SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Wretched Secures Her Place on RHOC… MadMen Premiering April 7!… Sundance Films… Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof “Shoe Wars” Shoulda Happened!… First PHOTO of Adrienne and Rod Stewart’s Kid, Adrienne Explains WHY The “Relationship” Works!!

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Oh, WretchedBLEEEEECHChristine is no dummy!  Wretched knows how to maneuver her way around MissAndy to get on his good side!  Wretched knows that the way to get on the Lord of the Housewives good side is to make a strong stance in favor of anything GAY!

Andy Bored pg Wretched feels so strongly about gay marriage that she has proclaimed that she and Slimey will not marry until ALL people can marry anyone of their choosing… which includes the idiot guy on A&E who was in love with his car!

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However, Wretched skirts the whole marriage issue conveniently, not just because of her strong commitment to MissAndy’s gay agenda, ’cause Wretched KNOWS that if a HW has any differing views from MissAndy, especially when it comes to anything “GAY,” they will be roasted, toasted and tortured when it’s their required turn to sit in one of his Clubhouse chairs and this abuse by MissAndy will continue on the HW reunion show  to all things gay, but also says that marriage to Slimey is on hold… unless, of course, if there is a baby on the way!

As stated, Wretched knows how to play this game… and will hold off on all “REAL” issues in her life until MissAndy/Bravo is behind her!  “Behind her” meaning that MissAndy/Bravo will foot the bill for expenses incurred for the marriage proposal, the engagement, the parties, the wedding (which will be a mini spin-off show) and the honeymoon!   Just like MissAndy/Bravo did and is doing with lil Tamballs!

In the meantime, Wretched’s support of all things gay gave her points in MissAndy’s little book of Housewives… under the tab “HWs Who Have Spoken Out Publicly In Support of My Gay Agenda”

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From The Dish:

“I’m 100% behind gay marriage. I have so many wonderful friends in the community. Some have been with their partners for over twenty years. It would be great if they could get married and show the world their love and commitment in the same way that straight people can.”

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“…  I don’t feel like we need the license to show that we are in a loving committed relationship. However, the more the idea of kids comes into the conversation, the more I’ve really thought about the idea of marriage as a possibility. We’ll just have to play it by ear.”


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Are you waiting anxiously to know when one of the BEST television shows will be back on the air?   The Real Housewives of Orange County… OOPS!!  We’re not talkin’ about one of the most BUSTED shows on television!

We’re talkin’ about one of the BEST or THE BEST shows on TV… and it ain’t one of those really  **cough, cough** “REAL” reality shows, which we all know are NOT real!


NO… we’re talking about when MAD MEN will be back!   Great news… set your DVRs for April 7 at 9 pm!

From TheWrap:

Will Don cheat on Megan? Did Betty lose the weight? Is Peggy happy at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough? Will Sally and Glen live happily ever after? Did Kinsey’s “Star Trek” episode get picked up?

mad men

The answers to all those questions could be revealed on April 7 at 9 p.m. when the series starts up again.


Also from TheWrap:

Movies starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steve Carell fetched millions this year at the Sundance Film Festival as sellers adjust to a market that is more diffuse than in years past but is also steadily gaining steam.

Major distributors like Relativity and Paramount surprised many by acquiring or bidding on films, but the biggest acquisitions so far have been for movies with A-list stars in the cast.

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NOTE:  Marisa Zanuck’s husband, Dean Zanuck, should have no problem acquiring A-list “stars” for his independent movies!  Wonder if Dean will be showing his film(s) at Edinburgh this year?  Bytheway, we fully support Marisa’s stance on flying coach! 


And… while we’ve taken this “Hit and Run” a bit off course from the usual Housewives fare, the “fare” which is getting just sooooooo damn awful… and by “awful” meaning that there are no story lines on the Housewives shows which have not been done!

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Seeing the RHOBH in Las Vegas next Monday is about as anticipated as checking the mailbox for the daily mail!  BORING!

This is LisaVPump caught while pre-viewing next week’s RHOBH!


HEY!  Whatever happened to LisaVPump’s shoe line?  Now THAT would have been a story line to look forward to!  Lisa v Maloof Hoof!

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Lisa’s competing shoe line was mentioned on SH August 18, 2011… and, we’re just joking that the “shoe wars” story line would have been something to look forward to!

lisa shoes  rhobh


Adrienne Maloof reveals how her “relationship” with Rod’s kid works!!

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