From the SH Archives 2011… BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!!!

ORIGINAL POST November 29, 2011… RE-POST JANUARY 24, 2013

Beverly Hills pg

There was a recent blind item that seemed to point to one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… 

Many guessed that the husband is Ken Todd and his filthy rich best friend is Mohamed!  Well, they all seemed very happy with each other on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode… so, we just don’t know!!


Posed and ready to trot on over to Adrienne’s house… Ken Todd, Mohamed and Lisa Vanderpump…

 A little doh-see-doh… after the Bravo cameras start filming.

  Ken givin’ Mohamed the eye…

Ken’s gettin’ all possessive of Lisa…

The cozy trio…

Ken would NEVER suspect anything!

NOTE:  Who could this possibly be????

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52 comments on “From the SH Archives 2011… BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!!!

  1. I have always thought when Kens kicks the bucket Mohamed or Martin will be there to fill his space in the bed.Lisa will not be lonely long!!

  2. If Adrienne was smart she would hookup with him/Mohamed and not the child escort.At least go for $$ and not get bankrolled by this punk Sean.

  3. I’m not buying that it’s Lisa, and they can’t be the only couple that has filthy rich friends. Seems to me it could have been about Kyle, or perhaps one of the New York wives. Perhaps the one pictured on the wall paper? Besides as I’ve said before, I am going to presume that Mohammad likes his women far younger then Lisa. While Lisa is a beautiful woman, I don’t see him working past the spanks to get to the goods. LOL!

    • bsb–I don’t think it’s Kyle, in fact I would put good money on Mauricio cheating on Kyle, she’s looking a trifle haggard, and M. seems like the type who is super shallow. And if M. is cheating, I bet anything Kyle knows and says nothing–she enjoys her lifestyle and the appearance of an ideal relationship, too much. But I agree with you about Lisa! She’s expressed a disinterest in sex in the past. I can’t see any of the NY husbands caring that much or anyone in BH or OC or NJ, regarding NJ, if the rumors are correct about Joe and Melissa, they have an open marriage anyway…. I’m thinking maybe it’s Peter from Atlanta, fearing Cynthia will stray? Cynthia is very lovely, and he’ll want to keep possession of her, as it improves his image….

      • I absolutely believe that Lisa’s disinterest in sex is just her schtick. Many comments and actions from the pair have suggested that it’s untrue in reality. With that said, I don’t believe it’s Muhammed and Lisa for a moment. I can’t see Peter doing that either… he just doesn’t seem like the insecure type and Cynthia definitely doesn’t seem like the cheating type. Maybe it was about Paul and Adrienne. Who knows.

    • Good call Lora, but the date of the blind item is November 2011. RA passed in August 2011. I’m going with Adrienne and Paul. Honestly can’t see Ken getting worked up enough to monitors installed.

      • ah, thanks for the info. somehow i remembered something to do with Russell and tape recorders. although since it came out of Taylor’s mouth, who knows.
        Personally i think Lisa is a bit long in the tooth for Mohamed. I dont see him having that sort of interest in her at all.

        • HA! That was another story that didn’t add up. If Tayliar said it, we can be sure the opposite is true.

    • of course he does. loans just don’t jump into anyone’s pocket from a poor friend or family member. People aren’t throwing coins at Melissa, I mean $$ bills at her anymore are they?

      • Then my guess is Meho. Maybe that was why Teresa was telling Joe she would leave him for a richer guy. Thst might have been a hint..

        • I agree. Joe is definitely insecure when it comes to MeHo and I don’t believe MeHo is only a *fame*whore.

          • One way to find out if it is joe, see if he has any liens or judgments against his big giant house for unpaid security cameras.

  4. I think this is Adrienne y’all. Think about her sexless marriage, indifference to Paul. I think it is her. Besides isn’t Lisa too old for Mohammed? I think they’re all just good friends Lisa, Ken and Mohammed.

    • Rah and ALL: Pls keep in mind that this is a RE-post… also, it’s a blind item! The logical conclusion at that time and highest possiblity at that time to the POSSIBLE answer was Ken/Lisa. TFC!! SH

  5. I remember people thinking at the time this first post that it was KimZ and didnt the show depict him getting a security system installed or did I just imagine that? Before he left for training camp? Maybe the rich friend was the owner of the house and THAT is why the eviction happened cause in da end wifey always wins. Just a thought.

    • Ooh… I was going to say Paul and Adrienne but now that you said alls that… Remember how the owner of KimZ’s house kept on doing drivebys. Mmhmm
      Lol, then Kendra when all cra cra. I did think something was up with Kroy monitoring her 24/7 while he was away. He wasn’t messing around when he told Kim about it either. I was thinking. Damn dude! Ok…

      • I was thinking him showing up on her wedding day or the eve of it was sorta weird. But ya know how Kim Z rolls…she is the type to (cough cough) show her appreciation for him even allowing a lease on that “dream home” for her to film in. Can take the skank outa the condo but you cant take the stank outa the skank. And then the odds of their being a lil fire in the garages? pfft.. Pissed womens burn chit.

  6. There was an item in NY Daily a while back that Adrienne had an affair on Paul..This one has Adrienne written all over it because – if the Adrienne was having an affair rumor were true from last year – it was her, and Paul installed the cameras. I bet all of that was the demise of their relationship. The reason she was so cold to Paul is she was already getting some on the side.

  7. I wouldn’t think Mohammed would like Lisa, she’s a little older than what he picks them. I mean I thought his wife (the one shown in previous episodes) was a super young model. Also, I wouldn’t think that Yolanda and Lisa would be that close if it was true, Yolanda was married to Mohammed. Although he looks like a crypt keeper, he does look like he might have been very handsome when he was younger. My bet would be on Adrienne, wasn’t there an article that said she was dating the LA mayor? before the obvious mistake that is Rod Stewarts son. Anywhoooo, I’m sure most of these ladies would drop their husbands like its hot if a richer one came along. The only reason why they haven’t is because no one wants these “crap-a-doodies” (as my friend’s son says)

    • Oooooh….I didn’t know about the article re: the Mayor. I do remember a piece here on SH about a rumor that Ad was seeing a man known in the community. That fits. The whole thing with the schlubby Stewart boy is such a sham. He referred to her as a “nice lady” in a TMZ video. Doesn’t sound like a hot romance to me. What I don’t get is that if she were going to pretend date, couldn’t she find at least buy someone fit and and good looking?

    • that was my guess as well, there are lots of rumors shes been hanging around some billionaire for several months. looks like jason had a reason to install those cam’s

      • Bethenny and that billionaire mentioned recently have been friends for years. I’m still going with Adrienne or MeHo.

        • Also want to mention that I don’t believe Jason’s best friend is filthy rich. I don’t think they were even in their new apartment when this blind item was written. I wouldn’t consider their old place a “huge home.”

  8. I’m gonna throw Jim Bellino in the mix. We know he has super rich friends because Alexis uses the Private Jet. And he’s a control freak. Technically she is a Bravo Housewife.

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