REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Sliding Down Into The “Disgusting” Abyss… BLEEECH! Factor 10…

Bravo…  On the next RHOBH…

Brandi pg

We get to see everyone packing their bags for their trip to Las Vegas, where Brandi will be “hosting” her stripper pole event…

LisaVPump is such a good actress!  Lisa’s acting abilities appear at the end of this preview…

After everyone has discussed their apparel choices, with assistance, and are all done spending hours upon hours packing… the RHOBH are finally in Las Vegas!

Thinking that there is no franchise that could drop any lower than NJ or the OC… we have another contender for the BLEEEEEEEECH! factor, right here!    These BH chicks are disgusting to go along with THIS producer-induced scene.

The RHOBH discuss the word “vagina”… Brandi says that her lil boy talks about her “ba-gina” and even asks her about her tampon string!  Not to be outdone, HagfaceKyle also has a story about HER vagina… while VPump “acts”.

NOTE:  WHO in the hell has conversations discussing their vagina… and who in the hell allows their children to see their vagina?  Brandi obviously hangs out at her house totally naked.  After seeing this, maybe those boys would be better off with LeAnn and Eddie.

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32 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Sliding Down Into The “Disgusting” Abyss… BLEEECH! Factor 10…

  1. I hate the word too, only because it sounds so…harsh? I feel it is a far more pleasant place that should have a prettier name, lol!

    I know we have very creative people here so I am hoping on lots of creative alternatives…

    • ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME: The only one who can see your vagina is the OB/GYN when she is delivering a baby or performing a pelvic exam! It is an internal part of the anatomy. The birth canal. Where the tampon goes. What shows on the outside are the labia. Maybe the clitoris and pubic bone. I blame Oprah for starting all that ridiculous “vajayjay” talk.

      • Maud: Seriously!! Totally agree! For this to be a topic of conversation on a HWs show and not ONE of these grown, adult women to question this topic and/or why they continued the conversation is another of MissAndy’s disgusting perverted pleasures! Wonder if Brandi has given her boys a total tour?! TFC!! SH

      • Well i dont even want to look at my own vagina let alone show it off for people to see I dont even want my GYN to see it but dang it there is no other way to do a pap.
        I think we should all be informed about what our lady parts look like but damn there is a limit.

    • I am nothing like Brandi and do not over-share with my children but sometimes crap just happens.
      My youngest son is very inquisitive. When he was 6 he became obsessed with finding out what “girl’s privates” are called. He knew penis for boy privates. I thought he was too young yet for the word vagina. He would not let up, so after he knew I wouldn’t tell him he asked what letter it began with. I told him “V”. He thought for a minute and then proudly proclaimed “it’s Venis huh mom”. I still laugh thinking about it. And my whole family calls it a Venis now.
      2nd Venis story involving the same son at age 3 – we’re very private at our house. My son walked in my bedroom one day while I was getting dressed. It was that magical time of month. I was putting on my underwear and he asked “why do you have a rope in your penis”. Wth do you say to that?!

  2. Marissa’s mother has no space to talk…good gosh, she looks like she went to a casting call for the Mary Tyler Moore show and hasn’t changed since!

  3. Yes Marisa’s mom! Marisa dresses like total chit… U tell her, lady. More of Marisa’s mother. Tell her about her hair too bc it’s bad! ;-)
    I ain’t touching that va-jay-jay video. Wth is the matter with those gals?!

  4. Ewwwwww, if these women think that what their kids are saying is cute, they really need to rethink their whole lives. I am not puritanical by any means, but having your kids see you lounge around nude or see and then take about your vagina or tampons, come on, this is just so low class. Those are REAL children who will have REAL repercussions because of these selfish women.

  5. Love the pic at the top , I think you’re right snapping turtle relationships are for life, well at least for the uglier snapping turtles ;P Wow this show is going downhill. or as you put it bleeech. I guess they thought the needed something ugly to keep people’s interest. But if you were the producer would you air that type of conversation on a national show?

  6. Okay, THAT was disgusting. I’m not a prude but my children never saw my vagina. And to see a tampon string?? That was just way TMI!!!!

    I do like this Marissa chick, however, as well-known as her family is, she looks rather poor. Her hair is terrible (looks like a $30 dye job from Fantastic Sam’s), her clothes are hideous (look like they’re from Kyle’s sister’s consignment shop!), and her house looks like a tiny Brady-Bunch-ish style house! Brandi’s house looks hideous from the outside too–really old and bad, but her kitchen is updated and at least she has decent appliances in it! How these women are even on this show, is beyond me!!! I thought that a prerequisite was to be a “housewife” and to be one of the very elite as far as money. Only Yolanda fits the bill. Maybe Lisa too. Adrienne I’m not too sure about anymore. Kyle’s house looks pretty dinky too, and my spidey senses are telling me that if she’s whoring on a commercial for TurboTax, she and Morris aren’t doing too well financially!!!). We won’t speak about Shana–she shouldn’t even be on this show, but at least the inside of her house looks more updated. And Kim’s house is cute–nicely decorated even though it’s a small house. This show is no escapism; it’s becoming a sad downer of a show!!!

    • Sorry, but to me, Brandi’s house looks normal from the outside. Perhaps we’re all expecting mansions for everyone, but Kim’s house is rented I believe and Brandi’s home looks like a home many of us would live in. This again makes her seem very normal and very likable.

  7. Kim’s front porch looks like it needs some painting.The paint looked like it was chipping.

    Marissa not too classy to be showing bra straps when you are wearing a braless or at least strapless top.

    • Remember…this is LA. A million dollars doesn’t go a long way in the housing market. Those house are going for a lot by most folk’s standards-even though I could buy a comparable house in my area for a fraction of the cost.

  8. Well let’s see. I’ve never walked around my home nude (at least not on a regular basis), but my daughter did ask me about my feminine products more then once, entered the bathroom after I had inserted one, and did at one time ask about the string. However we used the word private instead of the anatomically correct term, just because I didn’t want my daughter blurting out the word at an inopportune moment.

  9. Its funny how parenting styles can be so different. What used to be private and personal is no longer. Hate to say it but my own sister has the view that children should be taught the proper names of everything if they ask…So, she had all but one of her daughters at home with a midwife. Now I have no problem with that. But, when she had her eldest daughter watch the birth of her siblings I did have a few problems. They filmed it of course.(that’s ok no problem). My concern was having her daughter watch her mother yelling and in pain might not give her daughter good feelings about childbirth. At her age. Which she was five or six I think. Not only that how are they going to deal with her going to school and describing her mom having a baby to her classmates. Their parents might not appreciate the information at that early age and maybe the stork is the story they are telling and maybe they didn’t want to deal with the questions yet. My sister wasn’t to worried. But guess what? He daughter went to school and wanted to share for show and tell the video…..Hmmm surprise! Fortunately the teacher talked to her and told her that maybe that wasn’t appropriate and maybe next week could bring something else…..Anyways, what am saying sometimes exposing(no pun) certain things to early or maybe being so honest with words or pictures might not always be that good of an idea. By the way several of my nieces friends moms did call my sister to say they thought maybe Jessie(my niece) needs to not share birthing process with their kids. Oh well……Brandi needs to keep her tampons covered both on her shelves as well on her VJ….

  10. Reminds me of the show where the stage mom I think Jodie was wearing short shorts and all about her and her daughter asked her mom if her tampon string was hanging out.The stage mom was trying harder to be on the show than her daughter.Dressed real slutty and was divorced advertising her goods.These shows go too far for what they think is entertainment.

  11. Maybe the mom was Roxie.Had big hair and the daughters were in a competion.Mom claimed to “cut” her hair and a black mom called her out for removing her hair extentions and putting them in trash can.

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