SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Wretched Secures Her Place on RHOC… MadMen Premiering April 7!… Sundance Films… Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof “Shoe Wars” Shoulda Happened!… First PHOTO of Adrienne and Rod Stewart’s Kid, Adrienne Explains WHY The “Relationship” Works!!

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Oh, WretchedBLEEEEECHChristine is no dummy!  Wretched knows how to maneuver her way around MissAndy to get on his good side!  Wretched knows that the way to get on the Lord of the Housewives good side is to make a strong stance in favor of anything GAY!

Andy Bored pg Wretched feels so strongly about gay marriage that she has proclaimed that she and Slimey will not marry until ALL people can marry anyone of their choosing… which includes the idiot guy on A&E who was in love with his car!

Andy tongue Wendy Show

However, Wretched skirts the whole marriage issue conveniently, not just because of her strong commitment to MissAndy’s gay agenda, ’cause Wretched KNOWS that if a HW has any differing views from MissAndy, especially when it comes to anything “GAY,” they will be roasted, toasted and tortured when it’s their required turn to sit in one of his Clubhouse chairs and this abuse by MissAndy will continue on the HW reunion show  to all things gay, but also says that marriage to Slimey is on hold… unless, of course, if there is a baby on the way!

As stated, Wretched knows how to play this game… and will hold off on all “REAL” issues in her life until MissAndy/Bravo is behind her!  “Behind her” meaning that MissAndy/Bravo will foot the bill for expenses incurred for the marriage proposal, the engagement, the parties, the wedding (which will be a mini spin-off show) and the honeymoon!   Just like MissAndy/Bravo did and is doing with lil Tamballs!

In the meantime, Wretched’s support of all things gay gave her points in MissAndy’s little book of Housewives… under the tab “HWs Who Have Spoken Out Publicly In Support of My Gay Agenda”

Gretchen Roll Role Model pg

From The Dish:

“I’m 100% behind gay marriage. I have so many wonderful friends in the community. Some have been with their partners for over twenty years. It would be great if they could get married and show the world their love and commitment in the same way that straight people can.”

Gretchen Slade lawsuit pg

“…  I don’t feel like we need the license to show that we are in a loving committed relationship. However, the more the idea of kids comes into the conversation, the more I’ve really thought about the idea of marriage as a possibility. We’ll just have to play it by ear.”


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Are you waiting anxiously to know when one of the BEST television shows will be back on the air?   The Real Housewives of Orange County… OOPS!!  We’re not talkin’ about one of the most BUSTED shows on television!

We’re talkin’ about one of the BEST or THE BEST shows on TV… and it ain’t one of those really  **cough, cough** “REAL” reality shows, which we all know are NOT real!


NO… we’re talking about when MAD MEN will be back!   Great news… set your DVRs for April 7 at 9 pm!

From TheWrap:

Will Don cheat on Megan? Did Betty lose the weight? Is Peggy happy at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough? Will Sally and Glen live happily ever after? Did Kinsey’s “Star Trek” episode get picked up?

mad men

The answers to all those questions could be revealed on April 7 at 9 p.m. when the series starts up again.


Also from TheWrap:

Movies starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steve Carell fetched millions this year at the Sundance Film Festival as sellers adjust to a market that is more diffuse than in years past but is also steadily gaining steam.

Major distributors like Relativity and Paramount surprised many by acquiring or bidding on films, but the biggest acquisitions so far have been for movies with A-list stars in the cast.

Marisa arrow

NOTE:  Marisa Zanuck’s husband, Dean Zanuck, should have no problem acquiring A-list “stars” for his independent movies!  Wonder if Dean will be showing his film(s) at Edinburgh this year?  Bytheway, we fully support Marisa’s stance on flying coach! 


And… while we’ve taken this “Hit and Run” a bit off course from the usual Housewives fare, the “fare” which is getting just sooooooo damn awful… and by “awful” meaning that there are no story lines on the Housewives shows which have not been done!

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Seeing the RHOBH in Las Vegas next Monday is about as anticipated as checking the mailbox for the daily mail!  BORING!

This is LisaVPump caught while pre-viewing next week’s RHOBH!


HEY!  Whatever happened to LisaVPump’s shoe line?  Now THAT would have been a story line to look forward to!  Lisa v Maloof Hoof!

kimr adrienne shoes

Lisa’s competing shoe line was mentioned on SH August 18, 2011… and, we’re just joking that the “shoe wars” story line would have been something to look forward to!

lisa shoes  rhobh


Adrienne Maloof reveals how her “relationship” with Rod’s kid works!!

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70 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Wretched Secures Her Place on RHOC… MadMen Premiering April 7!… Sundance Films… Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof “Shoe Wars” Shoulda Happened!… First PHOTO of Adrienne and Rod Stewart’s Kid, Adrienne Explains WHY The “Relationship” Works!!

  1. I don’t believe this crap for one second! Ewwwwwwww! If you’re going to try and make up a story line for next season wouldn’t you at least pick someone more acceptable (not so slimey) that at least had a job? The creep factor is off the hook on this one! What rock did she pull him under from? Does he know Brooks?

  2. I actually like Gretchen. I think she has a sweet personality and is intelligent. I just want her to wake up to what type of person Slade is. I’ve NEVER understood what she sees in him. He is a loser in every sense of the word. That guy will live off her for the rest of his life.

    Adrienne is an absolute fool, no doubt about it. She’s terrified of getting older and her behavior and dress really shows that. You need a long hard look in the mirror Adrienne and a REAL reality check…and a good therapist.

    • I used to like Gretchen back when she was fresh faced, 100% natural (O.K. maybe not the hair color), and hated Tamra. Once she decided to attempt to go Hollywood she hooked up with Tamra, got work done, and began to acquire some of Tamra’s nasty tendencies. I’ve been done with her since, and because she was the only cast member I liked, I no longer had a reason to watch OC, except for the few episodes I caught that made me feel badly for Vicki who I still don’t like, but wish she had chosen Jeana over Tamra, who never had her back.

      • ITA. Used be I kind of liked Wretched, but that ALL went out the window when she hooked up with the Wicked Witch of the West Tamballs.
        Too boot, when we learned on SH about Slimy NOT being at the hospital for his son (praying for this little boy) because he was playing house hubbend’ with wretched in the O.C.. I was left totally disgusted by both Wretched and Slimy.
        Wretched is so nasty now….she managed to make Vicki look good. Shocking! The OC should have been put to sleep years ago, or get an entire new group of desperate housewives

  3. Sean is definitly bloated from drug abuse. I bet he is on suboxin or methadone , he has the look . This I know because I am an addiction counselor .

  4. So glad Mad Men’s soon to be back! Need some well written fiction being as there’s not enough “real” to fill up two hours per season on the reality shows anymore. Although I’m thinking about checking out Duck Dynasty after all the good talk here (embarrassed to say I let the name turn me off before viewing). Missed the last few epi’s of Mad Men due to a screwed up DVR, hopefully can finally find the missed episodes now. Loved the “unanswered questions” above, reminded me how funny MM is, sooo not plain ol’ drama! Now to catch up on the board. Behind on the shows, behind on the blog, yeah, still just one big @ss behind!

    • Highly recommend Duck Dynasty. I dismissed it too at first but really like it now. So funny.
      Think everyone has an Uncle Si

          • I bet he will too. Get him to watch the ep where the guys have a donut eating contest. Guess who wins? Lol!

            • Si? lol. I bet he will talk his way into a win. i have a few episodes in cue right now. I will try to find that one.

            • It’s hilarious! Have u seen the one where Si tries to teach Willie’s daughter how to drive? I forgot her name but she’s cute.

            • Here too. Truth is I don’t think I’ll miss a thing about these shows when they’re done, even after all the time put in watching–they’ve just gone so far down hill (or never really went up, stayed static at best, I guess?). But the board? That’s a whole different story. I tried not to get attached to this place before I ever started posting because I knew we were on the tail-end of the HW lifespan, but MsSH, Sandi, and all of you made that impossible, lol! I would hate it if this board disbanded, it really would affect me, weird as that must sound/be. I’m grown and would get over it, but it’d be harder than I want to admit. So, every time the thought hits I just pull a Scarlett and do a “Fiddle-dee-dee, I’ll think about that tomorrow…” :-\

          • His preying mantis. I heart Uncle Si.
            I was determined not to like another show about dumb southerners, but flipping channels I was sucked into Si and Phil at class day-the best! Si had me at “you kids ever hear of Nam?”

    • Yea cant wait to see some Mad Men again… The reruns that I watch on Sunday mornings are getting pretty old.. I also have tuned into Duck Dynasty and it is the firts show I have seen in years where they say a prayer at the end of each episode.. Takes me back to the Waltons..It is good for lots of laughs if you need one.

      • Thanks Sapphirelady and Twistedwrist, will tune in tonight, why put off good laughs for another day? Especially since I be an insomniac lol! And Mad Men starts in between two of my kid’s birthdays, so that’ll clue me back in when the time comes. Kinda wish there could be threads about MM here, would love to be able to have some discussions with y’all about that show, but Don Draper in drag? Naw…not so much ;-o

          • I hear ya, truth be told if I scrunched my eyes up just a little, I could prolly handle going thru a skirt to get to that one. And if he could pass enough to qualify for a housewife thread as well, I guess I could handle a little lipstick too (What can I say, my sex drive isn’t what it used to be, I’d need a little conversation somewhere later!)

  5. Can someone tell me why is always the gay community. Someone from the hetro “community” would really lika know. Specially since ya know we all kinda do like in the same community. So why segregate even in language? Try losing phrasing like that and just be a regular ole person who does everything hetros do ‘cept ya take a peen in da butt once in a while or whatever. Big deal. You dont have to go live some wheres else to do it. No more “community” talk or else Ima have to round up my posse from the blonde community and come have a talk with ya. :)

    • i so agree maddy…I think the more everyone is allowed to be put into boxes for political reasons..the more it separates us. I am for smaller gov’t and I want an accounting of all the wasted and bloated programs before I will vote for more taxes…then someone calls me a tea party person. I have black friends and people are always marketing to them as black. or what they can get as a minority. My son is gay, and he hates when people call him their gay friend or that people are always trying to push a gay agenda because it makes people push back on the other side. He just looks and acts normal. You would never know and he hates that people try and call him out as gay all the time – even as trying to be nice…but they are told by the Andy’s of the world, they have to be on a side…how’s about the human race side.

      • 100% agree. It has to be frustrating for your son for people to pigeon hole him because of what he does in his private time. I get that some are in the closet so long that when they come out they BUST OUT with flags a blazin but at some point we need to be more than what we do in the bedroom. Can you imagine if hetros wanted a parade for smokin da pole? Now I been married for so long that I am sure my husband would be more than happy to give me one but still its just not necessary. :)

        • You have kind of opened a can of worms regarding hetros. Do you realize that hetros continually flaunt their sexuality? It is in the media, movies, tv, public. All over the place. See it from a gay perspective – it is constantly being shoved down their throats. perhaps that is why there are parades – a chance to bust out in public.

          Rarely do you see a couple of gays sitting making out in public where as you’ll see that sort of thing between a hetro-sexual couple time and time again – whether in real life or on TV. Just say’in.

          But I do agree – people should be able to be who they are – people – without being pigeonholed. Everyone has so much to offer without being labelled this or that.

          And thanks for the Diana Ross <3

            • It was a little awkward having to explain to my 3 and 5 year old that boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls like mommy and daddy. If your going to live in S.F. it is a discussion your going to have.

            • I can imagine. I think holding hands is as far as PDAs need to go. Maybe a peck on the cheek or a warm embrace at the airport but swapping spit for the sake of swapping spit in public is just unnecessary. Like do they(hetro and homosexuals that do this) want a slow clap?

            • Here in South Flordia, are you kidding me? (sorry for sounding like Brandi) The stories I could wright, everywhere. I know God is a man, he made some of the most Handsom, beautiful men I have seen! Look up Wilton Manors.

            • I’m in south FL, and I haven’t seen one decent-looking man since I moved here. Just sayin’………….

          • I know everyone thinks that Gretchen is sucking up to Andy with the “we won’t get married till all Gays can marry too” thing but she’s not. She just dosn’t want Slade anywhere near her money or being responsible in anyway for his child support. If tomorrow I could wave a magic wand and make Marriage Equality a law in each and every state we would see a new Grethen headline saying “Me and Slade will not get married until all the Sister Wives are allowed to legally marry! It just would not be fair!” lol

            • I am glad you liked it. I missed Beyonce’s performance the other day. I saw Aretha at the first one. I guess since Beyonce’s is so tightly connected to kanye who the president thinks is an ass he didnt want to take any chances with an open mike? bahahahaha I just got a vision of a spastic Kanye getting up there and doing his own dang show about how knocked up Kim is. wooo! wooo! Pregnancies make him hyper ya know.

            • tee hee. Sumpin tells me that if Kanya pulled that on Obama their would be no kiss n make up like with last president

            • I think PDA’s are gross..I am with Made. My son isn’t in the closet, but he hates the way people want to talk about or label sexual orientation. It should be a private matter. to be flaunting who you are as a person by your sex is wrong…hetero or gay…and for the person above that said that hetero relationships are flaunted…it is 90% of the population – hetero they will occupy 90% of programming. Modern family and the New Normal are widely popular and supported, showing that people like watching a gay relationships..but you won’t suddenly see it in 50% of programming because attraction to opposite sexes is 90% of the population.We watch what we are attracted to for moving make out scenes. I happen to like guys and I love to watch attractions that I can relate to…I am glad to see gay programming..and it is building, but it will never match hetero. I love Ellen DeGeneres, but a romantic comedy where the entire movie is about her pursuing and making out with a woman, wouldn’t turn me on..if Channing Tatum were in it..then it would. I can have a wild fantasy about Channing kissing me. My son would be the first one to say..if you aren’t turned on by that sex, sexually. you aren’t turned on by them. It is no crime to not be turned on by movies where there is gay sex and vice versa for gay people. If you are a smaller percentage of the population, you will always be under represented.

    • @Made—sort of on topic—There is a class offered at the local community college called “How NOT to Speak Southern” Seriously. Here is the class description (and I quote), “Do other people call your Southern accent “cute” or “charming”? Do you worry because the focus seems to be on how you speak instead of what you say? You don’t want to give up your Southern culture, but you do want to be respected for your knowledge and skills. What’s a good Southern guy or gal to do? You need to learn a technique called code-switching! So, in a corporate meeting you can speak with a more neutral American accent. But at home around your friends, you speak the way you always have. In this one night training, learn to recognize the pronenciation [sic] and grammar differences that your speech sound Southern and learn what to do to neutralize it when you want to be remembered for what you say and not how to say it.” I’m thinking of shelling out the 30 bucks to see if this instructor can fix my annoying Northern accent to more Southern!

      • Oh my word. That’s hysterical. I have noticed that southern girls tend to get more of a pass on the accent than southern boys. Monitoring phone calls at a call center opened my eyes to this. People are charmed by the female southern accent but the male southern accent is automatically written off as being uneducated and its really not fair but it does happen. I can amp mine up when I want to or mask it with haughtiness if I am pissed but I am not sure I could ever get rid of it on cue especially with one class.

        • That’s true–I have heard people comment about how a man sounds “country” more times than I have heard that remark about a woman. In fact, I have only heard it being said about one woman in the years I have lived here!

          • And older southern men are more likely to be deemed racist based on accent alone. One of the funniest things I ever hear was a girl that worked in another department making outbound calls when the info auto pulled on screen, she asked for Jesus(pronounced like the Son of God) before she could think to say it the right way. Can you imagine? Is Jesus there?

  6. Wretch got a BIG dose of backlash last season. Not just for the way she treated Alexis, but for her obviously fake bitch-ship with Tams — for that disastrous PussyCatDoll performance that still makes me cringe — LYING about her plastic lips and hair — and for admitting that she won’t marry Slade cause he’s broke. WHEW! Did I miss anything? OF COURSE she’s gonna say anything to get on MissAndie’s good side and not get thrown to the OC curb where she belongs.

    • I just got an image in my head of Wretch and Slave pushing a lawnmower and pickin weeds at MissAndie’s place sayin “don’t fire me! I love gays… I wish i was gay…”

    • I love that he put on his good sweater to go out.I dont think he changed his tee shirt or showered. If this is real, Adrienne will look back one day and ask….what was I thinking. I think “we don’t care” Ken looks like a winner next to this one.

    • LOL about the “bitch-ship” hahaha! I thought that twist was a business arrangement between the two ladies (for better or for worse) to refocus their story lines!

  7. Lisa’s shoe was gorgeous, but priced out of my range. Adrienne’s shoe’s were reasonably priced but butt ugly, most of them featured 6″ heels, and ended up on My Habit at half price or less, and still took a few tries to move.

  8. I laughed so hard at cross eyed Sean *cough* I love Photo Shop *cough*, and that caption,
    that I actually snorted! Ms. SH, you’re on a roll!

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