CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Goin’ To FL… Where is The MONEY Going?


There is nothing I would like better than to expose a charity scam!   Especially if it involves any of the Housewives!

Was hoping that da Manzoid “BOYZ” visit to the Whole Foods store in FL involved a charity scam!  Hopin’ and hopin’… HOWEVER…

From WholeFoodsTampaFL FB:

manzoid Whole foods 

We prefer to double-check info in which we’re interested in.

Therefore,  called the Carrollwood Whole Foods (813-264-3600) store and spoke with the WF store manager, Chris Lovett, re da Manzoids coming to their store… and where that money which is being raised for Autism is going.

Whole Foods carrollwood

This is the information from the manager of the Carrollwood Whole foods.   NOTE:  The conversation with Mr. Lovett included him putting me on hold twice to check with Anna Payne.

  • 100% of the proceeds from da Manzoids ticket sales will be going to both charities.  The proceeds will be split 50-50 between Generation Rescue and AutismSpeaks.  Was told that Albie preferred one charity; Critter the other.   There were never any NJ Housewives scheduled to appear at WF… only Albie and Critter.
  • Critter and Albie are getting zero money from their appearance at Whole Foods via ticket sales … from either the sale of $75 or the $25 tickets.
  • ALL of the money raised from ticket sales will be handed over to each charity and done so through Whole Foods… NOT da Manzoid BOYZ.   Whole Foods controls the money from ticket sales… NOT da Manzoid BOYZ.

manzoid whole foods

Mr. Lovett also explained that the difference in the price of the 50% off tickets offered through “CLDeals” will be made up by Whole Foods.  In other words, if “CLDeals” sells tickets at $37.50… Whole Foods will match that $37.50 amount to total the $75 ticket price and donate the entire $75 amount to the designated charities.

manzoid whole foods

So, WHY would da Manzoids even be going to this brand new Tampa-area Whole Foods and what’s in it for them?

Mr. Lovett explained that in their last visit to the Whole Foods store on Dale Mabry in Tampa… over 2700 people showed up and actually caused a traffic jam on North Dale Mabry.

Mr. Lovett could not say how many people were going to show up at this upcoming event at his Carrollwood store; however, he said that he expects the number of people to be the same or more.

RHONJ blk pg

Mr. Lovett further stated that Whole Foods never pays a vendor to appear… the incentive for da Manzoid’s appearance is to promote their “brand” and to sell bottles of that black stuff.

Whatever profit is made from the sale of their product is theirs to do what they wish.

NOTE:  Cannot explain WHY anyone would shell out $75 or even $25 to see these “BOYZ”… and cannot explain WHY anyone would buy this black crap.   WholeFoods is entirely on the up-and-up in re to their involvement with ticket sales and submitting 100% of the money to the designated charities… at least, that’s what they said!   WF also mentioned that they are not aware of this promo visit being filmed for the RHONJ. 

AGAIN… as for what da BOYZ have planned for profits from the sales of their product… and WHY they are mentioning these Autism charities in promoting their visit to WholeFoods… might be the questions!  

Didn’t anyone ever teach da Manzoids that charitable deeds are done quietly and anonymously?