SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Kim Richards’ “New Nose”… flipit/Ronnie “BS of the Day”!!… BubbaJax’ Daughter “DrawsAndy”… Vicki Gunvalson “Crooks Is Back”!!… Housewives Showdown “Tournament Style”!!

RHOBH KimR new nose

NOTE:  Kim looks a very old “48”!



MissAndy is raving about BubbaJax’ daughter’s pencil sketch of him on TheDish!

andy by holmes

Note to Asslee:  Git yer arson-accusedDaddy to pay for more drawin’ lessons!  Here’s some of MissAndy that you can practice drawin’…

andy pg  andy snoopy pg




Vicki could not help herself!  But, how could she?

RHOC Vicki Brooks Crooks

RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson is BACK with Crooksy!!

vicki briana tweet arrow

Those love affirmations of Crooky’s were too much to toss aside!




From ma boo, flipit/Ronnie at TVGasm... BS of the Day!   I had NOTHING to do with ma boo’s clothing choices!!   The last I saw,  he had on a long sweater covered by a hoodie and then a long raincoat!


andy puppets pg

Received a lovely email from one of the creator’s of #sasstag… re their series, Housewives Showdown, which began around this time last year.

“We have analyzed endless taglines, detailed some of their most absurd extravagances, looked back at the ladies’ most memorable fights, and inspected some class A intoxicated moments.

This week, with just two ladies left in the running, the winner will be decided by who has taken their exploitation of Bravo “fame” to the most shameless level.”

It is a humorous look at how the Housewives would conquer one another… tournament style!   It’s even more interesting because it is from a year ago… now that we all know what has really transpired with these people and their “reality” shows!   Give it a look…  at Housewives Showdown!

(Thanks to SH readers “BB” and “Jozee”!!)

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75 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Kim Richards’ “New Nose”… flipit/Ronnie “BS of the Day”!!… BubbaJax’ Daughter “DrawsAndy”… Vicki Gunvalson “Crooks Is Back”!!… Housewives Showdown “Tournament Style”!!

  1. Read that Kloe Kartrashian is pregnant too.Funny how her and Kim were seeing a fertility doctor at the same time and now both pregnant.Said there was going to be a pregnancy show with the 2 ho bags.They will cash in on every inch of the pregnacies and delivery.Can not wait to see what the mixture will look like in the babies.Face only their mother could love.Kourtney’s 2 kids are adorable and favor a bunch.She is a good mom to them and does stay out of the limelight some.Kim will have issues being a real mom.She will come 1st and always will.

      • I’m not buying that Kim is pregnant, either….she thinks too much of herself and her body to be having a baby! I would have to be in the delivery room with her and watch the baby come out before I would believe it.

    • Khloe isnt prego….Kim even tweeted about that tabloid lie 2day along with their dads wife selling stories (lies) to the tabloids because shes bankrupt & needs the money. Khloe & Kim were really blasting their dads wife on Twitter, all day long.

  2. Ashlee needs to keep I just tweeted..that sketch makes Andy look like he has Bells Palsey

  3. Oh Lord, stupid pig-face Vicky is really still with that idiot crooks? She really is desperate and deserves what she gets with him…which won’t be much. Would be interesting to see if b*tch Ashley ever grows up and stops acting like the world owes her…but I’m not going to stick around to find out about that family.

  4. Miss Andy’s new hair and eyeglasses make him look like a deranged Boy Scout master. His eyes always look crazed to me. Rabid.

  5. looks like ashley is grasping at straws to ‘stay’ relevant….. she knows who’s butt she needs to kiss to stay on the show…miss andy, lol….

    • I’ll be interested to see what else Brianna & Ryan has to say about it. Convenient that filming was still taking place when Brianna confirmed this. My FF button is going to be worn out if that parasite is back on the scene. How Vicki can try to portray herself as a business woman who demands repect yet makes such reckless decisions, would put me off any investment her name or companies are involved in.

      I don’t hate Crooks though, I just find him irrelevant and at best, stagnant pond life. The only true feeling he does give me is that I feel like I need an all over body scrub when ever he speaks.

    • I’m with you on that. Brokes has been exposed as a con artist and still Vicki doesn’t mind getting flim flammed from that sack of nothing. I no longer care what becomes of her, if she continues to be that stupid to be with him.

  6. Miss Andy can NOT like that picture! It makes him look like an alien. Let’s face it…. if the man weren’t such a mean @sshole and narcissistic piece of something that comes out of said @sshole,… he’d be cute in a general/casual way. As it is I can’t get past his personality. Anywho… what I’m saying is that picture doesn’t flatter the man… not even slightly

  7. The new hair do and glasses make Miss Andy look like a child molester.

    As Phaedra said to Kenyuk that penis makes a man crazy.Seems that does some damage to women too.Brooks/Crooks must be laying it down good on old Vickie.Or as Nay Nay says about Greg “a good eater”.Kandi says the man need to be able to”kiss both set of lips”.So Todd must be putting it down good too move in on her that fast.

  8. I like Kim’s new nose. OMG, Vicki, you poor, desperate, deluded, dumbass, you…surely to goodness there are men you could date who would, gag me, fill your “love tank”, as well as Brooks. He is a known parasite!! You judge yourself as an astute business woman and you let this creepy guy leech as he has done? You just aren’t that smart, cookie, sad to say, and I’m sure your real friends would never support your being duped like this. WAKE UP!!! You are getting to be an embarassment to women of a certain age.

      • I like her new nose, it looks good… She still looks like she’s had a life of drinking, or something…

        • Too much booze and too much sun. Plus, she’s a smoker. They never show her smoking on the show, but she was puffing on an electronic cigarette after her nose job.

          • Both Vyle and Kim each sound as though they’ve been life long smokers. Their voices are gravelly and raspy. I expect them to clear their throats. Unfortunately, they never do or can. For actresses, their voices are extremely important. Since they both sound like emphasema patients, it’s small wonder why they don’t have regular acting gigs anymore.

          • Wow really? No wonder her voice sounds so hoarse.. I wonder if Kyle smokes too? She has that same voice…

            • I have thought that too. Remember when drunk SWINE asked her for a light in the limo? Kyle was pissed that SWINE almost outed her.

            • I have a friend that sounds the same way, she smokes… You can hear the hoare in smokers voices… When she called me the first time, many years ago, I thought she was a man…

  9. Kim looks old for her age. Ashlee is desperate for attention just like someone else here mentioned and since she goes through money like water, she is kissing ass to get a bravo paycheck. Hoping her mom and crookedass husband Chris serve time in the federal pen for all their lies/crime. Ashlee’s real dad may be serving some time as well – then Ashlee will have to actually work to survive….and I do not see art as her real job. That drawing looks like a talented second grader drew it. Awe Andy – get a damn clue about these losers already. Gheez!!!

  10. That drawing reminds me of a kid that went to high school with me. He was gifted and he was a good artist for a sophmore! Ashlee go back to school and get educated for a real job! Shame on her parents for putting er on reality tv as a minor!
    Kim now just get a nip and tuck and I bet you will be cuter than your sister times a thousand!
    Vickie back with icky? Say it isn’t so!

  11. So disturbing that Vicki is back woth that Crooksy. NeNe is shaping up to be a better Glamma than she is. If she films a baby shower or sip n see or whatever the OC eqivlant is and demands that Crookys take part I will shoot my TV.
    Ronnie slays me everytime! love it.

  12. Congrats on the new nose Kim. Now you look like every other woman in Bev Hills. I guess the Ickster just didnt have no storyline without her Crook. Neither did Brianna. I know many dont agree with me…but I think Bri should have minded her own beeswax regarding her mothers love tank. Go live your own life, my dear. Ashley, you drew better four years ago.

    • Ashlee might have really stuck to her no more boozing proclamation she made a few months back. Some artist have that talent in a bottle thing going on.

    • Like anything else, drawing is hard work and getting better at it takes a lot of practice. So if Ashlee wants to improve, all she needs to do is get a sketch book and draw a lot, preferably from life. I’d skip on copying pictures of asshats like Miss Mandy though, especially since that was a pretty wretched job she made of it.

  13. I agree with you Parkview – I was really disappointed in Bri and how she publicly handled her dislike for her mother’s choice in boyfriends. I do not like Vickie or Brooks….I am not liking how these reality people think it is ok to be so disrespectful on camera to their parents – KimZ, Bri, Ashlee, etc..and I don’t have children and I don’t even like the mothers – just sick how these daughters feel it is ever ok to display that behavior publicly and humiliate your parent(s). Darn.

    • I get the feeling Bri would not have been so public in her assessment of Crooksy if her momma had not insisted that he be crammed down her throat at every turn. Had to have him at the wedding. Had to be there when her marriage was announced….. Stuff like that never ends well. Keep him behind closed doors where he belongs just like the shameful secret that he is.

    • Thanks, Pink, for the support. I dont like the parents, personally, either. But come on. Brianna is a completely full grown woman with a family of her own. She doesnt HAVE to live with Crooks if she doesnt want to. Vicky raised her children and she is entitled to date whomever she pleases, no matter how annoying or even crooked. I have never allowed my children to dictate to me and cant imagine that kind of disrespect coming from them even when they are full grown adults. And I dont buy the whole “I just want to see you happy and I dont think you are” story. I think often these attitudes come from other places…like jealousy of less time spent with them or personality conflicts. This may be harsh, but I wondered if Bri may have been worried that Crooks with cut too far into her own piece of Vickys financial pie.

      • Brianna is more focused on being a mother and wife than what Crooks could mean to an inheritance. She was worried about Crook’s intentions and knows more than us. After Vicki gave Brianna the guilt trip over eloping Brianna had every right to voice her opinion about the relationship with Brooks.

        • Hopefully Brianna is now more focused on being a mother and a wife than her mothers relationships….because it sure didnt seem that way last season. I didnt see concern from Brianna…..I saw anger. Maybe Im old fashioned but the mother is always the mother and I would never even at my age speak to my mother the way Brianna did to hers. But that is my set of morals and ideals. You have your own. To each his own.

          • I agree that daughters should not be disrespectful to their mothers no matter what age. However, in Brianna’s circumstances the anger came from Vicki’s INSISTENCE that Brianna have Crooksy crammed down her throat. I think that Brianna for the most part dont care what or who her momma wants to bump uglies with so long as that mess is left behind closed doors where it belongs. Crooksy was an embarrassment and mostly embarrassed for Vicki.I think grown men should not have to move in with their girlfriends or live in her rental rent free. But Bri prolly wouldn’t have even cared about that if Vicki didn’t DEMAND that everyone worship at the feet of the Crooks. Brianna and Mike where cordial to him when he was there every time they turned around. Only when the issue was pushed did the truths come out.

            • Also Vicki was messing around with Crooksy on Donn…. the only father that Brianna has ever had for the most part. So of course she is gonna think he is a no good piece of dookie.

            • I totally agree with your entire assessment of the situation. I hate to say it but if my mother carried on like Vicki did…OK, I can’t even go there. It’s too ugly. Respect is one thing and condoning a lie is certainly another. Maybe I’m wrong but every so often one has to be “cruel to be kind” (…in the right measure – I bet you know the rest).

            • Well we all know how relentless Vicki can be(and this is just what the cameras catch you can imagine how bad it is when they are not rolling-one only has to watch the way her employees roll their eyes at her to tell that she aint puttin on an act.) so when I say Crooksy was crammed down there throat it was of the severest of ways.

            • I would be a lot more concerned about Brianna if she didn’t speak out! What loving daughter gives even a tacit seal of approval to a shyster. Brianna loves her mother enough to be honest even if it risks their relationship. ITA with Made 100%.

            • I would say that Brianna practically begged her momma off camera not to embarrass herself with this Crooksy thing before filming started. She knows her momma too well. This is why she eloped. She KNEW her momma would insist that Crooksy be part of her wedding(and she got her way eventually) But Brianna didnt want him photobombing her big day… the one that counts. I doubt she would have eloped if her momma didnt have Crookys hangin out her tail 24/7 like a turd that needed to be pinched off.

            • I think Bri eloped because that is just what she wanted to do. Was she pregnant when she got married? Dont remember. Or maybe she didnt want the big show and media circus her mother surely would hav planned for her. Or maybe she was so angry at her mom over Crooks that she wanted to hurt her. I understand anger…I just dont like it to rule my life decisions. And I worry about decisions made out of anger. I get what y’all are saying, I really do. Bri was trying to protect her mother. Im just not sure protecting was her main motivation. And if her intentions were not pure and loving, I have a very hard time taking her side. Maybe Im suspicious because she and Ryan moved into her mothers property shorlty after she went on the reunion show criticizing her mom. I felt like really, Bri? Was right then a good time to take a handout from your mom? I would have gotten a place on my own. Made me feel like either A. the whole conflict is fake…or…B. She wants to keep benefiting from her mom financial success eventhough she is married.

            • I thought it was weird too moving in with her momma. I am sure its the last thing she ever wanted to do. I got the feeling that her momma was paying for her condo anyway(more of that control thing) But remember when she was recovering from he surgery and how her momma made it a all about her event for the camera to capture? Brianna just wanted her to leave and take the camera with her. I feel like her decision to elope was based on that knowledge of how her momma would just take over and control the whole thing anyway. I member one of the things Vicki was pissed about was that Brianna basically robbed her as mother of the bride the opportunity to for all pre- wedding parties, showers, bachlorette parties(you know she would go) and whatnot. All filmed for Bravo of course. All those wasted filming opportunities(that now Honeybooboo Tam gets) all because Brianna wanted to get married her own way. Best thing she can do for her relationship with her momma is move to a different state.

            • Yeah that was selfish of Vicki to expect a big wedding…didnt they end up having something like that anyway, after the elopement? Maybe all this helicoptering mom thing Vic does with Bri now is all for the benefit of the cameras. Because really, Bri always seemed like one of the more independent and responsible of all the HW children. She must have raised Bri that way. And to that…I say good job! I dont think Bri has liked the cameras at all in the past but one thing concerns me. It seems that with Ryan in the picture, Bri is much more Bravo involved. Is that a coincidence or is he pushing their reality career? I dont know. I wish them all the best and I like Bri alot. I hope she stays focused on her new family or the Culbersons will become another Bravo unhappy ending.

            • You have a poiunt there Parkk. Hopefully they stay out of it this season. But ya know, we never would have known that Vicki was back with Crooks unless Ryan tweeted his “yep” so… we shall see.

            • LMAO! made you should write for a living… You have more talent in your fingers, then I have in my brain… Truly gifted… You make me smile… Laugh, and cry at times… :)

            • I totally understand that a grown daughter should voice her concerns. I just dont think thats exactly what Brianna did. In that situation I would say to my mom…Hey mom, Im concerned. All these things I am hearing about your bf…some of it has to be true. You have worked hard for your assets and money and I dont want to see someone rip you off. …..Then let it go. If I didnt like the bf so much..I would keep my socializing with him at a minimum. You kniw you raise your children if done properly, to go off and make their own families. Vicki did that. Crooks may have deserved the vitriol from Bri…but Vicki did not. Yes, she overreacted over Bris elopement I think. But she is the mother…if there is going to be any overreactions, they should come from Vicky. Bri left her mothers home for years to go to school and apparently did not really keep her mother posted on HER life…ie the seriousness of her relationship with Ryan. Now she is back and wants to dictate to her mom? If you love and care for someone, you should let them know the problem and still be loving. I just felt like Bri had anger towards her mom, not just Crooks. And that makes me wonder WHY? Money, I think. Just my opinion. Either that, or this is just another Bravo enhanced storyline. I hope the latter is true.

            • I would be angry about the money too. If I thought my mom was getting taken, I’d think I had a right to be ticked. With a stubborn mom like Vicky, sometimes you gotta get mad to get through.

  14. HA! When I first saw that pic of Andy I thought it was from one of those sites that show you what you’ll look like in 30 years.

  15. I thought that Vicki would end up back with Donn because he could tolerate her crapola the best. I believe her story line that Donn ignored was false. There were many scenes where he tried to talk to her, only to be ignored by her. And most times that they entered a restaurant or party, he held her hand. At least he had a job. Whereas, Brokes has no visible means of support except from Vicki! Plus he has a ton of kids he owes money. He isn’t even appealing looking in any way. What is the matter with that woman that she feels it necessary to keep that leech in creature comforts??

  16. Well, I guess that’s it. Vicki was free n clear and able to try and revamp but she fell back in with that conman? That’s it, she is officially an idiot.

  17. Isn’t it weird for Kim to have a nose-job so late in her life? She’s had a career, she kept her natural nose all these years and now that she’s supposed to be figuring out the “new” Kim (good luck with that BTW) she goes and caves in? She seems so mentally fragile that I doubt it was the right move for her to see someone new in the mirror everyday (and please Kim keep that creepy ex-boyfriend far far away) Can’t decide who creeps me out the most: that Ken (was that his name?) or slimy Crooks

  18. Kim’s dark straight eyebrows sit too low and close to her lids . A lighter eyebrow lifted and arched would really soften her look.

  19. Can’t believe she’s still with Crooksy. I suspect she’s one that can only see what she wants to. Maybe she’ll see through him after some funds go missing. I would get it if she had an interest & kept him out of the public eye, but to bring him on the show? Why bother? Other than making the viewers think less of her (especially since he has the same problem as Slade with his child support) it just looks really bad for ole’ Vicki. In the first few seasons I thought she was, if nothing else , the smartest of the OC- hws but that’s gone by the wayside.

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