KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Concerned About Mo-reese… Says Sometimes “We Have to Agree to Disagree”… No Way Would Lisa Vanderpump “Stick Her Neck Out”..


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This week I am happy that Mauricio and Brandi were able to end on a better note. Although Mauricio feels strongly about this situation, ultimately he wants to see some resolution for Adrienne, Brandi, and our group of friends.   NOTE:  YO!  HagfaceKyle!  Tell yo hubbend, MO-reese to butt out!  No one cares what he wants, what he thinks or what he says! 

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I don’t like seeing Ken and Mauricio disagree but there are some things in life  that we just can’t always agree upon with our friends. We have to agree to disagree.   NOTE:  Seriously, Kyle????  Seriously?  Would that “agreeing” take place “at the end of the day” just to make sure “everyone gets along”?  Has LLLHagfaceKyle gotten her hands on a copy of DonCaro Manzoid’s new book of cliches??

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Since Lisa and Adrienne are not speaking, it’s easy for Lisa to take Brandi’s side. Mauricio and I have known Paul and Adrienne longer and are obviously closer with them.

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However, this was a matter of principal.   NOTE:  It’s “principle,” Kyle… NOT “principal!”  Who the hell is proofreading Kyle’s words… FrontPorcha??   Regardless of who is friends with who, NOTE:  It’s “whom” Kyle… it’s “whom”!


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I could see that Brandi felt bad and I didn’t want this to keep coming up over and over again. Brandi was saying she tried calling Adrienne to apologize and Adrienne was saying she wished Brandi would reach out to her. Very confusing.   NOTE:  There ain’t nuthin’ “confusing” about it!  All Brandi has to do is look at her phone… there are easily accessible records of calls placed and to whom!  AND… if Brandi has a really great phone, there will be a record of completion of the call and the length of time for each call made!

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At the art gallery  opening, Ken and Lisa were a bit chilly to Mauricio.   NOTE:  “Chilly”??  Chilly goes well with an unwrapped bottle of gin… probably grabbed from behind the bar on their way outta the restaurant where they ate before the gallery event!  I personally had no issues with the fact that we had disagreed at the Moroccan dinner. I knew there was no way Lisa would stick her neck out for Adrienne in any way after the reunion last year. And there was no way I could say that Brandi wasn’t wrong. Soooo, there you have it. Agree to disagree.   NOTE:  This “agree to disagree” is BS!  When was the last time Kyle stuck HER neck out for ANYONE?  HagfaceKyle don’t even stick her neck out for her own sister… even after being threatened when Shana told Kim let’s go out back and I’ll go “all Oklahoma on your ass”!

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One thing I like about Brandi is she can put aside whatever tension we have and have a good time. So when she invited me to Vegas with the girls, I thought it would be a good time to let our hair down, have fun, and laugh.   NOTE:  Again… seriously?  Brandi stated that she has never done anything like “hosting” a Vegas event.  Does anyone seriously believe that the upcoming producer-required trip to Vegas was Brandi’s idea?

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Of course, I was hoping we would enjoy ourselves without incident. But you know this crowd. . .

Until then. . .
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