BRANDI GLANVILLE: What You May Have Missed On the RHOBH!… Brandi’s Toaster!… It’s “ToasterGate”!!!

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Were you paying attention during the scene at Brandi Glanville’s house?

The brief scene in which Brandi chats with Kyle and uses the typical phrases that we’ve come to know so well… and which can be predicted down to the last word used?  The scene which sets up the whole “let’s go to Vegas” and have some girl time?    “Let’s move forward”… “Let’s not let this come between us”… blah, blah, blah!

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Brandi was preparing her pet’s dinner/lunch/breakfast…

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Brandi is so POOR that she cannot afford to either purchase dog bowls or paper plates on which to serve her pets…

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Brandi’s character started out on the RHOBH as “head b*tch of Beverly Hills”… as Brandi happily described herself on numerous interviews, back when Brandi did interviews with her counterpart, AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey.

dana white party

Since being upgraded to FULL-TIME Housewife, Brandi’s character is no longer “head b*tch of BH”… Brandi is now “POOR” Brandi!  POOR… single mother Brandi!   Brandi has no money; Brandi has no supportive hubbend!  Brandi is just a very POOR single woman/girl who is being attacked continuously by the HouseHusbands!  POOR, POOR Brandi!

Now that Brandi’s “character” has been established and the producer’s have gotten that “poor Brandi” label embedded in viewers brains… you may not have noticed what was sitting on Brandi’s kitchen counter!

A “Dualit” TOASTER!!

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So what… a “Dualit” toaster!?  If you don’t know toasters… “Dualit” toasters are the Bentleys of toasters!  And Brandi got herself a 4-slice toaster!!
dualit toaster

Brandi’s Dualit is $399.   Yes, $399 for Brandi’s toaster.


NOTE:  Can we stop with the “poor” Brandi stuff, Bravo?


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  1. I read up on the LeeAnn and Eddie stuff and how it really impacted Brandi. Eddie went to court to have his child support lowered ad Brandi had to give some back and Eddie went and bought LeeAnn an 85k diamond ring and a judge stepped in to get the child support adjustedbrandi never had money because Eddie handled all their financials and the house she got was only because she had to put down a whole years rent and her dad had to cosign because Brandi had no credit. Her home maybe staged by Bravo just like the Gorgas was. The gorgas didn’t have any furniture in the big house and Bravo gave MeHo an advance to rent furniture. I think she is starting to make money. LeeAnn is psycho and mayb Eddie is silent because he may prove LeeAnn is unstable and being her husband he can prove it and he may take over her financials. The way I saw or read it she stalked him so much brandi thru him to the curb and he went to the desperate cash cow and he may have plans and just waiting before he cashes in. Just a thought because he probally is cheating. If Brandi doesn’t tlk abt them after hr book signing neither LeeAnn nor Eddie will b talked about anymore. I can’t wait bc I’m tired of her giving LeLe face time.


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