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Hello Bravo lovers!

Mondays are here before you know it. I hope you are enjoying Season 3 and are starting to get a feel for what goes on in this group of Beverly Hillbillies.

RHOBH InTouch Beverly Hillbillies

I don’t want to bore you, as I am definitely starting to bore myself with my health updates, but I don’t want to ignore those of you asking. I just started my second round of 45-day IV antibiotics and thankfully am starting to see some sparks of brightness in my days. I am hopeful and very excited to get back my energy but most of all, my brain ,which I have missed more than anything in these past five months.

Anyway onto the subject of the day. . .

We’ve already discussed the dinner at the Moroccan restaurant in details. I believe we are all entitled to our opinion. I like Mauricio. He is a nice man with good principles and speaks with conviction. I am just not sure he knows Brandi’s side of the story as well as Adrienne’s.

Kyle, on the other hand, does know every detail of every story that goes on in this group. She never seems to take a strong position on anything or stand behind one particular person but rather tries to be everybody’s best friend, which we know is impossible; we only have time for a handful of true friendships in our lives.

kyle adrienne

It appears that Kyle and Mauricio are very close to the Maloofs and I respect that, but Adrienne’s words just don’t hold a lot of value to me. She says she would appreciate an apology from Brandi but in the meantime does not answer her calls and has her lawyers fighting her fight.

Her choice of using her power and money to intimidate another woman just does not sit right with me. Brandi’s statement was extremely private and very personal — but in no way a character assassination. Anyway, it’s time to move on, this subject is old. . .remember today’s news wraps tomorrow’s fish.   NOTE:  Nice try, YoFo!  BUT… what exactly IS the very “private and personal” BrandiBlurt?

When you take a step back, it’s quite interesting to see Taylor’s conversation with Camille. First of all, she does not know me from Adam. And second of all, she has never made an attempt to get to know me but rather gave me a cold shoulder and a bunch of attitude from the day I first came into this group.

So for her to sit there and make a statement about my life and me is just ludicrous. If she had any interest at all, she could have read my bio online and know that my life has not been all wine and roses. The way she refers to her husband’s passing in such casual conversation is very sad and disheartening to me. But like I have been saying from the beginning, alcohol just doesn’t bring out the best in any of us, especially when you have such deep-rooted hurt and open wounds to deal with.   NOTE:  OUCH!!!  Keep goin’, YoFo!!

When she starts talking about my husband, she really strikes a chord with me; it’s just amazing how poisonous trash talk is. She has only met David once.

shana linda thompson arrow

If she wants to have a little more insight into his marriage with her friend Linda, she might want to actually talk to David in person and get his perspective on their 20 years together. But then again, why would my husband want to discuss his private life with a biased stranger?   Regardless, I empathize with Taylor and hope she will find her path to happiness soon.  Note to Yo:  David was married to “lyricist” Linda from 1991 to 2005… that makes that 20 years shrink to 14!

yolanda kids mohamed

At Mohamed’s house, you are finally seeing me in action, doing what I love to do. . .work! I am happiest when working hard and running three projects at the same time. Mohamed and I share crews and some of the guys have worked with me for 15 years and are part of my work family. As you can tell, I could not do what I do without them.

I feel very blessed and privileged to have been given the opportunity to come to America and make my dreams come true so I always try to motivate the people around me to learn English because of the opportunities and freedom it will give them. I believe it’s our obligation to learn the language of the country that has allowed us to live and thrive in.


It looks like Kim is doing great, searching for answers to balance her life. She is looking more beautiful every week so I support whatever it takes for her to continue her recovery.

Visiting Mohamed was just another day in our unconventional family.
As you know, having a good relationship with your ex takes a lot of persistent strength and effort but I believe it to be essential in order to raise confident and stable children. No matter what went down in the past, you can’t allow your bruised ego to destroy the commitment you made to bringing your children into this world together. At the end of the day, their well-being is all that really matters and the love of both parents is equally important.

I moved to Santa Barbara and became a single mom when my youngest was 18 months old and the girls were 4 and 5. It was a tough nut to crack, being a single mom, integrating into a new community far away from my family in Holland; definitely not what I had bargained for, but nevertheless the hand that life dealt me.

NOTE:  THIS is what was included in those life cards which YoFo was dealt!  According to court documents, Yolanda received a settlement in her divorced with Mohamed Hadid in 2003. The settlement included a $6 million house in Malibu, a mansion in Santa Barbara, several cars including her Escalade and Range Rover, $30,000 in monthly child support and a $3.6 million cash payout.

rhobh david yolanda

I am the proud mother and the engine of a big unconventional family:
My Gigi, Bella, and Anwar, David’s five, my two stepdaughters from Mohamed and David’s two stepsons with Linda. I work hard to keep everyone respected and acknowledged, including the exes and their new partners. For a child, there is nothing more valuable than to see their parents get along.

mohamed lisa ken shwm

It gives me great joy and pride to see Mohamed and I interact with the children and like I said, we have always been great working partners. I have tremendous respect for his vision and the magical projects he creates.   NOTE:  While YoFo is respectful of her rumored-to-have-been-cheating-on-YoFo-with-a-HW-from-another-franchise ex-husband for the well-being of her children… we at SH really don’t care for CryptKeeperMohamed.  He gets a big BLEEEEEEEEECH… and a YUCK!

kyle faye  rhobh

I wish Kyle and Faye luck and prosperity in their new venture.


After what went down at Kyle’s dinner, I don’t see the humor in their comments and sense a bit of disrespect. . .Are they really referring to the girls in our group as fake and not real? Mmmm interesting!

marisa dean kids

I never met Dean but I have known his parents, the Zanucks, for a long time. They are a wonderful family. I think Marisa  is a warm and bubbly addition to the group.


It seems like Marisa has different plans for Dean’s future but it looks like Dean takes after his dad, who always choose to stay out of the limelight.   NOTE:  IMO, Marisa was just being herself and just saying honestly what was on her mind.  Doubt very much if Marisa and Dean will end up a Bravo divorce statistic!

yolanda art gallery

I love our night at the art gallery, we are having fun and it’s the first time I feel like we are starting to jive as a group. I was so excited I found a beautiful piece of art, made a great deal and most importantly, a gift for my love. David is hard to buy for. I am a practical girl and don’t like useless gifts so this is a beautiful piece that he will cherish forever.

I am excited to go to Vegas to support Brandi and I will do whatever it takes to help her establish her new business ventures.

NOTE:  Frankly, these two are BOTH white trash!

Shana brandi arrow

Again, my opinions may sound but are not meant to be judgmental. It’s just my perspective of what goes on.

Until next week, much love,

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  1. I agree SH, we will move on once we know what the non character assignation private BrandiBlurt was. Now I understand a little better why Yolanda does not care for Shana—Shana being friends with the ex wife of Yolanda’s husband, I’m sure Shana knows all sorts of one sided unsavory info about David—-and Shana blurts out crap when tipsy.


    • I think that the secret is either what Brandi said on WWL last night: That Adrienne is really in her 60’s lol, or that she has been dating Sean Stewart for a while now and even Paul didn’t know about either, and that’s why they divorced. I think that the surrogacy issue is just a ruse to throw us off.


      • I need to see that WWHL again. So she said that Adrienne is in her 60’s, if so no wonder she looks more like her kids grandmother and even her new boyfriends grandmother than mother or lover.


      • If Adrienne is 60 years old, then she is older than her oldest brother Joe who is 58 years old. I suspect that is a not accurate.


      • Is it just me or do these “abused” women jump into relationships to fast. I am sure it happens but every women I know who has been abused had serious trust issues after
        and didnt jump into something serious until well yrs later some of them. I know I didnt either the guys i went out with well it was more of a one and done kinda thing nothing serious.
        Any thoughts other then swine and adrianne lied aboutthe abuse.


        • I was in a very abusive relationship and I ended up meeting a man and marrying within a year. I was separated for 2 years though. I have to admit I did everything I could to ruin the relationship. I don’t know if it was conscience or not but I put him through the ringer but he had more patience and understanding than I could ever expect. What can I say other than sometimes life just works out !


          • I see what you are saying, you even tried to sabatage the relationship You didnt go into it like nothing happened. I would believe that would be a normal response in someone just out of a abusive relationship
            not this HE IS THE MOST BEAUTFUL MAN crap Taylor spews. Im just talking outloud here.


            • I didn’t read this before I replied. By the sound of it, it doesn’t ring true to you either. I could just about write my own book about all the lies, contradictions, actions, etc. by Tayliar as to exactly why her supposed situation and all of her “stories” are completely unbelievable with reference to Tayliar’s life. I’m quite sure she did steal some of her stories from those she counseled at the women’s shelter. You know the shelter at which Russell, while abusing her, had no problem with her working. The shelter she worked at where she was obviously so strong and supportive to these women, while she was being abused. The shelter which was in the episode when the women came up to Tayliar crying and telling her how much she changed her life with her counseling… while Tayliar was being abused. Ugh… she makes me sick. She makes a mockery of women who are truly abused. Her lies have serious repercussions for Russell’s family, especially his children, including her own daughter who she had with her on her book tour while telling her story of abuse by her father. She disgustingly had Kennedy sign the books and attach little heart stickers along with, of course, her own signature. You know damn well she didn’t use her true name… Shana Lynette Hughes Shana Ford Shana Taylor Taylor Ford Armstrong. I’m sure I missed one or screwed it up in some way and that’s okay ’cause it’s fitting for SWINE.


        • That’s IF she was truly in a abusive relationship. I don’t believe for one moment that it was as she said it was. If there was abuse in their relationship… it was on both sides. I’m talking about Tayliar. As far as Adrienne… I have my doubts but I can’t say that I know as much about her story.

          I believe so strongly that Tayliar is… well… lying. I was in an abusive relationship. It was a different situation, but so many things do not ring true with Tayliar’s stories. I don’t even have to base it on first hand experience. SO many things about all of her bs is just… well bs.

          As far as Tayliar knowing so much about her friend’s relationship with David… how close could they have been if she only met her so called friend’s husband for 14+ years one time. Really? Yolanda has nothing to worry about… anything that comes out of Tayliar’s mouth cannot be taken seriously anyway.


        • A friend left an abusive relationship. She only felt loved if she could provoke him to slap, shove, punch her. Within a week after the breakup (they lived together 3 yrs.) she was in a new relationship, with an abuser she hardly knew-a true psycho. Psycho as in he broke into her apartment when she was sleeping. She woke up to find him biting her fingernails. They broke up soon after and she was back with her ex. They had a baby, which she believed would make them normal. While he didn’t harm their son, he remained abusive. She finally left the state to get away from him. She admitted she was happy only if she made someone crazy enough to hit her. I’d never heard admit this, or be as honest about it. I hope it’s uncommon, but there’s probably a common thread.


      • Plzzz, do you really buy the Adrienne-Stewart PR stunt? I saw a video on TMZ, he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but near her and she kept on idioticallly (is that a word?) smiling to the paps


        • ITA! All I see is deflection from what the truth really is! That’s one thing Adrienne and Trayliar have in common…the art of deflection! Hell, she’s probably paying him to play her boy toy so everyone will think this was the big reveal/secret that Brandi outed. Not. Buying. It!


        • Oh hell no i dont buy that young good looking kid wants the likes of Adrianne maybe her money but not her.


          • wasn’t he (Sean) on a celebrity rehab or sthg? I smell a (lost) celebrity offspring tryin to get some fame of his own without any talent.. so what’s left? Bad PR relationships…Very classy, Adrienne


    • And Shana absolutely deserved it. It was also nice hearing Yolanda tell Shana at the dinner that she was going too far. No love lost there.


    • I loved that too but thought she was arrogant telling the help to learn english…ala icki of oc! Shana is a hot mess with bringing up the hanging, as if the women forgot. This show is full of me,me,me ………..And I agree with kim..she could have left. Best lie of the season fron Shana”i always supported you Kim”


      • I don’t think she was rude at all to the worker. She explained to him that she knew no English when she arrived in the USA and to get by she had to learn the language. She was only trying to help him further his knowledge of the English language. I also liked when they were through she asked him what he was going to do that night. He said learn. I think she spoke to him with kind words. JMO


        • I agree, Barb. I think it was kind of her…it’s really important – especially if he wants more out of life. And it’s a scary thing for some folks, learning a language and attempting to use it.


          • YoFo is like a really pushy teacher. The kind of teacher that as a kid you think are just horrible but appreciate as an adult.


        • I cringed a little, but what YoFo said to him was true. Speaking the language of the country you are living in (whatever country that is) opens a world of opportunities and more freedom to choose your path – no one can argue that. As she had to do this in her late teens after she left the farm/local restaurant, she personally experienced this and obviously feels strongly about it.

          How different would her life have been if she only spoke Dutch?


  2. I think Yolanda is great but, be she needs to be careful of Brandi’s business ventures –
    Brandi seems to possess all of the qualities of another class act who’s name slips my mind…hmmm…Oh yea….Heidi Fleiss! lol


  3. I enjoyed reading how your families are blended together and everyone gets along so well. It really is best for the children. Personally, I have been friends for 17 years with my ex and his wife, we share holidays together too and my children are so happy. It’s like one big family…it just has always worked for us.

    Taylor was awful sitting there talking about Yolanda and David. That is one tacky, classless alcoholic and she needs to go. Yolanda needs to watch her back with Kyle because she will turn on her in a hot minute.


    • I don’t think Kyle likes her at all, but it trying to make a pretend relationship for the cameras. Yolanda says what’s on her mind and will cut Kyle down if she isn’t careful.


      • Oh, I agree. Kyle is always nasty to YO in her talking head interviews. Off topic, love how when Yo says David is working with Streisand, Kyle says “oh we made a movie with her husband when we were kids.” Yeah, that’s the same, Kyle. Only different.


    • I love watching her exercise and lifestyle tips. What Yolanda is talking about is just one of the issues she deals with on a regular basis. She’s one tough cookie and since she and I are the same age, she provides me with some inspiration to get up off the couch and get in shape.


  4. I like Yolanda and the way she stays out of the middle of things. She is on the outside looking in and can have an objective opinion without ruffling feathers. She obviously does not like Shana and can see right through her. I hope this is the last season we have to put up with that trollop (Shana piggy piggy).


    • I don’t think she likes Kyle much either, she lets her have every week. Not as directly as she does SWINE but she dosn’t let Kyle get away with her crap either.


  5. I like Yo-Lemon more and more as the season goes on. I love that she comes right out and says what she’s thinking, She’s not a two-faced snake, when Swine makes her mad, she tells her. I LOVE that she told that worker to learn english, and she did it without being bitchy. I also love that she’s supportive of her kids loving their dad., I think Mohamed’s a slime, too, but his girls seem to adore him and he seems to adore them. I really think she’s just a nice woman, sometimes a little bit presumptuous, but I really think she means well. On a side note, I realized last night why all these women have more money than the other franchises…. They don’t pay hair and makeup people for every single thing they do! Every single one of them (except Vyle) has a rats nest on the back of their head every day! I knda like that. Lol.


    • I don’t see a rat’s nest so much as a messy bun, which is very chic these days. LOL!
      I’ve always liked Yolanda and her take no prisoners personality.


  6. Yolanda is my favorite. I used to like her ex-husband, until I found out that he cheated on her. What an ass. It sounds to me, as though he threw his entire family away just to have sex with some cheap, slut. Some people regard marriage vows as a joke.


  7. Brandi take the “whore “in the bedroom room to the daytime these days.Tampon string/no bra/ butt floss bikinis/dropping the “F” bomb or STFU in group settings.She even refers to his kids using the “F:” word.She is a great role model.She needs to get over her ex the douche bag and move on.But that is what keeps her relevant on Bravo and the media.Thank God Eddie cheated on her with Schenna too and the tramp works for Lisa.This is as good as a sex tape to put her on the map.


  8. A phony like Kyle will never have real friends. I don’t think they really know the difference. Have to say I totally agree with the – need to know both sides before you judge thing, it may have been an awful marriage to start with. Couldn’t say. But, the fact that he left for someone as messed up as LR has proven herself to be… I mean he could have just walked out, why leave over a train wreck. I do think some men are attracted to really high strung – stressed out types , just as some women are. But I’m guessing it was for her money. If he cared anything about Leann don’t you think he would at least try to talk her away from the edge , so to speak . I really think he’s just a phony after her money & she tries so hard to make it look otherwise.


  9. You know, infedelity has got to be crazy, gutwrenching painful, especially if you had no idea it was going on and you were busy investing you heart in the family the two of you made together. Thinking about vacation plans down the road, halfway through a pricey kitchen remodel, or a special suprise you had been planning for him. Suddenly the future is dissolved and you have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Sucks big. No doubt. Here comes the BUT….BUT. Everyone doesnt have the option of this coparenting utopia YoFo speaks of. I know it wasnt easy for her, for sure at first. But What about the woman who runs from a man who has hurled threats and abused his God given postion in the family as the Rock, the “Leader”? What about the woman who cant ever, even if she makes peace with her broken family circumstances, can NEVER trust this man with her children because he has threatened to steal them away…or God forbid…hurt them or her. Forgiveness is noble, and hear me…the ONLY way to keep that other person from polluting your happiness…but coparenting is a different story. Im happy for YoFo that she has a good relationship with her ex. She is doing the right thing by her kids. But I feel for those women who WANT to have their kind of relationship but just cant…..Its just apples and oranges to me. Sorry for the rant…just felt like I needed to write it.


      • Oops. This didnt happen to me. Kinda a compilation of various friends and family. But Ive got sympathy for these women. Ive seen it over and over, men who wont allow their ex wives to move on. Terrorists. Just try coparenting with that.


  10. Yolanda doesn’t say they were married for 14 years but that they were together for 14 years. It’s possible they were together for six or so years before they married. Whatever the case, as I stated above, that’s an awful long time for Tayliar’s “friend” to be with a man to only have met him once. Just how good of friends are they? Although I don’t know how long Tayliar has been friends with Linda. In any case, that’s all the more reason I wouldn’t believe anything Tayliar may say she knows about David through her “friend” Linda. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t believe anything Tayliar says because it’s TAYLIAR!

    Whenever Tayliar talks about Russell’s death, she speaks as if they were still together and happily married and totally in love. They were separated and she was already dating other men! Geez… he was her alleged torturer… (yeah right… I believe that the Three Little Pigs is a true story too!) She’s such SWINE.


    • Agreed dch60, I think that’s almost the most disgusting thing about Traylor this season. She exploited her husband and used him for sympathy by sayin he was a monster before, now she has the nerve to continue to exploit him and portray him as the love of her life that she mourns.


  11. I am wishing YoFo well with her antibiotic therapy. I love YoFo, particularly when she called SWINE out on the shenanigans. YoFo is keepin’ it real!


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