REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: MORE of What You May Have Missed!!… Kyle Richards “Nasty Niece”… Lisa Vanderpump “Refreshingly Refreshed”!… RHOBH Moroccan Restaurant “Closed”… Mohamed’s $58 Million House “Please BUY It”!!

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

If you were watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you may have missed HagfaceKyle asking her niece about her upcoming “concert.”    Hmmm… thought that Kyle and her family were THISCLOSE!  It was so nice of HagfaceKyle to allow her niece on the show!


Really?  A “concert”?  Has Paris been taking lip-synching lessons from Melissa Gorga?



You may also have missed the shot of Yolanda’s EX-husband, Mohamed’s, house…

rhobh mohamed house

… and Yolanda and Mohamed’s wedding photo.

rhobh yolanda mohamed

Yolanda looks better…

yolanda david wedding

… UH… Mohamed, not so much!

RHOBH Mohamed

… and where was Mohamed’s girlfriend hiding??   NO, not Camille!

Camille RHOBH Mohamed girlfriend

Is there any denying that LisaVPump has had some “refreshing” done???  There is no makeup in the world; nor any wizard of a makeup artist; nor repeated Botox shots; nor any special lighting which would give these results!


RHOBH LisaV Yolanda

ALSO… if you were watching the last few episodes of the RHOBH, you HAD to have noticed the restaurant in which the HouseHusband “had words” with Brandi Glanville!


The HouseHusband was MO-reese…


… and the restaurant was the Moroccan-themed Dar Maghreb.  See all the Moroccan-tiled walls… and Marisa’s Moroccan-styled dress?

marisa rhobh


Unfortunately,  Dar Maghreb, is now closed!

RHOBH restaurant closed

BUT… hey!  “DarMaghreb” DOT COM is now available!!

NOTE:  We can only make some great guesses/assumptions/stabs at… as to WHY Dar Maghreb closed its doors right after filming the RHOBH.  However, more than likely the reason they closed their doors was that there were too many complaints from customers finding strands of long black hairs in their food!   Can anyone say **cough, cough**  “Kyle”?



**While looking for other things… what the hell ever happened to Alex McCord’s “modeling” career???

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 - Episode 3 Hairy Mess - Photo Ga_2011-04-22_13-40-13

NOTE:  Back to Mohamed’s house.  Mohamed has been trying to unload his $58 million property for quite a while… as mentioned on SH October 28, 2012.   For everyone who is curious if MO-reese is Mohamed’s RE agent… MO-reese is NOT!  The listing is being handled by ColdwellBanker… more info at link.  The link you just read, which was highlighted in the previous sentence… 

mohamed house



(Thanks to SH reader “SF”!!!)