CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Goin’ To FL… Where is The MONEY Going?


There is nothing I would like better than to expose a charity scam!   Especially if it involves any of the Housewives!

Was hoping that da Manzoid “BOYZ” visit to the Whole Foods store in FL involved a charity scam!  Hopin’ and hopin’… HOWEVER…

From WholeFoodsTampaFL FB:

manzoid Whole foods 

We prefer to double-check info in which we’re interested in.

Therefore,  called the Carrollwood Whole Foods (813-264-3600) store and spoke with the WF store manager, Chris Lovett, re da Manzoids coming to their store… and where that money which is being raised for Autism is going.

Whole Foods carrollwood

This is the information from the manager of the Carrollwood Whole foods.   NOTE:  The conversation with Mr. Lovett included him putting me on hold twice to check with Anna Payne.

  • 100% of the proceeds from da Manzoids ticket sales will be going to both charities.  The proceeds will be split 50-50 between Generation Rescue and AutismSpeaks.  Was told that Albie preferred one charity; Critter the other.   There were never any NJ Housewives scheduled to appear at WF… only Albie and Critter.
  • Critter and Albie are getting zero money from their appearance at Whole Foods via ticket sales … from either the sale of $75 or the $25 tickets.
  • ALL of the money raised from ticket sales will be handed over to each charity and done so through Whole Foods… NOT da Manzoid BOYZ.   Whole Foods controls the money from ticket sales… NOT da Manzoid BOYZ.

manzoid whole foods

Mr. Lovett also explained that the difference in the price of the 50% off tickets offered through “CLDeals” will be made up by Whole Foods.  In other words, if “CLDeals” sells tickets at $37.50… Whole Foods will match that $37.50 amount to total the $75 ticket price and donate the entire $75 amount to the designated charities.

manzoid whole foods

So, WHY would da Manzoids even be going to this brand new Tampa-area Whole Foods and what’s in it for them?

Mr. Lovett explained that in their last visit to the Whole Foods store on Dale Mabry in Tampa… over 2700 people showed up and actually caused a traffic jam on North Dale Mabry.

Mr. Lovett could not say how many people were going to show up at this upcoming event at his Carrollwood store; however, he said that he expects the number of people to be the same or more.

RHONJ blk pg

Mr. Lovett further stated that Whole Foods never pays a vendor to appear… the incentive for da Manzoid’s appearance is to promote their “brand” and to sell bottles of that black stuff.

Whatever profit is made from the sale of their product is theirs to do what they wish.

NOTE:  Cannot explain WHY anyone would shell out $75 or even $25 to see these “BOYZ”… and cannot explain WHY anyone would buy this black crap.   WholeFoods is entirely on the up-and-up in re to their involvement with ticket sales and submitting 100% of the money to the designated charities… at least, that’s what they said!   WF also mentioned that they are not aware of this promo visit being filmed for the RHONJ. 

AGAIN… as for what da BOYZ have planned for profits from the sales of their product… and WHY they are mentioning these Autism charities in promoting their visit to WholeFoods… might be the questions!  

Didn’t anyone ever teach da Manzoids that charitable deeds are done quietly and anonymously?

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43 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Goin’ To FL… Where is The MONEY Going?

  1. I am still curious as to why a Charity would even be involved in a Laurita venture after The SusanGKomen Foundation never received their $15,000 ?

      • Why, why, why would ANYONE pay MONEY to see a man-zoid????
        Listening to Tina never gets old. Just love the way she dances around the “so your a Mandy fan” question….”well, well, ya know I did the show once….”

        • Tina got pissed when Andy asked if Liz Lemon and jack were going to get together on 30 Rock. Tina Fey would never go there. She literally glared at him for asking such a stupid question.

          • I can just picture Tina thinking “seriously, you dumb A$$? Do you even watch the show Mandy?…. Cuz if you DID, you should know that Liz & Jack NEVER had a romantic relationship and never would. Ya dumb A$$.”

  2. Are Da Boys still run/manage/promoting that new restaurant full time in NJ? Odd to me that they are still pushing the dead water…in Florida. Maybe they are looking for some skeletons in MeGo’s closet down there. Ha ha.

    Lots a Oars in da Manzo NJ waters iffa U knows what I mean.

    Are they Vikings or something? ;)

  3. I guess they raised all the money that was needed to completely restore the Jersey Shore, so they are heading south to spread their love!

  4. Well it actually sounds like an upstanding endeavor from the shady boys. So I have to wonder – what’s the hook? There’s GOT to be a motive somewhere. Their momma didn’t raise no honest fools

  5. HaHa Critter..I love that. He shall now be Critter all the time..even though he has blocked me on Twitter and I can’t tweet him that sweet nickname. Whole Foods has PR issues of their own lately. I prefer Trader Joe’s..hope they never host the Manzo spawn

  6. I am skeptical of the Manzo boys using their promotion of BLK along with a charity for autism. It seems to me like they want people to associate the BLK with maybe helping autism, as we all know that one of the boys mentioned a “mother with autism” (cough, Jacqueline, cough) who gave her autistic child BLK and the child improved.
    I would like to be a fly on the wall when people who have autistic kids are at this event asking questions about the BLK. Would they be stupid enough to make false claims about BLK helping with autism? If so, they need to be reported to the New Jersey and the Florida Attorneys General as that is against the law to make false health claims.

    • TV: That boat with the “I gave a NJ woman who has an autistic child two cases of black crap” has sailed. There were many who were outraged re the claims… made last year. TFC!! SH

    • Yes, The Northeast is disgustingly, dont let yo old folks outside cold right now. Schools have 2 hour delays because of the temperature. 67 degrees in Cocoa Beach yesterday. I might promote black sludge in exchange for a trip down South right about now. The Daytona 500 is sometime in early Feb, followed by Bike Week, Spring Break…it goes on and on. Maybe the end of January in FL hosts “Grown Manchild Baby Expo” Week. Or maybe throughh the end of Jan all children fly free.

      • This weekend is Gasparilla in Tampa. It is a huge party that involves pirates invading the Tampa Bay. Huge parade and a ton of drunk people partying all weekend long. Sounds like something the boys would be interested in. Then a little work on Monday.

        • That used to be such a fun partay! But one time a bunch of drunk co-eds showed their boobs to my 12 year old son. He was thrilled but I was POd! What I would have given for a paintball gun at that moment!

        • I was just going to post that. I live in Tampa and will be at Gasparilla tomorrow as I am every year. I’ll report back if they’re spotted lol.

  7. who knew we had to “PAY” to see them??? And the thought of 2700 people and their cars on the corner of North Dale Mabry and Northdale Blvd at 4pm…the exact time I drive by there to bring my kids home from school….UGH!!! This Jersey Girl loves you, Manzo boys…but I’m not paying to see you….or your black water….

    • I would think so too. Ms Sh did a taste test on it when it first cam e out. But that was just for taste. At the time I remember thinking it would cause da chits but no word on that side-effect :)
      When my daughter was in school we did a science project immersing different eggs in a cup of tea, Coke, Koolade , coffee to see which one stained the most or the deepest. We should try this with BLK. Chances are the egg will disintegrate which is what I thought the coke would do to the egg in our experiment but it didn’t. Coke stains more that coffee, or koolaide combined but tea stained most of all if memory serves.

  8. They are not talking much about that restaurant at all. All they rant about is that blk water. After that whole talk about a chef contest they hired the chef from pourhouse andrew. He was on Dining out with the manzos at pourhouse with Greg. Was the whole contest fake, for publicity? I dont get it. A restaurant is probably a better bet for them. They should focus on that rather than this blk water fiasco.

  9. I’m torn. I think I’d pay for a cheap ticket, but then go yell and heckle them. It would be fun!

    • The Laurita’s are in CA with Lauren for a convention who’s watching the kids and from there they are all jetting to Florida to be with the boyz. Carowhine confirmed that. I wonder who is going to put Nick in the chamber. Not his wonderful mom. Where the heck is all the scamming money coming from, they are taking it all from the business. Heard loonie toons is opening a spa. Kids must all be well again. Sorry that was sarcastic. The parents are worse than vile.

      • Chris’ nephew’s girlfriend is watching them. Interesting that Ashlee is home sending keek messages via twitter like a 12 year old. They still don’t trust her to babysit those kids. Sad.

        • With Nick’s condition, I can’t see him being left with a baby sitter for such a long time. Looney toons is an irresponsible mother and so is his father. It’s a joke. My heart is with the child.

      • Given the incompetence of booking a simple flight I say its prolly best they stay away from their child as much as possible. And these people want to be the voice of autism awareness? pffft. They would eff up a wet dream

        Flying commercial now I see. Those corporate bankruptcy can be a sumbish I hear.

  10. The first couple of seasons I liked the Manzo boys. Chris can be funny & Albie seemed somewhat sweet & like he was trying to deal with his learning problem . Shame mommy took the boys down with her. Of course they may be afraid to cross their mom. But you do have to wonder, they’re sneaking up on 30 & don’t seem to have regular “big boy” jobs. I guess having an overly involved mom can cripple the child in a way.

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