BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: The Secret Word is “Surrogate”!!… Brandi’s Blurt Is Out…


Well, who didn’t know this?!   Adrienne Maloof’s big “secret” blurted out by Brandi Glanville has been revealed!

Can you say “SURROGATE”?

According to the new USWeekly, a source said:

The big secret said by Brandi was that her twins, Colin and Christian who are six years old, were carried by a surrogate.  Brandi’s blurt was edited out by Bravo at the ‘request’ of Paul Nassif and Adrienne.

We will always remember Adrienne and Paul as they used to be!  Happy and on a horse!


adrienne paul kids

Adrienne Paul kids adrienne paul

Adrienne carried her first born, Gavin, nine, but had a complicated pregnancy.

‘A child psychologist recommended she wait to tell her twins until they are 10 years old. She doesn’t want them teased at school or asked about it.’

NOTE:  This is the most ridiculously drawn out “secret” from a Housewives franchise… EVER!   The “psychologist” mentioned is probably NoSocks!


What Brandi blurted was mentioned on SH a YEAR ago!

“One of the Real Housewives couples is in panic mode right now because their world might come crashing down because of one snide remark made by another Real Housewife that struck way closer to home than intended.

Apparently this couple is barely hanging on but does not want the world to see it and were really upset when a cast member who does not even know what is going on said the couple is barely hanging on.

The publicists for the couple are in damage control mode, but that is not their biggest worry.  Leaks are beginning to emerge in their carefully constructed cover which was never intended for full media attention.

Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years…

…and that the couple, who do have children might not have actually had natural conception, especially considering the wife’s age and the age of the kids.

brandi glanville pg

Kyle spills it…on the RHOBH during the longest Moroccan dinner ever!  Read Kyle’s lips around the :12 mark… 

NOTE:  This is how we feel about all this dragged out forever… and already known news:

(Thanks to SH readers “…cia” “FLPhil” “PMG” and “cybraxis”!!)