REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: MORE of What You May Have Missed!!… Kyle Richards “Nasty Niece”… Lisa Vanderpump “Refreshingly Refreshed”!… RHOBH Moroccan Restaurant “Closed”… Mohamed’s $58 Million House “Please BUY It”!!

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

If you were watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you may have missed HagfaceKyle asking her niece about her upcoming “concert.”    Hmmm… thought that Kyle and her family were THISCLOSE!  It was so nice of HagfaceKyle to allow her niece on the show!


Really?  A “concert”?  Has Paris been taking lip-synching lessons from Melissa Gorga?



You may also have missed the shot of Yolanda’s EX-husband, Mohamed’s, house…

rhobh mohamed house

… and Yolanda and Mohamed’s wedding photo.

rhobh yolanda mohamed

Yolanda looks better…

yolanda david wedding

… UH… Mohamed, not so much!

RHOBH Mohamed

… and where was Mohamed’s girlfriend hiding??   NO, not Camille!

Camille RHOBH Mohamed girlfriend

Is there any denying that LisaVPump has had some “refreshing” done???  There is no makeup in the world; nor any wizard of a makeup artist; nor repeated Botox shots; nor any special lighting which would give these results!


RHOBH LisaV Yolanda

ALSO… if you were watching the last few episodes of the RHOBH, you HAD to have noticed the restaurant in which the HouseHusband “had words” with Brandi Glanville!


The HouseHusband was MO-reese…


… and the restaurant was the Moroccan-themed Dar Maghreb.  See all the Moroccan-tiled walls… and Marisa’s Moroccan-styled dress?

marisa rhobh


Unfortunately,  Dar Maghreb, is now closed!

RHOBH restaurant closed

BUT… hey!  “DarMaghreb” DOT COM is now available!!

NOTE:  We can only make some great guesses/assumptions/stabs at… as to WHY Dar Maghreb closed its doors right after filming the RHOBH.  However, more than likely the reason they closed their doors was that there were too many complaints from customers finding strands of long black hairs in their food!   Can anyone say **cough, cough**  “Kyle”?



**While looking for other things… what the hell ever happened to Alex McCord’s “modeling” career???

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 - Episode 3 Hairy Mess - Photo Ga_2011-04-22_13-40-13

NOTE:  Back to Mohamed’s house.  Mohamed has been trying to unload his $58 million property for quite a while… as mentioned on SH October 28, 2012.   For everyone who is curious if MO-reese is Mohamed’s RE agent… MO-reese is NOT!  The listing is being handled by ColdwellBanker… more info at link.  The link you just read, which was highlighted in the previous sentence… 

mohamed house



(Thanks to SH reader “SF”!!!)

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54 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: MORE of What You May Have Missed!!… Kyle Richards “Nasty Niece”… Lisa Vanderpump “Refreshingly Refreshed”!… RHOBH Moroccan Restaurant “Closed”… Mohamed’s $58 Million House “Please BUY It”!!

  1. I am 46. I used to live in Palos Verdes growing up in So Cal.
    We used to drive an hour just to go to Dar M for dinner.
    It was so much fun and normally you are in a big communal room, with everyone sitting on big pillows around a low was the most fun. I am so sad to see it close its doors after all these years. The next time I went down I wanted to take my son. He loves the Filet Minon at Villa Blanca. It is a wonderful restaurant even if they show it on RHOBH…The food is great. The service is even better. So sad about Dar M – really, it was a wonderful restaurant. Always live belly dancers – so interactive with other patrons, and warm. The food was super interesting to me as a young child.

    • Palos Verdes is So Beautiful! Not many areas where you can have a Beautiful home on a cliff with horses AND a breath taking view over looking the ocean!
      One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended was at the ‘Glass Chapel.’

        • i was married in the Glass chapel…it is the Wayfarers Chapel. It was right next to my grandparents house. We lived on the other side of the hill…Palos Verdes Estates. Everyone had horses at the top or back side of the hill. Rolling Hills Estates. the whole area is breathtaking My parents bought there when CEO’s made normal money…not the ridiculous amounts they make now, and although it was nice, wasn’t ridiculously rich like now.

          • Wow, how beautiful nancy! I didn’t live in P.V but I fell in love with the area. The first time I was up there and saw these beautiful horses at a home that over looked the ocean…I was in awe! I imagine it was a beautiful wedding. The wedding I went to, at the Glass Chapel, is also beloved and it was just SO Beautiful! The nature around is breathtaking.
            Agreed, the money today that has bought up much of such beautiful property through out southern California is ridiculous.
            Joni Mitchell: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

            • Good one about Joni Mitchell. Our house..was specially designed by a famous architech for him to live in. So it was amazing and original. My parents bought it for $100,000 in 69. Not really needed much done to is worth about 2.1 million ridiculous – but so have corporate salaries…gone way over the top. The church was beautiful, but sadly I married a monster. I didn’t have to pay anything for flowers with the terrarium inside and it was also all decorated for Christmas. I had an evening wedding – so there were all the pointsettas and candles for x mas. I had the bridesmaids carry a single red rose – no flowers expense wasted on the narcissistic socio path I was stupid enough to marry.

            • ahh I don’t know when you were married but my good friends husband was in charge of all the landscaping there, so probably had a hand in the flowers you seen. He’s gone now but there is a plaque there in memory of him. I’ve been to a few weddings there and was in awe every time.

            • I was 12 years old the first time I listened to Joni Mitchell and I fell in love with her music. Joni’s music was very influential on me, and behind much of my dream of… ‘one day I’m going to live in California.’
              I can only imagine the heart & soul that went into the original design of your home. It’s just Incredible the way property values shot up. I can only hope that your parents still own it, or were able to sell at that valued price.
              When I used the term ‘beloved’ it was for a family member, not in as of mine. lol.
              Sorry about the monster, been there. I thought mine was a prince; I was still young & foolish enough to compare him to the d-bag before. He was charming, soft spoken and gentle….I was crazy in love. Ten years of my life wasted on a man who turned out to be chasing tail & getting it. Talk about stupid! Live & learn I guess.

          • Beautiful area. My bonus son lol and his family live in San Pedro with the view you’re all lucky to have or had. I was raised in Carson but was at the beach more often than not. Now to take care of fil we’re in Harbor City. and if you grew up in this part of So Cal, you know how this city is o_O but I can’t beat the drive to work to KP hospital. Lots of friends live in the areas you mentioned though. My sisters friend used to take me horseback riding when I was a kid in PV where her horse was stabled. Loved it. The closest I got to living there were the appts with my orthodontist on Silver Spur lol

    • I’m a little lower on the hill. ok my streets on a slight incline, ok ok just this side of PCH. lol. But I love love love our hikes & PV Dr. rides in and around surrounding areas. From Malaga Cove all the way around towards Pt. Fermin. Whale watching and the now gone Marineland, the view of Catalina from the backyard. Stomach still dips at the thought of driving a little too fast at night on Portuguese Bend back in the day. The beautiful California coast I call home! Long story short, I’m 47 still live in So Cal but have never been to Dar M, I guess I never will now. lol

      • I spent a weekend in Catalina and I loved it. It had a kind of New England feel to it; the older style bed & breakfast places and such. I lived in South Bay for a few years before moving to West LA; eventually I moved back to the east coast. I do miss living in Southern California…who wouldn’t? I also miss the drives up the West Coast and walks on the strand. I was actually thinking about the drives up the coast, the other day, before this thread even came up. What did you mean “the now gone Marineland?” Is the “marsh land” that they fought to preserve in Playa Del Rey (I think) still there? I remember when Dream works was trying to put up a studio there….just curious?

          • Oh, that explains it. I moved to southern Cal. in 88. I have a dearly beloved sibling that moved there long before I did. Thanks for getting back to me on that anomnomnom.

            • just loved going to Marineland..and everyone in high school used to work there during the summer. Of course the beautiful seaside cliffs gave way to million dollar homes on unstable land.

  2. Lisa said on WWHL that you get to a point in your life where you have to decide between the butt and the face. She chose the face. LOL!

    • Lisa should pick her hair, it looks as dry as a haystack! YoFo looks great in her pictures, I am beginning to think YoFo has way more class than Lisa. YoFo, comes off, what you see is what you get, she’s not fake and she is not working hard to be anyone’s friend; I think if friendships work our with this cast, fine, if not I am sure YoFo has her own set of friends. The other great thing about YoFo, she sees right through Trailor.

      • Sorry Pompan I disagree, Yofo seems to be such a name dropper. Again, sorry maybe its because I Love Lisa, but Yofo seems like such a status sniffer and a know it all. I mean really, she should be the last one to talk, cause she did not get to where she is on her own either. check out some old time news regarding Yofo, you will be surprised. I know it surprises me that its not coming out on the show yet.

        • I think Yolanda is terrific (especially when she tells Traylor-Park that she’s full of nonsense). YoFo “name drops” when answering Kyle’s persistent questions. She can’t help it if stars show up at her house to work or visit her famous husband. It must be a grind to entertain those entertainers, no?

          • Exactly… Is Yolanda NOT supposed to answer a question if it so happens to include a true superstar? I too love Yolanda for seeing through Taylor. Lisa does too, to some degree anyway, but I think she pities her. Lisa does seem to buy her “abuse” story. SMH I don’t really think it matters who’s “classier” and I don’t think Yolanda roles that way (superiority). She seems very down to earth. I like them both very much.

            • Here is what i think YoLo needs to watch out for… I am sure the producers prompted her to say what she did to the workers about learning English(theses are same people that do OC and Vicki had similar interaction with workers) Now YoLo didnt think anything of it because she might not be aware of how the PC police have completely wrecked common sense in this country. But the producers DO know. They know that something like that could potentially lead to some YoLo bashing.

            • My mother was the same as YoFo. She was of the contention that if you live in this country you needed to learn the language out of respect. I think it is a matter of pride to some people.

            • I agree with that assessment My brother in law immigrated here. He speaks English. So does my other brother in law whose parents immigrated here. I just think the producers would use it to take advantage of the pearl clutchers out there over what they perceive to be disrespect when nothing could be further from the truth.

        • Just based on the program, this is her second marriage, her first husband Mohammed, I guess gave her a generous settlement because of the children, she was a model when she met Mohammed; now married to D Foster and she’s his fourth or fifth wife? What news, I’m curious? When you live BH everyone is a name dropper; I use to live there, and I got tired of it, but it comes with the Zip codes, closer to BH and Hollywood who you know and where you live is almost how you are judged????

    • In truth, ALL of these RH ladies should just drop the orange/peach/apple/whatevah and just go with the implants. Then that franchise would be REAL. ;)

      Until then…

  3. I remember from Shahs’ first season when Sammy was somehow involved with the building of that house. I knew it was going to be a monstrosity. It was ghastly how much marble they were using.

    • Love Shahs, Sammy was working hard to please Mohammed , yes lots of Marble, I forget, where did Mohammed get his wealth$

      • Real estate developer. He did the Ritz Carlton (someone just said that on the last episode). I’m not sure if it’s the same house that Sammy worked on. Isn’t the one he’s trying to sell the one that he lives in that’s been on the show? Sammy worked on another one. I’m quite sure Mohammed builds his share of monstrosities.

  4. I think Lisa has just has fillers, which she has admitted to. They really do an amazing job of “refreshing” as long as people don’t go overboard with them.

    • I like Lisa….she’s also smart enough to know that the best plastic surgery IS the least noticeable. I think she looks remarkably beautiful and refreshed and I’m guessing their was just a little nip, tuck, lift ant tweak done. Lisa looks a 1000 times better then the likes of Traylor or say Jac-a-loon and Adrienne all 3 women look like their over pumped with 2 much fillers botox, plus some NOT so good plastic surgery.
      If I could afford it…I would love to know who Lisa trusted with her beautiful face. Plastic surgeons terrify me.

  5. Paris Hilton did a concert, you say? Why no, it was just some third-rate DJ gig in Brazil where she did her best Pauly D impression, complete with the requisite “singing to a track” and lots of arm-flailing that could barely pass as dancing. The crowd actually booed her, lol, would have loved to hear that! Yep that’s yer flesh ‘n’ blud Kyle!

  6. Can’t believe Dar Maghreb is no more. Been frequenting that place for over 20 years. Boss at my first “real” job when I was in my 20’s gave me the tip about this place. Corner of Stanley & Sunset. Sad to see it close ;(

  7. Wasn’t Paris Hilton asked not to return to the state of Nevada after her drug arrest there a few years back. Kyle is too stupid, as is Paris to assume viewers had forgotten that little piece if DRUG CHARGE info. Dumbasses.

    • Not to return? I don’t think she was asked not to return to the state. I could be wrong but I don’t recall that part of the deal. I know she had to stay out of trouble of any kind for a year. Big whoop. Actually surprised she managed it however.

  8. Lisa looks beautiful and natural, completely unlike the trout pout lips and other very unnatural-looking surgery others have. I think Moh looks like the perv he is. There has obviously been some surgeon working on that face, too, and it did not improve it. He looks like a monster… lucky for him he has lots of money because he doesn’t have anything else. Yo was and is just a really pretty woman who I hope will not feel the need to have chipmunk cheeks and gigantic fake lips installed in an effort to make her look 30 again. Looking at the picture of Taylor above, she is seriously bizarre-looking now, almost non-human-looking. Couldn’t she have all that implanted stuff reversed?

    • Lets not forget about Adrienne, I mean c’mon this woman was married to a plastic surgeon and she looks like she is the poster child for “even though you have money you should not skimp on a good plastic surgeon”!!!…Sorry, but I think A. Maloof looks awful!

      • Agree… she’s only a few steps away from that atrocious “cat woman.” Seriously, the resemblance is undeniable.

      • If only the world knew what Adrienne really looks like. Yah know pre-surgery and all. Would be curious to see! *scared*

    • Taylor think she looks great and doesn’t want to reverse anything. She identifies herself with her disproportionally huge top mandible thing that’s located where a normal person’s top lip is. We DO already know she’s delusional.

      I agree about Maurice… I remember when the show first started and people were talking about so and so’s hot husband. I had no idea who they could be talking about. I didn’t think any fit the bill… if I had to pick one it would be Ken but even so…I wouldn’t describe him as “hot.”

  9. Did yall see the lemon tree’s in Mohamed’s garden? Seems like this lemon fetish with YoLo is not a new thing. I bet her house smells wonderful. I “got green” one time for spring cleaning and used lemons and it does smell good but too frikkin expensive. However if I had lemon trees…..

    • My hubby makes limoncello and I thought it would be great to rub the excess lemon on the countertops for cleaning and scent. It made the countertop all sticky and I ended up having to reclean them. Stoopid.

      • Its good to clean the crome on the fixures. Mix with water of course. also used some with water and two drops of diswashing liquid to mop the hardwood.

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