this was about he wasn’t going to participate in the “boat therapy” if it was going to be a bash Jason fest. He never ONCE said anything like you allude to.

      • I remember that show, but we also need to remember who was in charge of what got aired and what didn’t. I don’t know how he stayed as nice as he did as long as he did without nutting up on her arse!

      • Oh yes he did, I’ll try and find it for you adioslunatic! I remember how shocked I was to hear such very hurtful words coming from him. Classical “realtv” trap: the cameras are far away but the mike’s still on…

        • Ok, this shiz is hard to find esp. from outside the US (no Bravo videos for me! So thanks SH!). I thought about it and tried hard to remember… he didn’t exactly say “you’re crazy like your mom” but rather something about how “damaged” she was and then something connecting to her mom. I only saw it once, it’s difficult to remember the exact words but I’ll do my best to get to the bottom of this!

            • @Ain Pittypat, I do remember Bethenny claiming that but Im pretty sure I heard him say hurtful things in that limo… I m only shutting up about it until I ve got proof!!

            • @ Pittypat The scene Mal is referring to is the scene I referred to the other day, the one that proved to me that she was looking to set Jason up as verbally abusive. The conversation inside the car was Jason saying that he was confused why she hated that people thought he was perfect, he asked her point blank was that what she was PO’ed about and she answered “yes” that that was her issue. The conversation that Mal is remembering – incorrectly – took place outside of the car but in the parking lot of the Heliport. She is screeching at him “you say I’m damaged, that I’m going to end up alone” (she never mentioned her mother, btw) and his back is to the camera and full on her. He replies “but I didn’t” and she cuts him off screeching back “you didn’t have to” with a wildness in her eyes that betrayed that she was putting words in his mouth and had to shut him up asap. I rewound that part about a million times because I could not believe it and being that Blavo re-ran that episode on MLK day I was able to watch it again and confirm the dialogue and I am correct to the exact words used and by whom.

            • I rest my case adios! You are way more documented than I am, so maybe I am wrong about this (arrrgh, hate to admit it, lol) And I can’t watch it again, so there’s no point in me being stubborn about it! I ll still try to rewatch it just to find out where I got this from. But let me explain why it touched me so: I identified with Bethenny on many levels: nightmarish horrible mother, eating disorder, very sarcastic personality, longtime single (or in shitty relationships) and then around the same time she did, I met the nicest guy and 6months later we had a baby blablabla. I guess I was projecting on Jason and really thought he was the nicest guy. I would NEVER imagine my man using one of my “issues” to hurt me, that’s a big nono for me, you never hurt on purpose someone you’re supposed to love. Even someone as unbearable as B. can sometimes be. That’s why I was really shocked at something Jason said. Not something B claimed he said. Maybe it was a some other time and I got confused. Ok, that was my “dear diary” moment, lol.

            • When it comes to Jason Hoppy don’t mess with adios, the woman is in the know and extremely passionate.

          • I found a youtube link to their conversation before the boat therapy. IMO Jason was not out of line at all in what he said. Bethenny was complaining that he said she was damaged (that’s been her story all along, hasn’t it?), and he said that she was bothered by people thinking he was perfect. I didn’t hear him say anything about her mom but perhaps it’s just not included in this link.

            • Yup, BF’s complex is all from her perception.Normal folks with coping mechanisms would not feel competitive with their partners. Normal folks with coping mechanisms do not try to put their partners or loved ones in the role of the perpetrator. As long as there is a perpetrator, Bethenny will ALWAYS be the victim and that’s just the way she loves it. Her entire life is being the victim and making everyone else out to be the perpetrator.

            • That was pretty much my memory that BF, was projecting most of that crap onto Jason. And to me she seemed really pissed that HER public thought that Jason was “perfect” and she was coming off looking like the whiny, self-centered, selfish little brat that she is. Lot’s of people on this planet have had really crappy childhoods, but they don’t hold pity parties for themselves every damn day. They grow up.

            • I don’t have a dog in this fight and feel pretty neutral about the situation. I never actively disliked Bethenny and at times rooted for her . IMO Bethenny sabotages her own happy ending. She cannot outrun the dysfunction but when things are calm and peaceful Bethenny cannot cope Bethenny is addicted to the drama and dysfuntion that she learned at Mama’s knee. I hope the Judge does his homework and a makes the best choice on Bryn’s behalf. I hesitate to say this but I would not be surprised if Jason Hoppy eventually is the full time parent . I know Bethenny loves Bryn but I don’t think at this stage in her life she is going to settle down. It’s not her way. She will continue her business and embark upon a series of affairs and a lifestyle custom tailored to her desires and demands not a child’s needs and let Jason do the heavy lifting. She will fly in and out of Bryn’s life like a glamazon Mom. It’s really all she knows…..

            • Aint, I agree with you. When I first head of BF’s childhood issues, I had great empathy for her situation. I also rooted for her to be successful and to find love and happiness. She appears to feel like love is whipping up the drama and if that person still remains by her side after she demonizes him/her, that’s love. I believe anyone can change and if BF chooses a new path, that’s awesome. She will feel better for it. Without that change, though, I also have a hunch that Jason will end up being more of the full time parent.

            • ITA Chem. BF demonizes the man/mate/employee so she can give herself permission to discontinue the relationship. She is always the kind of woman who always keeps one foot out the door and will turn on the person who resist her ploys to terminate the relationship. It’s actually very sad. If therapy was going to take hold and work it would have by now.

            • ITA about your assessment of Bitchenny’s chosen life style. The thing that I didn’t understand when she and Jason sparred (when B admitted that she didn’t like that people thought he was perfect), was that seemed mental. If my friends told me my husband was charming, or wonderful or perfect for me, I considered it a compliment (not harmful toward ME). At that point, I realized that B was not dealing with a full deck and that her Dr. Armador had done a poor job by usually agreeing with her outlook.

  9. I know the lawyers on both sides are licking their chops over what may be a lengthy divorce for Beth and J. There is absolutely no reason for her to come out swinging like this unless it is her being vindictive…. hmmmmm, but why? My feeling was that she and Jason just needed to go their separate ways and that it was probably mutual. What is Beth’s strategy here? He would not get half her business as I’m sure that protection for her has long ago been legally established.

    As for Stewart, my God in heaven, he is one unfortunate-looking guy with the genes he must’ve inherited from his parents. Maybe he is a throw-back, isn’t that word? I saw a bit of him when he was doing Dr. Drew’s show and he seemed to be kind of a half-wit, spoiled, lazy and good-for-nothing. So Adr., what’s the attraction here?

      • Her need to be so dang bossy in her relationships makes me wonder if her brothers just barely tolerate her in business. I gather that she doesnt have much pull when it comes to making company decisions. Ya know how they say male CEOs are more likely to get into being dominated in the bedroom? Well perhaps we are seeing the opposite here.

        • Hoof is in her honeymoon phase. Give it a day or so and she’ll be cracking the whip and giving him a life style make over. Bye Bye Pillsbury dough boy.

          • I agree. But if she gets resistance from people she considers friends, she will cling to him way longer than normal just to be a tailhole about it.

  10. I’m assuming that when Bethenny demanded sole custody of Bryn this brought out the anger in Jason. Sole custody would allow her to “pick and choose” whenever he saw Bryn which we all know would be to Bethenny’s advantage.

    She would have the full authority to decide where they live, when she could take her out of the country, what schools she attends, her religious upbringing, etc. His rights would be eliminated and he would be at the mercy of Bethenny’s decisoin making when it comes to participation in Bryn’s life. And we all know how little Bethenny likes to “share” after watching her for the last few years. It’s all about Bethenny and woe to anyone who would think to interfere.

    My guess is that it is not about the money. It’s about Jason’s access to his child.

    Just my hunch that he went into this for “the long run” while she knew in her heart that it wouldn’t last. It’s her pattern. How many so called “broken engagements” were in her past before she landed Jason and only then because she wanted a child which led to a t.v. show that helped to get her national attention?

    This is just Bethenny at her “best”. Use and move on.

    • That’s my thoughts on the matter, too….plus, he doesn’t want Beth passing those crazy ideas on to their daughter. She is truly messed up in her head, but she seems to like being messed up just for the attention….her woe is me is old, anyone with that much money should be counting their blessings but sitting in a shrinks office complaining of a terrible childhood.

    • Except that she never requested full custody, she asked for primary custody, they are completely different.

  11. I enjoyed Bethenny’s shows, I liked her on Real Housewives which is why I watched her shows. We all know that all of these “reality” shows are not really real and I am sure her shows were not any different. That said, we did see both B & J in good and bad lights. Now they are going through a divorce and because we saw them date, get married, have a baby, get insainly rich, redo an apartment and move in all the while stating that this is B’s dream to have a home and family of her own we are supposed to be shocked that they are breaking up. One of the hooks was they seemed to be opposites attracting. B never had a stable family and J grew up like the Cleavers and how B just couldn’t get used to the love and acceptance and he just couldn’t understand all her insecurities when he and his family loved her … and so the “fun” of the show. I honestly can’t imagine why the marriage didn’t work. Can you?? She would say that she showed good and bad because they signed on to do the show and felt it fair to not sugar coat. I wonder if she still agrees with that or if she thinks her priorities might have been skewed. That their signed contract with Bravo was not as important as the contract they had between each other.
    To me, it seems the ‘demands’ made on both sides are very cookie cutter when it comes to divorce paperwork – you know just fill in the names kind of a thing. It doesn’t matter who has more money, each parent should be there and each should pull their own weight. That B has more money should not release J from his duties. Sure, B does not need the money, heaven knows she can raise their daughter in the lap of luxery, but J is the girl’s father and as a man and a father he should insist in being not only in her life, but also doing his part in support financially and emotionally. If they both put her first that is all anyone can ask.

    • I think the best parent should have primary custody of the child, and if he is the one to get it, then she needs to pay him child support and all the same things she is asking him to do. Also, no telling what film is laying around that wasn’t shown, and may make her look more controling than she looked on the show.

    • Totally agree with you that Jason’s obligations toward his daughter shouldn’t be decided because of B’s wealth, however I thought I read that Beth expected Jason to provide her, Beth, with support of some kind, was it health insurance? They were married for a relatively short time and I think Beth has already rebounded… she wasn’t a stay-at-home mom who sacrificed her own career for his, etc., and therefore doesn’t need alimony of any kind and that includes health insurance. My only thought regarding life insurance is that Jason may and probably will have other kids and I’m wondering if B’s request is that his life insurance benefits only Bryn and no other potential kids (or others in his life).

      • You do know that if it were Jason that had the wealth and not Bethenny, Jason’s obligations would indeed be based on his wealth, so why shouldn’t the reverse also be true? Bethenny is the one with all the money at this point, especially since Jason was working for her. Shouldn’t her income be a determinant in regards to how much child support Jason should be obligated to pay given that if a percentage of income is used, he will have to obtain reasonable employment outside her corporate interests before that amount could be determined.

    • Here’s where I have issues. Let’s suppose Bethenny decides that the child requires 10k a month for support. Should Jason be required to pay that entire amount, or half of it? Should the Judge be required to decide what amount is within reason, and what might be exorbitant? Let’s keep in mind that since Jason left his job and has been working for Bethenny, he now has to restart his career, which means he will likely be without a steady income at least for a time, meaning that he will start out in arrears since she is asking for the support to be retroactive. She could easily be saddling Jason with 10s of thousands in debt before he even has a roof over his head of his own, especially since they sold his condo when they decided to purchase the place where they live now. To me, that is just wrong and I hope he has a really good attorney.

      • The Judge always decides. Child support is based on income not what you want the child to have but what the other party can pay. If they have joint custody nobody pays in some cases. If they have joint custody but name one of the parties as custodial parent then the custodial parent has the veto power on all decisions plus usually child support.
        Life insurance on both parties is a given but usually pays into a trust for the child and a trustee is involved.

        • @ Pittypat I can always count on you to provide correct information; to your point:

          Primary physical custody is a term that is often used in child custody orders to denote the parent with whom a child spends or lives the great majority of time with. It is a term that is often used in cases where parents are awarded joint physical custody and one parent has slightly more time with his/her child than the other.

          However, in most states, there is no statutory language or code where the primary physical custody terminology can be found and therefore it has no legal meaning.In cases where the term primary physical custody is used in the order, the court will be tasked to look at the existing de facto arrangement between the parents to determine whether the parents have a true joint physical custody arrangement or if one parent has sole physical custody with visitation rights to the other parent.

          The court looks at who the “primary caretaker” of the child is. The primary caretaker is the parent who spends the most time with the child, and is the parent the child first turns to if they need something. For example, the parent who feeds the child, takes them to school, changes diapers, gets them dressed, and does other similar chores is probably the primary caretaker.

          The parent who has physical custody of the child when the custody application is made has an advantage, because the court does not want to disrupt the child’s life, hence, the reason Jason is not moving out of the familial home.

          While there is no statutory distinction between physical and legal custody, understanding these concepts is the first step in understanding a custody proceeding. Physical custody refers to where the child lives. Physical custody is sometimes known as residential custody. Legal custody refers to which parent has the legal authority to make decisions involving the child. The three most significant issues involving legal custody are religious, educational and medical decisions. An order of custody is always subject to an order of visitation for the non custodial parent. In some states, the terms custody and visitation are not used, instead the term of art is “parenting time.” New York is slowly moving in that direction, however, no matter what term is used the underlying concepts remain the same.


          Joint custody was recognized by the Court of Appeals in Braiman v. Braiman, 44 N.Y.2d 584 (Court of Appeals, 1978). Joint custody means joint legal custody, and not how much time the child spends with each parent. Joint custody gives both parents equal decision making authority. Joint custody will allow both parents an equal role in rearing their children, provided both parents can work together to make joint decisions. However, equal authority also means that each parent has an absolute veto over the decisions of the other parent, meaning that complete deadlock on decisions involving the child will result if a mutual agreement cannot be reached. For this reason, courts in New York have held that joint custody is appropriate on consent of both parties, but is rarely awarded after a contested hearing. Joint custody may not be sole custody in disguise. In Williams v. Boger 33 A.D.3d 1091, (3rd Dept. 2006), the Appellate Court, on its own initiative, struck a provision from a joint custody order that granted the petition the final say in the even a mutual agreement could not be reached.

          Bitchenny could have just asked for Joint but, she wants to control ALL decisions regarding Bryn. Jason had no other recourse other than to file for EXACTLY what she asked for so there is a “tic list”, if you will, that they can whittle away e.g. I will pay for Bitchenny’s health insurance and give her an insurance policy in her name if I can have joint custody etc. If Bitchenny truly wanted to “co-parent” as she claimed she would have just filed for Joint custody. In many states, the interpretation is left up to the judge, which may result in children receiving less time with a non-custodial parent than they would have had if the parent had been awarded “Joint” physical custody.

          Traditionally Courts have favored children having an exclusive home in order to encourage stability in children’s lives, therefore Jason’s request to retain the familial home, as did Bitchenny.

      • Jason has never left his job, he is still working for the same pharmaceutical company that he has been working for many years.

    • jillybean-good points about the priorities being skewed. I did admire Bethenny for showing her life, warts and all, but continuing with the show once she got married WAS a huge mistake. And is probably a big reason the marriage didn’t last.

      It just seems to me that Jason knew who Bethenny was. She told him she had issues-lots of issues. He knew she was a work in process. He married her anyway. Maybe I’m crazy but I thought Jason wanted marriage more than Bethenny. So for him to throw her issues in her face just seems extra cruel. If I were Bethenny, I’d be wishing that Jason loved me enough to stick it out til we worked it out-but hey, if he wants to leave, then see ya later!

      I’m wondering if Bethenny made those divorce demands on Jason’s income to insure that he gets a J-O-B….

      • @ Cammareri

        A) Jason only knew what Bitchenny SHOWED him, not what she claimed and in the first few months ( she got knocked up 4 months into their relationship) of a relationship you are on your best behavior. It’s like that stupid job interview question “What are your weaknesses” like anyone is going to say to their potential spouse, “I like to castrate men and really have no allegiance to anything or anyone that cannot shore up my bottom line”
        B) He never threw anything in her face, the poor bastard stood on his head to please this bitch.
        C) Jason would have stayed married for life, she is the one who, in her words, “had to rip the band-aid off”. It appears that the itch was from wanting to shack up with the guy she spent a week with in Hong Kong in October, the one she is rumored to be living with now.

        • Unfortunately we all saw the handwriting on the wall when Bethenny went to Jason’s hometown. The real Bethenny surfaced and it was not a pretty sight. She was snobby to the point of behaving like an obnoxious brat. Even Stevie Wonder could see how appalled Bethenny was by the Hoppy’s home, the old school mates, the neighbors.
          Bethenny thought she was far superior. Really sad to watch. As rude and disproving as she was I knew that she would eventually reject Jason for his upbringing. Bethenny pictures herself with a privately educated trust fund baby who can open the doors to NY society. I wouldn’t be surprised if that door is slammed in her face.

          • No trust fund baby wants bethenny neither does NY society. She needs to find someone very so so looking, with self made money who is seriously screwed up, with a chip on his shoulder that will treat BF badly and then she will behave herself and will be on her toes. And she’ll always be pining away for him. Remember how she embarrassed herself with Jason colodne on tv? He didn’t want her but she desperately wanted him………

            • Curious if his (Colodne’s) were the parents she was all over like a bad rash at a charity event? It was clear during that interaction that Bethenny had found the right family that she hoped would give her entree into that particular echelon of NY. As sweet as Mother was to BF , I’m sure she was nixing any future relationship behind Beth’s back.

            • Honey we are Southern ladies , we can see a “Well bless your heart” move , even if it’s from a patrician Yankee, from a mile away. We have radar. Saves a lot of time and hurt feelings.

        • Adios, you are spot on. I have a relationship 6 month rule: You don’t know a real person until about 6 months in because that’s when the rose colored glasses of lust come off, the skeletons rattle and burst from the closet and the dirty socks come tumbling outta the dryer. Folks with Bethenny’s conditions are particularly good at masking their “weaknesses”.

          We ALL have baggage. In relationships, you make the choice to help your partner and carry the load but no normal adult, like Jason, wants to be full time therapist or punching bag to a romantic partner. I would say the way BF treated Jason at times was abusive. She put words into his mouth to manipulate him into feeling bad and guilty so that she could get her fix whilst setting him up as the bad guy so that she could “win” (in her mind). It was all about control, manipulation and power. I cringe thinking if she did that to him, the father of her child, what she might do to her daughter. I watched my mother treat my father in a similar manner and she treated her children far worse. I count my blessings every day that my father got away from my mother. He physically looks better because he is not absorbing all that stress of walking on eggshells waiting for the drama whip to crack him in the patootie.

  12. Why should Jason have to provide medical insurance for Bethenny and why should he have to make her a beneficiary on his life insurance? They are divorcing, so she should have to provide for herself in that regard. The child I have no issues with, but Bethenny should have to provide for herself. As to child support, she should be expected to provide half of whatever amount she is requesting. Anything less would be absurd. He’s got to restart his life, and shouldn’t be saddled with exorbitant expenses right off the bat.

    • I think the medical insurance for the wife is just thrown in there at first to give them something to negotiate away. Gives the husband the perception that he won a battle when they take it off the table.

    • Those are all standard requests, most lawyers request them because they know that those would be the first ones to go at the negotiating table.
      If Bethenny gets the primary custody Jason would have to pay however little to provide for his daughter, if Jason gets it, then Bethenny will have to pay a susbtancial amount each month to be able to afford her current life style (Bryn), the parent who gets awarded primary custody is entitle to child support regardless of the other parent level of income.

      • It’s still sad to me that these are even issues for a wealthy couple. When there is no question that either party could afford these things, it seems really tacky to be debating who is going to care for the child. And when neither party would be an unfit parent, it is sad that they can’t just both be mature and agree to joint custody..

  13. i remember my dating escapades after being newly divorced. no regrets , but you know i still haven’t figured out the difference between fate & destiny. security is nice but the unknown can be appealing too.

  14. Bitchenny is a bitch. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t want to have lunch with her and have to listen to her babbling voice intrude on my privacy (as she constantly does to whoever is near her). I think the toddler would be better off with nice, normal, grounded Jason that the flying lunatic she got for a “mother” (I use that term loosely).

  15. My friend’s mother has an eating disorder and passed on all her unhealthy eating habits and ideas about food onto the entire family. My friend is actually still obsessed with food at times and suffers a mild case of body dismorphic disorder because her mother taught her that if you are not super thin (like emaciated starving thin), then you are disgusting. If you eat meat, then you are disgusting. If you eat anything with a lick of fat (even good fats), you are disgusting. It has been painful to watch at times because she will haul up like a hermit out of fear of being judged by others if she puts on a little weight.

    Can you imagine eating disorder skelator Bethenny mentoring Bryn during that totally normal and natural adolescent pudgy phase? My friend told me all about what her own mother used to say. I’m not a mother but something tells me you do not tell your daughter that there are laxatives available to take care of extra weight or tell her she is an embarrassment because of how fat she is.

    I don’t want to be offensive to anyone with an eating disorder. I have my own share of mental health issues. I just hope BF gets help and learns the motherly instinct of putting your child first. The number one problem of folks with abandonment issues (yep, I have that too) is that they do not seek to form deep connections with even their own children because the idea of loss is too painful. If BF is getting help, then kudos and she’ll be just fine. Her therapist reminded me of Dr. NoSox…all phony, just going along, not really providing any insight, allowing Bethenny to steam roll because she can’t tolerate outside perspective because it is her way or no way.

    • Agreed Chem, and I dislike putting Bryn on a vegetarian diet. My nutrition prof told us that while you can be healthy on it, it requires a ton of discipline to make complete protein meals, and that meat is the only one food that itself is a complete protein.. I think deciding to be a vegetarian or any other specific type of diet plan is better left to adults. Kids are supposed to be constantly exposed to a wide variety of foods and guided towards good choices, not set on strict diets.

      • Exactly! While there are good non-animal products for adults to choose to use instead of meat products, there are children that may be allergic and these products are still missing some very essential amino acids. Adult bodies are not growing at the rate of a child’s body.

        I don’t think anyone with any untreated mental disorder should have a child. If a person is getting professional help, that’s one thing. Not help from Dr. NoSox either… real help from a real medical health professional.

  16. Are you sure A and her boytoy actually ate at McDonald’s? Maybe he just stopped by to see what hours he worked that week.

  17. Lol, someone thought his eyes in that pic were real :P Not too far off though. The boy may have no dough now, but… when Rod leaves us he & his brothers & sisters will be mega wealthy . Of course Rod may be like Cher, here forever! :D

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