BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: The Secret Word is “Surrogate”!!… Brandi’s Blurt Is Out…


Well, who didn’t know this?!   Adrienne Maloof’s big “secret” blurted out by Brandi Glanville has been revealed!

Can you say “SURROGATE”?

According to the new USWeekly, a source said:

The big secret said by Brandi was that her twins, Colin and Christian who are six years old, were carried by a surrogate.  Brandi’s blurt was edited out by Bravo at the ‘request’ of Paul Nassif and Adrienne.

We will always remember Adrienne and Paul as they used to be!  Happy and on a horse!


adrienne paul kids

Adrienne Paul kids adrienne paul

Adrienne carried her first born, Gavin, nine, but had a complicated pregnancy.

‘A child psychologist recommended she wait to tell her twins until they are 10 years old. She doesn’t want them teased at school or asked about it.’

NOTE:  This is the most ridiculously drawn out “secret” from a Housewives franchise… EVER!   The “psychologist” mentioned is probably NoSocks!


What Brandi blurted was mentioned on SH a YEAR ago!

“One of the Real Housewives couples is in panic mode right now because their world might come crashing down because of one snide remark made by another Real Housewife that struck way closer to home than intended.

Apparently this couple is barely hanging on but does not want the world to see it and were really upset when a cast member who does not even know what is going on said the couple is barely hanging on.

The publicists for the couple are in damage control mode, but that is not their biggest worry.  Leaks are beginning to emerge in their carefully constructed cover which was never intended for full media attention.

Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years…

…and that the couple, who do have children might not have actually had natural conception, especially considering the wife’s age and the age of the kids.

brandi glanville pg

Kyle spills it…on the RHOBH during the longest Moroccan dinner ever!  Read Kyle’s lips around the :12 mark… 

NOTE:  This is how we feel about all this dragged out forever… and already known news:

(Thanks to SH readers “…cia” “FLPhil” “PMG” and “cybraxis”!!)

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155 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: The Secret Word is “Surrogate”!!… Brandi’s Blurt Is Out…

  1. Are you kidding me? That child psychologist….if he exists….should really go back to school. The older child had to know that mommy was never pregnant, as does anyone who was at the high priced preschool he likely attended at the time. There are many, many women who choose surrogacy for a variety of reasons, including medical one’s as Camille stated in the first season. Why in the world would it hurt the children psychologically to know that mommy didn’t have them in her body? It’s no different then children who are adopted. You tell them what they are old enough to understand, then move on. This story just gets weirder and weirder and is specifically designed to make Brandi look as bad as possible, especially since I would suspect that there are more women in Hollywood/Beverly Hills that have used surrogacy as a percentage of the population, then most anywhere else in America!

    • If the plan was to make Brandi look bad, they failed, because I like her more now and Adrienne less. Same thing happened with Tree. I wish Bravo would get the hint that viewers aren’t falling for their fake storylines and just let their real life situations play out.

        • It’s O.K. I live in Seattle where there is a University that specializes in alternative medicine and therefore teaches Osteopathy.

      • Adrienne consulted Dr. Sophy when she was alleging abuse from Paul. Dr. Sophy is Taylor’s psychologist.

        “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Adrienne Maloof‘s estranged husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, is being investigated by the L.A. Department of Children & Family Services over allegations that the plastic surgeon physically abused their three sons, according to court documents. According to a sworn declaration from the couple’s marriage counselor, Dr. Charles Sophy: “On Sunday, September 16, 2012, Adrienne called and told me about an incident involving Paul and the children that occurred on Thursday, September 13, 2012. On Tuesday, a referral was made to the Department of Children and Family Services. I feel that DCFS is capable of determining the safety and risk issues to be mitigated and ensuring the children’s safety and health.”
        the Department of Children and Family Services has determined Adrienne Maloof‘s child abuse claims against estranged hubby Paul Nassif are unfounded, and Paul will go to court tomorrow to get his kids back.”

        Too bad it backfired on Adrienne, cause it was reported that DCFS did not find any abuse by Paul:

        From TMZ: As we first reported, Adrienne went to court last week, claiming Paul choked one of their kids and struck another. Adrienne submitted declarations by several people, including Dr. Charles Sophy, who claims he interviewed the boys and they verified the abuse.
        But we’ve learned DCFS strongly disagrees. Sources tell us DCFS has written a report — after interviewing the boys — categorically concluding there was no such abuse.”
        Sources tell TMZ … Paul is going to court Wednesday to ask a judge to throw out the temporary custody order — along with the order prohibiting Paul from going near his kids — on grounds Adrienne phonied the claim.
        What’s more, we’re told Paul will ask for sanctions against his estranged wife, claiming she viciously concocted the abuse story to get revenge.”

        I wonder if Adrienne consulted with Tayliar about how to falsely claim abuse? She sickens me. She is no better than Tayliar, absolutely disgusting. Dr. Sophy, also disgusting. How did he get involved in the Manti Te’O fake girlfriend incident? He was meeting with the man who allegedly planted the fake story on the internet.

        • This is disgusting. As was pointed out when he was “counseling” Taylor and Russell, an Osteopath is not a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and is therefore not specifically trained to deal with matters of this nature. Just because he attended a class or two does not make him qualified to interview children of suspected abuse without introducing leading questions. Someone needs to have the State Board check this guy out. If he intends to function in this regard, he should be required to obtain proper training and certification.

        • Wait a second; isn’t Sophy still the Medical Director for DCFS? How is that not a massive conflict of interest?

        • Why is “Dr.” Sophy going around blabbing everything for public consumption. He’s a regular gossip girl. Isn’t that breaking a doctor-patient rule of privacy? Of course, he’s a doctor of osteopathy… is that really a doctor?

      • Dr. Sophy was recommended by Adrienne to Traylor-Park… Maybe it is him. I still don’t understand why having a surrogate would be considered a taboo subject by any of the parties involved. And why would it piss off Brandi that Adrienne lied about it? Seriously, who really cares??? It’s the biggest non issue to take up an entire season of any HW show since JillZ went ape sh*t over the “Get a hobby” comment from Bitchenny.

    • I am so pissed that the Mafools have done this 2 all the lovely children of “SURROGATES”? Kids should know ASAP that they were born of love just in a different way *LIES will crush a FAMILY & it seems this one did now your sweet Boy’s will be talked about if you just had love & not so much shame in the process, like Camille the poster gal 4 “SURROGATES” & doing it the right way & the proud way! TEAM BRANDI & Mafools Brandi Should SUE you it was not a lie no contracts signed sorry Adrienne you lied & called BRANDI a Drug User & Lied 30 times in a minute so sorry NOT WINNING HERE Maurice do you now have the whole story now? Big Mouth Let’s talk about your child with Faye or you don’t want 2 talk about that! Just Saying!

      • See, this is what I mean. By saying that some child psychologist told them not the tell the children, they are attempting to make it seem like Brandi is a horrible person, without realizing that they are instead stigmatizing surrogate birth for the many families that have taken that route.

        I don’t know you advises Adrienne Maloof, but she seriously needs to fire that person, and find someone else.

    • I agree! Tell them early, it becomes part of the fabric of who they are at a young age.

      • Exactly! It’s the same thing when informing a child that he/she is adopted. When included in the discussion early on, it doesn’t leave scars. Adrienne and Paul have behaved positively draconian in their reactions to being “outed” for a comparatively minor issue. It’s not as thought Brandi claimed they were murderers.

      • The children will react the way in which the parents tell them the story, If they tell them in a loving way, the kids will feel very special. If they tell them like it’s shameful, that’s how the children will take that, too. It’s all about how they’re told and treated.

        • I agree – but telling them when they are ten will turn their world upside down. They’ll wonder what else they aren’t being told and question every part of their lives and their relationships with their parents. The older child already knows, too. That’s just a “spill” waiting to happen.

    • ITA! What a sick way to live! Children should always be told the truth (as much as possible of course!!) esp. about their conception, way before they’re ten! My kis is 3 and already understands so much! This woman must be so selfish and delusionnal. Sad. Hope the kids get to see a real psychologist. Soon!

  2. Okay, I don’t believe this was the secret lol. On Dr 90210 A talked abt pregnancy concerns and issues. I think this is planted ( but true) lol c Mon A said on last episode that Brandi caused allot of problems. How could this make her world crash lol. I think it was about her FAKE MARRIAGE!

    • Yep and also that the surrogacy was with someone elses eggs. Ask yourself why she went crazy trying to potray Paul as abusive and dangerous? It’s because if she’s not the real biological mother and Paul is the real biological father he would have more sway with the judge in regard to the kids.

      • That is not true. These kids have grown to their present age knowing only her as their mother and she would get the same custody consideration as if she were the biological mother. She would have adopted them at birth. The court’s only consideration is the “bests interests of the child(ren)”.

      • Exactly Buck. And, if they aren’t her kids genetically, maybe that could make things messy regarding Maloof inheritance?

        • No, no, no!!!! She would have adopted those children at birth. Adopted children have no less right to inheritance than biological unless a will specifically bequeaths different amounts (which would be foolish, opening it to be contested). If you folks are going to speculate about legal stuff, at least read about what the laws really say and not what you think they do!!!!

          • Especially since at this point, they are the only members of the next generation. I highly doubt anyone would specifically say that adopted….if that is what occurred, since we clearly do not know that….children would not inherit.

            Again though, it is absolutely crazy to me that a woman who claims to be an astute business woman would leave all of this up to speculation due to her own actions and ill conceived statements given to the press in regards to one persons statements. If nothing else, this is a learning experience for anyone watching.

          • I wasn’t saying what I thought any law says, I was saying I wonder if there was some odd rule by the Maloof elders re inheritance and paternity/maternity. chillax.

      • Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way! Excellent point! That actually makes the most sense to me!

    • Yes, to me is more about their fake marriage 2, because during th Moroccan dinner Kyle said “It is not about surrogacy”. Brandi spilled a lot of Adrianne’s “Secrets” that night at Sur/Villa Blanca so maybe the combo sham marriage + surrogacy = a lot

    • I don’t know about that Miss Fab., at one point in this week’s episode, during the awkward double date dinner at Hagface and Momo’s, Adrienne says something like “when it concerns people around me/people I love it’s not ok anymore” Unless it’s a big cover up as you said. Either way, shame on them.

    • Agreed Miss Fab, Like Ken said with all the Maloofs money and legal power backing if they truly didnt want Bravo to air that it would not have been aired and the apologies and arguments invoving the ladies on this issue would not have got out. I believe Brandi Hit the nail on the head at the reunion when she made the “fake marriage” or “fake husband comment and Adrienne knew that the only thing that endeared her remotely at the time to the viewers was the “bickersons” shtick that her and Paul did. That being said I think Adrienne wanted a way out without being the bad guy and make it that Brandi caused it all, which we viewers know it was very apparent how awful she treated Paul. and I feel she also thought in her spoiled, the world revolves around me way of thinking that we viewers would pity her and again make Brandi the villian, cause I think little miss maloof has become a little tiffed that the set up (Brandi) that she brought in to hurt Lisa in turn befriended Lisa and became one of the favorites, cause although a tad outspoken I really feel, just like Lisa V, Brandi sticks up and speaks up if something isnt right or people are being hurt for no reason and she does it regardless of how much money or status the person may have!!!!! (I am sorry my new grammer an punctuation ap is def not working)

  3. Good heavens over and over….get over it already. Adrienne gave birth to her first child, if she had a surrogate for the twins what’s the big deal. I just love Morris, he’s one of the chuckling girls…good lord man grow a set…. Traylor please clean yourself up, take a shower and get your hair done you are one big mess. Finally I love Yolanda Brandi and Lisa MHO :-)

    • Lol…. ITA I love Lisa Brandi and Yolanda too. I think Yolanda pretty much wears only white pants and there’s a resemblance between her and Lisa!

  4. I dont understand why this is such a big friggin deal that HoofAss had to threaten Brandi with lawyers. I think this is one of the stupidest “plots” ever. There is NO shame in using a surrogate. Are you kidding me? I mean c’mon she is 51 do the math, if she carried her first born and had complications it stands to reason they would go that route. They act like its some big shameful thing. I swear to god these housewives get more and more ridiculous as time goes on. SMDH!

    • Agree – there’s no shame. Seems like Adrienne & Paul put a legal “gag” order on Bravo.

      • I kinda think that, but also kinda think that Bravo decided to use it as a season long plot twist, something I’m not sure sat well with Adrienne or Paul. See, it might look like they are milking this for all it’s worth, but it seems to effect Kyle and Mo more then it does Adrienne and Paul.

        • I saw Andy’s show when someone asked what the secret was (Camille, I think, was a guess). Just reading his body language, it didn’t seem like he was in on it – it seems like he was legally bound not to say…and he look annoyed…

          • Not so when Brandi was on the other night. He asked her, she said I don’t know, what was it Andy, and he just pushed it aside. I could be very wrong here, but I think if they were legally bound, the video with Kyle saying the words would never have been released. Bravo is playing us here, and enjoying every moment of it.

            • They probably knew about the US cover by then. Brandi was on just a few days ago, it already went to print. When I saw him on with whoever it was (I don’t watch that often), it was Camille, I think, about two weeks ago.

            • Yeah, I didn’t notice that he was “uncomfortable” but he also wasn’t going to be the one to give up the secret so he moved on. The only time I’ve ever seen Any actually uncomfortable was when one of the gay guys from Atlanta showed him his newly enlarged penis.

            • I thought he looked POd. He gave her the stank eye and then tried to cover it with a smirk. I confess to enjoying seeing Ms Andy squirm. I was channel surfing and it hit that show at the best possible moment.
              P.S. The most inane, insipid show EVER!

    • Not only that… you don’t have a case if whatever the person said is true. It would only be defamation if Brandi said something false that would hurt Adrienne financially in some way… you also need to have damages to win a lawsuit. In actuality, anyone can sue anyone for anything… however, that doesn’t mean you will win. Most frivolous lawsuits get dismissed early on in the litigation.

  5. Adrienne the transvestite needs to be seriously called out on her character assassination of Brandi the night of Kyle’s wife, Morris, event…yep, he’s a wife alright. She said some horrible things about Brandi and no one is attacking ape woman about that. Sue her ass Brandi!

      • I’d donate, cause I think what Adrienne said to her and that Bravo made sure the viewers heard, was far more damaging and detrimental then what Brandi said. Adrienne sure in the hell was not thinking of Brandi’s kids, cause that in itself deserved a phone call of apology, another thing Kyle left out when she sicked Faye on Brandi.

  6. But if that is the secret ,When paul went at it with Brandy ,and then later on twitter apologized and now are friends,why did he blow up at her at maurice’s party.

    • Two reasons. Well we know now that his marriage was hitting the skids and needed someone to blame for it, and the fact that Adrienne had shared something that was supposedly so private. Sometimes we kill the messenger rather then the person we’d really like to, because that person is just too close. Oh, and don’t think Adrienne isn’t using that blow up in her divorce action to bolster her claim that Paul is volatile. I bet he wishes it had never happened, and probably why he made up with Brandi public ally via Twitter, rather then simply picking up the phone.

  7. How can this particular Blurt be character assignation? I am glad it’s over, but I Brandi keeps hinting that there is more behind the fallout with the Maladjusted Malhoofs. (personally, I think the surrogate is a patient of Paul’s…I don’t think Adrienne wants people to know who the surrogate is…)

    • Of course there’s always the chance her eggs may not have been used, and that would be a really, really good reason why she may not want the whole story to get out. Still not character assassination, but something someone might clearly want to hide. If the surrogate were to step forward, and I would presume she’s contractually obligated to NOT do so, then the full story would be out there.

      • I’ve been thinking the very same thing…probably not her eggs. That would lend more credibility to why she and Paul were so livid.

        • Exactly. Otherwise the anger really makes no sense at all. The problem now is that because they went off the deep end, they are leaving themselves open to people speculating about this possibility, which Brandi never mentioned. Again, who ever advises the Maloof/Nassif family, really needs to be fired because he/she is useless.

          • Ad could be mad because SHE said at the dinner that she had a csection BOTH times. Even if her own eggs were used she made herself look like an asshat.

            • Yeah, but the overt anger was on the part of Paul. Adrienne just threw a bunch of unnecessary vitriol in that her supporters seem so happy to simply ignore. I think the surrogacy thing is true, and of course we have confirmation of it, but I also think there is more to the story then Paul and Adrienne wanted to make public, and that Brandi never said or even alluded to. Wanna bet the contract they want her to sign includes agreeing to not divulge the particulars of the surrogacy? And if they were that careless with sensitive information, they are two very stupid business people.

          • The funny thing is, they weren’t even angry when Kim told them. Adrienne smirked and said this is a lawsuit. Paul said and what did the other troublemaker say (Lisa)? They didn’t get mad until later…Remember Paul said if you don’t let me say something…and Adrienne said no and then he went an exploded…weird

            • Yeah, I too noticed how they were trying to throw Lisa under the bus for it. In fact, that seemed to be their first priority.

            • I’m reading way too much into this, but I thought Paul was protecting A’s “honor.” “Did you just call my wife a bish?” and all. It was only after P and Brandi were causing a scene that A seemed visibly upset.
              But who knows? There is probably less to this than meets the eye.

            • Paul called Brandi a “B” way before Brandi called Adrienne a “B.” In fact, it was the first thing out of his mouth. Something like, “We’re leaving because of what that “B” said…”

            • Exactly. Brandi keeps getting blamed for nasty word choices, but both Paul and Kyle have been guilty of throwing around the same words when the mood strikes.

          • Exactly, and when the time comes and her sons ever see this footage, its Adrienne that is making this surrogacy thing look like something bad or they should be ashamed of. I mean c’mon, especially where these people live and their circle of friends, surrogacy is completely normal if not expected!

    • Now mind you, none of this explains why Adrienne could not come up with a good story as to how Paul behaved in the delivery room since he would have been present with their first born, if what they are saying is true and that she was in fact pregnant the first time around.

      • Yea but, do ya really think this is the only time it was or has been talked about, I mean many things I have read Adrienne is not that well liked and unless she walked around with a fake pregnancy suit or belly then many knew she used a surrogate.

        • Just wanted to add to my comment above that we should keep in mind that 6 yrs is not that long ago and I’m sure school mothers and such are still talking especially since Adrienne has been on Bravo!!!!

        • Exactly. Adrienne is living in a fantasy world on this one, and I am sure there are people in Beverly Hills laughing their butts off over this one. Brandi did say that Adrienne doesn’t have many friends, and no one contradicted her on that one.

        • I think that was the point – it was a “well known secret.” Everyone knew that she didn’t carry them.

  8. Was Adrienne married before Paul? Otherwise she was an older bride. Everyone had to know their marriage was shallow at best. Plus, she has been swiping and sneering at Paul from the beginning of HW. A divorce in BH? What a surprise!

    • Perhaps her family was pressuring her to produce grandchildren, since none of her brother’s have ever been married. That is one interesting family. I wonder if anyone has written an expose in regards to their business dealings since daddy Maloof’s death? He was very well respected in our shared hometown and state, but this generation did all they could to leave Albuquerque behind, especially since the Phil Maloof was a state senator, but failed to when his bid for a US Senate seat back in the early 90′s. I’ve been away from home too long to have heard any dirt since then, but I am seriously wondering if there were some dirty deals or something that lead them to pull up stakes.

      • I wrote awhile back that a friend of mine in NM was one who told me the background of Adrienne (when I liked her) and said about them owning a brewery or distributor or something like that. She said Adrienne’s dad was def as rags to riches story, but that the way Bravo and Adrienne were portraying her as this savvy business woman was just NOT the case and that basically everything was handed to her and her brothers which they themselves are not that business savvy and that they have mostly “Hired Brain” behind their empire, which is continuing to dwindle and apparently they are all SUE HAPPY!!

        • Yes, they had one of the original Coor’s distributorships back before it was a national brand, He was indeed rags to riches having grown up in Las Vegas, NM (a truly one horse town that would not exist without the University that is there). Although the family lived in a nice home, it was no where near as opulent as the home Adrienne lives in now, most of the kids went to public schools (with the exception of Adrienne who I never even knew existed before this show), and because they lived on the valley side of the freeway (our version of “the other side of the tracks”) they didn’t even attend the best high schools in town. In fact, although Mr. Maloof was highly respected, I don’t think they were the wealthiest in town at the time, because we also had a race car family the Unser’s, who were in their hey day at the time. The youngest Maloof is within a year or two of my age, and I grew up with a crush on that guy. He’s better looking then any of the brother’s, although I’ve not seen or heard anything about him in years. Their mother is still alive, as an old friend of mine met her in Vegas a few years ago, and I cannot believe she is looking on any of this nonsense fondly.

        • Oh and it looks like the sale of their NBA team is not yet a done deal either, as Sacramento is looking to make an appeal to the NBA board that will make the final decision.

  9. Please. Not that Im buying this whole fake thing but, tell your children these kinds of things before they are old enought to truly understand. That way, they grow up comfortable with the idea, dont think its such a big deal when they do truly understand. Keep it from being a bombshell. Teased? Really? Kids are teased for being carried by a surrogate? Maybe they are. Just like they are teased for unibrows, too tall, too short, wrong colored hair, feet are too big. Hey folks…we need to stop trying to protect our kids from every little hurt and disappointment. It isnt good for them and only serves the purpose of making the parent feel better.

    • And makes the “secret” look like it’s something to be ashamed of, instead of something that happens rather frequently.

  10. If there are things you want to hide maybe you shouldn’t be on a reality show…That said – Brandi should not have spilled something involving kids…

    • Then again, it would have been nice if Adrienne had not felt the need to lie about something involving her kids that was already known.

    • I agree Stan. None of the kids in any of these shows signed up for this. Brandi has no idea how she should behave in social settings and seems to be able to turn on any of her HW “friends” at the drop of a hat. When she is upset she just loses control. Really unattractive.
      It seems to me like there is more to the story than just surrogate.

      • The only “friend” Brandi has an issue with is Adrienne, and she told us why at the reunion for last season. Kyle is only her friend when it suits her, and Brandi makes it clear in every interview she is in that her friends are Lisa and Yolanda. I don’t see where we get that she has some inordinate propensity to turn on friends, especially after witnessing what has occurred between Kyle and Lisa. Brandi’s behavior in social settings is just fine, so long as she isn’t attacked. Works for me, since I behave the same way.

          • Yes. Remember the White Party when Kim went nuts on her. Brandi just stood there and took it.

            • At the White Party? I remember that at Game Night, but I thought at the White Party Kyle was very concerned that there might be a “scene.” Kim was there with Ken, drunk or high out of her mind…Brandi just nodded her head and said okay, okay. Ring a bell?

            • No. I don’t remember a confrontation at the white party, except for the one that happened outside with Taylor and her hubby.

            • Yes. I remember Kim n Brandi standing by an interior door or staircase and Kim went right up to her and started bitching at Brandi. Brandi just said ok Kim. And it wasnt really sarcastic either. I felt like at that moment Brandi actually felt sorry for Kim. Brandi did not fight her back.

            • Was that the same party-when Kim was so out of her mind on something that she tried to get her daughter to go after Brandi? Brandi kept her cool-did say OK Kim, and I think she offered to leave.

      • Brandi needs to be respectful of other HW children. There isn’t any excuse for this. None. No woe is me justifies what she did. How would Brandi feel if it were her children? This is a private matter. I have no dog in this hunt because I can’t seem to find much to admire about any of them. I can tolerate YoFo, Lisa Ken and Camile. Trailer is an abomination unto humankind. Excusing bad behavior when it involves innocent children? No and it wasn’t Brandi’s secret to reveal under any circumstances. Ok maybe if she was being water boarded at GitMo.

        • The whole point is: it wasn’t a secret. She was illustrating how Adrienne is a liar. As in, “for instance she continues to run around telling people she gave birth to her boys, when everyone knows that she didn’t.”

        • I agree the kids should be off limits. What I don’t get is why Brandi, clearly & specifically, addressed Adrienne at Ojai about how she gave birth. If Brandi knew, then why did she push the question? I mean she asked about how she gave birth to her first child and then asked about the twins. The point some seem to make is that she wanted to prove A. was a liar? So that makes it right? Even at the price of unknowing children?? Isn’t Brandi all about protecting her kids?
          There are things about Brandi I like, but there are things about Brandi I just don’t get. Even Yolanda who doesn’t like Adrienne said “what Brandi said was a private and personal matter that she shouldn’t of said.” Brandi has even said, she shouldn’t of said it.

          • And I just don’t see this as putting anyone kids into anything, but calling out a lie that was told. Now, if you want to talk about someone dragging someone’s kids into an argument, then you should be blaming Adrienne who accused Brandi of child neglect of drug addiction leading to child neglect, yet far too many people are willing to over look those every obvious accusations. Yolanda doesn’t know Adrienne, but it getting a very bad impression of her based on her actions in this matter.

            • And by the way, those accusations, that magically ended up on Radar the next day (Adrienne plant?), could make Eddie march into court and change custody, which would be very damaging to her children in a real way. I don’t see how a couple of six years olds (I think they’re six) would be effected by this at all. It’s not like the watch the show or read tabloids. And even if they did, it wouldn’t take them out of their home or away from their mother. I get the argument, I just don’t think it has legs.

            • Agreed. What Adrienne said about Brandi….and said with enough conviction to not only make it believable to Eddie, but also made it appear that she had first hand knowledge of what she was talking about….was far more detrimental then what Brandi said about Adrienne. The only person who seems to realize this is Lisa. The other’s are conveniently ignoring what was said, although Yolanda was not present and would not have heard it until the show aired, like Lisa.

          • Could it be that the timeline went like this:
            A asked B to ambush L before reunion
            B said N
            A get pissed
            A tried to destroy B by telling E that she is bad mother
            B catches wind of this
            B effs with A hardcord over her lie(asking about c-section was warning shot)
            A finds out and repeats the same allegations she had been telling E(sleep till 3…”
            M makes ass of self
            B calls him a mofo says he has no idea what A has done to her(even said its abut my life and MY CHILDREN) before she told him again to STFU

  11. I believe that there is a lot more than meets the eye. From what I have seen, I have the opinion that Adrienne has done some really mean girl things to Brandi since Brandi wouldn’t fall into place on bashing Lisa. Brandi has alluded somewhat to that. When Adrienne stated Brandi was in bed all day not taking care of her children, you could tell it just wasn’t believable. Adrienne is the ultimate mean girl and she is plainly jealous of Brandi. And this whole Sean toyboy thing is just too fricking weird. You can’t tell me that this just happened. She has most likely been seeing him all along and Brandi knew it. That’s more likely the big “secret.”

    • That is such a good point. Reading all the way down this thread I kept thinking there has to be more to this than surrogacy. That is such a non issue thing it would be like saying the big secret is….. she had sex before marriage!!!!!! I think your scenario sounds like it would be scandalous enough to make a stir. The only thing I don’t get if that is it, is why Paul would defend her.I think the surrogacy is just a leak to make everyone shut up.

      • Well, Brandi did tell Paul while he was in her face screaming and cussing…that she knew a lot, but that he really didn’t want to know! Could be she was seeing the guy for awhile. And didn’t MsSH say Maloof was going with an influential person and didn’t want the story out? Sean doesn’t have money, but I’m sure Rod has plenty…and Lord knows I’m sure he doesn’t want his son dating someone olde enough to be his mama! Wasn’t that a blind item, or did that shot the doc gave me yesterday make me dream it up? I know whatever they gave me has made me doze off all day long! lol

    • But didn’t they start divorce proceedings nine months ago? Was it more recent than that?

  12. I cant believe this big deal bravo made out of this. PATHETIC!
    DESPERATE AND MANIPULATING. I bet this lawsuit is not real either. Its all B***SH*T for ratings! Next, the lawsuit will go away too!

  13. This is a little (ok, a lot) off topic– it’s about the Bravo preview. First Trailer grouses and whines to a trapped Camille about YoFo and YoFo’s perfect life and contrasts it with her own tragic and unfair circumstances. B^tch, please! We’re onto you and we’re beyond sick of you! Then, after the interlude in the bathroom with YoFo and Lisa comforting Brandi, we’re back at the tables. Now Trailer has carefully planted herself right in the middle of the action even though it has nothing to do with her. Sitting between Vyle and Maurice, Trailer wails with a sort of trying way too hard fake laughter as Maurice tells Kim that what she’s just said about Brandi is true and that it’s the first thing the two of them have agreed about in ages. And, just for good measure, Trailer high-fives Maurice. I realize that, to various degrees, all of these “housewives” are fake, they’re all trying to get attention, no one is forcing me to watch this in(s)anity, blah, blah, blah. But, God help me, just the sight of Trailer makes me want to reach through the TV screen and slap her silly. She is the very worst of the worst, IMHO. Now that that’s off my chest, I feel a little better. Sorry for the rant.

    • You might be on to something here. When Taylor was on WWHL she said that she and Adrienne were on the outs now too, but didn’t want to explain because she says we will see it on the show.

      • I wonder if it is because of the comments she made about Adrianne suring Brandi vs. Adrianne being upset that Russel was suing Camille. Just to make a point, SWINE could have just as easily been in Brandi’s shoes concerning the comments she made about David Foster. I think she is lucky that she is so not worth it to persue.

        • Then again, I think Yolanda would prefer to put her in her place personally, rather then spending unnecessary money.

          • Probably, who knows if it’s true or not but SWINE sure did sound ridiculous AND drunk when she was saying that. I’m glad Bravo is not giving her a lot of face time this season and what little they do shows her true colors.

    • Ms. Thang, shame on you…that poor little ole Kennedy asks her mommy every day where their plane is!!! That child’s life will never be the same!!! LMAO Trailor should have left that pity part out!

  14. Idk what this means for them as far as future custody battles, but I think it sheds a ton of light on Adrienne’s character. She did not need to sit and lie about her childbirth experience. I think this was Brandi’s point, if Adrienne can lie like that, we know she probably lies a lot.

    • Exactly. As I understand it, if Adrienne’s eggs were not used, she would have immediately adopted the baby’s anyway. And so regardless of what Rancid Resnick says, we already know that Adrienne has a propensity to lie, from the accusation she threw at Lisa. I just think her lie about the c sections had holes because she sat with her mouth open when Taylor asked her about how Paul acted in the delivery room. Wouldn’t he have been present for the birth of their first born? So why the need to stop and think?

      • Also, Camille was being extra open about her using a surogate…I remember thinkng when she was telling about it that I was surprised she was so open about it and never had been before. It was like she knew they all knew Ad was lying and it was going to come out, so she was spilling hers ahead of time.

  15. This is old news! It was in US Magazine something like 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t figure out why no one mentioned it (I know I did somewhere). Anyhow…when I was a teenager, I babysat a boy who was adopted. He was three and he already knew. I continued to babysit him until he was 9 or so — perfectly normal kid. Never made a deal of it. Nor did his mom. I think learning something like this when you’re older would be very difficult to handle, it kind of turns your world upside down and someone could develop trust issues with their parents. Just my opinion…

  16. I wonder if the conversation went like this:

    Adrienne: Andy, we insist that you take the surrogate conversation and any mention of it out of the show or else we will get our lawyers involved.

    Andy: We have powerful lawyers too. What else ya got?

    Adrienne: Well, Paul and I can divorce, I will drag him through the mud for awhile, then I will hook up with Rod Stewart’s ex-drug addict son and be seen on all the tabloids with him. This will give me the drama and story line you need for the show and it will deflect from the surrogate issue!

    Andy: It’s a deal!

  17. I watched the episode on replay yesterday and they edited out Kyle saying “Surrogacy!” It looks like the Maloof lawyers got smart and threatened bravo with another big old fat lawsuit unless they took it out.

    • Or Kyle did. It’s hard to represent yourself as the defender of evil, when the words can be heard to clearly come out of your own mouth! Personally? I think Bravo intentionally released the bit to the internet to further fuel speculation. Whether or not it airs on television, it’s already being reported and heard by anyone who chooses to participate in a gossip site. The damage is already done.

      • I think they did too! I think Bravo is PISSED at Adrienne and her lawyers ruining the story line. There’s no way they wanted the “secret” edited out. I just hoped they’re pissed enough at her that she will not be asked back!

        • And see, I think Bravo enjoyed pulling the strings on this one. They got an entire seasons story line out of it, got to throw out some juicy tidbits via social media, and have Adrienne on damage control because she is clearly not as good at dealing with life as she would like people to think she is. What they didn’t take into account was the public’s revulsion to Rancid Resnick. I think that caught all of them off guard including Resnick and especially Kyle. I think that was the one wild card they played miserably. The rest has been done very well, although many of us are now really tired of the whole thing. Keep in mind, Bravo has an ironclad contract with each and every cast member, that likely opens their lives up to scrutiny in ways some of them never think of. By now airing Brandi’s statement, they gave the statement more life then it would have had otherwise, making things worse for Adrienne, and better for Bravo. At this point I too think her contract has been ended because of her litigious nature, so they are simply using her at this point. It’s her fault, and all she can do now is try to make herself look as good as possible, hence the statement released above.

      • Maybe they did it to help Brandi out. If Kyle said it, too, then wouldn’t she be as guilty as Brandi for saying it? Especially since Brandi had done been rung the the wringer for it.

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I think that especially after the firestorm in regards to Russell’s suicide, Bravo has made sure that their contracts are beyond iron clad. They would have enjoyed showing that contract to Adrienne’s lawyers, and are instead using this to wring all they can out of the controversy. Adrienne is left in damage control mode, and although it’s costing Brandi some money, she’s coming out of this ahead with the viewers, and will continue to as Adrienne and Paul stupidly attempt to blame her for the demise of a marriage everyone watching can see has been in sorry shape since we’ve been watching.

    • I guess it’s now on the cover of US Magazine – so maybe Adrienne put a gag order on Bravo so she could make some $$$ selling to US. Bravo has got to be fed up with this woman.

      • See, I think this is all a part of Adrienne’s damage control. She’s not forced to attempt to get ahead of the story, since it has now grown and shape shifted all on it’s on. Again, the story does nothing to ask some really good questions, like the one I still have. If Adrienne had a difficult pregnancy the first time around and indeed at a c section, then why was she left speechless when Taylor asked her how Paul acted in the delivery room. One question answered, more questions posed.

  18. Bravo really over-played that storyline. No one cares any more. They do that a lot these days. Same ole stories……different towns. Same personality line-ups….similar (botoxed, bloated, stretched) faces. Come on Bravo. Is that all ya got?

  19. Who cares? Why is that a big and shameful secret? Answers are nobody really cares and it should not be shameful at all. Maybe I’m not getting why this would even be discussed by others or hidden by Paul and Adr.

    • I completely agree with you! Their hiding of this “deep, dark secret” seems very old fashioned and unnecessary since nobody in today’s world gives a damn.

  20. So, ran down to the store to get something to eat and picked up US Magazine. Bravo must be working this weekend to change the edit of next Monday’s episode. In a nutshell, this is a “plant” very Adrienne friendly – but they did put in a couple of useful tidbits like a real doctor saying that the kids should have been told at age 3 (not Dr. no-socks). Also, apparently, after Brandi said, “thanks but no thanks” to Adrienne’s offer to rip Lisa into shreds at the reunion show (Adrienne denies this, by the way) she went to Bravo and tried to get Brandi fired. As this show is her only actual income, Brandi didn’t take to kindly to that – neither would I.

    Otherwise, it’s Adrienne a “friend” of Maloof’s saying things like “there is no reason for Brandi to behave this way towards Adrienne. She just wants to be relevant.” I particularly hate this phrase as it’s the one that everyone pulls out of their pocket to apply to anyone and everyone on these shows.

    In the end, if I had to choose between having Lisa and Yo on my side vs. Kyle, Kim & Camille, I’d choose Lisa and Yo in a heartbeat.

    • Both Lisa and Yolanda seem far more grounded and comfortable in their lives. When Lisa corrects Brandi you can tell that there is a caring component there, and not anything malicious. Yes, I too would pick those two over the other three. Marisa is the wild card here. While is is about to get annoyed with Brandi for calling her out for the nasty things she says about her husband, I think Marisa and Brandi have far more in common then Marisa and Kyle do.

      • Yolanda is a judgmental bigot and she and her husband are the worst name-droppers I’ve ever seen. She’s at “$25,000 sunglasses” level with all her “Barbara Streisands.” I think if she makes it to next season, Bravo is going to turn the lens on her, and she is not going to come out looking very good.

        • Are ya’ kidding? I mean really….are you? Yolanda is a very cool person, not in the least bit bigoted as far as I have seen, and it’s not name dropping when someone asks her where her husband is. It’s the life of David Foster, and most of the rest of us revere his talent and the connections he’s made in his very long and stellar career.

  21. I didnt hear Kyle say “surrogate”….I played the the video over & over..all I heard Byle say was “at least someones..” at the end of the video clip. I dont understand why A would be so upset about using a surrogate anyway…Im sure tons of ppl in Beverly Hills already know, if thats the case…unless she hid out for 40wks. Now, maybe what shes upset about is IF she used donor eggs & shes not the twins bio mother & thats what Brandi spilled or blurted out…either way, Bravo absolutely loves all the chatter about what the big revelation is Brandi spilled. Hate to say it but when B was cussing Mauricio out & saying it was about her kids, her life etc & he should meet them etc, all I was thinking was this is a hard lesson to learn but sometimes u need to think before u speak about others personal lives-especially on camera…I dont feel sorry for her in this instance-shes not a spring chicken…her mouth & anger/temper may really get her sued in the future & not just threatened.

  22. Theres nothing wrong with A not being the twins bio mom-if thats the case…Ik she loves them as if they are her own either way…but with Paul not being mad at Brandi anymore, Im still doubting thats what all this bs is about.

    • There’s nothing wrong with it to you, however if Adrienne has been lying about the issue for…what six years now?….it’s kinda hard to backtrack as if it’s not a big deal. Again, we don’t know if this is the case, but it sure would make a lot of sense.

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