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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Monday. I am writing to you from London.  Dean and I are here for a special memorial screening in honor of his late father Richard and it is really wonderful to see how beloved he was all over the world. It makes me remember those words of wisdom about the importance of not forgetting those who you love because when they are gone it is too late.

When tonight’s episode opened with the dinner I had to cringe. I am over this fight and everyone needs to just let Brandi and Adrienne deal with it, enough already! When Adrienne and Paul went to Kyle and Maricio’s home I knew we hadn’t heard the last of it. Sadly, this is not the last you have heard of this fight.

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I liked the scenes with Yolanda, she is fun and effortless and smart. She leads an amazing life and her take charge attitude suits her well. Bouncing from Yolanda to Kim with her psychic was a bit of an adjustment but as I said last week when Taylor had her spiritualist over, if that works for them great.

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Now on to the dinner with Brandi, my brother, Dean, and I. I really enjoy Brandi, but at that point we didn’t know each other well and she still doesn’t totally get me. So when I said that Dean wasn’t my type she felt it was a insult to my husband. Brandi is right, it was disrespectful. Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain thinks but that’s me. Dean actually finds this to be an endearing, amusing and bemusing quality of mine. But you would have to know us to to know this. Brandi went on to make further assessments about my relationship with Dean which I would suggest in the future she keep to herself. In this instance though, I gave her the ammunition to fire and she did! Lesson learned.

I was excited to go to the art gallery  with the girls and thought it would be a great way to get to know them all better. It turned out to be our first low key night together which was nice for a change. Taylor and I spoke about life and marriage. I explained to her that I feel a woman doesn’t really know what she wants out of life or who she really is until she’s about 30-something. I also feel that I did get married too young. While I’m sure these statements will be misconstrued, I do feel they are valid points about myself. I married and had kids at an early age because that’s all I wanted at the time. Dean, Jack, and Darryl will always be my priority but my happiness I realized was not complete without a measure of independence and success that only I was responsible for.

Thank you for reading this and thanks again for all of your kind words and support, it means more to me than you know.

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36 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Psychics Are Useless… Brandi Needs To Keep Her Thoughts To Herself…

  1. Trailer will use the ammunition against you too if need be.Trailer is out to bring all the HW hags down to her gutter.

  2. I was a little uncomfortable with the Dean speak as well. I agree with her blog that women shouldn’t marry too young and shouldn’t depend on their husbands for their own personal happiness. BUT, we’ve only just met this couple, so we have no context. If a happy, stable relationship had been established before we heard and saw the scenes at the dinner and gallery, maybe I wouldn’t have been uncomfortable. He seems like a nice guy, and he didn’t seem to love the comments either.

      • Precisely. The hottest guy on the outside, and can be the most insecure, self centered guy when in private. I’ll take the guy with the great sense of humor who gets me, over what everyone else sees as attractive, any day. She did sound hypercritical of her husband, but I do understand from personal experience about getting married too young and not really knowing yourself well enough to know what you really want out of life. Thankfully things worked out well for her, but for many of us, the relationships crash and burn.

  3. Did you see Hagface’s look on the 1st picture? As if she were afraid of what Swine might say, embarassing her in front of her “longtime” richer friend with the nicer dress… but Marisa has got to stop with the name dropping already, you’re a Zanuck, we get it!

    • How do you know that Marisa is richer? I don’t think so. Marisa sells real estate and Kyle doesn’t need to work, even with four kids. Marisa’s husband produces small indie films, not blockbusters. Marisa complained about this.

      • Look, bottom line, I’m sure it is stressful to be the breadwinner no matter what sex you are. And not having a few years to yuck it up in Brooklyn or Hollywood dating and experiencing life like every sitcom on TV shows us all 20-somethings do.

      • You’re right, I don’t know for a fact Marisa ‘s richer, maybe I assumed so because Kyle’s behavior around her…very obsequious, very admirative. Marisa is classier however. And how on earth could they have been friends for ten years without her EVER meeting Kim?? That’s beyond me

        • Marisa married into a powerful and successful Hollywood family, vyle is a cheap wannabe and Morris is a nobody broker, albeit successful one, but in the Hollywood hierarchy a nobody. Zanuck trumps all the HWs. It seems though that dean does not have a huge trust fund or inheritance yet, their house is modest . He’s obviously modest as well, no airs or pretense same with Marisa, as is the case with all real mccoys.

        • From what I gathered from Marisa’s initial conversation with Kim, it sounds like Kyle and she were hanging out back when Kim was caring for their mother.

          • I’m basing on hearsay, but the scuttlebutt was Kim was kind of out of it then and going through her split from the Davis husband. She did care for her mother as best she could manage but had a hard time figuring out things or being reliable. Wasn’t it said before that Kyle did a lot of the caring for their mother? Didn’t their mother make Kyle promise to take care of Kim?
            Either way, glad to see Kim more lucid and happy. I grew up watching her on TV and wish her well.

      • Yes, but Marisa’s husband might just have old family money that enables him to make his name with indie films and not deal with the head aches associated with blockbusters. Marisa sells real estate by her own choice and likely also does not have to work, just like Kyle. I do think that Marisa is wealthier then Kyle, and Kyle knows it.

  4. What was that crazy headband Kyle was wearing tonight all about? Ew. Ya know, I just love that before each segment, a housewife’s name appears. It’s my opportunity to fast forward as soon as Kyle’s name appears. I tweeted that with @Kylerichards18 in the tweet this evening and guess what? My account got suspended. Can they do that?

    • Yeah, I ‘ve been fastforwarding a lot lately too, starting to be bored with a lot of them. Im sorry for all the Yolanda lovers but she’s soooooo boring, righteous and not fun!

  5. Vile brought Marisa to the show and are good friends. She works for MortisAss. She is materialistic just like her buds. Enough said.

  6. Yes I agree that thing around Vyle head was ugly and her manhands looked even uglier last night. Kim is not there yet the mumbo jambo with that charlatan proves ir.

    • She looked like a combination of a ’20′s flapper + a sports judge. I would have laughed and assumed it was a joke if she were my friend!!

  7. I love Dean, but wth is creeping out of his jacket at the double date scene with Marisa’s brother and Brandi? Is he wearing a freakin hoodie under there? Ah damn… Marisa must have dressed him. Come on, Dean!

  8. Thus far, I really like Marisa however, I was taken aback by her throwing her husband under the bus at not one, but two events. I like Dean, Marisa has a beautiful little family and should be appreciative of what she has instead of wanting the perks and money that come with the big films. That did not sit well with me. Kyle looked absolutely ridiculous and that outfit and head thing were so ugly. I have no idea what that woman saw in the mirror when she got dressed but she obviously thought she looked young and cool…WTF?

  9. Marisa, I ,and many other people, thought the exact same thing Brandi did after you made the comments about your husband. Just saying.

    • I know I did. My husband (RIP) and I married young as well but if I had said some of the things that Marisa said his feelings would have been really hurt.

  10. Dear Marissa:
    Incorrect: “Now on to the dinner with Brandi, my brother, Dean, and I.
    Correct: Now on to the dinner with Brandi, my brother, Dean, and me.

    I’m starting to think the HWs are doing it on purpose because we always snark on their misuse of I and me…Lol!

    • O.K. so while I hold back my disdain for the grammar patrol, I will say that Marissa’s mistake is a common one, and one that is often over looked.

  11. Did anyone else catch that Lisa and Ken were going to dinner with “Kathy and Rick”? Meaning Paris’s parents and Mo’s in laws? I think that Mo’s confessional was indicative of a bit of jealously in that regard.

  12. I have to agree with what she wrote. She did knock her husband a few times and Brandi did pick it up. I’m glad it’s all out in the open so it can’t be misconstrued. I like Marissa. I wish she would do something with her hair. Her hair really is to short to be worn in a ponytail and it does nothing at all for her. I guess we will see more of her as the weeks go on.

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