SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… Shana’s BravoBlog… Kyle Richards “Walkin’ Down The Street”… Dr. NoSocks “Shrink” To ANOTHER “Celeb”…

Ma boo, flipit/Ronnie from TVGasm, with his “BS of the Day”!!!


Shana’s BravoBlog…. Shana is so sad…

“Seeing everyone fighting at dinner brings up feelings of sadness for me.

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Everyone has strong opinions of the Adrienne/Paul/Brandi fight. I have never seen Mauricio upset, and I know that he must have very strong feelings to be so expressive.

The whole explosion did happen at his event and that was not the place and time. He is a calm, level-headed man and a fabulous father, husband, and friend. He and Ken have a great relationship and the two of them disagreeing is so unusual.

The whole issue is toxic for our group as a whole and I just wanted it to be over. We haven’t had an enjoyable evening is so long and we certainly need one.   NOTE:  The only thing “toxic” in the RHOBH group is Shana!

Kyle is in a difficult position trying to be friendly with both Adrienne and Brandi. I know how challenging being in the middle can be and I feel for her.

faye manhands arrow

I am so excited for Kyle with her new store. “Kyle” has beautiful décor and has gorgeous clothing. Kyle and Faye have been very close for many, many years and I know it was a fun project for them to work together on her new venture.”

NOTE:  Here’s what we think of what Shana’s thinkin’…

HagfaceKyle walkin’ down the street and into her new clothing emporium…



Dr. NoSocks, Shana’s “shrink,” was called on to visit some guy connected to the drama surrounding the Manti Te’o hoax.

teo gif

From TMZ:

When we asked Dr. Sophy if his visit was in connection to a TV show — the doc told us, “You know I can’t discuss anything.”

Watch how easy it is for Shana not tell the truth!

NOTE:  If you were not aware, Shana’s DV “foundation” is non-functional and her DV cruise was cancelled.   And… no one is handin’ over their money to cruise with Housewives…as Tree Joodice’s cruise was also cancelled.

Wonder what ever happened to Shana’s “boxa clothes” bizness venture?  If anyone has ever received a boxa clothes selected ‘specially for them and delivered to them by Shana… let us know!




(Thanks to SH readers “Stef” “PMG” “Soosee” and “cybraxis”!!!)

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  1. Wow! Kyle’s clothes look anything but beautiful from this side of the television screen. She looks packed into clothes too small and just unsuited for her body type, and is always pulling at them or yanking them up or down. Can’t imagine anyone taking her advice on fashion.

    Can we all agree that having the men on the housewives, any of the housewives shows, is just a mistake, distracting and boring? I think little Mo is trying to get camera time. Get the men and the grown children OFF THE SHOWS! They are not housewives!! The women are more than able to handle their problems and their trips with their friends without the guys. Who is with me?


  2. Will Bravo please pull Shana after this season? She offers nothing and has no story line. She’s up to her screaming antics again and frankly, I’m tired of listening to her.


    • With Bravo bringing on 2 newbies this season, I believe Shana will once and for all, be shown the exit door. I think Bravo was bound by contract and had no choice but to keep her on this season (as well as feeling sorry for her). Clearly, Mandy is over her as well as most of us viewers (if not all of us)! Go away Tay Tay, and don’t ever darken our tv screens again!


    • I second that request. Traylor-Park is like a broken record and “won’t get off the hamster wheel”. She ever so casually inserts comments about her dead husband (who was her EX at the time of his death). If it doesn’t garner pity, she hopes it helps her to vent her anger. I am sick of her machinations.


  3. Wow! I don’t get this post at all. Kyle is a bitch. Faye is a bitch. Kyle looked ridiculous in that outfit. Who cares about her stupid store? She instigates confrontations all the time. Being in the middle of friends fighting? Come on! She has NEVER been Brandi’s friend and enjoys the attacks on her. She’s friends with Adrienne and Paul because that’s where the money is to help line her wife, Morris, pockets. That’s right, he is now officially her wife in my opinion. Taylor is a lost cause who needs rehab badly. Bravo unload that hot mess. I’m sick of listening to her all about me rants.


  4. Kyle’s not in a difficult position since she is clearly not Brandi’s friend, no matter how many times she goes passive/aggressive on her “I consider you a friend, although you might not consider me one”. There is no reason for Kyle to pick a side, when all she has to do is simply stay out of the mess.


  5. Tweet of the day :
    Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj

    @QueenzOfMedia @kingcholo_1 you sound upset!? Get your facts straight!!! Now go shave your balls lady lol


  6. Wow, so Andy didn’t fix the polls this week? Maybe he just reserves that for RHONJ. SWINE, if you are such a strong independent woman why dont you address the following in your blogs: your “friends for life”once again voicing their disgust of u making every single situation about you, your disgusting insinuations about Yolanda’s previous marriage, and your aggressive behaviors toward others when they simply disagree with you.
    You are a coward. You are a hypocrite. You are disgusting.


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