BRANDI GLANVILLE: What You May Have Missed On the RHOBH!… Brandi’s Toaster!… It’s “ToasterGate”!!!

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Were you paying attention during the scene at Brandi Glanville’s house?

The brief scene in which Brandi chats with Kyle and uses the typical phrases that we’ve come to know so well… and which can be predicted down to the last word used?  The scene which sets up the whole “let’s go to Vegas” and have some girl time?    “Let’s move forward”… “Let’s not let this come between us”… blah, blah, blah!

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Brandi was preparing her pet’s dinner/lunch/breakfast…

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Brandi is so POOR that she cannot afford to either purchase dog bowls or paper plates on which to serve her pets…

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Brandi’s character started out on the RHOBH as “head b*tch of Beverly Hills”… as Brandi happily described herself on numerous interviews, back when Brandi did interviews with her counterpart, AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey.

dana white party

Since being upgraded to FULL-TIME Housewife, Brandi’s character is no longer “head b*tch of BH”… Brandi is now “POOR” Brandi!  POOR… single mother Brandi!   Brandi has no money; Brandi has no supportive hubbend!  Brandi is just a very POOR single woman/girl who is being attacked continuously by the HouseHusbands!  POOR, POOR Brandi!

Now that Brandi’s “character” has been established and the producer’s have gotten that “poor Brandi” label embedded in viewers brains… you may not have noticed what was sitting on Brandi’s kitchen counter!

A “Dualit” TOASTER!!

Brandi Toaster arrow


So what… a “Dualit” toaster!?  If you don’t know toasters… “Dualit” toasters are the Bentleys of toasters!  And Brandi got herself a 4-slice toaster!!
dualit toaster

Brandi’s Dualit is $399.   Yes, $399 for Brandi’s toaster.


NOTE:  Can we stop with the “poor” Brandi stuff, Bravo?


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99 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: What You May Have Missed On the RHOBH!… Brandi’s Toaster!… It’s “ToasterGate”!!!

  1. Hi Sh,

    New post alert….Pheadra parks is writing a book. I saw it by accident on amazon. It’s called “Secrets of the Southern Belle” and in comes out in Nov of this year.

      • Being repetitive not only has Brandi had the same trainer for 9 years and can afford a hypnotist wear designer clothes ( when she wears clothes) now a $400 toaster. I hope I don’t hear Lisa feeling sorry for Poor Brandi again cause it makes my head spin.
        Does anyone know what Adrienne has done to Brandy? Before the last reunion they seemed to be friends.

        • Is it not at all possible that the toaster was a gift left over from happier times? Adrienne got Brandi on the show to irritate Lisa because she is friends with Cedric, who Brandi conveniently brought with her to a Villa Blanca outing and claimed to not know about their issues when Lisa confronted her. That was the first and last time Cedric was allowed to tag along, I’m sure much to Adrienne’s chagrin.

          • Or maybe the toaster came with the house? (just kidding). Maybe she bought it at Adrienne’s yard sale when they moved. She’s probably not all that “Poor” getting a regular paycheck from Bravo. I don’t begrudge her any little amenity she’s received for her efforts. After all, she has allowed herself to be remain in Vyle’s cross hairs from day 1 of her entrance on to the show.

            • I don’t begrudge Brandy either but I think what bothers most people and is my issue is Lisa’s “Brandy can barley survive” when she is clearly doing much better than a lot of us toaster or not.

        • No she keeps screeching, “You don’t know what she has done to me!” over and over, and we don’t because she never tells us. Because it is nothing serious. No doubt, Brandi was so desperate to be cast as a full-time housewife that she promised Bravo she would bring, bring, bring it just like Melissa did, by knocking Adrienne down and stepping on her neck for good measure. This whole Brandi is a victim storyline is really hard for me to swallow. This whole twitter war is just ridiculous and is obviously just a way for the both of them to stay in the press. I will say this. People who trifle with the well-being of their children by bashing their father are selfishly putting money and fame above the well-being of the kids. When she cries, all I care about is my boys, I have to laugh. She has a funny way of showing it. Brandi goes on and on about how poor she is and her terrible alimony. What she doesn’t mention is that she has made her husband virtually un-hirable in Hollywood and ruined his career. She celebrated when the Playboy Club was cancelled. Her fans call any show that he gets a bit part on and say they won’t watch the show anymore if he is on it. We do not know if he is a good or bad person. We only know what Brandi says about him. I get that in the beginning you can’t control your mouth because you are off the wall- bat shit angry. But at some point, you realize that carrying on is not what is best for your children. I can’t stand these mothers that do not put their children first. And now she is going to release a book not only about what shits their father and step-mother are, but how she slept around, drank
          too much and took pills. A woman who has conducted herself as the antithesis of how one should behave in a divorce is writing a divorce and dating advice book. Melissa is giving marriage advice, because it is always a good idea for the longevity of a marriage to hurt and estrange yourself from your husbands parents. Taylor writes a book about how to drive your husband to suicide by with her and bravo tying the knot on his rope, I mean how to survive domestic abuse, etc. Bravo is now part of the contemporary decay of American society. I hope they are proud. Money at all costs.

          • Well said!!! I agree about Brandy and it irritates me no end when anyone says one thing but does another. As to the debate over “Poor Brandy” and the definition of poor Lisa said she could “barley afford to survive”. Another contradiction that is offensive to anyone that has to truly face hard times and raise a family. Maybe my issue is more with Lisa but this Poor Brandy thing has caught on and I get she doesn’t live at the SMAE standard the rest of the HW’s do but she sure is not POOR

          • I actually just saw Brandi’s ex on that show Lost in Cleveland. He was some sexy fireman one of the ladies was dating. I have also seen him on several other things just cant remember them all. I think that maybe all this drama with Brandi and Rimes has given him a boost. I think also that maybe the toaster was from her married life? She probably has a lot of things that are worth a lot of money because she was married to a guy who made a lot of money. It kind of reminds me of when comments are made about women who are in the food stamp lines and maybe have a nice dress on or something worth some money. Of course no one knows that maybe that woman was in an abusive marriage and got a divorce but came out with some decent clothes and maybe even a car to drive around those 3 kids she fought so hard for. She is getting food stamps because the ex wont work anywhere that doesn’t pay under the table so he doesn’t pay child support. Ok, sorry went on a rant but as one of those women, it hurts to have people say nasty things to me while paying for groceries with food stamps. Thank god they were there until I got on my feet and no longer needed them. I don’t know Brandi’s situation and maybe she is a selfish bitch who has money to buy dumb ass things and wastes money. But then again who knows…..

            • I agree with you and I don’t begrudge Brandy anything she may or may not have but I have a huge issue with the POOR BRANDY storyline. Having the same trainer for 9 years is not “barley surviving” and it is insulting to women like me who have struggled to survive and still raise a family.

              • Morning I meant to include you in the women that have done it and I am glad you have worked your way to better days.

              • Hi SML! You are probably right. Am sure Brandi hasn’t had it as bad as the rest of us normal ex-wives have had. I mean I don’t think at my best day I could look as good as her after going through all of the garbage. Heck am really jealous of the fact that I still don’t have a decent toaster! I am proud of myself and all the other exes who have had it hard and come out fine and able to stand on their own two feet regardless……At least I never had to deal with the whole world knowing my business…..

              • Goodmorning Morning I sure can’t look as good as Brandi with or without the public knowing my business. I don’t dislike Brandi other than her vocabulary. Like YoFo said it is a lack of skills if you can’t communicate without lawyers (or F*** every other word). The vocab part came from my mama.

              • Hi Just..You are right. Brandi tends to throw the F-Bomb out there quite a lot. She totally speaks before she thinks. I would imagine even loving her children as much as she claims to they probably have heard a few naughty words they probably shouldn’t hear. Pretty much Lisa has tried to get her to watch her language but it seems to be a losing battle.

        • She bathes in prescription retin A which I also have been using forever and it costs a fortune for a little tube. I use it sparingly on my face she uses it all over her body, even her bum.

          • She is so poor that she has Louis Vuitton luggage. However the leather banding looked very light which means one of two things: either it is fake, or it has not aged yet. Either way this girl has money to spare.

          • You may be right but with Lisa’s help this storyline of how poor Brandy is and how she “can barley survive” is in my opinion offensive to the single women that do barley survive and manage to raise a family with a whole lot less.

  2. Brandi doesn’t have to be poor to feed her dogs off of dishes. What does Giggy eat off of? One thing I do have to say is Brandi should get someone to take care of the grass patch in front of the house. Makes the house look slummy. What’s wrong with the toaster. It could have been a gift, we don’t know that, or a BRAVO prop. I just love everything about Brandi. JMO

    • Hummm, love all you SH bloggers, you give me MANY laughs.
      well, here goes….I feed my pet using real dishes. Never thought it was related to economics. I wash the dishes daily in the dishwasher so special pet dishes seem redundant.

      • I do too. I think the point Ms Sh was trying to make is that Brandi really aint “poor.” Sides she prolly dont eat anyways so all the dishes in her house are for the dogs. What with that 400 dolla toaster chick better be eating whole wheat toast on the daily. And that doest require a plate.

      • My husband doesn’t have too many pet peeves (get it~ snort), but he doesn’t like it if we give the dogs food on our dishes. He takes it off and puts it on a paper plate. My dogs have silver bowls that I bought at a garage sale.

    • Agreed Barb! And although I love this site and I am very aware everyone has their own views and opinions, it bothers me that when one of these housewives are liked too much in somes eyes that we have to come up with what I think are ridiculous reasons to put them in a bad light. Look, we all have flaws and we know these chicks def have them, but just like Lisa V, even though I know shes not perfect she would def be the type I would have as a friend, but someone like Kyle, YES I would love for her and her hubby to be exposed for what they really are which to me is “Status Sniffing”, Wanna bes who just make sure they keep it nicey nice with their rich friends and do not stand up for what is right!!!

      • I agree with you Sue. Vile and Mario need to shut the hell up and go somewhere and play with their little friend FakeResinik…

      • Ah, I also used soup cans but in the mid 70′s and it was also popular at that time to iron your hair cause we didn’t have them fancy flat irons then. We would spread a section of hair on the ironing board, put a dishtowel over it, and a friend would iron it. Good times!

        • I did that too tv junkie! Wow that brings back memories, my hair was as long as the hags, but I grew out of it, I think she should too… :)

  3. What in the world does the toaster do to be worth $399? Must have been a gift from Lisa. Or maybe swag. Since I have multiple pets, I’m going to assume she uses the same dishes for the dogs all the time, hence the fact they are indeed pet dishes. But really, you usually do buy pet dishes specifically. They aren’t expensive.

  4. So, I have a friend who is not exactly well to do, but not only cooks all of her dogs meals, but serves them on plates and not in a doggie dish. Just sayin’.

  5. My toaster was 6 bucks at Target on Black Friday. Poor Parkview. Now lets measure wealth by the number of toasters one has owned…and Id be sittin pretty.

    • Lol! He’d say that he ain’t breaking out his wallet for that!
      Did you see the ep where he does a warranty swap on his old BBQ grill? :-D

      • No I didn’t know that. I found a few you tube videos of Will giving his testimony. And somewhere it was mentioned that Phil had a football scholarship at one time. I figure they are educated. But I didn’t know about the masters degree.

  6. Bravo could have stuck that toaster on her counter- pretty sure they set the stage for alot of the home shots ,parties, gatherings,etc.

      • Yep, I agree gessiewtf. Earlier this season, Lisa visited Brandi at home and the camera closed in on the cracked vinyl flooring by her front door. Bravo’s paintin’ a picture, fo sho.

  7. Much more profitable to play “woe is me” and laugh all the way to the bank. I give it 24 hours before Brandi is after Lee Ann. Lee Ann is quite capable of self destruction (first clue ? Hello Eddie!) without Brandi pushing her buttons back. They both haven’t just made a meal of this story it’s a full on banquet of excess. Franky I’m tired of leftovers and Brandi needs a new storyline. Eddie just needs to put Lee Ann in a strait jacket and ride off into the sunset. Ive seen 75 year old women move on faster than Brandi.

    • I don’t think my previous post about this went through because I was using a touch pad which doesn’t work well for posting–can’t stand them-grrr.
      Compared to the houses and property of all the other housewives on all the shows, Brandi’s looks like a shack in Shackville. I don’t think poor was meant to mean poor like Honey Boo Boo — it’s more a reference to a struggling single Mom left with debt and a child support that reflected Eddie’s debt and lack of a consistent job being a mostly unemployed actor. Coupled with that she had to deal with a public divorce because of Leann Rimes public display of stalking and pretense of being just a friend–even bought a house within a mile to stalk them. Eddie saw a cash cow and gave in. Leann bought him. But the twitter nastiness and contracted public display of photos and writing of Brandi’s kids as if they were hers, are all the instigation of Leann to harass and stick it to Brandi. Eddie allows it as he doesn’t want to lose his lifestyle his cash cow provides. An ex who chose money over manhood and self-respect, and money over concern for the well being of his children dealing with a psycho, all complies with the definition of Brandi’s circumstances. The trainer? Being in the business where your looks and being in shape is paramount in getting a job, would be a wise business investment. Toaster? Could have been a gift, could have been placed by Bravo, could have been an advertisement per company, could have been 75% knockdown; nobody should be dumb enough to pay retail, ticket price. 4 slots? Two kids, two pieces of toast each–don’t get the reference to that part. Now, if it was bought at the price of gold, no discount or gift possibility, there may be a point, but not this. She is working, has a book deal probably with an advance check, so she buys herself a good car for her and the kids. You can buy a used range rover for 10 thousand–saw a more expensive one at 16 thousand for a 2008–it all depends on mileage and type. Don’t know the year, or the type, but it doesn’t reach small house purchase-2013 prices start at $38,000.00 up to over 100 thousand, but nobody pays full sticker price. Could be a lease; or an advertisement deal. Let’s face it, all the housewives get deals we couldn’t even dream of–it is the perks of the job; plus, they also get freebies for being seen in their product or driving their product. She is starting to do well–good for her.

      • you cannot steal someone, who is trully in love w/someone else. i cannot imagine having to put up w. the foul mouth brandi, day in and day out. many woman are divorced in this country, w/no alimony, child support, or bravo shows. she is airing her dirty laundry, because, she is a low-life; who will hurt anyone for a storyline, including her kids.
        cannot imagine how it feels for those kids to go to school, and listen to other kids talking about how foul mouth your mom is. disgusting.

  8. Call me when any of the HW hags actually own their homes or cars out right.They all have mortgages or leases. Love to watch people flaunt a new car or home when it can be taken away after a few missed payments.

  9. I remember when a friend got divorced and she was the one who had to move out of the house so she took ALL the expensive wedding gifts. Including kitchen items. $299 mixers, silverware, etc. She even took the can opener. If I was Brandi I would have done the same thing and taken the good wedding gifts from Eddie.

    • hey don’t be mean to my fair skinned girls! i’m gonna have “sun damage” like that when my freckles fade away ;/

    • Speaking of Kim, where’s her blog the past few weeks.
      Typical Kim, missing taping appointments, contrived fill in bits so she’s shown in at least some scenes (really, the spirit seer?) and absent from blogging. Why is this girl even on the show?

  10. Bwhahaha! As though Brandi would even EAT a slice of bread!!!!!!!! I’d sell it on eBay and get a cheap toaster for the one time a year she actually eats bread. I didn’t know about her car either.

  11. I think the ‘poor’ in poor Brandi is more related to her divorcee/single status and by her family being stolen from her.
    I would think that she has SOME sort of alimony and child support from cheese dick.
    Between that and her paycheck, I’m sure she has an okay income. Not anywhere near the monetary range of her castmates though.
    On Celebrity Net Worth, she’s listed as being worth $4.7 million with a paycheck of $125k per year from Bravo. I don’t always think the net is actual on that site though. Maybe 1/2 that for her?
    Not sure exactly.

  12. Bet her kitchen is never cooked in.Too neat and staged for a real kitchen.The vehicles are suspect.Shows act like the are chauffeur/limo everywhere they go.Stupid waste of gas .At least on ATL the HW hags drive their own “leased” vehicles to wherever they are going.Sometimes they car pool!!

  13. Brandi’s husband walked right out the door. He wasn’t stolen. he is a cheater and equally responsible as Lee Ann. Now it’s Lee Ann’s turn to cry and fret. Was it worth it ? Probably not. Brandi needs to grow some wings and fly up, up and away. Eddie isn’t coming back and who on God’s green earth would want him? Dragging this woe is me out forever isn’t helping anyone.

  14. Am I crazy for wondering HOW in the hell a toaster can cost $400? It’s not even a panini maker! LOL

  15. Considering she lives in CA, I wouldn’t exactly call her which even with four million net worth, I’d bet money she shops at the consignment shops, I just don’t see Brandi as fashionable or like her clothes seem new. The best thing Brandi could do is not mention Leann or Eddie, because leann was never in the media until Brandi joined the shows, now she’s on all the time. Poor Eddie’s career has disappeared, and you know that has to really bother him. Leann is not very smart, or she’d make certain Eddie’s mug was on those shows with her just to get his name out there. Leann has basically ruined his career, and her album about her affair with him won’t go anywhere.

    • I wouldn’t believe what you read on those net-worth sites.They aren’t very reliable.
      I think Greg filed BK on his business not personal. If it was personal they both would be responsible for the debts not only Gregg.

    • I’d bet my life she isn’t shopping in consignment stores. Plus I have been to all the consignment stores in L.A. Their clothes are practically full price. it is insulting.

  16. I feed my cats with disposable bowls. Stuck on dried tuna is hard (and smelly) to scrub off. I also have a creme de la creme of coffee makers. Am I wealthy? Nope. It was a gift. I can’t see why either of those “points” have any real meaning. Brandi also got some heat for using “last years” Stella McCarthy bags. So…if she has nice stuff she gets slammed and if she has crappy stuff she gets slammed. There is just no making some folks happy.
    Ediot got shown the door and I don’t believe Brandi wants him back. I mean….who knows where he’s been?

      • All you have to do is listen to Brandi. Hello fake Vegas marriage. Who would take anything the majority of these chicks say seriously. Lee Ann and Brandis fake hostility is all about the Benjamins and striving to stay in the public . Ugh. Enough is enough.

  17. Very observant!
    I think this is the most money Brandy has made in her life and she treated herself to something.
    But I hope she saves her money this gig has an expiration date on it!

  18. I read up on the LeeAnn and Eddie stuff and how it really impacted Brandi. Eddie went to court to have his child support lowered ad Brandi had to give some back and Eddie went and bought LeeAnn an 85k diamond ring and a judge stepped in to get the child support adjustedbrandi never had money because Eddie handled all their financials and the house she got was only because she had to put down a whole years rent and her dad had to cosign because Brandi had no credit. Her home maybe staged by Bravo just like the Gorgas was. The gorgas didn’t have any furniture in the big house and Bravo gave MeHo an advance to rent furniture. I think she is starting to make money. LeeAnn is psycho and mayb Eddie is silent because he may prove LeeAnn is unstable and being her husband he can prove it and he may take over her financials. The way I saw or read it she stalked him so much brandi thru him to the curb and he went to the desperate cash cow and he may have plans and just waiting before he cashes in. Just a thought because he probally is cheating. If Brandi doesn’t tlk abt them after hr book signing neither LeeAnn nor Eddie will b talked about anymore. I can’t wait bc I’m tired of her giving LeLe face time.

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