Bravo… deleted scene.  Pretty sure Jillz did this on RHONY!

Jill in red cap

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17 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Gets Herself HYP-MO-TIZED!!

  1. Omg comments about the headband are hilarious…especially considering the hideous get-up that Vyle wore to the art gallery.

  2. Did anyone else recognize the “artist” Daniel from MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER (he painted his date’s portrait) and also an episode of DOG WHISPERER (he was concerned that his dog didn’t drink enough water)? Jeez, this guy is desperate to be on TV.

    • I’ve heard about “extras hoppers” like him and did recognize him yesterday but couldn’t pinpoint where. I remember reading somewhere about him after MM, and how he was a “frequent” on reality TV (referring to dog whisperer). Now this?? He’s dying for PR

    • Omg! Good catch
      Dog not drinking enough water… eyeroll
      I bet his dog is smarter than he is ;-) just a hunch.

  3. Hypnosis… I would be so afaid that I would never snap out of it and for ever and ever cluck like a chicken everytime someone says “hello”.

  4. Please tell me how these whining bitches (Shana, Brandi…) who claim they’re so poor + single + mothers “just trying to get by”, happen to have LV designer (expensive!!!!!!!) luggage and they could also afford to have these QUACKS in their lives. “My spirtualist,” “my psychic,” and now this dude??? Tell me how they afford it! And how do they afford to constantly have new clothes, or to go to dinners/lunches/trips?????????? This is such unbelievable crap now. The writers have nothing else to go on so they have repeated storylines from generic shows. The whole Las Vegas schtick, the whole stripper pole schtick, the psychic schtick, the fake arguements with no real bottomline causation. This is such crap now that it’s embarassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Done broke is relative , theyre broke in Hollywood and broke compared to vanderpump. That’s what I’ve been tryin to explain with Jason hoppy. They own nothing, prolly no savings, and spend what they have, also they most likely receive tons of party swag and freebies , even if its not alist style. Also in my opinion broke is not the same as being penniless or poor. These gals were poor before being married, after marriage they’re considered broke. Also I bet bravo is picking up the bill for a lot of what we see.

      • Then it pisses me off to hear them go on and on as though they’re like “average” people, who are single parents and who are actually STRUGGLING to get by.

        • They’ve got “stuff”, but no real money, and Brandi doesn’t wear anything really expensive, she wears what She has well cuz shes got a great body. Just look at her bedroom, it’s for a newly graduated college student really. She living a normal life. But not poverty stricken that’s fo sho.

          • I agree about her decorating, but her rental seems to be updated with nice appliances (nice kitchen). She pulled clothes out of her closet with pricetags still on them–that’s not the mark of a “poor” girl.

  5. Another great example of how poor Brandi can barley survive. I understand she led a more affluent lifestyle when married but again a hypnotist session is not my definition of “”barley surviving”. Sorry to beat a dead horse but it hits a nerve with me. If Lisa wants sympathy for Brandy play a different card cause a lot of us know what hard times really are.

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