SONJA MORGAN, YOLANDA FOSTER: Sonja “With A J”… And Yolanda… Let’s Start Chatting About The Housewives List!… Starting With The Housewives We LIKE!

Let’s begin this by saying that there are some Housewives who are waaaaay less “likeable” that others!   This “list” has been bouncing around for some time, so now seemed the time to finally put thoughts into words and words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs… and give a definite opinion re which Housewives are preferred to those who are not preferred!  These conclusions are arrived from observing the Housewives, not only from their appearance on their perspective franchises, but from their many interviews, videos…  and other source materials.

This “list” of  Housewives will begin with the Housewives who are the most “LIKED”… down to the end of the list where the bottom of the barrel Housewives exist.

RHONJ Sonja toaster over pg

WHY do we like them?

  • Because they are fully aware of how the “reality” game works!
  • They are fully  aware that there is no “REAL” in any “reality” show… that boat left after the first successful season of the Real Housewives of Orange County!
  • These Housewives are fully aware that they are playing a part on an UN-real show!
  • These Housewives do not take themselves too seriously
  • and do not try to convince viewers of how “real” they are
  • and do not try to shove their products down viewers throats…
  • that boat also left the dock and sailed away after BLEEEEECHFrankel grabbed that one lucky charm handed to her by her people behind the scenes (whom she got rid of right before the deal was sealed with JBeam… her people sued her as mentioned on SH back on May 2011!), which all the other Housewives hope to replicate; however, there was just ONE charm made and all these other Housewives who are cramming and shoving their products at viewers to purchase seem to be unaware that there are no more charms to be had!
  • We like them because they are fun!
  • We like them because viewers can see that they are being their authentic selves…
  • and these two Housewives are very content with who they are!
  • The BIG reason why we LIKE both Sonja and Yolanda is this:  they would be living their lives without a “reality” show!

IMO, Sonja “with a J” and Yolanda would probably make some wonderful, compatible dinner guests and between the two of them have some very entertaining conversation!

Let’s start off our “LIKE” list with two Housewives… one seasoned veteran and the second a newbie.


sonja melissa shana arrow

We “LIKE” SonjaTMorgan… that is Sonja “with a J”!

Sonja portrays herself as a fun-loving person, who will go along with anything that Bravo and/or producers throw her way.

We “LIKE” Sonja even though she posed (above) with two Housewives not of her kind… which simply shows Sonja’s background and good upbringing!  The body language in this photo clearly says that Sonja is uncomfortable… hold on to your clutch, Sonja!!  However, Sonja just smiles while posing.

sonja millou

MissAndy tried to recruit Sonja for years… MissAndy wanted Sonja to be one of the original “ManhattanMoms.”  It was only after the RHONY was aired for two seasons that Sonja probably realized that being on the RHONY would be easy money; would not take up too much time from her real life; and would not involve her daughter.  We applaud Sonja for keeping her daughter out of the spotlight.   Another reason we like Sonja!

Sona Morgan Burlesque

Sonja has even gone along with MissAndy’s requested antics… however, this example of Sonja doing burlesque in the BravoClubhouse was waaaaay back when the Clubhouse was a mix of PeeWee’s Playhouse and PlayboyAfterDark and waaaay before MissAndy took his agenda full throttle.   It was when the BravoClubhouse consisted of two chairs and a sound guy and when WWHL aired only on Sunday and Thursday.

You never knew what to expect and that was part of the fun in watching WWHL.  Unfortunately, WWHL has devolved into a predictable un-fun show,  just waiting for that shark to take a big bite out of it!

MissAndy’s scheduled guest cancelled on him at the very last minute and he called Sonja to fill in… Sonja saved the show for MissAndy and brought along Countless LuAnnie.    This is also when the WWHL Aftershow could only be seen online!

We “LIKE” Sonja… she’s fun, smart and knows how to use her part on the RHONY to her advantage!   We’ve been introduced to many of Sonja’s “service” people and were glad to see them assist Sonja with her calamitous structural situations!  Just an example of how Sonja faces any adversity in her life head on and does not shy away from her real-life issues.  Sonja makes sure to address most of her structural issues during filming of the RHONY… nice promotion for the company which Sonja uses; and some of her service men are not bad to look at!  Smart, Sonja!!

RHONY   paint   cindy

We also like Sonja’s many interns, which can be seen on SonjaMorganOnline!

If you’ve traveled, which Sonja has; and live in a townhouse in New York City, which Sonja does; and have friends who may have children or friends of friends who may have children; what better way for these children of friends to become familiar with the US, and in particular NYC, than to stay under the protective eave of Sonja’s townhouse?   Most foreign nationals would LOVE for their child to have the experience of living in a big city and Sonja’s generosity provides this experience!    Smart, Sonja!!

Also, Sonja did not lower herself to PT Housewife’s level of name-calling and screeching when attempting to sort out what took place during the St. Bart’s trip in this video below.  Sonja conducted herself as an adult woman.  However, one cannot expect the other person to conduct themselves in the same manner, they can only hope!



yolanda david wedding

We also “LIKE” new Beverly Hills Housewife, Yolanda Foster.  We were very surprised that Yolanda would accept the offer from Bravo to be a part of the RHOBH, as Yolanda was well aware of the fact that involvement in another “reality” show was the straw which broke the camel’s back for her husband, David Foster’s, marriage to “lyricist” LindaThompsonJennerFoster.

Would Yolanda’s brand new husband… David and Yolanda were married November 11, 2011… go along with Yolanda’s participation on the RHOBH? Obviously, that answer has been obviously answered… obviously!


Yolanda has had experience with “reality” TV, as she was on a Dutch show very similar to that of the RHOBH.

Yolanda has stated that she has never watched the RHOBH, which would give her the advantage of coming into the fray with no preconceptions about any of the Beverly Hills Housewives.

What do we “LIKE” about Yolanda?  Yolanda is very intelligent.  She speaks her mind and has an opinion about each Housewife…based on her own personal experiences with them, not based on others opinions or from second-hand gossip.   Yolanda portrays herself to be a very thoughtful, insightful, kind person… not one to be bamboozled by any of her cast mates… or by anyone!


Yolanda strikes us as someone who appreciates those who can think for themselves; make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions based on information gathered on their own.

Many have labeled Yolanda as “tough” because she is Dutch.  While that description can be given to many of the Dutch populace, Yolanda is a Capricorn and many of the attributes given to Yolanda are those of someone born under the Capricorn sign.  Another Capricorn quality is that they have the ability to sense another’s “realness” very quickly!  A great quality to have as a Housewife… especially on the BH franchise!

As for that “tough” label… we disagree.  Yolanda is smart and is a critical thinker, who knows how to accomplish what she sets out to do!  Using the word “tough” might be better used to describe another of Yolanda’s cast mates, Brandi Glanville… but, that analysis will be saved when it comes to chatting about Brandi’s place on this list; and it may be months before Brandi’s name comes up, as we’re starting with the Housewives whom we “LIKE”!

rhobh yolanda dinner

Yolanda has so far pegged Shana for what she really is (too much to list!) and has pegged Kyle for what she really is (pot stirring “friend” to everyone).

One more reason that we “LIKE” Yolanda is that Yolanda’s agenda for participating in the RHOBH was to promote her romance products via her website,… and she made no bones about that fact!   From SH June 2012:

Describing his wife as “very business-savvy,” David Foster said she’ll be the “voice of reason” as she revisits familiar terrain.

Hadid says she was motivated largely because Real Housewives could be a platform for her new business.  ”They have 22 million viewers worldwide,” said Hadid, who will soon be launching Hopelessly Romantic, a line of romantic merchandise such as linens, flowers, greeting cards and candles with titles of songs Foster has written.

“I’ve been working for two years on this business based on the David Foster collection,” she revealed.  ”At this point in life I don’t think there’s anything else I can do and get that kind of exposure.”

From all which Yolanda has shared, she has had some difficult cards dealt to her.   Many would question the “difficulties” stemming from the hands she was dealt.  However,  everything is relative.  We like Yolanda for sharing her difficulties and explaining how she has overcome these difficulties and like Yolanda showing how she is doing something in the progression to overcome the roadblocks in her life.

yolanda david

We also like the respect, love and consideration which Yolanda shares with her new husband.  We sense zero phoniness in their relationship.  It seems that both David and Yolanda are so appreciative of each other and of their marriage, that they consciously work to “make it work”!

We like both Sonja and Yolanda… they are both fun to watch, mostly because they are stable in who they are!  It’s easy to be fun on a “reality” show when you’re happy with yourself… and Sonja and Yolanda both make their appearances on their perspective franchises FUN!

NOTE:  Next on the “LIKE” list is Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump!   

32 comments on “SONJA MORGAN, YOLANDA FOSTER: Sonja “With A J”… And Yolanda… Let’s Start Chatting About The Housewives List!… Starting With The Housewives We LIKE!

  1. Love Yolanda, she’s an awesome woman and I have nothing but respect for her. Sonya, not so much. She IS funny but she’s a ho. Not impressed by her but sometimes and only sometimes, I enjoy watching her.


  2. You had me worried there for a second when I saw the picture of Trayliar, Melissa and SonJa. Whew!!! I like the way SonJa is so laid back and doesn’t take life too seriously. Yolanda – well, I want to be her when I grow up! Love this post and looking forward to the next round of “likes”.


  3. Yes, anyone that takes themselves too seriously, is hard to take seriously . Sounds funny but you get my drift. :P


  4. I love Sonja because she is fun, she knows how to enjoy her live and most importantly she is not judgmental AT ALL. And I love that although she is fun and silly most of the time, she wont take any crap from anyone and stand up for herself perfectly. I respect her a lot for not including her daughter to the show.


  5. I agree with these first two as well. Sonja can be difficult to watch sometimes, but not in a awful/bitchy/mean way. When she’s difficult to watch, I just feel a little sympathy for her. Yolo has a very confident air about her and comes across as intelligent and dare I say it…here goes…real. Nice addition to the BH cast. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for her to really rake Shana over the coals in her calm, cool and collected way That chic’s gotta GO!


  6. I like both of the housewives you picked a lot but the pic of Melissa Gorga threw me. We don’t want Melissa (or anyone else) to get it twisted since it describes liking “two housewives” right above her pic with the third wretch… errr… housewife whited out (wretch IS more fitting). READ THE BLOG CAREFULLY people! phew… sorry but I despise Melissa Gorga.

    I’ve always liked Sonja, even when other’s opinion of her wavered. She always keeps it real and definitely doesn’t take herself or the show too seriously… and she’s fun.

    I’m really liking Yolanda too! Liked her right away. She’s unflappable, knows exactly who she is, doesn’t put on airs (even though she’s probably the most worthy of doing so) and most importantly (lol) had Tayliar’s number from day one without ever having watched an episode.

    Also like the next two coming up.


  7. I agree with your choices. Sonja is smart, fun and I’ll say it, classy! It doesn’t offend me that she’s unafraid to embrace her sexuality. Good for her! Her occasional vulnerability is endearing, not a description typically used to describe the HWs.
    I really, really like Yolanda. I think my favorite scenes in RHOBH this season revolve around her. Call me simple but I so enjoyed watching her interactions with her ex husband and two daughters. For me, it was the apex of the episode. Family fun, no shrieking or finger-pointing. Yolanda is serene and confident. I LOVE that she’s calling SWINE out. Thank you, Yolanda. It’s long overdue!


  8. While I agree with you to place Yolanda high on your “like” list for the reasons stated, I respectfully disagree with you on your placement of SonJa. In her first season, she was as light as helium and a true pleasure to watch. Then in her 2nd and 3rd seasons, she slipped down the slippery slope of getting sloshed in most scenes and kissing RaMOANa’s ass in every other scene. Beyond that, I can’t accept her as a serious contender for being likable.


  9. I like Sonja, whenever I see her I am always drawn in. I love her fashion, I like her silly name dropping and I think SH is right, Sonja gets it, she is playing the game and having fun.Lastly I will never forget how Sonja schooled PT housewife at the resteraunt at the end of the season and kept it classy. For that alone she will always be a favorite to me. I really like Yolanda she is fun to watch and I like her point of view. I think Dina’s house party is a bore but I think I would like to watch a decorating show by Yolanda.


  10. Yolanda is pure class. Her taste and behavior are always appropriate.
    Interiors by Yolanda would be a moneymaker.
    Sonja is amusing and crass. The name dropping and whining about her lack of money we can do without.


  11. So far I agree with the Likes, I do like Sonja and Yolanda. I agree that when they are in on the joke and don’t take it too seriously, it makes them much classier.


  12. Yolanda is better than the others, more “real”, kind (not so sure about that but we’llsee) etc… but she still is judgemental and a bit passive agressive (especially with her ex Mohamed, in front of theirr kids, the digs were flowing. And don’t tell me about her sense of “humour”, she was clearly throwing digs at him every time she could. I know, he cheated on her, but now she has a Malibu house and plenty of stuff, he was more than correct towards her. Then, calling her castmates “beverly hillbillies” raises two questions: what is she still associated with such horrendous people then? She could have quit! Second, how is it that the other HWs try to ” shove their products down viewers throat” and when it’s Yolanda pushing her business soon, it’s ok? I am a European, I get the qualities you might see in her, but I smell a double standard.


    • Malaika: Your sense of smell is outta kilter. There is a good plastic surgeon which Kim Richards will be consulting on the next RHOBH… you might want to use him! “Double standard”… that is your opinion and everyone has one! You’re “European” so your opinion is more… uh, what? More “European”? Nevertheless, your comment is welcome! TFC!! SH


      • Oh, I had not seen this answer! Ok, first of all English is not my first language so I don’t always use the right terminology, Im doin my best. I should have said that “I felt there was a double standard”. But it’s your right to point out what you deem ill-expressed in my post (I hope this makes sense) and the reason I like this site is because you’re witty, sarcastic and funny, so I gladly take it! As for the “european” thing, I have no particular pride in saying that, believe me, I was just tryin to understand why people like Yofo so much here! You refered to Dutch people as being “tough” so I thought about how french women are supposed to be classier (I said “supposed”, ok!!), Italian women passionate and beautiful etc… all that kind of stereotypes. That’s all!
        So thanks for the insight, I will try and choose my words more carefully in the future


        • Malaika: No problem! The reference to Dutch citizens being “tough” has been circulating as a description of Yolanda in various reliable media sources. Just don’t see Yo as being “tough” at all! Also, these HWs shows may be “new” to viewers in France; however, please realize and keep in mind that we have been subjected to them for years! We have many non-US readers… so, welcome!! TFC!! SH


  13. One last thing: most HWs are so trashy and classless that in comparison, anyone would look good, maybe that’s why you are all amazed by Yolanda. She’s really not that extraordinary


      • I am obviously very new, and most posts and comments about Yolanda are obviously very positive, which is fine, to each his own! I was just tryin to voice a different opinion about her and was wondering why she got away with a lot of stoopid stuff she says and does. Ah well, let’s not be so serious about something so frivolous! I like this site, not many people know these shows here in France, so I enjoy it as a guilty pleasure… And I still Yolanda is no better than the rest o them.


  14. here are my favs from each show:
    rhomia:everyone except karent


  15. Her Beigeness’ best quality is that she likes lemons. I’m not about sure about her yet–I have deep misgivings about anyone who could bring themself to marry that crypt-keeper Mohammad. Sonja with a sexy J is bringing back the toaster oven and I thought it was extinct. Yay Sonja!


  16. I have to put one comment here that although we all seem to agree we like Sonja and Yolanda for various reasons I feel the main reason Yolanda looks so good right now is that it is her first season and she really hasent had time to do too much to make us dislike her. We have been watching quite a few of the ladies for awhile now and they each probably do have some valuable qualities but I am not sure those qualities make for ratings on a “reality” show. The drama earns a spot on the show and the spot on the show helps to sell whatever they may be peddeling at the moment. My opinion…


  17. How funny! I haven’t been on this site in a while (too many reasons to list) and have missed it terribly. Love my SH! Anyway, I am catching up on my recorded RHBH and so love Yolanda that I came here to post just that on your recap post. Lo and behold, I find THIS post! How perfect! I respect, admire and enjoy watching Yolanda for many of the same reasons SH does. How great to learn she, like me, is a Capricorn! I seem to have the ability to ‘read’ a person rather quickly. Put me in a room of strangers and I can pick out the phonies in a short time. Body language, verbiage, persona…I don’t know why, it just happens. I love how she calmly tells Nasal Speak that she is just being ridiculous. And, how she sincerely cares, without judgement, about Kim. She wants to share her cleanse with her and see her feeling better. She asks every time how she is feeling. And, with true sincerity. Not the plastic BH ‘how ARE you?’ question, hoping for info she can then spread/gossip about town with. I question Splits concern for her own sister. I mean let’s face it, now that Kim is getting better Vyle loses her status as the ‘better one’.

    I think Yolanda would make a truly great friend. Yes, she has money, but she treats everyone equally. And, what a quality to have living in the snobbish town of BH! I find her devotion to her husband and marriage refreshing!


  18. I just do not get it with anyone liking Yomanda – yes to me she looks like a man – there is nothing pretty about this women – she grates on my last nerve in every way possible – when she is on I now change the channel- I used to follow her on Twitter before the new season started when i read about her joining the cast she seemed okay – Then her twitter post were off the wall – it is all about her and what she has and she what she does – on the day of the shootings with the children in CT that were killed she was tweeting pictures of her amazing view – People were flipping out on her and then she got defensive claiming she did not know about the children – I guess her servants forgot to tell her – she lives in a bubble – All her phony crap about her undying love for David the man has been married now 4 or 400 x I have lost count – she sets women back a 100 years with the way she dotes on him and carries on like he walks on water…I mean sure if all women were able to sit home all day and had servants out the a** we could all cater to our men – – she is always name dropping and is very impressed with her self – if it was not for this show who would even know her ??…She claims she never watched the show yet she is now on the show – is anyone buying this ?….She is just to phony for me – I will take Lisa any day over any of these women – I also love Sonja and do agree with you picking her for the other favorite …..


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