REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Ten… “Home Is Where The Art Is”


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Season Three, Episode Ten… “Home Is Where The Art Is”

by Sandi Duffy

I’m beginning to think Adrienne’s big secret is about as real as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.  Too soon?

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We are back to Maurice’s legal advice.  Sorry Maurice, I get my legal advice from a lawyer.  I’m still loving Marisa’s “who wants dessert” husband.  For the first time ever, Kyle actually stops the attack on Brandi.


And did Kyle actually call Maurice, Maurice?  I KNEW IT!  It’s like Paulo whatshisface who married Jill Hennessey.  His name is freakin’ Paul.  He became Paulo when he hooked up with her.  Ken is also on my list of husbands I love.  Sticking up for Brandi was a gentlemanly think to do.

UGH!  Trailor starts with how she’s been through more than anyone else there.  But Trailor caused all her problems.  And now she’s going to try to go after Yolanda.  Methinks that’s a huge mistake.  Yolanda is no shrinking violet and she’s not going to take Trailor’s shit.

Taylor Ford   Linda Thompson

And Trailor stating that David was married to a very good friend of hers for 20 years is more proof of what a bullshitter she is.  NOTE: David Foster was married to Linda Thompson Jenner from 1991 to 2006.  The above photo was taken days before the RHOBH premiere… when Shana was still using the “Ford” name.     And lastly, Trailor is obviously drunk off her ass, again.  Who takes care of her daughter?

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Maurice tries to be nice to Brandi and she’s having none of it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.12.14 PM

Neither am I.  F–k U, Maurice!  Ken goes right at him and good for Ken.  If Lisa ever tires of him, I’ll take him.  Oh wait, but Brandi is next on line.  I’ll take Marissa’s husband, whatshisface then.

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Adrienne, Paul, and their secret visit Kyle and Maurice.  Maurice sucks up to Adrienne and Paul.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just want to know if Adrienne or Paul won Maurice and Kyle in the divorce settlement.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.12.48 PM

Yolanda is decorating her ex-husband’s home.  OK, that’s weird, but good for her for maintaining a good relationship with the father of her children.  I guess that’s not as weird as Mohamed having a picture of Yolanda hanging in his house after their divorce. Yolanda tells one of Mohamed’s worker he needs to learn to speak English.  I would be crucified for saying something like that, but since Yolanda is not a native speaker, she can get away with it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.12.55 PM

Kim’s “psychic” comes to visit.  It’s just not a RHOBH recap with me using quotation marks, usually numerous times.  At least this woman doesn’t look like she’s having a seizure or is smoking an electric cigarette.

lisa adrienne ken mohamed  rhobh

I find Mohamed really, really, really, really, really creepy.  Really.

Yolanda always has her hair pulled back so severely, but in the scene at Mohamed’s she looks younger with her hair a little messier.       ]

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.13.04 PM
Kyle and the morally corrupt Faye Rancik go mannequin shopping for Kyle’s new store.  The morally corrupt Faye Rancik is designing the store.  Let’s hope she does a better job than she did on Kyle’s dining room.  I think Kyle is friend’s with Faye because Faye’s the only one who can actually make Kyle look good.

RHOBH Faye Kyle Geraldo

Brandi is having dinner with the Zanuck’s.  It appears Marissa is trying to fix up Brandi with her brother.  That’s really nice of her.  I have decided I officially like Marisa, even if she is Kyle’s friend.  Of course, wasn’t Camille supposedly Kyle’s friend, yet Kyle set her up to look like a psycho bitch in Season 1.  I don’t see Marissa falling for that.  And I really like Marissa’s husband.  And so far he doesn’t TTC.

Unlike the morally corrupt Faye Rancik, I like Brandi’s BFF Jennifer Jimenez.  The ladies all attend a showing at gallery and Yolanda must have heard me about her hair because she’s wearing it loose again.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.18.42 PM

WTF is that on Kyle’s head?  Who dresses Kyle because that person needs to be taken outside and shot.

Brandi invites all the ladies to Vegas.  Trailor can’t go because she claims to be doing something with a domestic violence organization.  I can’t believe an legitimate organization would align themselves with this woman.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.19.49 PM

Yolanda gets a very expensive painting for almost half the asking price.  I’m impressed.  The next time I need to buy a minivan, I’m bringing Yolanda with me.  Ken is hanging with all the tall, beautiful ex-models and it’s hilarious because he so doesn’t take himself seriously and Lisa is so ok with it.

I can’t freakin’ believe Brandi would invite Kyle.  Brandi, this woman has let you be attacked at every single event she ever had.

Maurice, the newest housewife shoes up and holy hell, so does that talentless bimbo, Paris Hilton–forever to be referred to in my posts as TB.

Oh man, I think Marisa is bored with her husband.  I’ll take him.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.19.59 PM

Maurice brings Ken a kiss-and-make-up gift because Ken is rich and Maurice sucks up to rich people.  By the way, new drinking game.  Drink every time Maurice says “amazing”.  Kyle should by him a thesaurus for his birthday.

Oh hell, I can’t take Kyle seriously in that ridiculous headband.  Kyle, 1982 called and it wants it’s headband back.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.19.39 PM

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154 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Ten… “Home Is Where The Art Is”

  1. Okay, need I say more on how Kyle dresses? I have not seen any articles where the dish towel design is in? Last time I saw head bands, Olivia Newton John was singing “Let get physical”

    • Also those stripes down in the pic above? They make her boobs look droopy. I will throw her a bone and say her hair looked good.

    • I didn’t mind the dress as much at the insipid headband. Odd how Mo thought she looked hot. Whatever flips your switch, I guess.

      If I could get over the headband, I could properly address the dress — but I can’t get over that headband (did you notice in the deleted scene, Brandi wears a headband for the hypnosis and she really, really had a problem putting the headband on because they’re ugly?) lol

  2. I think that Taylor’s “friend” is David’s ex Linda Thompson, not Mohammed–however, you are right about her being full of BS :)

  3. Totally agree on Maurice being full of it don’t get me wrong…..that being said I think Kyle is an embarrassment of epic proportions for letting another woman talk to her husband like that,..Maurice can’t call her names back or he’ll be an abuser according to trailer,..Kyle should be embarrassed,..try getting away with that with one of Jersey

    • No, no wait. Mo finds out from Ken that he is having dinner with Paris’s parents (Kathy and Rick) then decides that Lisa isn’t being nice to him and that Ken is holding a grudge? Seems to me Mo is a little jealous that he and Kyle were not invited, even though they got Paris to do a cameo.

  4. It must have been Paris that gave that head gear to Kyle… She use to wear them all the time… Kyle looked ridiculous in it… Grow up woman, you’re making a fool of yourself… Paris was there to promote her concert… I have to get tickets! Maurice looked like a suck-up to the maloofs, and to ken. Good for ken to diss him… I enjoyed that… Maurice is such a gossip… So finally Kylie’s store comes into bravo… And the skank of all skanks, Faye…. I could vomit from the sight of her… What a waste of my hour… I think I will take my sleeping pill and hope I have no nightmares about this awful show… Thank you Ms SH…. You are all I have left… Great blog!

  5. Shut up swine no one cares what you are babbling drunk or sober..just go away.

    as for the headband didnt chewbacca guidice wear one when she went to talk to rosie maybe they shop at the same store

    • OMG you’re right, Chewy Dice was wearing one, I guess I missed that memo as well head bands are in and I can make a skirt with my dish towels.

  6. Wth was Marisa wearing at the art gallery? It was like something a little girl would wear to pick flowers out on the prairie. Then she had her hair pulled back like she was about to wash her face. She needs to quit dogging on her normal azz husband and get with the program. I mean I like her and all, but damn.

    • Your right, I think her husband is quite good looking and I would find his being involved with independent films far more interesting and something to be proud of than selling your soul and selling out for a big film. I do like Marisa but when she says things like that it makes me rethink it. I have a girlfriend that she reminds me of, her husband was a very successful lawyer and she was very beautiful. She would always say things like, “it’s always better in a relationship if one person loves a person more than the other and my husband loves me way more than I love him” she was kind of mean and degrading like Marisa is. Guess what? He was cheating on her all over the place. She was blown away when she found out too! You have to be careful!

      • Oh Sandi, I’m so sorry I was just thinking about what to post and I almost forgot to thankyou for the recap! It was perfect as usual, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to them!!

        • I really didn’t appreciate the way Marisa put down her husbAnd, extremely disrespectful. She should appreciate her husband , I think she has a decent one that loves her, if not there is always another woman waiting in the wings to have hers. It seems like she got married because it was the order of things and not cuz she was truly in love. He was good on paper for her at the time. She thought marrying a Zanuck meant blockbusters and this Zanuck isn’t that, she wants the big Hollywood life. But to say the things she was sayin on camera to him and about him………..

  7. o.k. tonight is monumentous! I actually got my husband to watch RHOBH with me! I only pulled it off because Yolanda was on and I told him hey this girl is Dutch (my husband is Flemish) he liked Yolanda, as do I. He liked her getting the painting for half off and he even watched a little when she was decorating her house. He and I still think it’s a little fishy that Yolanda claims she didn’t speak english when she first got here but I know a lot of you belive so I guess we have to agree to disagree. As I watched Yolanda decorate for her ex I found it funny that Fake Rancid was on before bragging about her decorating buisness, “decorating finds you” blah blah. I bet Fake wishes she had the budget I am sure Yolanda gets to decorate for Mohamad and her stuff looks a million times better. I had to wonder tonight if Paris Hilton has gotten so desperate for screen time that she finally after three seasons agreed to apear on RHOBH. I think the time has come and gone that Paris just showing her face was enough to get peoples attention. She was boring and added nothing. Thirty thousand people coming to see her “sing” my ASS!!! If Maurice never ever showed his face again I’d be happy, good for Ken laughing at his “AMAZING” gin. He is an older Brithish man with a ton of money I’m sure he has had the best gin on the planet. F your product placement MO.

    • well why not people here believe chewbacca guidice didn’t utter a word of English until she started school so why not believe yofo didnt speak it till she got here.

      • Just because English is taught in scools in The Netherlands at a very younge age and is one of the national languages. It actually bodes even worse for Teresa if Yolanda is telling the truth, learning languages as a child is very easy as opposed to learning as an adult. I had to learn English very young and if you heard me speak today you would never know that I speak so many languages now and that English was not my first. If Yolanda is 100 percent honest she is in the minority.

        • I am actually suprised that you would challange me on this considering I ackwoldeged that I could be wrong and that most people dissagreed with me in the post above but really after this post I will leave it alone, I think that I have made my point of why I belive it and I feel perfectly fine if not one single person agrees with me because I certainly could be wrong, it’s just how I feel, no facts.

          • I agree with you sd. and congrats on getting the hubs to watch Rh tonight. Does he think Mo-Reece is a tool?

            • He thought it was strange that Mo-reece would make his name sound less American, his name is a name that sounds very similar to an American name but is actually scandanavian and is spelled differently. We are forever having to correct people and on legal documents it can be a nightmare. He wondered why anyone would do that if they didn’t have to. When I explained it more he thought he was, well it is a term that roughly translate to “retarded goat”. Belive me it’s an insult. He also didn’t belive Kyle when she said her husband had never been called a Mother F-er before.

        • It’s true, English is taught in the Netherlands, but Yo is from a different generation, and from the countryside. I spent three months in Amsterdam a couple years ago and once you leave the city – you do run into people who don’t speak English, even now.

      • Her parents were immigrants and only spoke Italian, they were her sole caretakers till she went to school. Why is this so difficult to grasp? Our school district went from an ESL budget of $500.00 to $1.5 MILLION in a matter of a few years when we were overcome by a huge influx of Dominican immigrants. My good friend is head of the program and these children coming to school do not know English because it was never spoken in their homes even though the family was here for years.

        Is it solely because it is Teresa that you choose to not believe her or do you truly think her parents are faking their limited grasp of the language after 40yrs in America? Do you think they are faking? Do you think they spoke perfect English when they came here despite the fact that they can barely speak it now? Is it all a grand scheme to try to fool you?

        It is a known fact that if you want to teach your child a second language it is best to do it before age 5, that is when it is the easiest to adapt.

        Another friend of mine is an interpreter, English not being her native language, and she said it is exhausting to interpret because you have to take one language form, with different verbiage etc and turn it into the second language and can be challenging for the same reasons, some languages don’t even have an English equivalent!

        It must be a “thing” in L.A. to pump up the ethnicity to ones name, the Mayor changed his birth name Antonio Villar to Antonio Villaraigosa to appear more ethnic prior to going into politics. It has been determined that Latinos will outnumber non-latinos in L.A. by the end of 2013.

        Hmmm, Hollyweird, where nothing is as it appears.

        • Im sorry did i say i didnt believe it? but of course everything out of Teresa mouth is the truth after all she would never lie would she. And please show me where i have ever said her parents were lying about anything.
          Oh wait you cant,.

          • @Lisa

            Your statement:

            “people here believe chewbacca guidice didn’t utter a word of English until she started school”

            If you don’t believe this then you are implying her parents, her sole caretakers age 0-5 ,were teaching her English and their lack of the language is also a lie, therefore ,we are being duped by Teresa for believing she didn’t speak English till she went to school. That is your implication in not believing that that she didn’t speak English until she started school. My theory on what Teresa claims is much, much more plausible than you just choosing to ignore the obvious and believe Teresa a liar.

            Don’t let your dislike for someone cloud your sense of reason.

            • Actually I do believe she didnt speak english until school what i dont believe is its a excuse for her to mangle the english language Teresa is a idiot and I havent said anything other then that here.
              And yes I do believe Teresa Lies about a lot of stuff the majority of stuff she says in fact, I have never ever said her parents lied about not speaking english well NEVER.

              and in the future dont assume what i mean when I say something ask first if you are confused about something.

              • I grew up in a household that didn’t have English as a first language. Even if you grow up in that environment you are still exposed to English. Please don’t tell me she never watched TV, went to a movie, or left her home. I’m sure her Father at least learned English if only to be employed.

              • of course not Cyn Teresa never left the house never came in contact with anyone other then her non english speaking parents
                what are you thinking.

              • @ Cyn Her father was a cobbler, bought his business from his brother-in-law. Not much English needed, obviously, because his grasp of the language after 40 yrs is still very limited. It has been repeated ad nauseum that both their children were very sheltered and were not permitted very far from the family. Probably because it can be very scary for those that do not understand the language thoroughly to venture out unless among those that share their language. Why would they even own a television when their children were young and the language was not understood? It would have been a bizzare purchase for poor immigrants that do not share the language that is being broadcast, no?

                If you choose to ignore facts such as I stated i.e. translation is difficult even for those that are professionals and that many immigrants that do not have a firm grasp of the language keep a tight circle of family then you don’t want truth, you just want to cling to your dislike for reasons far too deep for me to comprehend/understand by passing comments through a website. There are some things that are derived through empirical knowledge, if you choose to ignore them and choose to cling to your beliefs, well, that is your choice. Mine is to find the truth. If that offends, I extend my apologies for your discomfort in reading my observations but, not for putting forth facts.

              • @ Cyn You state that English was not the first language. Italian was their only language. Big difference.

              • Tree is Tree and I don’t think the first Language thing is why she is the way she is. I think it is just Teresa. Take that as a negative or a positive. I think Teresa isn’t book smart but she sure as heck is street smart.

              • Me niether, I think Tre has problems articulating her feelings and has problems with speech and she gets flustered easy and its not because she only talked Italian for 5 yrs. Sometimes I get that way to esp if I am blindsided or in shock at what someone said to me. I am with cyn as well I dont think Tre is very smart but she does know when to listen like to her Business advisors to bad she dosnt listen to everyone.

    • In Holland the people learn English as a second language.. I know this because my daughter dated an exchange student when she was in high school.. He spoke English quite well… Spoke like Yolanda… His mother was a teacher in holland… So I do think she spoke English, before coming to America.. This show has reached the New Jersey bottom line to me… I do believe this is my last season… Did you notice that Kyle is doing the turbo tax commercial this year.. Didn’t Gretchen have it last year… Just awful…

    • Faye Rancid was of course saying “decorating finds you” and “its not something that can be taught to you”. That is because she is NOT a licensed or certified designer. She is a jerk who woke up one day and decided that she liked spending other people’s money and THOUGHT she had talent. What a loser! Kyle’s dining room looks like a bunch of cheap crap.

      • So weird that if Rancid is such a wonderful decorator that she would feel the need to take the owner shopping for something as mundane as mannequins for the store she is designing. And she is stuck on stoopid with her constant jabs at Brandi. One the way into the store on the way out. She is obsessed.

        • So true. If she actually was a professional, as she claims, she would have the connections and resources to just pick up the phone to accomplish that, and/or even a warehouse with plenty of stuff to use. I think she thinks her “talent” is a lot more than what it is…

          • Oh yes I agree. Plus of she had picked up a phone and made that happen then there wouldn’t be anything to film and she would lose all those opportunities that she took to jab Brandi behind her back as kyle cackled nervously.

      • This annoys me, too. About 20 years ago every divorcee in town was a “decorator.” This was the progression 1) coke whore 2) wife 3) divorcee 4) decorator. Faye wrote the book, she was one of the originals.

      • Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking. Obviously, “Fake” never heard of college or higher education. Isn’t that where budding designers and decorators go to learn their profession? Maybe being a Playboy centerfold is something than finds you (er, her). But, an education in home design is something that is acquired, learned and honed to be successful. It seems that Fake’s only client is Kackling Kyle (whose taste is in her mouth).

    • I don’t get the need to challenge Yolanda on her English speaking skills before she came to this country, but I too get stuck on things from the show and have trouble simply letting go. What I did like was what she said to the workers (even if some don’t find it plausible). She took the time to study in her free time and learned, so so should they. I think it’s deplorable when American’s go to other countries and demand that everyone speak English, while refusing to learn even a few words of a language of the people they are visiting. Yolanda is a really great lady and knows what she’s talking about, which is not always the case with the folks on these shows. As an aside, I learned to speak Spanish in elementary school, but remember little of it because I don’t speak it regularly.

      • Once I was in Paris at a street kiosk and started to ask, in French, for a pack of gum. The vendor cut me off immediately and started speaking English – lol. I don’t know if she hated my French or was practicing her English! I do think it’s nice to try to learn a couple of words – but some people don’t care for others butchering their language :)

        • That happened to me also in Paris (and in Germany). I took it to be that they were more adept in speaking English than I was in speaking French (or German). However, my efforts were appreciated and I felt warmly received in both cases. (Where ever I have traveled, I always learned a few key phrases and words in the native tongue, just in case I am in an area where English is not widely spoken.)

  8. Kyle’s getup reminded me of a 1920′s swimsuit. Why did her husband bring a bottle of gin as a gift for Ken to an art gallery? (awkward, inappropriate, and not at all a-Maz-ing) Morris has turned the corner to d-bag city. I finally understand why they are a couple.

    • MoReese is an opportunistic slimeball, sleazebag, whupped little girlie man. God, what did I ever see in him ;)

      • I still like him! But he needs to stop wasting hs time on Lisa and Ken.They are like Adrienne in that they expect people to take sides, and they hold a grudge.

        • I’m an equal opportunity basher! Seriously, i don’t have any dogs in these hunts. I’m so fickle myself, one season I like this one, the next season I dislike them. Familiarity breeds contempt. It really does. Just ask Adrienne.

        • And I don’t think that’s the case. While Kyle was busy trying to get Lisa to make up with Adrienne, Lisa basically told her to mind her own business. That’s not forcing someone to take sides, but is telling someone to stay out of arguments that aren’t there’s. And at the same time Kyle and Mo decide they have to side with Adrienne over Brandi based on friendship, that doesn’t ring true since neither of them felt the need to do the same thing when Lisa was involved. It seems to me Lisa and Ken are trying to point out the double standard here, that Kyle and Mo are choosing not to see.

  9. Fake is on again, and her mouth looked more joker like than ever, was that Mauricio or Mary the new housewife, if he said amazing like a valley girl one more time I would have punched him. Taylor dosen’t bother me, I mean his ex- wives admitted he was violent and he was (Russell) trying to be someone he wasn’t, hence the fraud. Taylor probably latched on to him thinking he had money and status and what do you think Yolanda did with her last 2 marriages, being a model helped her land them. I can only take Lisa, and brandy and Marisa, although Marisa watch the other women honey when it comes to your husband. Adrienne is crazy and Kyle is despicable, Kim is weird with the psychic crap that I didn’t even watch, I think she has more issues than drinking if she thinks she has imaginary people in the house. I could not believe Paris is still having on to that 15 minutes of sex tape fame, yeah she’s a business women! But for god’s sake why do they keep pushing freako Faye. Ken is a gentleman and Marisa’s husband seems normal. Yolanda is hardly ever on the show and Camille with the affected look while she was belly dancing is still trying to prove she is still sexy and oh so intelligent. Let’s see, how did she get rich, that’s right she too married a successful tv actor that was engaged when she met him. In fact I remember him parading the fiancé Tammy on Oprah and ditching her for another centerfold Camille. And she had a surrogate carry her 2 kids. Oh, the pain and heartache these poor women go through.

    • Why did Paris come to this art show? Because she is wanting another 15 minutes.. She doesn’t show up for the graduation, for birthday parties, the almighty white party.. But her moment has faded, and she wants to ride on the Richards coat tails now… Ridiculous.. Like anyone would want the fame they are getting now.. Kim, seeing things, and that weirdo telling her future grandchildren, give me a break… She sees hearts, Kim is still on something, what I don’t know, but she is as high as a kite… Or she has brain cells that are missing in action..

      • Paris is getting old especially by BH standards. So that means now she is jumped on into this age bracket that is even aware of what shows Bravo is offering. Welcome to oldenhood Paris. I know they love to lump all us in a demographic that included 18 year olds but the fact is there is prolly only 7 or 8 18 year olds that even know what a Mo-reece is. Young people are NOT watching these shows. Sorry bout it Andy.

        • “oldenhood” – great word. Did anyone notice Paris outside while she was walking towards the gallery? Very odd gait…

      • I figured she lost a bet. Then again her mother Kathy also made a cameo, so maybe they both lost a bet. LOL!

  10. OT but I’m watching WWHL with Brandi and Hoda. Andy pressures Brandi to do a pole dance and calls a “straight” man from the audience to help inspire her. Step right up, Albie Manzo. Too funny!

    • HAHA! I was just coming on here to comment on that. Very random that Albie Manzo is just hanging out awaiting Brandi’s pole dance. Total set-up :)

      • IKR! Albie was just hanging out in the club house. Lucky thing he was there. He mumbled when he sat down that he was the only straight man in the audience.;)

    • You have got to be kidding Albie was there? I refuse to watch ms Andy’s show, how set up can he be… Lost for words…

        • At first I believed the surrogacy story, then I didn’t, then I did, and now I don’t again. Could it be that she’s bi-sexual? I don’t believe for a minute that she and grunge guy are getting it on. Adrienne is a crafty little cougar wannabe, she knows how to throw us off the scent.

          • Have you watched the video above around 0:13 Kyle said (if I am not wrong) “It is not about the surrogacy” soooo…. Maybe it was really about their sham marriage and the surrogacy story was the last drop. Still, I don’t find neither the surrogacy or sham marriage a “character assassinations” nor a big secret about Adrianne. (Just my opinion).

            • Ooh, fake marriage… Wasn’t there a blind item about a HW couple having a sham marriage for his career? This was a while back.

              • Yessss. Found it from CDan: “One of the Real Housewives couples is in panic mode right now because their world might come crashing down because of one side remark made by another Real Housewife that struck way closer to home than intended. Apparently this couple is barely hanging on but does not want the world to see it and were really upset when a cast member who does not even know what is going on said the couple is barely hanging on. The publicists for the couple are in damage control mode, but that is not their biggest worry. Leaks are beginning to emerge in their carefully constructed cover which was never intended for full media attention. Specifically, friends of the couple have been hinting that the couple have an open marriage and that the husband complains he has not had sex in years and that the couple, who do have children might not have actually had natural conception, especially considering the wife’s age and the age of the kids.”” (SEE, it is the combo a sham marriage + surrogacy)

          • I think you’re right. Ever since Adrienne made that comment in Hawaii, something like kissing a woman would be better than kissing her husband, it all seemed to fit. Even her body language around Paul said to me that she could hardly stand the guy. I wonder if the marriage was a sham from the get-go.

        • Honestly, I was thinking the same. Someone posted here that they grew up in the same town and she clearly remembers the Maloof boys, but not the Maloof girl. Maybe there wasn’t one??? :)

          • @ Doris Ah ha!!! I remember that post now! Could she have chosen to transition to female late in the game?????! Lmao…I have no idea… All I know is that her voice is like nails on chalkboard for me and I zip right past her and *unmentionable’s* segments so I basically watch about 10 minutes of the show anymore…soon to be the full 40 or however minutes of actual show there is in the 60 min slot. These women are barely worth the space they take up on the planet let alone the space I give them in my head!

  11. I’m grateful you’re in another time zone and I can read your posts before the show! Isn’t that weird of me???

  12. I am SO sick of Lisa constantly bringing up the selling magazines story every chance she gets. Whenever the center of attention is on Brandi Lisa makes sure to remind everyone she too was a victim of Adrienne. NOBODY cares Lisa. Her and Taylor both try to make the conversation about them all the time and I’m surprised nobody has called out Lisa for it yet. And Lisa is supposed to be “so close” to Brandi yet she only went to the bathroom to check up on her after Yolanda left. Couldn’t miss some good air time could you Lisa?

    • Well…when Adrienne was so concerned about Kim that she called out “oh, someone’s crying” she didn’t seem to care enough to follow her to the bathroom to see if she was okay. Nor did Kyle.

    • I agree with you. I think the real rift is between Lisa and Adrienne, with the others caught in the middle. Some website asked Marissa about Lisa and she said that Lisa was nice…when the cameras were rolling.

  13. I think the mannequins have better personalities than Kyle, and I have no doubt, they have better personalities than that thing Kyle was with.

    • Has Faye’s hair always been that color? I doubt it. She needs to get herself to the salon for a color change. Miss “I’m a designer” should know better.

    • I was wondering why the wig didn’t fly off that mannequin, it was such a silly thing, but annoyed the hell out of me… Perhaps just that Kyle and Faye were there… Talking about the mannequins having better personalities then the women… Faye wants to be on this show way to much… And she looks like trash…

  14. Arg! with the “psychics” AGAIN. So that fireplace portal to hell huh? Kim offers up a sacrifice of chicken salad so of course it all makes sense now. If you mix it they will come. It was part of the ritual to mix it by hand on the eve of your youngest virgin child’s possible deflowering in view of the fireplace instead of kitchen like a normal person who doesn’t consort with the demon world would do. Grandkids? yeah ok.

  15. Okay – watched the show – one thing that stands was when Brandi calls Kyle to say I don’t want you to be uncomfortable at the gallery event tonight – I felt like she was saying “I forgive you and your wife (Mo).” But Kyle took it as an apology for telling Mo to STFU. This whole family Kyle, Mo, Kim feel they can bully Brandi, but when Brandi fights back she crosses the line. Annoying. They never take responsibility for their actions. He was totally going after her and it would have been appropriate of Kyle so say something like, “Thanks for calling – if I had any class at all I would have called you. I’m sorry it was a difficult evening for you.”

    • We’re dealing with the Vyle and Kim. They will never take responsibilty for their actions. They twist the events around to justify their mean girl behavior!!!

      When Kim pipped up and said Brandi had said something incorrect about her, Brandi said that they started it, and Kim said “THE POINT IS”, and still wouldn’t take ownership that she was a total mean girl that night!! Kim needs to watch that episode so she can see clearly what went down and how funny she thought it was to take crutches and hide them from someone who needed them!

      Kim, Vyle, and Mo are mean girls and why Brandi wants to be friends with any of them is beyond me! Brandi needs to stick with Lisa, Yo, Marisa, and her good buddy Jennifer!!

    • I though that Brandi called Kyle to make sure that all was well with Mo because she didn’t want a repeat performance of the dinner. Maybe I need to watch the show again.

  16. Oh, I forgot the other thing about tonight. Faye makes my skin crawl. You’re either born with the talent to be a designer or not? And it cannot be taught? That’s why every other divorcee in BH is a designer, right? There’s that much talent out there.

    • Every gold digger/half-pro in NYC, with limited training and education who were plucked off some farm is an interior designer as well these days. Or the usual bored HW/ divorcee making an attempt at posing as a woman with taste or style. Part of it is always some pygmalion story some man brought them thru. GROSS

  17. Kyles cork bottomed patent leather shoe is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. However that pose she is in got me to thinking. Yall know those reebok workout shoes that are suppose to tone your butt just by walking in them? If those horrid shoes kyle has on were weighted it would work the same way.

    • yep! I noticed those ugly shoes too, she wears them all the time I could never put my finger on why I hated them but your right, they are frankenheels. I think she wears them as an attempt to be taller because all of her co-stars are so tall but she can’t handle the stilletos like Lisa and camille wear so she wears the wedges.

      • So instead of calling attention to how short she is, she’s calling attention to how silly she looks :)

  18. Made-Ditto on Kyle’s shoes. Paris probably told her she’d look “hot” in those shoes and headband.
    -Kyle and Mo knew he stepped in it w/ Lisa and Ken, but if he’d apologized he couldn’t tell A&P how he took up for them. So naturally he gave Ken a bottle of amaaaazing gin-so amaazing he tries leaving it at the opening. Kyle had a point when she said Lisa would feel differently if somebody said something about her, but it still doesn’t excuse Mo’s tirade.
    Kim doesn’t have the brain cells to assess Brandi. She may be off akahol, but something pumping through her veins has her slurring unless she always slurs.
    Yo will crush Traylor like a tick.

    • Kim seems very different than in the first few episodes of this season. I don’t really like her, but I do hope she gets better — she seems “off.”

      Yo can take Taylor for sure!

      • Kim isn’t my fave, but she’s been through it-sister takes advantage of her addictions, stole her house. I feel for her. She did seem clear headed but lately slurs, acts like a timid child-just bizarro.

  19. Why oh what does Adrienne think its even halfway appropriate to bring her lil dog over to Kyle’s house? No one wants to clean up your dog hair after you leave or have to put up their own dogs in their own house to accommodate your entitled bullcrap. Such weird people. Leave your yappity canines at home just like you leave your kids at home. Very simple. Stop pissin me off.

      • I know right. I thought Lisa taking Giggy to Adrienne’s was horrible too. Even worse bringing the pill poppin pup to the table and letting him eat of SOMEONE ELSE’S crystal. Bad manners.

        • Yeah, but it was completely hilarious Plus I think that dog is probably cleaner then at least one of the cast members present.

          • You are prolly right about that. Still. Taking dogs to other peoples house especially if they have a dog is sooo inconsiderate. I am sure Jackpot had to be put up to accommodate giggy(you know how them yappy dogs can be and jackpot was just a puppy then so there was prolly the tinkle issue not matter how well trained or doped up Giggy is he will still want to mark)
            And at Kyle’s all I could think was that cream couch. I bet she don’t even allow her dog in that room.
            I swan if these women would embrace the whole nanny for your dog craze as being the new in thing then those dogs would be just as backburnered as their children are (alledgedly)

    • I do have to admit, that is the rudest thing ever and I LOOOOVE dogs. I would NEVER take one of mine to anyone’s house. I even stopped allowing a casual acquaintance from coming over any more, because she always brought hers (without feeding it first or monitoring it.)

      • I’m a dog lover as well, and have brought my dog to other people’s homes when our dogs are friends – we both get a play date (humans and dogs). But when I’m over for dinner at the same homes, my dog does not accompany me.

  20. Maurice needs to STFU and mind his own business! I find it very telling that he keeps asking over and over why Brandi said what she said, ummmmm….. it was his gossipy wife asking Brandi what really went down, and Brandi thinking she could reveal what was really bothering her! If Mo and Vyle would stop stirring up the drama, maybe the two of them wouldn’t look like morons that can’t remember who started what!! Brandi doesn’t owe Mo an explanation, or anyone else for that matter!! It’s between her and Ad. Mo and Vyle are clearly following the money and friendship really does’t come into play. They don’t have any friends, except for Fake Rancid, and that speaks volumes! Warning to Vyle… Fake is keeping a daily journal and is ready to reveal all your secrets in her new book titled ‘Fake Friends and Shitty Designs’, due to be published a few hours after your funeral…. Playboy spead to follow.

    Loving Marisa, however, I agree with Brandi in saying that Marisa is missing something in her marriage! If she wants to be a 40ish middle aged party girl, just look at Tayliar and take note! It’s not a pretty sight! Tay taking on David and Yo by saying she knows “secrets” about David was sick! Yo has never done anything to Tay, other than ask her why she was agressive with Kim, which was a legit question. Kim may be sober *wink wink*, but she was correct in saying Tay didn’t have to stay in that marriage!!! Kim is a total loony toon, but there are times she has moments of clarity.

    I was so sick to see Ad and hear her voice this episode!! What a buzzkill. It’s funny how she says Brandi should confront her directly, when it was Ad trying to attack Lisa and get everyone on board behind Lisa’s back. Ad thinks she’s so superior! I just love everytime the reunion clip shows and, for once, Ad is speechless with her mouth wide open in shock!! Hahahha Ad needs to go away!! She makes me sick…

    If Fake is designing Vyle’s new store it should be due to open in 2020!! Two years later and her dining room still isn’t done!!! I’ve seen entire homes built in that amount of time!! Vyle should hire Yo and the store would be ready in less than six months and be gorgeous! With Fake’s designs it will look like cheap crap, which is fitting since it’s Vyle’s store.

    I saw the pics of Ad and whathisname Stewart!!! Hahhahhaha Paul must be lauging his a** off! I’m going to guess that Sugar Daddy Rod has been replaced with Sugar Momma Ad! In six months it will be over!! Ad will be a million dollars less rich, drinking like Tay, and wondering where it all went wrong….

    • You are right. Maurice was there at the time, sitting opposite Brandi when she said what she said. Did he forget WHY she said it? I think he just wants camera time to keep himself and his gossipy wifey relevant.

  21. Forgot to add… Love that Ken gave Mo the brush off at the art show!!! Ken don’t play!!! Mo’s word of the day is A-MA-ZINGGGG!!! Last weeks was REALITY!!!!!

    • I loved it when Ken was mimicking Mo’s “amazing” to whomever was closest. It seemed to go right over Mo’s head, but was perfectly done.

      • Yep, everyone got it except for Mo! He’s so stupid he didn’t even realize Ken was making fun of him! Even Tayliar laughed! She was secretly hoping that Ken would forget that a-ma-zinnng bottle of gin (or whatever it was), so she could take it and down it on her ride home! Mo shouted “don’t forget your bottle”, and Tayliar had this look of *DAMN* all over her face!! haha

      • True! Hes a mofo. And Kyle was confused. He most certainly HAS been called a Mofo before. He has never and will never be called MoFoing amaZing. :)

      • I re-watched last weeks episode last night and at the very beginning Mo says “I’ve never been sued, but the two or three times I’ve been sued”….. WTH?? He tried to call Brandi out saying that Brandi said she tried to call Ad, then said she didn’t, and Mo say’s “which is it?” while acting all up in arms! Well, which is it Mo? Have you been ever been sued? Two, three, twenty, or never??

        Good one Lynda, Mo is not amazing!! Never was! He’s just a delusional housewife wannabe..

  22. The moment that made me laugh out loud was when Paris Hilton, excuse me, TB, was walking in to the gallery. She looked like she was attempting to walk like a model, but it just came off as a pimp walk.

  23. Nice recap, Sandy. I agree with you on your assessments of the husbands. Maurice certainly dropped many points when he decided to become the next Simon van Kempen (by constantly getting involved with his wife’s pal problems). I really wanted to stuff a sock in Traylor-Park’s fish lips. She just wouldn’t shut the hell up. Vyle looked like an idiot with her “flower child” head band. If she was trying to become part of the Manson Family, she was 42 years too late.

  24. I look forward to the Vegas episode already…. Kyle acting a fool on the stripper pole complete with lassoing her hair and a few splits. What a twat!

  25. I can’t figure out what the big deal is about pole dancing. No guys are there, no dollars are going to be thrown. It’s just another way to work out and it looks like fun! I took belly dancing for 2 years. It’s very sensuous…..and a WORK OUT! The 15 minute Dance of the 7 Veils bout killed me. But it really toned up my abs. Sometimes I think that folks are just looking for reasons to hate.

  26. Thanks for another great recap, Sandi! Hope all is well with you! I also caught it when Kyle called her husband Maurice! I wanted to jump up and say, “OMG! She did, she did, she did just call him ‘Maurice’”! LOL!

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