ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Still The Same Big Nothing… Except “Innocent Loved Ones” NOT Supposed To Be Involved


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This season has been particularly difficult for me. I think all of you know that I am NOT the biggest fan of drama.

A few of the women are comparing this situation with the disagreement between Russell and Camille.  For me there is one key difference and that is the direct involvement of my innocent loved ones who were NEVER supposed to be part of the drama. With Russell and Camille all parties involved were adults and capable of defending themselves. Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance. I still believe that friends don’t sue friends but Brandi has made it abundantly clear that she is not my friend.

I’m finding happiness in 2013 and am focused on surrounding myself and my family with positivity. I want to sincerely thank my dear friends Faye, Camille, Kyle, Kim and of course Mauricio for being so supportive through these difficult times.



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61 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Still The Same Big Nothing… Except “Innocent Loved Ones” NOT Supposed To Be Involved

  1. Her life is difficult because she made it so. She has brought all of this on herself, and quite frankly it is boring!! Maybe she should stop surrounding herself with people that will only tell her what she wants to hear.

  2. Hmm, and who was that that started all the drama in the first place, Adrienne? And who you list as friends, good luck!

  3. Well, she’s on the cover of US Weekly admitting the surrogecy secret!!! We’ve been played people! I seriously think this chick is having a mid life crisis. Hope she finally told her boys before they see it in a store check out line!

  4. Adrienne counting Faye among her friends was like when Jill Zarin was bragging about being friends with Dina Lohan. I can’t believe anyone would admit to having these women among their circle of friends.

    • Faye asked her for a shout out in hopes on getting a chance to become a full fledged cast member, even though the fans clearly cannot stand her.

      • Faye Resnick is the last person I would align myself with. It’s bad for Adrienne’s public persona. Although it’s obvious she’s having a mid life crisis or a meltdown of some sort and is desperate for something I’ll never understand.

    • Fantasy Hosewives Survivor Time: Faye Rancid, Mo’reeceeo, Maloofhoof and her Pilsbury dough boy and her ex Fred Flintstone, Trailor Trash, the Ickster and Crooks, Kuku Kelly, Jill Zarin, Bitchenny, Miss Andy…..and the nut job psychics from each venue, (the miniature vowel bowl guy for sure, the electronic smoker Alison DuBois, and the raven tressed yes-no lady); Hohanna and Lea Black, and definitely Miss Lawrence and Derek from Hotlanta. And for pure crazy Kootchie Krack. Oh, let’s not forget stoopid: Porsha.

  5. Adrienne should thank her lucky stars that Bravo is paying her a salary to be an official “cast member” because so far she has contributed nothing on camera (except to make her husband look like a fool at a party). As far as the “innocent ones” go, no one has said anything about her kids, Shana’s kid, or Camille’s kids. This season, Kyle is the only one who puts her kids on camera. Adrienne honey, I officially don’t care–your story has ended, now go live a happy life. PJ

  6. That sound you hear is the pot stirring. Brandi did not in fact involve her children and I would suspect the children where never mentioned by name or otherwise. What Brandi did was point out a very specific lie that was told, and it was Adrienne’s choice to not simply address the situation head on, but to make it into something far larger then it ever had to be, leading to further and unnecessary but very realistic speculation. Although I am fairly certain Adrienne does not read this blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that her chef does, and so I say this. Adrienne, who ever is advising you, seriously needs to be fired. You allowed Bravo to make this a season long story line because you made the very strange decision to attempt to rake Brandi over the coals rather then simply addressing what she said head on. For someone who claims to hate drama, your actions in this matter say otherwise.

    • Since everything Brandi supposedly said about you, Maloof Hoof, was bleeped into the ether and there was no opportunity to read Brandi’s lips, what the hell are you yippety yapping about, woman? Brandi didn’t get a chance to say squat to the viewing public, so why are you unleashing your lawyers on her? You said far more scurrilous things about her. With sycophants like Fake Rancid and Mo’reeceeo Unibrowski kissing your liposuctioned a$$, I guess you are used to buying your brown nosing “friends” (and your boy-toys).

    • Absolutely spot-on assessment, bsb. :) I hope Bernie the chef does, in fact, go to the SH site and reads your terrific post. ;)

      What Adrienne accused her 3 sons’ father of re: child abuse–and the pictures Bernie leaked to the press showing A’s naked back, pointing the finger @ Paul for severely bruising her with a beat-down–is FAR more damaging to those 3 young boys than the topic of surrogacy.

      Brandi made a big mistake, repeatedly admitted to and apologized for by her, by discussing this private matter. Impulsive, bad screw-up? Absolutely! Nevertheless, A’s and Paul’s explosive reaction, as well as Faye Slutnik’s and Mo-reeeeese’s, just inflamed the entire situation. There’s no reason that Bravo could not have edited out those scenes, so it is evident that it was all boldly calculated to generate ratings. Furthermore, the inclusion of Kyle’s exclamation, “It’s not about the surrogacy!” just proves how low the bar is set at Bravo. How many eyes and ears go over the footage countless times before episodes are aired? There was no “oops!” involved with the inclusion of Kyle’s statement. It was another total contrivance on Bravo’s part. They are shameless. (Btw, even though I’m not a Nielsen viewer, I have not watched any episodes of Season 3 because I refuse to watch while Shana of Multiple Names is still a cast member. I found out about Kyle’s words while reading the blogs and posts here on SH. ;))

      I feel very sorry for the 3 Nassif sons because their mother is in the press again, front-and-center with Sean Stewart. She’s entitled to her personal life, but if she really cared as much as she declares she does for her boys, she could keep stories about her love life out of the public domain simply by being more discrete. Case in point, she could have easily avoided the lenses of all the cameras, but she instead revels in mugging for them, thus showing the world that she has successfully snagged a 32 y.o. She needs some intensive therapy–from someone who is truly qualified to provide it…NOT a Dr. Sophony-type of poser.

      How is it possible that these “housewives” imagine that their participation in these shows will not a negative impact upon their children? At least Lisa’s kids were already adults when she joined the RHoBH cast, but I always think about what all the younger kids’ peers on every RH show say to them. I shudder for each and every one of them. No amount of $$$ would have ever tempted me to put my children on deck for being humiliated. It’s hard enough for children today whose parents lead quiet, non-famous lives.

  7. Adrienne’s position is very easy to figure out. She wanted everyone to go against Lisa at the reunion because Lisa was by far the fan favorite & Adrienne could not have that after Lisa’s biting commentary hit the screen, coupled with the bachelorette party snub. Magoof has the most money & feels entitled to being considered the most fascinating. Her ego was not getting stroked enough, so she thought she’d pull the classic housewife “put it in the tabloids & see if it sticks” move, then tried to blame her own press on Lisa. Lisa owns restaurants!!! If people thought she was running to tabloids to spread gossip, notable people would shy away from her restaurants. When people still didn’t care about Adrienne’s silly obsession with trying t make Lisa look bad & Lisa got the spin off, I think Adrienne blew a fuse. She has created a lot of change for herself in a very short period of time for no logical, discernible purpose. She basically turned herself into the Tamballs of the BH franchise. Moving in with Rod Stewart’s trash bag son seriously has this looney tune on Shana crazy territory. I feel like she’s just a few leaving the limo up-skirts away from posing for Playboy or starting a sex toy line. I mean that wit no offense to Kandi, because I get they all want to make money, but Adrienne really was the one person in these franchises who could afford to sit around & just do some interesting things. She doesn’t need a shoe or toaster oven or advice book. The only thing that Maloof clearly can’t afford is confidence & I feel like Adrienne has surrounded herself with awful people who are giving her the worst advice ever. It is like one of those tween actress stories. But worse. She should know better.

  8. How silly is this woman. Let’s threaten someone for telling the truth. It’s the truth. One more time, IT’S THE TRUTH. But to Kyle, Mo, Kim & Faye, it doesn’t matter if it’s the truth. How many times did A call Brandi a liar at Mo’s party? Anyone count? She called her a crack head – no evidence of that, I’d call Shana a crack head before Brandi since she’s very frequently drunk, although I don’t suspect she’s a crack head at all. So…by A’s rules it quite alright to straight out lie in response to someone telling the truth. Boy, she sure did handle that with class. Only not.

    • Also..when they were talking about birthing stories in Ojai..she should have kept her mouth shut completely…making up the storiesi about how all three children were born and embellishing the stories with details. If she had them via surrogate…just shut up at the dinner. It was the blatant lying that was so ridiculous. After she went completely into that story about how all three were born..I knew I would never believe another word out of her mouth – well after her attempt at the Polo lounge to build a contingency against Lisa..she lost me..but I have no empathy for the surrogacy thing because she went on camera with details of her huge lie.

      • I agree – she should have left the table or said, “I don’t want to talk about it, we’re eating.” There is a line in “Excalibur” where Merlin says, “When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.” Adrienne is killing the planet! lol

      • Knowing now that everyone at the table in Ojai knew the c-section story was false makes her lying about it that much more creepy. But then again Brandi asking her directly about it on camera was creepy too.

      • It’s why I doubted surrogacy. Why on earth would anyone make up an experience to describe to people who know it’s b.s; like they simutaneously realized they dreamed she used a surrogate because she told a different story..

  9. Hahahaha! Not the biggest fan of drama? Is she kidding? She has the biggest drama queen for a chef. Now, THAT’S drama!

  10. ITA with the comments here. Also that statement “Any mother would agree that protecting young children is of the utmost importance” makes me feel she may have tipped into crazyland a long time ago. Yes, it’s a true statement, but how is it protecting them to take pictures of Adrienne’s fake pregnancy? Even if she thought surrogacy was somehow shameful? Or that her own eggs weren’t used, so that they weren’t actually her children, or that because her own eggs weren’t used it would affect her father’s will, or whatever reasons her silly little mind came up with? How could she not know they would find out someday? Even if Adrienne never set foot in front of a TV camera? Too many people knew. If she fantasized this craziness for a second, how did her mind not go straight to “Yep, I’ve been watching too many soaps!” and just laugh at her self over it? Even in the soaps it all comes out eventually, lol! Either this whole thing was made up for ratings, or imho Adrienne is in real trouble psychologically and anyone that truly cares about her needs to get her some real help. Fast.

    • Her kids are about 3 years old. Not even in school, barely putting sentences together. How is suing Brandi going to protect them. Do they watch the show? And if they do, someone call protective services. Will they hear it when they’re out grabbing a coffee at Starbucks? At the gym, maybe? They’re three – maybe, just maybe doing part-time school where the scandal of the day is someone wet their pants. They were never in danger – I don’t believe for a minute it was about protecting her kids. And a really, really hope she’s told them since she’s sold the story to US.

      • Lol Doris! Sorry I wasn’t clear again. I didn’t mean that suing Brandi was protecting her kids, I meant as a general statement that would be true for any mother to feel. This all started several years ago, before Brandi was in their life, and I can’t imagine how Adrienne thought anything about the whole crazy story/plan had anything to do with protecting her kids. It sounds like something a bad writer for a soap would come up with. How did she not realize, if this is for real, that there was not something seriously out of whack with her hormones at the least, her brain chemistry/brain at worst? And if she was not able, why didn’t Paul or someone else close to her get her some help, or if she would not agree to it, why did they not refuse to go along with the craziness (going so far as to wearing pillows under clothes & taking pics etc.That had to show them she was dead serious, and was not changing her mind anytime in the near future)??? Despite her reasoning, whatever it may have been, even if she sucked them in with that, how could they not know it would come out later and seriously screw with the minds of the kids she was trying to “protect?” That’s why I said this must be made up! And if not, truly crazy, all around!!!

        • I’m not sure she’s crazy – maybe just naive, that she could keep such a “well-known” secret while being on a reality show. I was just making a point that her defense of doing anything to protect her children doesn’t hold any water from me since it’s unlikely her children watch the show and would have found out. Having said that, if someone has a really big secret, that everyone knows about, maybe you shouldn’t be on a reality show. And while I’m at it, if everyone already knows this secret in Adrienne’s world, what’s the difference if it’s on TV? It’s not like some six-year-old in Indiana is going to tweet six-year-old boys in Los Angeles…

  11. I’m sorry but this is the DUMBEST shit I have ever read. DOES SHE FORGET THAT TAYLOR HAD A DAUGHTER TOO?! I dont get pissed at much but this was just out right stupid.

      • It’s the double standard. Although, I have to say, if what Taylor said was true, she should have gotten her boney ass out of there. Personally, I don’t think she was the victim there – we’ve all seen how crazy she gets when she’s drunk, I’m sure she gave it to Russell (RIP).

        • I don’t necessarily think she (T) is a victim. But her daughter is that’s for sure. Just like Adrienne is not a victim. Any way they paint it, it is their secrets that hurt the kids and if they did not want it getting out they should not have told cast mates. Camille opened her mouth in frustration and anger just like Brandi did. Camille got tired of listening to Taylor’s lies… Brandi got tired of listening to Adrienne. Different caliber of lie; yet a lie nonetheless.

    • I just went on the Bravo site to check out Adrienne’s responses. No one is buying what she’s selling.

      Great line from “As Good as it Gets” : Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.”

  12. “I want to sincerely thank my dear friends Faye, Camille, Kyle, Kim and of course Mauricio for being so supportive through these difficult times.” What is this? The Academy Awards? Is this supposed to burn Trailor Trash, Yolanda, Lisa, Ken, Brandi and the new lady (who I like but cannot recall her name) with the high reaching eyebrows? And, where is Adrienne’s thanks to Paul…Bernie…her caterers…the Sacremento Kings…etc.

    • I’ve got to wonder if gold tinsel extensions, fillers, and face-tightening procedures can diminish cognitive abilities? Adrienne seemed far more grounded and sensible during Season 1, but her thought processes appear to muddled now, even factoring in the toll a divorce takes upon a person’s behavior.

      She really needs psychological help on an intensive, on-going basis. I hope she’ll get it for the sake of her sons and herself.

    • I took her “and of course Mauricio…” bit differently, but I guess I’m naughty like that. Kyle better watch her back and her man!

  13. Why would someone who claims to hate drama be on the Housewives BH to begin with? Her saying one thing and doing just the opposite makes her credibility plummet. Who can believe anything she says now. One thing for sure, as wild as Brandi seems, I’ll bet she’s telling the truth before the rest go them.

  14. What she should have done..oh…I don’t know. Not got into a screaming match when the cameras were rolling. She should have just took the information Kim gave and called Brandi when the cameras weren’t around. Regardless what Brandi said, she had all the power and she blew it.

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