SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Relevance… Blue Monday… Tamra Barney Promising “Many Housewives” At Party… Tamballs’ Bachelorette Party Is Now A Bravo-Approved “Housewives LIVE Tour”!!!… Only BRAVO Don’t Know It!!

NOTE:  The word of the day is “RELEVANT”…  adjective

Definition: having a bearing on, or pertinent with, the present subject; Synonyms: germane, pertinent, material, applicable, significant, apposite; Antonyms: irrelevant, unsuitable, unrelated, immaterial


Hope you all know what today is!  Today is BLUE MONDAY… the most depressing day of the year!

The idea for “Blue Monday” began when a travel company put out a press release in 2005 announcing that a psychologist called Dr. Cliff Arnall had discovered the equation that tells us the most dismal day of the year. The equation he formulated took into account the weather, the amount of debt a person has after Christmas and their ability to pay it off, the time elapsed since Christmas, levels of motivation and the need to take action, and how long it was since people had broken New Year’s resolutions.   Yes, Dr. Arnall is responsible for today being the most depressing day of the year… according to his very own website!    Oh… Cliff is also a “life coach”!!

Kim Richards’ life coach is probably much better!!  Look!!  Kim’s life coach is wearing a blue shirt!  What a coincidence… Blue Shirt on Blue Monday worn by a life coach!

RHOBH KimR life coach


 tamballs pg

Using today’s word, RELEVANT, and its variations… is this from Tamballs Barney!

Not only does Tamballs wish to stay RELEVANT by pushin’ tickets for her bachelorette par-tay… but, she also wants her fiance, Ellie, to also get somma that RELEVANCE by gettin’ him somma those REAL twitter followers, too!

Tamballs tweet eddie

Most RELEVANT, however, is Tamballs’ need for you to BUY tickets to her bachelorette party taking place in February…

Tamballs bachelorette party pgCould sales for her upcoming bachelorette par-tay be in a slump?  Just inquiring, as… most RELEVANT is the manner in which the promotion for Tamballs’ bachelorette par-tay has taken a new twist to sell those $100 per person tickets.

When first mentioned on SH earlier this month, THIS is how Tamballs’ par-tay was being promoted at NoMa:

RHOC tamballs party at MoMa

Since that item was posted on January 8, there were some BIG changes made to Tamballs’ par-tay!!

THIS is now how her goat rodeo hoedown is being promoted:

Tamballs party HW Live Tour

NOTE:  As you can see, Tamballs’ par-tay has become a “Real Housewives LIVE Tour”… and includes the “Bravo” logo!  

If anyone was looking at this new promotional piece and didn’t know any better, one would get the definite impression that there will be oodles of Housewives attending this “BRAVO-SPONSORED event” and even think that because the Bravo logo was included, that this was actually part of a “Real Housewives LIVE Tour” by Bravo!  

Wonder if MissAndy and/or Bravo is aware of this brand new “Housewives Tour”… allegedly being “sponsored” by Bravo!?   

This “event” is being promoted by IlluminationPR…

Tamballs party illuminaton pr

… the very same PR company which put together these fine “events!     Unfortunately, Miami’s Adriana de Moura’s “meet ‘n greet” was cancelled… Chicago-area diners obviously found Adriana not RELEVANT enough to purchase tickets!

Illumination PR arrow

Which Housewives from across the country will probably attend this fabulous “event” in honor of the needs-to-be-RELEVANT HoneyBooBoo of the OC???  


The answer to that question is:  ALL the IRRELEVANT Housewives who are friends of IlluminationPR!  Therefore, certainly Richie and KomaKathy Wakile…. and for sure Melissa and Joe Gorga!

RHOC Tamra Bachelorette party pg

FYI!  MeGo and Tamballs are VERY close… Tamballs LUVS da Gorgas!

Tamballs tweeted this back in June 2011:

“At a club w/ Melissa and Joe from jersey… I luv them!”

RHOC tamra eddie pg wedding

NOTE:  Did a double-check over at for a “Real Housewives Tour”… there is NO Bravo-sponsored Tour taking place now or in February.  The last Bravo-sponsored Real Housewives Tour was back in September 2011!  The burglar balls of this promotional piece to make it appear as if this party is not only a “Real Housewives TOUR”… but that it is “Bravo-sponsored”!