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This week I am happy that Mauricio and Brandi were able to end on a better note. Although Mauricio feels strongly about this situation, ultimately he wants to see some resolution for Adrienne, Brandi, and our group of friends.   NOTE:  YO!  HagfaceKyle!  Tell yo hubbend, MO-reese to butt out!  No one cares what he wants, what he thinks or what he says! 

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I don’t like seeing Ken and Mauricio disagree but there are some things in life  that we just can’t always agree upon with our friends. We have to agree to disagree.   NOTE:  Seriously, Kyle????  Seriously?  Would that “agreeing” take place “at the end of the day” just to make sure “everyone gets along”?  Has LLLHagfaceKyle gotten her hands on a copy of DonCaro Manzoid’s new book of cliches??

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Since Lisa and Adrienne are not speaking, it’s easy for Lisa to take Brandi’s side. Mauricio and I have known Paul and Adrienne longer and are obviously closer with them.

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However, this was a matter of principal.   NOTE:  It’s “principle,” Kyle… NOT “principal!”  Who the hell is proofreading Kyle’s words… FrontPorcha??   Regardless of who is friends with who, NOTE:  It’s “whom” Kyle… it’s “whom”!


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I could see that Brandi felt bad and I didn’t want this to keep coming up over and over again. Brandi was saying she tried calling Adrienne to apologize and Adrienne was saying she wished Brandi would reach out to her. Very confusing.   NOTE:  There ain’t nuthin’ “confusing” about it!  All Brandi has to do is look at her phone… there are easily accessible records of calls placed and to whom!  AND… if Brandi has a really great phone, there will be a record of completion of the call and the length of time for each call made!

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At the art gallery  opening, Ken and Lisa were a bit chilly to Mauricio.   NOTE:  “Chilly”??  Chilly goes well with an unwrapped bottle of gin… probably grabbed from behind the bar on their way outta the restaurant where they ate before the gallery event!  I personally had no issues with the fact that we had disagreed at the Moroccan dinner. I knew there was no way Lisa would stick her neck out for Adrienne in any way after the reunion last year. And there was no way I could say that Brandi wasn’t wrong. Soooo, there you have it. Agree to disagree.   NOTE:  This “agree to disagree” is BS!  When was the last time Kyle stuck HER neck out for ANYONE?  HagfaceKyle don’t even stick her neck out for her own sister… even after being threatened when Shana told Kim let’s go out back and I’ll go “all Oklahoma on your ass”!

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One thing I like about Brandi is she can put aside whatever tension we have and have a good time. So when she invited me to Vegas with the girls, I thought it would be a good time to let our hair down, have fun, and laugh.   NOTE:  Again… seriously?  Brandi stated that she has never done anything like “hosting” a Vegas event.  Does anyone seriously believe that the upcoming producer-required trip to Vegas was Brandi’s idea?

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Of course, I was hoping we would enjoy ourselves without incident. But you know this crowd. . .

Until then. . .
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101 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Concerned About Mo-reese… Says Sometimes “We Have to Agree to Disagree”… No Way Would Lisa Vanderpump “Stick Her Neck Out”..

  1. Hey there, I have an idea for a game:

    RHOBH – 20 Years Later

    Example: Vile Kyle – In 20 years, she’ll still be auditioning for small parts, but not getting them because Kim is getting them – “Uh, sorry Vile, but we already picked your sister. Come back next season, we might have a role for your hair though”. Still thinks she’s married to Moreese, but can’t prove it cuz he’s never around now that the cameras are off him and when he is around he mumbles “Who are you? Where’s my wife?”. In order to stay relevant, she reprises her role from Halloween only this time she’s chasing people and trying to kill them with her hair with that obnoxious hair twirl she does while dancing. It’s a mandatory greeting from her employees at her store when customers pass by. It’s all fun and games until she hits Shana one day who retaliates by goin Oklahoma on her a** which means trying to sleep with Mo – who always sounds like he’s stuffed up with sinus congestion. Eventually, Vile takes an overdose of hair pills and turns into Cousin It.

  2. We will all find out in the end there is no secret just dragging the episodes along like they did on NJ.That show never came to an end.This secret is as fake as Brandi and Leann’s fake fight.There is nothing about Adrienne that would shock anyone right.She is a man/lesbian/stripper/ex con/kids adopted/used surrogate/Paul’s love children/fathered by Adrienne’s dad /uncle/ brothers/next dooor neighbor.Who cares what her “secret” is.All is fake in their scripted “real” lives.Thier lives are bought and paid for by Bravo.

  3. I don’t know why Kyle puts her twitter handle. She blocks anyone who calls her out.
    Don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but why did this all start? Kyle! Asking questions while playing peacemaker!

  4. That picture of hag face is so perfect, she looks exactly like she should… The best part of that pic? We don’t have to deal with her damn hair… Because we don’t care!!!

  5. Kyle always acts as though the “girls” are the instigators or pit bulls, etc. Kyle needs to look at that nasty image of herself in the mirror. She is the most two-faced person on the show. She can’t even compliment her sister on her daily struggle without a back-hand slap. I find her to be despicable. Her husband has the idea that someone really cares what he thinks. He and his wife are perfect together. If those two are examples of high society in California….paleassssee!

  6. Always the BS about how long people have known each other. Supposedly Adrienne and Lisa were so close and long time friends, and yet Lisa had no idea that Adrienne had a full on salon in her home, and so it seemed, neither did Kyle. So what do these people consider long term friendships anyway? Kyle is always attempting to one up someone on the show, and now she’s giving us a poorly veiled reason as to why she supported Adrienne and has yet to show any support for Lisa, who she used to talk to on the phone on a daily basis. With friends like Kyle, who in the world needs enemies?

    • I got the impression from first season that Lisa and Kyle were pretty close…didn’t have the impression that Adrienne figured in there…now the impression is that Lisa is hurt over Kyle’s and the others lack of response when Adrienne accused her about selling stories. I think Kyle is a shift shaper when it comes to friends…maybe the Zanuck’s have a house to sell….

  7. I know how all this can blow over Kyle – stop getting your creepy friends involved in someone else’s problems.

  8. Gee, doesn’t anyone understand this is a tv show? The only thing real in BH (as if she really lives there) is that all the men who have any money better be sure Brandi is HIV tested before they sleep with her……those poor sons. Man, is she ever at home with them?

    • Dang that’s harsh, and there has been nothing that we’ve seen on this TV show to indicate that Brandi doesn’t spend time with her son;s, particularly since she shares custody with her ex. You say it’s all for TV, but you sure have reached some outlandish conclusions about someone who is on said TV show.

          • Such as?? Please give specific quotes that Brandi has said about people that equals insinuating someone has aids and disparaging their parenting. These kinds of comments are way below the belt.

            • Bubbies, I’m not sure what’s up but there has been a ton of anti-Brandi posts on here lately and I’m not talking about people saying hey I don’t like her I think she’s crude but really snarky like, I know her personally and I’m going to smear her in the blogs posts. They never really respond when challanged they just swoop in and say things like that.

            • That’s why I think the posts could be from a) Adrienne’s chef; b) Adrienne herself or c) Rancid Resnick. You gotta admit. Who else has reason to spread nasty trash about Brandi? The chef seems most plausible, as he is known to throw garbage around about Lisa both on his on FB page, and in planting stories on a certain gossip site that Bravo also seems to feed stories to.

            • @bsbfankaren i ageee. Sure seems like people have very strong/negative feelings for Brandi all of the sudden. I get that not everyone is a fan, but this is a whole new level of ugly.

            • The one on the Bravo blogs that has an accent sounds like Cedric, and he always mentions Lisa with Brandi in every comment he makes. The one who uses the caps all the time sounds like Bernie, and the ones that are long remind me of Fay. This one sounded more like Ad or Kyle, it was too short to be Fay….Fay likes to ramble on and on.

            • It’s funny how they seemingly think the fans are too stupid to know that they are planting responses.

            • I don’t, but there is too much evidence that he feeds nasty into to Radar Online since the word choices as so similar to his FB rants. I also know that he has posted at least once on a FB gossip page in his own name, and got his butt handed to him, so I would think he is now posting using pseudonyms. There are precious few people that think that Adrienne was right to not discipline her employee for the truly nasty things he said about Lisa on camera, and I suspect that is why he is not included this season.

            • Yep, and it must be killing him to not make any appearances this season…at least so far. It gives Lisa a win, and after all he has posted, I know he can’t stand that.

            • Weird. Must be the Leann crazy fans or Adrienne’s paying people to sweep the interwebbies. I understand commenting and judging these women because they do crazy things and put themselves out there on tv. BUT I’m not okay with the comments like some of them here. Talk about character assassination! Oh well I won’t poke the trolls. Thanks sd!

          • Actually not true — falsely accusing someone of having an STD is libel per se (i.e., don’t need to prove “malice” even when said about a public figure). Brandi hasn’t actually committed libel. Thus, NOTHING Brandi has said has even comes close to being as bad as this.

    • She twitters often about her and her son’s activities. Most of the housewives do not live in BEverly Hills. And that is pretty harsh about someone you don’t even know.

    • How would you know what goes on in Brandi’s bedroom? And if she has so many men why is she always alone when she goes out to the events…and how would you have any knowledge of her HIPPA records. That’s a terrible thing to start a rumor about. No doubt Brandi loving her boys, she talks about them all the time, and how happy she is when it’s her turn to have the kids. If you read her twitter when she is with them, you’d know she’s with them constantly when they are with her…she tells everything they do. Sounds like you are friends with either Ad, Faye, or Kyle.

  9. I don’t get it. Lisa said she thought was Brandi did was wrong. Brandi said what she did was wrong. So what are they disagreeing on? Nothing. It’s just that Kyle, Mo and Kim want to beat it until the peaks are stiff. Adrienne slammed on the breaks for any resolution in the form of an apology by threatening to sue Brandi. She called Brandi a crack head and negligent mother (which Kyle knows at this point in filming and Brandi & Lisa do not). And, why would Lisa ever stick her neck out for Adrienne or Kyle after what they did to her last year. And why didn’t Kyle defend Lisa then the way she’s defending Adrienne now? And where exactly is the principal issue? It’s okay to outright lie about someone (Adrienne about Lisa) but it’s not okay to tell the truth (Brandi about Adrienne)….good think Kyle doesn’t have to work for a living

    • What bothers me about this? Lisa and Ken have an old friend who is a Realtor (remember the guy from first season that Lisa fixed Kim up with, and that Kim was rude to?) and yet they allowed Mo to sell their home and possibly find their new one, and pocket the commission. And so the why Mo shows his gratitude is to ignore what Adrienne did to Lisa, but be willing to go to verbal blows over something that is true being said about Adrienne? I think Kyle and Mo have a really weird way of showing their finds how much they appreciate them.

      • I agree. But Mo already cashed their check, so moving on! By the way, I read that Martin (their friend/realtor) did get either the sale of their old house or of their new house. So that’s good.

        Let’s not forget that Lisa introduced him to Mohammad and he got some good coin from that relationship, too. I hope Lisa and Yo ask Mohammad to get out of the deal with Mo (not likely, they are legally binding) but a girl can dream

        • Yes, but going forward he can just not give Mo priority listing rights on new properties. Then Mo will learn that he needs to make better choices regarding friendships going forward.

        • Why doesn;t Lisa fix Brandy up with Martin?I don;t know how old he is but i don;t think he’s bad looking

          • I think that after the fiasco with Kim, Lisa probably wants her to get her life together before doing so.

            • Other than just a friend to escort Brandi to events, Brandi is still too wounded from her marriage for Lisa to be wanting to fix her up with a good friend of hers who is looking for someone to be more than a friend with, Brandi needs a lot of work done on herself before she even thinks about getting involved with anyone, Also, that’s a good way to mess up a good friendship with someone to introduce them to someone they think a lot of and Brandi end up hurting their heart.

            • Although Brandi dates (most notably so far the chef at Villa Blanca and someone from Top Chef) I think she knows she’s not ready for a serious relationship and is just having a good time, although clearly Marissa is trying to fix her up with her brother.

          • I get the feeling that Brandi prefers men closer to her age. Although, she might be better off with someone a little older :)

        • Maybe that was the reason for the dinner with Rick and Kathy at the gallery the other night, maybe Rick will help with that. I would imagine that Rick is not too happy with Mo, either, after Mo getting all those rich Maloof customers away from Rick who gave him his start. Mo looked rather worried when he heard where Lisa and Ken were headed. Mo’s TH comment was silly, too, considering that Ken had just had a hip replacement and Mo said something to the effect about what to do and about ‘kicking Ken’s ass’….not worded right, I know, anyway…that’s the point he was getting at about ‘holding grudges’. Plus, Mohammad has several daughters who will be needing homes before long, and David’s kids, too, I have a feeling Mo won’t be pulling anymore of his stunts again anytime soon, Mo was too nosy about wanting to know about that dinner by saying they were ‘cold’ to him….Mo shouldn’t have been asking them why they were going there to start with, and just because they were on a time limit to get to the dinner on time, I thought Mo made way too much out of them leaving so quickly,

          • Precisely! The slight change in Mo’s tone and his asking Ken and then Lisa where they were having dinner, just let’s you know he was not happy and perhaps a little concerned that Kyle and he were not invited. As we’ve seen throughout this series, the Hilton’s do what they want to do, and even when Kyle really wants them to be involved in the show, apart from now two cameo’s, they take a pass. No birthday party appearances, no graduation appearance, nothing. Oh, accept Kathy agreeing to help Kim’s daughter find a prom dress. To me that one scene said so much more then any words from Kathy ever could have. Kim was happy and very loose when talking to Kathy and her daughter, then stiffened noticeably when Kyle arrived. Again, the relationship between Kyle and Kim is a very strange one, and I think that the Hilton’s want no part of it.

        • Thanks, that’s nice to know. I really like Martin. He’s the on pseudo Bravolebrity that actually sends personal birthday greetings to those on his FB friend list. It may seem small, but it looks like he actually appreciates those who appreciate him.

            • I liked him, too, and Kim was a dummy for not trying to impress him when Lisa set her up with him, Wasn’t he the one in the middle when Kyle was trying to beat the heck out of Kim for saying Kyle stole her house?

            • That was him, and he still made a point to drive her home even though he lives no where near her. He’s a really good guy who found himself in the middle of the drama, and dealt with it appropriately…by keeping his own mouth shut!

  10. Kyle did you forget to shave before that pic was taken. Your Morris is no winner that’s for sure. He’s a whiney baby. Kyle just can’t seem to set her prioritys straight. Of course she’s going to be friendly with Paul and Adrienne, she’s only doing it for Morris. Kick everyone else under the bus and it’s going to come back to haunt you. BTW cut that dam hair…. :-P

    • After the things Camille was saying about Mo and his extra activities, you’d think Mo would have really been mad at Camille more than anyone…..especially Kyle, I’m surprised she let that slide. Knowing what good friends they are with Faye, I’m wondering if they might have an ‘open marriage’….ain’t no way I’d let Faye hang around with my hubby after reading that book she wrote.

  11. After this preview, I LOVE Yolanda, for her one-liners she doesnt even realize are hysterical…I also havent seen anything from Marissa towards her husband…

    • It’s what she says about his looks/lake of sex appeal and that she married too young and wishes she hadn’t. My personal belief is that when someone says the same thing over and over again, they are looking for someone to tell them they are wrong, even though they may not consciously want to hear it. Brandi did it as we will see, and although Marisa is not happy about being called out, I will bet you she will be more aware of what she says going forward.

      • Well i can understand her saying things about his sex appeal,looks.Because poor guy was robbed in the looks dept. but she should just keep it to herself or a close friend not in front of thousand viewers.How embarrasing for him poor guy

        • I don’t think he’s unattractive, and I also wouldn’t want to be reminded every time I go on a film set what my wife said on international TV, keeping in mind that the show is shown in the U.K. I’ve had a couple of friends send me messages from there asking me about what’s about to happen, only to find out they are a season behind.

        • I think he is quite attractive. How reprehensible to be so disloyal to your husband by stating the things she did to perfect strangers. She doesn’t know these people. YOu might say stuff like this to your best girlfriends, but certainly not at a party.

          • I agree. What Marissa has told these ladies about Dean that she doesn’t like about him is a slap in the face to that man. It’s sad. Sometimes he’s sitting right there to hear it as well. I wonder how she talks to him at home and if the kids hear it.

        • I think he;s a nice looking guy, too, and I thought it wasn’t nice of her to insult him in front of everyone, either. That’s another one of those things Brandi should have stayed silent about too, though. Brandi and Marisa are alike in saying the wrong things, but that may have messed up a nice friendship between them by her saying that, Marisa can say all she wants to that her hubby is used to her talking like that and understands, put those digs about looks do damage whether she wants to believe it or not. Her brother sure was quiet during all of that, I got the feeling he didn’t like Brandi at all….don’t know why, just a gut feeling and the look on his face.

        • Marisa is not exactly a beauty queen herself, and let’s face it…if the guy has money, he can find a replacement that looks better any day of the week. IMO, she has a terrific husband with a kind heart, and should be very thankful to have found him….if not for him, she might have to go back to riding coach again,

    • It’s one thing to say those kinds of things one on one, but they are more hurtful when caught on camera, where other’s can remind you of what is said.

      • If we had already seen them together as a happy couple who tease each other, it wouldn’t have bothered me. But we only just met them and the first time we see them together (the big dinner doesn’t count, they only said “hello” to each other) we have to wonder…is she unhappy in her marriage?

        Lisa teases Ken all the time, but we see how much they love each other and know it’s just teasing.

        • Exactly. Rather then getting annoyed with Brandi, Marisa really needs to consider that Brandi said what other’s were thinking. She doesn’t really know them either.

          • If she reads the posts to her blogs, she will. She just needed to lay the foundation for us, showing us a happy relationship before showing us this side of her. I don’t disagree with her that women shouldn’t marry too early and they shouldn’t depend on her husband for happiness – it just comes across as regret instead of wisdom and she’ll now have to back-pedal to show everyone that her marriage is solid.

            • I hope she’ll listen to brandi instead of getting mad, but she is a friend of Kyle’s so I expect that’ll end that friendship. There are too many lonely women in the world that will be more than happy to stroke his ego, so it’d be wise to listen to brandi on that one,

  12. Ugh! She definitely needs to proofread….or at least have someone do it for her!! Her sound bite in the opening of the show makes me gag, too. “I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills…” Being born and raised in a place is not an ongoing thing once you are an adult.

  13. Next we have to sit through another episode of silly, goofy, lier kimmie getting a nose job! Can’t Bravo find someone to just make her disappear?????

    • The only time she’s nasty or lying is when she wants Kyle to like her. That is one messed up relationship.

      • I don’t really like Kim that much (although I hope she gets better), but Kyle is just awful to her. From the first season she’d make these snarky remarks which were kinda cruel.

        • Yeah, there is nothing healthy about that relationship. I think Kim sees it, but she also wants to have a relationship with her family. To me she will never fully recover until she changes the dynamics between her and Kyle.

      • Indeed it is a messed up relationship. Their conversations are like a child (Kyle) putting a mega guilt trip on a parent(Kim) for disappointing or failing them or some such schlock.

        • And I think Kyle enjoys seeing Kim in the needy position as she once was when Kim was the main breadwinner of the family. In fact she needs to see her in that way so that it strokes her own ego. Kim either falls in line, or is disenfranchised. What I hate is that Mo goes along with it.

      • I guess if Paul does her nose job, we;ll have to watch it…but that was another doctor checking her out wasn’t it?

  14. Kyle is my least favorite. She makes me want to punch myself in my face. Kim is on my last nerve. Either she is doing “something” again or else she’s on a dry drunk rampage. She keep gripping about the whole crystal meth thing saying she’e never even heard of meth. In LA? Seriously? After being in rehab boo-koo times shes never heard of meth? Brandi was wrong about the drug of choice but she wasn’t wrong about substance abuse. Kim is splitting hairs. And although Brandi probably should have not stated the obvious she was really pushed by the tag team. When I get backed into a corner I come out swinging too.
    Big fan of Lisa and Ken. I like Yolo too.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Why does she say what is meth? Unless she has been living on Mars, everyone know what Meth is… She talks about it to much, is she trying to convince us that she doesn’t use something… My opinion, she has something wrong with her, she is still on something… Or her brain is damaged from years of abuse… She is not all there… And she’s getting a new nose… Happy happy happy… What’s wrong with her first one, hmmm?

      • I think she’s still messing up, just not as often, She looked real guilty looking when her life coach was talking to her, Also, she’s missing work a lot, and she hasn’t written a blog since the middle of December….I’m not going to be surprised if she is not released next season because of it.

        • Kim isn’t writing, because she is afraid that we didn’t agree with what she said.. If you look at the bravo site, she’s losing her fans… She acts like a child… Something is wrong with her… Did you see her at that dinner, her boobs were hanging out there, and she kept adjusting them… It was odd… She is still on something… I don’t buy her clean act.. That family is weird, the lot of them, Paris, Kyle, Kathy, Kim, and Maurice… They love to think they are loved, NOT! I will also add Faye, she get to me…

    • Kim and Kyle sure seem to know what a crackhead was, though,,,,didn’t they? lol They really think us viewers are real stupid to think we’d believe they’ve never heard of that before….I’d bet it’s not the first time she’s bee accused of it, either.

  15. As Kyle has definitely ventured onto Jill Zarin territory, is it at all possible that Bravo would replace her next season?

    • As much as I’d like to see Kyle gone, I certainly don’t want to see her replaced with Faye or Paris….I don’t think I could take that at all.

  16. Did they ever find out how the fire got started at Ken and Lisa’s house after they moved out? All of that sounded real fishy to me.

  17. So who is Moreece and Vile going to hang out with now? Adrienne and boy toy or Paul and new hoochie ?
    I thought it was so phony of Moreece to say how trashy Brandi was at home. Then out in public he picks on her. Then off to the side he tells her I really do care about you. Liar.

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