REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Ten… “Home Is Where The Art Is”


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Season Three, Episode Ten… “Home Is Where The Art Is”

by Sandi Duffy

I’m beginning to think Adrienne’s big secret is about as real as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.  Too soon?

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We are back to Maurice’s legal advice.  Sorry Maurice, I get my legal advice from a lawyer.  I’m still loving Marisa’s “who wants dessert” husband.  For the first time ever, Kyle actually stops the attack on Brandi.


And did Kyle actually call Maurice, Maurice?  I KNEW IT!  It’s like Paulo whatshisface who married Jill Hennessey.  His name is freakin’ Paul.  He became Paulo when he hooked up with her.  Ken is also on my list of husbands I love.  Sticking up for Brandi was a gentlemanly think to do.

UGH!  Trailor starts with how she’s been through more than anyone else there.  But Trailor caused all her problems.  And now she’s going to try to go after Yolanda.  Methinks that’s a huge mistake.  Yolanda is no shrinking violet and she’s not going to take Trailor’s shit.

Taylor Ford   Linda Thompson

And Trailor stating that David was married to a very good friend of hers for 20 years is more proof of what a bullshitter she is.  NOTE: David Foster was married to Linda Thompson Jenner from 1991 to 2006.  The above photo was taken days before the RHOBH premiere… when Shana was still using the “Ford” name.     And lastly, Trailor is obviously drunk off her ass, again.  Who takes care of her daughter?

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Maurice tries to be nice to Brandi and she’s having none of it.

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Neither am I.  F–k U, Maurice!  Ken goes right at him and good for Ken.  If Lisa ever tires of him, I’ll take him.  Oh wait, but Brandi is next on line.  I’ll take Marissa’s husband, whatshisface then.

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Adrienne, Paul, and their secret visit Kyle and Maurice.  Maurice sucks up to Adrienne and Paul.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just want to know if Adrienne or Paul won Maurice and Kyle in the divorce settlement.

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Yolanda is decorating her ex-husband’s home.  OK, that’s weird, but good for her for maintaining a good relationship with the father of her children.  I guess that’s not as weird as Mohamed having a picture of Yolanda hanging in his house after their divorce. Yolanda tells one of Mohamed’s worker he needs to learn to speak English.  I would be crucified for saying something like that, but since Yolanda is not a native speaker, she can get away with it.

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Kim’s “psychic” comes to visit.  It’s just not a RHOBH recap with me using quotation marks, usually numerous times.  At least this woman doesn’t look like she’s having a seizure or is smoking an electric cigarette.

lisa adrienne ken mohamed  rhobh

I find Mohamed really, really, really, really, really creepy.  Really.

Yolanda always has her hair pulled back so severely, but in the scene at Mohamed’s she looks younger with her hair a little messier.       ]

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Kyle and the morally corrupt Faye Rancik go mannequin shopping for Kyle’s new store.  The morally corrupt Faye Rancik is designing the store.  Let’s hope she does a better job than she did on Kyle’s dining room.  I think Kyle is friend’s with Faye because Faye’s the only one who can actually make Kyle look good.

RHOBH Faye Kyle Geraldo

Brandi is having dinner with the Zanuck’s.  It appears Marissa is trying to fix up Brandi with her brother.  That’s really nice of her.  I have decided I officially like Marisa, even if she is Kyle’s friend.  Of course, wasn’t Camille supposedly Kyle’s friend, yet Kyle set her up to look like a psycho bitch in Season 1.  I don’t see Marissa falling for that.  And I really like Marissa’s husband.  And so far he doesn’t TTC.

Unlike the morally corrupt Faye Rancik, I like Brandi’s BFF Jennifer Jimenez.  The ladies all attend a showing at gallery and Yolanda must have heard me about her hair because she’s wearing it loose again.

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WTF is that on Kyle’s head?  Who dresses Kyle because that person needs to be taken outside and shot.

Brandi invites all the ladies to Vegas.  Trailor can’t go because she claims to be doing something with a domestic violence organization.  I can’t believe an legitimate organization would align themselves with this woman.

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Yolanda gets a very expensive painting for almost half the asking price.  I’m impressed.  The next time I need to buy a minivan, I’m bringing Yolanda with me.  Ken is hanging with all the tall, beautiful ex-models and it’s hilarious because he so doesn’t take himself seriously and Lisa is so ok with it.

I can’t freakin’ believe Brandi would invite Kyle.  Brandi, this woman has let you be attacked at every single event she ever had.

Maurice, the newest housewife shoes up and holy hell, so does that talentless bimbo, Paris Hilton–forever to be referred to in my posts as TB.

Oh man, I think Marisa is bored with her husband.  I’ll take him.

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Maurice brings Ken a kiss-and-make-up gift because Ken is rich and Maurice sucks up to rich people.  By the way, new drinking game.  Drink every time Maurice says “amazing”.  Kyle should by him a thesaurus for his birthday.

Oh hell, I can’t take Kyle seriously in that ridiculous headband.  Kyle, 1982 called and it wants it’s headband back.

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