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Hello. Thank you for all your comments on last week’s episode regarding the swing. Many of you, like myself, are true romantics at heart. Anyway, I have had a magical few days away with my husband, so feeling rested and ready to dissect this complicated and convoluted situation.

We have all, including Brandi, acknowledged the fact that this issue should never have been aired, but let us not forget, it was out of frustration. It was never “character assassination” as Adrienne said. That term is used far too freely. It was a truthful statement that should not have been exposed, but it was a result of some deep and unresolved issues between them.

Ironically it appears that many who witnessed the fiasco at Mauricio’s event have conveniently forgotten the barrage of insults thrown at Brandi, calling her a drug addict and neglectful mother!?! (Which in my opinion were much closer to an assassination of her character.) They were all present witnessing that. I wasn’t there, and have only seen this recently. . .how one-sided can this be? Yolanda  states that the men should keep out of it, but I don’t think for one minute if I was alone and under pressure, like Brandi was at that time, that David would sit back. I am positive he would defend me. That is the only involvement Ken had.

We certainly of late have seen a different side of Mauricio and, like Faye, he seems quick in attacking Brandi. She becomes increasingly frustrated in her attempt to defend herself, also smarting from the fact that she was the recipient of a costly legal letter that she could ill afford.

She becomes exasperated, then her language goes south and then that is all the ammunition that some need in order to criticize her. I agree with Marisa (who at this point I really don’t know) wholeheartedly. It should stay between the two of them. I was resolute in the fact that when I had my issue with Adrienne I preferred to deal with her directly.

I hated the conversation between Taylor and Camille , so inappropriate to discuss the marriage between David and his ex-wife, with Taylor saying she knew things about that. I know Yolanda and David to have a healthy, wonderful marriage. . .Enough said.

RHOBH Kyle Morris John

We then see Adrienne and Paul arrive for dinner. Mauricio and Kyle reassure them that they have had their back at all times, so cementing this very important relationship. . .Now when you are on this express train, things are moving quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective, but when you pause and you have a chance to reflect, you see things differently. Upon reflection I don’t personally see the difference in the litigious letter that was sent to Camille from Russell.   NOTE:  Here’s the difference, VPump:  Shana was telling all of you about her business and everyone already knew Shana’s business.  Supposedly, what Brandi blurted out about Adrienne, from all info gathered, was known only by one or two of your group.  Nothing that was discussed freely among you all, as were Shana’s issues.   AND… the viewers all knew about Shana’s DV scammin’ trumped up allegations.  NOW… what EXACTLY is the big secret about Adrienne???

Maybe the subject matter was different, but the outcome the same. I am sure Taylor would argue the point that what was exposed about her was potentially more damaging than this matter. Paul and Adrienne, with Kyle and Mauricio’s support were vociferous in stating that intimidation legally was unacceptable between friends. They were barred from the party, uninvited to Hawaii, and ostracized from the group. Everybody supported Camille even though she certainly had more resources to deal with this than Brandi. So where did it change? I an finding this difficult to fathom.

It was a brief respite to see the wonderful visuals that Mohamed’s house ensues.


Mohamed showin’ off his house… with Neil Patrick Harris’ partner…

Loved the decorating! I know this family extremely well and admire the fact that they congregate harmoniously. We are often included in small gatherings, so I know firsthand the love and respect that is shared between all.

faye maurico arrow

The next scene with Faye. . .couldn’t watch. Bad enough to listen to her diatribe but can’t watch her bragging, had to skip it.

We all are meeting at this art gallery, Ken and I have dinner plans, so we are just there briefly. I was mystified at Mauricio’s comment that I was holding a grudge, as I greeted him as I normally would. Funny Kyle keeps bringing that up. If I truly held a grudge, I would never have socialized with many of these women ever again!

Ken playfully teased Mauricio, but knew it to be a peace offering and dealt with it as men do, moving on.

Anyway,it is not an easy situation and believe me there are no winners! I send you positive thoughts, love and happiness until next week.

Love always Lisa.


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59 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog…Lisa Sees Different Side of MO-Reese and Faye Rancid… Lisa Calls Shana “Inappropriate”

  1. Love how she completely dismisses Faye. The ultimate diss!
    Also liked her calling Shana out for her assy comments about the Fosters. Who the hell is she to pass judgment based on her limited knowledge from the ex-wife’s version of events?!?

    • I know this is a week late but can’t let it go. Lisa thinks Brandi barley survives and has nothing. Maybe by BH standards but Brandi stated she has had the same trainer for 9 years. I don’t consider this hardship and wonder if these women could survive hard times. I supported 4 people on $1200 a month for 4 years That is a hardship.

      • I know, justsaying. Rich people can’t really identify with what poor is. At least, this crew can’t. By their standards, Brandi is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to get by. Also, I quite admire your ability to make it through some really lean, tough years. I can identify.

    • I knew that although Bravo removed Rancid’s blog, she would be showing up in a few episodes this season, since her photo is still featured with the other cast members.

  2. No way in hell I would go to Vegas with hagface Kyle! No way!
    Yolanda’s comment “they’ll f your husband for a chanel handbag”. I went wtf? Yolanda girl, did you just say “f*ck”? LOL I don’t know, for some reason hearing her say f*ck cracked me up!

    • I knew that although Bravo removed Rancid’s blog, she would be showing up in a few episodes this season, since her photo is still featured with the other cast members.

  3. Oh God Albie was in the audience on WWHL to watch Brandi use the stripper pole.He took her seat on the show to watch her on the pole.She had cold feet.Hodie looks like an alcoholic for sure.Yuck!!!!

  4. Trailer is just gross and out to bring everyone down to her level.She is looking for a rich man to bring her status back up.Too late.Who would want to get involved with her and her trashy mouth and alcoholic ways.She needs to go on the show.She shows lots of violence and anger to be a woman of domestic violence.Too bad Russell is not around even divorced to shut her mouth down.I liked Russell (RIP).

    • Yes! If you’re a victim, why be so abusive yourself? It doesn’t add up. Russell was a scared kitty compared to her ferocious behavior.

      • Oh wait Brandi does the SAME EXACT THING!!!!! Let me call you the f word, accuse you of being a meth head and of your husband cheating (or any other salacious awful untrue comment), whine and cry about her “Jakey and Mason” and then call herself a victim and run out the building as soon as anyone calls her out on her improper behavior? F BRANDI. Go back to your trailer, and bring Trailor with you!

        • We can’t forget that it was Kyle and kim who put Brandi on the defense, and then she retaliated, not condoning her behavior but, those wretched sisters did start it

        • I’m beginning to think that myself beverlyhills…Especially after the preview clip of Brandi discussing vaginas and apparently parading around nude in front of her sons. She’s brought a whole new crude, vulgarness to this show that is going to get me to stop watching if it continues. I personally think that the reason Paul and Mauricio were so confrontational with her is because of her constant, inappropriate choice of using filthy language.

          • yeah i def agree that kyle is passive aggressive and tries to play the bff role while having others do the dirty work…but still, i feel protective over kim somehow. kim knew from day 1 traylor was trouble and everyone called her a crazy drunk bish. kim is the secret oracle of this shizz, much like mama elsa, once you get past their freaky exteriors!

            i just think brandi is a trailer skank and then cries wolf whenever convenient. in real life, you can’t go around making accusations and slanderous comments whether the people are famous or regular. kim is right. brandi would be fired from a secretarial job for gossiping and spreading dirt.

  5. There are women like Trailer and Brandi lined up to f@@k your husband if left alone.I would not have allowed Trailer Trash to sit between Kyle and Maurice.She is looking for the opportunity to pounce on a man married or not.What is between her legs is more of a rat trap.

    • Wow! Well, while we suspect that Taylor is dating a married man, why in the world would you have the impression that Brandi would do it, seeing as she’s dealt with the after effects of infidelity? Does her saying the f word really indicate all that?

      • I wouldn’t put Brandi and Taylor in the same category…not even close. Brandi doesn’t reek of desperation the way Taylor does. Also, I doubt that Kyle considers Taylor any kind of competition, cause if she did, then Taylor wouldn’t be sitting next to her man. Kyle has made it very clear that the claws come out if you mess with her MoReese.

    • It looks like she’s trying to find her husband a replacement wife. I like Marisa, but she seems over the marriage thing.

      • I disagree. She was merely stating as a powerful woman it would be nice to see her husband bring in as much bacon and be a power status hubby like his relatives were. I have the impression she is more self-made while he grew up stinkin rich from her Hilton & Hyland bio working her way up from receptionist, not going to college.

        • I see your point. Marisa is ambitious and her husband has never had to put forth the effort with everything handed to him. Life is very different for people from old money famblies.

        • I know that I will sit ACROSS from the person I want to talk to and next to the person I DONT want to talk to.

  6. Excuse me sweet innocent Brandi is committed to Ken.Sorry I forgot her allegiance to the Vanderpumps.Brandi is stuck on her ex and getting him back.

  7. Sweet Brandi ran around the beach in the butt floss nearly nothing bikini in front of the women and their husbands but that is ok.Not considered slutty?? Ok!!She has alot of people fooled by her victum storyline.No me.

    • If I had her body I’d wear that bikini to the grocery store, PTA meetings, dinner and dancing…
      She was on a beach soooooo not sure why she shouldn’t wear a bikini?! If that makes someone slutty then I must be a wh*re.

      • haha Bubbies! no kidding! As far as Brandi goes just be thankful they were still in the U.S., if they had filmed abroad she may not have been required to wear a bikini at all! Either way none of that makes you a slutty whore, otherwise all the people I see at the beach all summer are slutty whores including children who ALL wear bikinis.

  8. Dare we forget Brandi wanting to have/host a blow job party til Kyle shot it down and now pole dancing.Yeah she is a real jewel and an angel.

    • You forgot she is now a relationship marriage adviser, funny she didn’t know she was married to a cheating doooshbag all those years, but she never says a bad word about her ex in front of her kids, just on national tv.

  9. Agree, she was just bragging on twitter about being w that chef. Brandi plays on Lisas heartstrings and Lisa defends her no matter what she does. I believe its because she defended Lisa at the reunion. Most reunions a lot worse things r said than what Adrienne said and Camille, Taylor and Russel all said it about Lisa thru the season so Adrienne prob thought she did. I love Lisa but she cant take critism. I liked Brandi until this season, its poor poor me and I have no clue when to shut up. Shes already running it about this new gal and running her husband under the bus after she sticks up for Brandi. She needs to STHU

  10. Love Lisa and Ken – class act 100%. I like Yolanda as well – very sophisticated but throwin the FBomb made me kinda like her even more – Marisa….jury is still out…works for MorrisAss and friends with Vile (who got her on show) seems to be materialistic like Vile and so over her husband – wonder if he produced a major hollywood movie bringing the big bucks and perks – she would be in love with her husband again. I think she befriended Brandi only to become enemies -she may be another Vile puppet. Camile – just ok. The rest, please get off the show and off the television. Vile, MorrisAss, TrailorTrash and Rancid = ugly, fake, boring losers.

  11. I, point blank, LOVE the women of this season. I could do without Shana (and almost didn’t watch because of her), Kyle, Faye, and Adrienne but the rest of them are awesome. Yolanda telling that guy to learn English – priceless. Everything about Marissa is cool – except for the hubby thing… she bothers me (somewhat) with her very open discussion about him – in front of him.

    Lisa is loyal to those who are loyal to her. She knows Brandi has had her back – even barely knowing her last season, Brandi didn’t follow the other girls down the bash Lisa track. Loyalty counts for a LOT in a friendship. I’d overlook the F word for someone like that too.

    • I agree with everything you stated. The thing about Yalonda telling the guy to learn English is she was speaking to him as if he in fact knew English. And he knew enough English to pacify her with a promise to study. I am not sure what Marisa is trying to accomplish with the way she speaks about her husband. She thinks Brandi should keep her opinions to herself about it BUUUUUUT we didn’t really need Brandi to point out in talking head that is was wrong. We can clearly see that it is wrong. Marisa knows how the talking heads work. A producer asks you a question designed to elicit the response that he/she needs for the continued storyline. Lots of setting up for the following seasons occur in those talking heads so Marisa should be grateful she is even being discussed at all by Brandi. She cant put her bad behavior on Brandi.

      • We’re in sync MP ;) I usually tend to agree with you too. The scenes with Marissa talking about her hubby were awkward for me to watch – even though I agree with her to a certain extent. Getting married at an early age is a bit foolish. I’m nowhere NEAR the gal I was in my teens and 20s. However, she didn’t get married at 18, she got married in her mid to late 20s – and married to a helluva nice guy it seems so… shut it.

  12. Just adore you Lisa and agree with everything you have said here. I will say this…watch your back when it comes to Kyle. I still believe she is untrustworthy, manipulative and instigates many confrontations. Furthermore, I believe she and Adrienne along with Taylor are extremely jealous of you. None of these women are your friend and will turn on you in a hot minute, as Adrienne has already shown us she is more than capable of.

    I love watching Yolanda and think she is a great addition to the show. Poor Brandi, she has been attacked over and over again and it’s very endearing to see you and Ken come to her defense. Adrienne said dreadful things about her at that event and it IS being swept under the carpet. Adrienne needs to be called out on it. Taylor is just an embarrassing train wreck and every time she opens her mouth it’s to down another drink and make a spectacle of herself. Bravo needs to dump her. WHY do they keep inserting Faye on this show? She makes me nauseous. Bravo, for pity’s sake, get rid of her!

    • What has Faye done to her face?? On her talking head last night she looked like the Joker. Don’t these women have mirrors? What they are doing to their faces is far worse than wrinkles.

  13. I do think the situations between Russell/Traylor threatening to sue and Adrienne/Paul threatening to sue are pretty similar. All of these women know things about each other, things that are discussed off camera but agreed not to be brought into the show. It sounds to me like Adrienne’s “secret” was known by all (no one at that luncheon seemed surprised by what Brandi was saying, just that she was saying it on camera). It was one of those things (like Traylor’s “abuse”) that was off the table in terms of filming. So, the fact that they have these agreements shows what a phony baloney “reality” they are portraying. Also, I’ve heard them say that they are prohibited from contacting each other except when the cameras are present (to maximize the conflict when cameras are there), which would have prevented Brandi from reaching out to Adrienne off-camera to apologize for outing her “secret” on camera. Morris would know this, obviously, so his continual nagging about picking up the phone is pure BS. Well, it’s all BS.

    • @ Inkpop As much as I do not care for *unmentionable* I have to agree. They are one in the same. Either friends sue friends or they do not; I didn’t hear anyone making side-notes of a situations when it would be permissible.

      • Adios–It pains me to make any remark about Traylor that doesn’t take her to task for all the sleezy things she’s done. *shudder* I wish they’d get her off this show.

        • @ Inkpop I know. In my book *unmentionable* should be living out of her car and panhandling and Kennedy given to her paternal grandparents. She is a sick, sick, sick, sick individual.

  14. Judging by his second wife & her problems , I wouldn’t expect Eddie’s first wife (Brandi) to be totally normal. If he’s attracted to Leann’s personality (& not her money) then yeah his first wife isn’t going to be the mental version of healthy Hannah . But then maybe it was LR’s money.?

  15. When Russell threatened to sue Camille, I believe he had no idea that Tayliar was running around to anyone who would listen, that he was being abusive. Having said that, I feel he should have confronted Tayliar before any legal matters were persued and asked her why Camille would say such a thing. It’s as if he thought Camille just made all this up and was trying to ruin him, when it was really Tayliar. I don’t believe for one minute he was abusive with her, if anything, she was abusive with him! They all sat around the white party saying if it’s true, you can’t sue! Clearly Russell knew this abuse to be untrue, and in the end, I feel Russell was humiliated, and a broken man having realized he had been labeled an abuser by his wife.

    If this statement by Brandi turns out to be true, Ad can’t sue either. Perhaps it is a private matter, but as I have learned, if you truly want to keep something private, don’t tell anyone! If it was so private, how does Brandi know? Can Vyle tell Fake Rancid at lunch and it’s ok? Lisa says it’s true as well!! Perhaps Ad and Pauline have an open marriage. Maybe they used a surrogate. Maybe Ad was a man. Who knows?!

    Lisa is mainly pointing out the hypocrisy that flows from Ad’s mouth. Ad says one thing, does another. Paul can call Brandi a bitch, but Brandi isn’t allowed to call Ad one! The can attack her, she isn’t allowed to defend herself! If Ad and Pauline really want to keep others out of it, why go to Vyle and Mo’s house to talk about it more involving them? Ad and P are making fools of themselves….

    Whatever the “secret” is, it can’t be any more humiliating/embarrassing for her family and her boys… as they look at pics of Ad splashed all over with her “man/boy” young enough to be her son! Keep it classy Ad, I’m sure your boys are proud!

    • I’m not convinced Russell ever threatened to sue…the whole thing smelled of Traylor. He looked too confused when confronted at the white party, insisting that it was a nice email. I think she set him up for a lot, never thinking it would come back to bite her in the botox.

      • Russell did look confused by all of it. Perhaps Tay got on his computer and sent out a email of her own, under the guise of Russell, because she was upset that Camille had outed her. I wouldn’t put anything past Tay, she’s evil to the core…

  16. Callisto, I agree with your assumptions. It never “felt” true the way that Russell and Taylor situation played out with the abuse, etc. Yes, Brandi has been confronted every time they get together. She just needs to walk away and not get so flustered that all she can do is cuss everyone out. That just backfires on her every time. Hopefully, she will learn this soon.

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