ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne and Rod’s Son… Rod’s Kid Moves In With Adrienne… Oh, Come On!

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If you haven’t heard, Adrienne Maloof has put her “romance” with Rod Stewart’s kid on the fast track and has allowed Sean to put his Keds under her bed… also bringing along his LLBean backpack along with opened packs of M&Ms and Skittles.

sean stewart

In 2007, Sean was one of the “Sons of Hollywood”… Rod’s kid even sings the theme song! This was BEFORE he was on a REAL **cough, cough** “reality” show with Dr. Drew!

Sean “starred” along with Randy Spelling and David Weintraub.    Cameras followed them as they tried to make their way in Hollywood… the series ran for one season on A&E.

“Sons of Hollywood”…


“Summer of Sean”… “lyricist” LindaThompsonJennerFoster shows up around the 1:55 mark and Sean’s mommy, Alana Stewart, around the 2:20 mark


NOTE to Adrienne:  Would rather see you with Charlie Sheen… he’s single and has a J-O-B!  Unlike Rod’s kid… whose J-O-B is now Adrienne!

(Thanks to SH readers “SF” and “JK”!!!)

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85 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne and Rod’s Son… Rod’s Kid Moves In With Adrienne… Oh, Come On!

    • I agree, I love Charlie sheen also. Adrienne in his mind your not a MILF your a GILF (Grandma I’ll Like to F***).

    • I like Charlie Sheen too. I’ve always appreciated his honesty and I guess that’s why I can like him no matter what. Same thing with Brandi. She screws up, but she owns it while Adrienne lies like a rug and thinks no one can see through her.

  1. And I think Adr looks far too old for Chalie. He likes them looking younger, doesn’t he? I say this even though Charlie, himself, looks his age and more and that must be due to the hard life he has led, voluntarily led. He can no longer live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse (God forbid). I want to see old Charlie boy for many years to come.

    • I’m guessing Charlie wouldn’t give Adrienne the time of day! Also would like to see ole’ Charlie around for many years to come. WINNING….LOl :)!

  2. If it were me, I would have a more difficult time explaining to my little children why Sean moved into the house than the whole surrogacy thing.

  3. Are his eyes really crossed like that? I am slow today but can see why those two hooked up – they are both livin off daddy’s dimes!!

    • Ha, Ha! The crossed eyes really seal the deal. Okay, seeing them together is too bizarre.The photo looks like a stoner high school dude hanging with a backup dancer from A Chorus Line .

  4. This sounds like the storyline for next season. I really don’t believe any of this but stranger things have happened.

  5. I believe Adrienne twittered to Wendy Williams this morning that this may not be true. Not that I believe ANYTHING ol’ A has to say…. just thought I’d mention it. Adrienne is all about denial though

  6. i do not believe for one minute that a. is any kind of relationship w/s besides friends. she would not take the chance of losing her kids. besides she has her brothers; who would never approve, and they are a tight family. just for publiciaty.

  7. Adrienne is like Camille looking for something yonger /harder and longer.It so happend to be attached to a douche bag of privliledge.That penis has made the rounds as well as that nasty mouth.Lots of drugs have went down that throat.Good role model .AD slamming Brandi and you are out sowing your oats with a young punk of a kid.

  8. Somehow this is less grotesque to me than Vera Wang (64) moving Evan Lysacek (27) into her swanky digs. Forgive me California peeps, but May-Dec hook ups in L.A. are less shocking to me.
    *also guilty of being completely freaked out by the Cougar explosion which I believe is more mid-life-insanity than crisis. Is there any cultural connection since every day the news is reporting a another psychotic female teacher having preyed on male students? I’m troubled wondering if this teacher-preditor sickness is new or only newly disclosed.

    • it is all completely disgusting to me. Just because you can get someone that age doesn’t mean you should. I know everyone says they are just adults…but you have none of the shared life experiences. Everyday, many times a day, I reference events from my generation. To be with someone decades younger completely strips intelligent conversations and references..and life experiences. It is clearly someone you can want to dominate and control, etc…and shows mental instability, insecurity, etc…to go that much younger. I think 9 years is the max. It is just my opinion and I know many feel differently…but that is how I see it.

      • My personal opinion is that it is best to avoid coupling with anyone young enough to be your biological child. But I’m old fashioned that way! :)

      • Not that it matters & that I would change your opinion, but I think maturity is more relevant than age. She is dating a man who is a known abuser of substances & has documented himself embarrassingly enjoying being a forever rich frat dude, minus the education. Even though I am sure he probably learned SOME lessons with his TV experiences, he is dating a woman who is on a very popular reality TV show. His motives are obvious.

        However, I am 15+ years younger than my partner. We have been together for over 5 years, run a business together & everything is fine. Our maturity levels were on the same level when we met, otherwise neither of us would have pursued anything this serious. It is possible to successfully live with an age difference, it’s just taking everyones experiences into consideration. Maloof literally just got divorced 5 seconds ago. She has no reason to get as serious as she seems to be getting with this guy this soon, other than for attention. I would say he is laying it on thick so he can secure a spot on the next season of RHOBH.

    • I also think it’s disturbing. When I look at Demi Moore I think of a woman who uses younger men to make herself feel “young” and that she has low self esteem, but mostly some of these guys that these older women uses are probably escorts.

      As for Ms. Wang. My gaydar skyrockets when I see Evan Lysacek. I call bullshit on that one.

  9. The very idea of Adrienne with this slacker-child, is hard to fathom. Talk about “robbing the cradle”. What could they possible see in one another besides $$$$$ and youth? How does she explain it to her young boys? (I doubt this tryst will last very long…)

  10. You’re in the midst of a difficult divorce, and you feed the public info about a relationship you’re having with a drug addict? Really? Adrienne really, really needs to get a better PR person.

  11. And perhaps the funniest part of all this? Rod Stewart and Lisa Vanderpump are friends? Any chance that has anything to do with this very strange “relationship”?

  12. Didn’t catch Sean on ‘spawn of Hollywood’ or ‘Dr. Drew’s D-List rehabers’ or whatever previous reality shows he was on, but man has he aged poorly. From that rehab photo to the one taken with MaloofHoof, he’s become a greasy, hairy, pilsbury dough boy. And what total idiot has his OWN NAME tattooed on his arm? Was he so stoned that he was afraid he’d forget it?

  13. After seeing the ass-holery of Sean and his singing the “Sons of Hollywood” ditty, I can only surmise that any bulges in his pants are actually active herpes, allegedly.

  14. I love how she sings his praises about his volunteering to help kids, etc. Don’t they usually call that community service?

  15. Why is it once a man or woman get a divorce they flaunt it with a younger version of their spouse?
    I guess to show they still got “It” I dont get why they go back in years of thinking.Mid life crisis for sure.Guess Paul will be coming out soon with his young thing too.I hope he keeps his under the radar.He does love the camera too so will see.

  16. it is all completely disgusting to me. Just because you can get someone that age doesn’t mean you should. I know everyone says they are just adults…but you have none of the shared life experiences. Everyday, many times a day, I reference events from my generation. To be with someone decades younger completely strips intelligent conversations and references..and life experiences. It is clearly someone you can want to dominate and control, etc…and shows mental instability, insecurity, etc…to go that much younger. I think 9 years is the max. It is just my opinion and I know many feel differently…but that is how I see it.

  17. Another bogus storyline. In all the pictures from that one night, they show ZERO chemistry. In fact, in the video, she gets in the back seat and he gets in the front. Yeah, right. They can’t get enough of each other. I can just hear Ad telling him “No no no no no no” when he suggests getting in the back seat.

  18. I have to be honest. When I first separated I dated quite a few men in their 20′s. I was 50 but looked more like 30. No one my age asked me out. The problem was I felt Motherly and couldn’t muster up more than a friendship. My husband is a lot younger than I am too but we look the same age. I can say all the young one’s I dated were at least educated and successful people.The fact it drove my Ex crazy didn’t hurt.

    • This is probably a very shallow thing to say, but I wouldn’t feel so sickened by Adrienne if she had someone younger that came across as educated and looked good. This guy looks grungy and goofy and gross. Adrienne is demeaning herself in my opinion. If this is the best she can do, then I suppose I should feel sorry for her. But I don’t.

      • You know her Hoofness would have pitched a fit if Fred Flintstone had dressed in the same outfit her Pilsbury boy-toy was wearing to go out somewhere.

    • I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man being younger then a women. If the two people are on the same page, both educated and successful it’s fine. It’s not as common as men dating younger women but it isn’t exactly uncommon anymore….which I think is a good thing.
      The example of A & S just isn’t a good one, given the surrounding circumstances on both sides. I don’t think their actually dating or “involved.”

  19. I don’t understand why Adrienne isn’t embarassed by this “Boyfriend” – heck – even Taylor Swift seems to be wising up about her “younger” (than 23) boys! What a jerk she is! Will be interesting to see what her cast mates say about this – whether or not they try and cover for her bad taste or dis her like they should! GET A GRIP LADY – not even for the love of money and/or the blessings of Bravos scriptwriters would I go along with such humiliation – unfortunately she doesn’t seem humiliated at all!

  20. This guy probably lets her boss him around and totally control him. She tried to do that to Paul. She was mean and just terrible to him. This young guy is just what she needs to feel in control.
    Plus, I still feel like they have some kinda deal going on. He needed some exposure to get his career going (maybe by being on next season’s episode he hopes?) and she needed to piss Paul off as well as throw the viewers off of the surrogacy issue. And of course she needs a dramatic storyline cause she was boring last season. As much as she was trying to discredit Paul to try to get custody, I can’t believe that she would be so stupid as to move this guy into her home with her small children. Wait, it’s Adrienne…she would be that stupid!

  21. This was reported on Yahoo news back in Dec. With her seeing Rod Stewart’s son, maybe she did have an affair. I would have never believed it before watching all of her actions this year..but now I do maybe

    What’s the last secret? The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star allegedly had an affair with another man while married to Paul. He’s also well-known around Beverly Hills.

    “It’s someone who is well-known to people in her area,” the insider said. “And he would not appreciate being outed as the third party in her marriage.”

    • Get this: ROL (who I totally assume Adrienne has on speed dial) is saying that the 3rd party is LA Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa! I mean, please!!! I believe he’s a player, but with Adrienne? I really do think she’s a closeted lesbian. So sad if that’s the case and she believes she has to create this drama and engage in subterfuge.

      But, even if my assumptions are true, I still dislike her. I’m a meanie!

  22. Wake up Adrienne I think I have something to say to you. Never imagine you’re be as stoopid as you look. You took the kid and now you’re stuck with the tab. Imagine all that to the music of Maggie May. LOL Oh, man Paul must be shock.

  23. I am far from a prude.
    But I think for a woman with young kids to take in a live in lover is reckless behavior regardless if she is rich or not.

  24. Wow…really? I’m not an Adrienne fan but I can’t believe she would choose this “bad boy”….speaks to her personality IMO. Rod Stewart comes acrosss as genuine felt a bit sorry for him when Sons of Hollywood aired. It would be tough to have a child that was walking on the wild side to such an extent.

  25. I can’t believe this is happening. What are the children thinking about Mommy dearest. Someone in Daddy’s bed. If they aren’t divorced yet, Paul get pictures, you won’t have a problem getting custody and a big fat alimoney check from her. Your soon to be ex, is off her rocker.

    • California is a no fault state..only murder creates some kind of favor for one party over the other. Only in other states does infidelity adn breaking the marriage contract matter. In CA, you can engage in any kind of repulsive behavior and it gives you 0 advantage in the divorce or for alimony, etc – and they had a prenup. That is why Adrienne was probably cheating..if my above post was correct from last year she was accused of having an affair. She felt no reason to keep the marriage contract or promised. CA doesn’t give a poop if you do and there is no punishment for any kind of terrible behavior at all.

  26. Ok, my niece has a theory. She and her 20 something friends frequent the Vegas area and think that Adrienne has been trying to get in with the younger crowd in order to attract business to their fams casino. My nieces friend works at the Palms and CLAIMS that the Maloof bros want Adrienne to use her “new found fame” to bring attention to the fam and their businesses. for example they got Pauly D (jersey shore) to DJ and various other reality youngsters to frequent and hang out with the family Maloof. Also word is Adrienne has always been a spoiled, self entitled, airheaded (they really said Adrienne is dumber then dumb and that they laugh when people refer to her as a savvy business woman). Another tid-bit is that although Adrienne talks about being soooo not into drama the fact is that in “real” reality, she is “the most caddiest 50 yr old woman they have ever met”, which I do find easier to believe then the persona of Adrienne that Bravo tries to make us believe.

    • Adrienne is only a secretary in the Maloof organization – it is her aunt that is the big wig..then her brothers. She is a joke in the organization. The Maloofs only own about 5% of the Palms anymore, so I don’t really think they care, but we already know Adrienne lies through her teeth (she did about running Maloof Enterprises – holding that meeting at the POlo lounge to try and spread nasty lies about Lisa, and then trying to get Brandi to tweet nasty lies. She has already proven herself to be a cold hearted drama queen. Thank goodness Paul has escaped and her boys don’t have to be with her all the time.

      • Her aunt is the big wig?? Don’t you mean her mom Colleen? If not, which aunt. I thought the forced selling of the Rockets caused friction with dad’s sisters. Are they still business partners with their paternal aunt(s)?
        Also, they own 2%.

        • I thought the Aunts forced the brothers to buy them out because they didn’t have confidence in the Brothers running the company. Adrianne and her Mother have never been involved in running the company according to her brothers.

          • oops..mean colleen..she is chairman, and I think the aunt did marketing…but I cannot find it now
            Mr. Joseph G. Maloof
            President and Director
            Ms. Adrienne Maloof
            Mr. Thomas K. Land
            Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
            Mr. Phil Maloof
            Executive Vice President
            Mr. George J. Maloof
            Executive Vice President
            Ms. Colleen J. Maloof serves as Chairman of The Maloof Companies. Ms. Maloof serves as Chairman of the Board of Joe G. Maloof Co. She is chair of the board of the Maloof companies and trustee for the estate of George J. Maloof. Ms. Maloof is a major force behind the family’s continued strength and the Maloof’s corporate and civic leadership

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