SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Profound Words From Simon Barney… Fitness Joint STILL Lookin’ For Customers… BleeechFrankel’s New BF… NayNay Leakes’ Sitcom “Ratings Bombing”… Adrienne Maloof “SERIOUSLY, Adrienne?”… Camille Grammer “More Kissin’ and Huggin”


— adj
1. penetrating deeply into subjects or ideas: a profound mind
2. showing or requiring great knowledge or understanding: a profound treatise
3. situated at or extending to a great depth
4. reaching to or stemming from the depths of one’s nature: profound regret
5. intense or absolute: profound silence
6. thoroughgoing; extensive: profound changes


Simon Barney had some PROFOUND words, which he posted on his Facebook page, after watching the Lance Armstrong interview which Opree conducted.

OH!  Those “profound” words actually came outta Opree’s mouth, not Simon’s… whatever!  How profound… how profound!  Give Opree the Nobel Prize for profoundness!!

simon barney oprah lance

GEE!!   Wonder if those profound words could apply to ANY of the Housewives?!

RHOC Tamballs Simon pg

While on the subject of the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney,… her newly-established fitness venture does not seem as though it is bringin’ in those throngs of fitness enthusiasts as Tamballs had projected would pay big bucks just to be associated in some way with a Housewife or to just maybe even catch a glimpse of an OC Housewife hoped!

tamballs honey boo boo

There are STILL E-L-E-V-E-N… yes 11… spaces open for a class beginning in two days!   It’s surprising to see that there are ANY spaces available!  Isn’t everyone in CA running with cash in hand to get fit with Tamballs?

tamra cut fitness arrow


Nene Carson pg

NayNay Leakes better hope that her one adoring fan who just happens to be a television sitcom creator/writer/producer, Ryan Murphy, has another project he’s working on… and has another role in which NayNay can “act”!

NayNay’s sitcom… The New Normal… has taken a nosedive in ratings, according to TheWrap:

“…while “The New Normal” at 9:30 also hit a ratings nadir, dropping 24 percent from its last original five weeks ago for a 1.3/3 and taking 3.3 million total viewers.”

NOTE:  NayNay might have that SAG card… but, that don’t mean she can act!  NayNay has been profoundly “acting” herself as herself being herself in every role she’s been handed by her fan!  


From TheDailyMail:  Brandi Glanville shows Kyle Richards that Kyle ain’t the only Housewife who has the paps lurking around her house just waiting for the moment when the garbage has to be taken out!

brandi garbage arrow

Points to Kyle for wearing heels!  Sorry, Brandi… maybe next time!

kyle garbage

NOTE:  Poor, poor, poor Brandi!!  That is the same dress she wore on her way to her meetin’ with LisaVPump for some much-needed chatting about how they’re gonna tuck the “other women” story line into the RHOBH so the intro to “VPumpRules” would appear to be seamless to unsuspecting viewers shopping!   Brandi is SO poor that she cut off the sleeves, made a V-neck and added a collar to her “take out the garbage” dress!  Poor Brandi!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.17.46 PM


camille dimitri

Also over at TheDailyMail… Camille Grammer and her BF are huggin’ it up for the paps.


Adrienne BF arrow

Adrienne Maloof’s choice of “man” is profoundly puzzling.   As is her choice of “goin’ out to dinner” apparel!

Sean Stewart in photos from TheDailyMail looks about as interested in Adrienne as he looked when Dr. Drew was warning him of the dangers of drugs when Sean was on “CelebrityRehab”!

Note to Adrienne:  We have always liked you at SH, Adrienne!  In all the communication with you/your ‘people’… have found you to be intelligent, efficient, personable and most importantly a very kind person.   We realize that it is your duty to keep yourself relevant in this Housewife-eat-Housewife **cough, cough** “reality” world… and by choosing this loser who has nothing but his Daddy’s name goin’ for him the 20-years-younger-than-you Sean Stewart, you have many chatting about you.  Nice job… nice way to keep your name and face relevant!  

However, pictures say a thousand words!  Photos of Sean and you portray two people who both know the deal… and show that Sean has zero interest in YOU!  The body language in the photos seems to be saying, “Elliot Mintz thought this was a great idea, so let’s do it!  Let’s see everyone’s reaction to us!”   AND… you “dating” this young-enough-to-be-your-son guy certainly takes the attention OFF of the buzz about your “big secret” which Brandi blurted out.

Nice try, Adrienne… but, no one is buying this new BF ‘story’!   Are you THAT hungry for attention/fame to stoop this low?   Think about it, Adrienne… and take a look at all the photos of you and Sean.   If you are planning on proceeding with this phony romance, you and Sean need to take some lessons in body language!  

To be perfectly honest, Adrienne… we are shocked and a bit ashamed FOR you that you would even be photo’d with someone who seems to not only have no respect for you, but no respect for himself … it shows in his choice of clothing for his “date” with you… that you would actually accept his appearance.  You know many more acceptable men… many who would be much more believable than this one!   So, if you are goin’ with this phony “Cougar” phase… you could do much better!


kyle brandi dreams pg


AND… If you didn’t already know, B **BLEEEEEEECH!!!** Frankel  got a boyfriend… Warren Lichtenstein.

warren frankel arrow

All the months that she’s been whining about how “excruciating” her divorce is from Jason Hoppy, B**LEEEEECH**Frankel has been roaming about with Warren!

From the NYPost:

Lichenstein is the head of $4 billion New York based hedge fund Steel Partners, which he co-founded in 1990.   NOTE:  This is a nice little insight into hedgefund Warren/SteelPartners from 2009!

(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFTM” “PDM”  “PMG”  “Cybraxis” “Mary” “Aint” “HWFan” and “SloMo”!!!)

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159 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Profound Words From Simon Barney… Fitness Joint STILL Lookin’ For Customers… BleeechFrankel’s New BF… NayNay Leakes’ Sitcom “Ratings Bombing”… Adrienne Maloof “SERIOUSLY, Adrienne?”… Camille Grammer “More Kissin’ and Huggin”

    • why why why do Ladies call other Ladies & ones they don’t even know at that a “HO” I really just don’t get it? Just saying!

      • Well I think the logical answer would be because they behave like HOs and demonstrate HOlike qualities. Mind you I don’t think that we all speak the way we write on this website in every day life.

        • I must define HO differently. If BF cheated on her hubby Mr. Hedge Fund or another, it certainly makes her an immoral, lying, tart sleaze bag. But not a whore. That would be Sean Stewart.

          • Just because Bitchenny has her own money does not mean she isn’t after this guy’s money as well, but, I digress. A ho is as a ho does. I’m not talking sex either, Ho is a state of being not particularly an assessment of their sexual high jinks, more an assessment of someone’s way in dealing with those around them i.e. using others to get ahead, male or female.

            • Maybe this is just what happens when you spend your soul looking for money. I think BF thought once she became rich, all her problems would go away. So she became rich, and uh oh….still unhappy. The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil.

      • I love the fact that Jason stands up to her. She thinks she needs to rule the roost all the time. I can’t believe she even filed for child support. I hope he takes her to the cleaners.

    • Now I change my mind about Jason, I think Bethany may have been having a relationship with this man awhile (especially if she went to Hong Kong with this guy back in October). Jason probably had enough and wanted to get out of this relationship. I knew this would happen. She bigger and better dealed him out of the picture. She cheated on Jason pure and simple. Also it sounds like that her hedgefund man is having trouble with his fund and instead of giving back his money to investors he’s hopeing that he could get the money back by going public and getting public investors to invest in his white elephant.

      Wait we will here more about him and his hedgefund and Bethany’s problems.

      • @ Buck And the plot thickens… Jason didn’t want out, he would never abandon his wife and child, he is the type that mates for life, good, bad and ugly. He is the type of man that his happiness is second to those he loves, especially his child. If this makes him weak in some people’s eyes then so be it, in my eyes he is to be commended and admired. I’m weird like that…

        • I agree with you, Jason strikes me as the type who would stay in a bad marriage, too, because he is a family type man and for his daughter’s sake. I’m very disappointed in Betheny, she really went down way low on my opinion of her. She will end up a broke, bitter old woman with a daughter who can hardly stand her….seems like she is turning into her mother.

    • Yep, both lost out this time. Betheny was lucky to get a normal guy like Jason, and Paul actually wasn’t a bad catch. Both these women will always have to wonder if it’s their money these men are there far, or them….my guess is the money. Ad’s is just a paid escort jigglo.

    • OMG those shorts, Adrienne! Not only do you have camel toe, but you look ridiculous at your age! Have some dignity! And I like you, but this is just bizarre.

  1. Love hearing Nay Nay’s career cough cough is tanking.She only plays herself so if very stereo type casted.Good thing she kept her “leased” house in ATL.

    • And hopefully the production company is getting a really good tax write off for the house they leased for you in Hollywood! LOL!

      • I was wondering if the house in Hollywood belonged to Kenya since she was borrowing Kenya’s furniture. Who would ‘loan’ their furniture to someone they’d only known for a few months? Maybe Nene is paying the mortage for broke Kenya to live there while she ‘has arrived’ in Hollywood. Furniture included….gotta admit wasn’t much on that big truck that pulled up with outside stuff.

    • It’s nice to see NayNay getting knocked off her high horse, also. That nicey nice attitude she was faking on the show was fooling me one bit, especially when I’d read her blog and see her digs at Kandi and Phaedra. I read, too, that she wants Marlo to be rehired for the show….between crazy Kenya and hoebag Marlo, I can live without that trash. She seems to want a bunch of Cynthia buttlickers on the show. From reading her blogs, she definitely wants Phaedra and Kandi gone, and her handful of fans want what ever NayNay wants.

      • I can’t stomach Marlo. Kendra plays nice/civil. She’s entertaining. Marlo is plain trash and not amusing. This is the 1st season Nene hasn’t made me ill. Not that she’s nice, but she is funnier and less critical b/c of the good going on in her life. Without Kandi and Phae the show would be a incoherent mess.

        • Nene is only faking nice….she hasn’t changed one bit. She is just letting Kenya and Cynthia do their thang, while she sits back and waits for her turn. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the old Nene before the end of the season.

      • I hope they fire “Ashy” Porscha. That girl is a shit stain on her uncle or grandpa or whoever’s legacy.

    • Ya know Susie, she needs to be knocked down a few notches… She’s getting too big for her britches… Actually, I think she is gaining some weight… :)

  2. that’s clearly not even the same dress for brandi? the fabrics visibly have an entirely different texture.

      • @ Ms SH Do they still teach reading comprehension in school? I know they did away with phonics so… it is a skill that is sorely lacking anymore, IMHO. No offense to the poster just an observation that I have been mulling over in my head for a while. I’m not sure if it is a lack of comprehension or the willingness to willingly miscomprehend. I’m not certain…

      • Interesting color choice Brandi made for her pic …after Kyle was made fun of because her dress matched the cans! I suspect a not too subtle dig…

  3. LOL. While that might not be the same dress its still the same lower abdominals on full display. I am not a fan of that look at all and Brandi has a smoking body for sure . Just goes ta show you EVERY girl on the planet has certain things she needs to stay way from wearing.
    I give Brandi more points than “actress” Kyle for making her trip to the trash for the paps a tad bit more believable. Ifn I didn’t know any better I would assume she just chucked a cup in there on her way out the door. The purse is the thing. Oh well. Better luck next time Kyle.

    • MP: ITA. Not to knock Brandi, who is stick-thin, but, why (oh why!!) do these women wear dresses that show every bump and lump on their bodies??? Sorry, but her tummy does not look good in that dress!! I’m so sick of seeing women’s bellybuttons and little lumps of post baby-fat in their Flinstone’s dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Camille looks pretty damned happy. I doubt she even realized that the paps were there! Good for her!

      Adrienne looks like an ass with this dude. Why hook up with someone who has a substance abuse issue? She’s asking for trouble. And, is that what you’d introduce to your toddlers, after being so fastidious in keeping the children OUT of the limelight? Dumb move, Adrienne, but then again, everything she’s done in the past year or so has seem really, really stupid to me.

      • I think its the lighting and flash bulb , I bet in person the dress doesn’t look so bad, I think Brandi is conscious and aware of how she looks.

      • Wow, just wow. Who is advising Adriennne? In a few short years this is what she has become. Don’t pr people usually tell clients to lay low during a divorce? I am not saying you need to hibernate but to be seen socially with this loser seems like a stupid move. Wasn’t her storyline about what a smart business women she is? We are seeing the aftermath of “the harder they fall”

        • jellybean: YES. I’ve worked with divorce lawyers for many, many years, and they DO advise you to lay low and not advertise if you’re dating b/c it could affect the outcome of support and custody. She’s being really stupid, for so many reasons.

        • Well, the Maloofs, et al, just sold the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. Maybe she was out “celebrating”?

    • Ok Made your slacking…..Look at Brandis dress in the first picture. She has two bumps sticking out of her stomach. Now once could be a picture booboo . But in two pictures the same two bumps are showing up. Now you usually are all over this kind of stuff. Am I just seeing something not there? Look again for me will ya? Give me your true insight on what the hell? Ya know I love ya kid so don’t fail me now…..LOL….

    • @ Lori I have a theory…she was one of the first and was relatively funny so the intensity of scrutiny wasn’t there plus she knew just what to say and when to say it…her true colors came out with her own show and the cameras were there for too many hours for her to fake it anymore.

      • You’re absolutely right. As one of many characters, she was funny and came across as the underdog. Plus, in Jill Z. was so horrid, how could you not take Bethenny’s side in that feud? The second she had her own show, I couldn’t stand her, though. She was awful and the way she spoke to her in-laws, she should have been bitch-slapped. I know everyone is down on her drinks, but I have to admit, I am a fan of her Skinny Girl Cosmo.

    • I was one of those who really liked Bethenny, and I am usually a good judge of character. I think fame and fortune went to her head. It’s a shame with Jason – he seems like a really nice, normal guy. But it’s hard for a lot of men to play second fiddle to a powerful wife. And she seemd to not treat him well at all. And I feel for his parents, who really took her into the family. I can’t believe she would step out with a “boyfriend” when she hasn’t even been separated from Jason for three months now. I’m very disappointed.

  4. “only 11 spots remaining” — out of what? 15? I’m sure Bravo will edit her exercise place to make it look like a smashing success, filling in the empty spots with camera crew if necessary. Whats the word on the “wine by hypocrites”? Is that biz still alive?

  5. If Tammy can’t fill up her FREE classes, how is she ever going to make any money when she starts charging for them?

    • I’m probably the only one who felt like Simon got a very bad edit on the show. I always liked him, and I felt like he only seemed controlling because when they got on the show, that’s when Tamball’s started dressing and acting like a slut. If I was a man, I wouldn’t want my wife to act or dress like her, either, and he did seem like a good dad. Like giving Tamball’s son a job, but the boy was so lazy he didn’t want to work…I’d bet money he’s still not working, either, and Eddie wants to be on the show so bad he let’s him get away with it.

      • @HCB ITA, I also felt that Tmaballs a Icky were in cahoots and thought that they would be the bells of the ball when they ditched the hubs with men falling at their feet but, like all good narcissists, they must have a narcissistic supply close for constant admiration. Hence the gay guy (Tamballs) and the toothless @ss kissing mooch (Icky).

      • I always like him. He had a fantastic job at Fletcher Jones which he lost because of the way his cheap, slutty wife acted on the show. I can only imagine how few friends her kids have in real life, thanks to her nasty, whorish behavior. As far as the gym goes, I really think it’s a bad investment and won’t last through the year. For one, the economy hasn’t recovered to the extent that people are spending frivolously and another is she has such a horrible, unlikeable personality who the heck would want to actually go there and run into her?

        • He lost his job because of Tamra? Yeah, right. I’m sure he believes that too. Salesmen lose their jobs because they aren’t hitting their sales quotas. The economy is bad, so that makes sense.

      • I also thought Simon got a bad edit and I kind of liked him. Hey, if he could put up with Tamballs then he was alright in my book. Although you do have to wonder what he saw in her in the first place?? The good thing is, he got OUT! Divorcing Tamballs was a blessing in disguise for him.

      • I’m totally with ya about Simon. Bravo knew what Simon really thought of them and they weren’t about to let him voice his valid concerns on tv, so they essentially censored him and through network’s trademark editing, made him look like the bad guy. And Tammy Sue, being the obedient Bravo employee, decided to put the show ahead of her marriage and family. Oh well, Simon’s better off anyway. Aside from the embarrassment of being her 2nd husband, he has moved on.

        • Also I know Bravo and Vicki and Tamra Boo Boo hated Jeanna, but to me, she was the ultimate RHW. I miss real moms on tv. Except for putting up with her jerk husband (legit brain damaged or whatever from baseball), she was pretty redeeming.

  6. I am not on the BF Bandwagon. Did she really try to make it work with Jason? Cuz it’s looking more and more as if she needed a sperm donor and a storyline not a husband. Sad. Praying that she encourages or at least tolerates the involvement of Jason and the Hoppys in Bree’s life. They will give that sweet little the grounding, consistency and a loving refuge from Bethenny’s chaos.Amazing how Bethenny criticized her own mother for making the same choices Bethenny is now making.

    • ITA Aint Pittypat. By the time I started watching NYC she was already gone, but I caught a few of her own show. Couldn’t come close to finishing. Too depressing with the child involved in her mess.

  7. Adrienne has sunk to a new low. She looks like an absolute fool in that outfit of hers. She MUST be paying that guy Sean to escort her places because there is NO way he is interested in someone old enough to be at least his mother, if not his grandmother. Paul is so much better off since that bitch is out of his life. Maybe he can find a normal woman now.

    • what girl his age is going to pay for his bills? daddy’s girls want better than sean stewart.

  8. Bethenny is a freaken ho and I hope that Jason goes to court for full custody of Bryn. No child should have to live with her ho mother and her boyfriend. Adrienne as I called it before you are a cougar. He could give a crap about you. You are an embarrassment to yourself and to your children. Paul should go back into court for custody of them. Ok, I’m done.

  9. why does everyone, especially other women, always blame the woman? unless you have been raised in a dysfuntional situation, it is hard to understand. i think it was jason who was attracted to her, her ways, her money etc. after awhile his ego or whatever, just got the best of him, and coming from a small hometown he just couldn’t deal. a little jealousy i think. even in this generation, it seems some things really have not changed. the man can be rich, oh, he worked so hard, he is so successful. if it is the woman, she is just a bitch. why just why????

    • I agree katek.
      Bethenny is quick witted and was fun on rhony but still don’t like Beth much myself, but w the Jason situation………..
      As I said before, i think bethenny is wanting to upgrade herself, she couldnt get a successful guy before(although she wanted that BADLY) but now that she has her own success maybe her crazy is more tolerable and maybe she’ll have more confidence in a higher stakes relationship now. Shes a ho for going to hong kong and aspen with him though, big time.
      Regardless warren is gross, and this thing can’t see lasting.

      • @ Girlfriend I guess I have a different idea of what success is… most people would consider a good career in pharmaceuticals for 20 yrs and owning apartments in NY not exactly living on welfare. He ain’t no hedge fund manager but in the real world he would be upper middle income. He has been living in NYC for 20 yrs so the “small town” crap can go where the sun don’t shine; how elitist to think he is a rube because he came from a small town as though nothing good can come from outside of NYC. Bitchenny floundered around for decades mooching off people and then ran ass backwards into RHNY. She wasn’t trying to get SMG off the ground, she was hustling those baked goods she couldn’t even give away. Hence her whole focus S1 of RHNY was Jason 1.0 and GETTING him. The VIEWERS gave her the idea for SMG, they wanted to know what went in her SMG that she ordered with Lumann and she had an AWESOME management team, whom she used and dumped as well – firing them a few DAYS before she signed the Beam deal – they scored her the hook-up with everyone who made SMG happen, she did NOT do this on her own, she was in the right place at the right time with the right management. Notice how quickly and quietly she paid off her former manager, not wanting the truth to come out:

        She is not what I consider a good business person, male or female; she did realize her fan base and found the right management to help her cash in on it, which, with half a brain, is easy. I mean, how hard could it be if “even” Teresa could turn her stint as a HW into millions and Terresa has been villainized for 3 seasons, Bitchenny was beloved for a loooooooooong time.

        My distaste for her has NOTHING to do with feminism, which I think has been bastardized to mean women are superior and men are dirt, no matter what. The lazy argument that a woman is anti-woman when she “dare” to judge another’s atrocious behaviors is just that, lazy. I would feel the same way toward a man, no matter the level of success. Feminism is about equality, not about tearing the other “guy” down to build yourself up nor is it making excuses for bad behavior because someone has the same chromosome make-up that I do.

        • ITA, TA and triple TA for the last paragraph Adios, and never could have said it so well! Had this been written earlier there would have been such a feeling a of relief/relaxation I wouldn’t have felt the need to run on and on further down or bothered to take up space period. And that was on a different subject! You’re really on a roll this morning!

          • @ Linda Thanks. I just get so frustrated and this is an awesome place to let ‘er rip! Even if you think you’re being redundant you’re not. It happens many times that I am certain I had thought something through thoroughly and BAM! someone completes the thought so don’t EVER hold back on here,it’s a really cool place to hang and put your thoughts out there in a friendly and accepting place.

            • Adios ITA with you. My statements are my opinions about where bitchennys head may be at. That said by NYC standards in the upper middle class to rich income tax bracket Jason is quite “normal”, he owned and sold a couple of very small studio like apts, and pharmaceutical reps don’t make more than $125,000 per year, granted he has success in his life I’m not knocking it, but in NYC with that you cannot live well at all, anywhere else you’d be comfortable. Bethenny always wanted a rich guy and still does, and I KNOW that jason not being well traveled and not in the know so much really bothered her. Everyone seems to forget bethenny was not a desireable woman, and no successful guy married her, she felt she had no choice but to take what she could get and that was a guy who did not have real finances available. When she met Jason she already had some success not the Forbes cover success, but something. However, she was still desperate for money a baby and a guy, and Jason had some kinda agenda as well,(ifeel he loved her anyway) in any case this marriage died as we all knew it would. BFs success affected them both badly and differently and that was the end. She’s looking for a better bigger deal, and Jason most likely more hurt by all this but will be better off emotionally without her.

              • @ Girlfriend Jason is well traveled and he was the one who sent his parents to China on their anniversary. Being single and frugal,he was able to make diversified investments outside of his job and rentals. My source is me, we live in the same small town and have common friends.

                Jason was hesitant to marry because he could not find someone who would appreciate his family, if Bethenny had presented herself any differently he would have been outta there but, she got pregnant 4 months into the affair (what it should have been) and was giving interviews everywhere that if he asked she would marry him, which I thought was shocking after a few months (this was pre-pregnancy) to bring such a subject up in such a young relationship, especially that those thoughts were being given to a reporter!

                Jason is no saint, I get that, none of us are but are his “sins” so egregious that you would throw away a marriage- no, correction – your husband and father of your child? That’s rhetorical, Girlfriend, I know you feel the same and we are just looking at it from different angles but coming up with the same outcome… no hard feelings? Kiss,kiss,hug,hug!

              • Adios, Not at all, I completely agree with you, just trying to shed light from another perspective, we both are saying the same thing. I ALWAYS agree with you adios!

              • @ GF There really isn’t any, he’s a good guy, everyone loves him, always did. Devoted friend, devoted son, never heard any of his former Gfs say anything disparaging. All his friends are cream of the crop and are just like him. It hit the town hard when his brother was killed, they are suuuuch a nice family and everyone felt their pain. They pulled through with the grace of God. The lines to the funeral home went on forever. So sad.

                We have a pretty strict moral code here, it’s a small town and you may run into the person you stuck a knife in their back the day before at the grocery, know what I mean? It’s different when you are in a city of 8 million, you can be a creep and get away with it, you can’t pull that crap here ’cause if you do you’ll suffer for it.

                I wouldn’t be defending him if I knew otherwise.

              • @ GF I’m sorry! Know this: if he was an @sshole I would be the first one on here screaming it form the roof tops, without any hesitation. Trust that.

        • I agree, Betheny didn’t have money until after she married Jason…..then she dumped him. Also, why would it matter which one of them makes the most money in any marriage? Just enjoy the money, and spend and enjoy it together. It would have been nice of her to ask Jason what he would like to do as a career, and pay for him to do what makes him happy? I hope he gets plenty for what Betheny has done to him, and I hope he gets custody of their daughter, Bree doesn’t need her mom’s eating disorders screwing her up, too…just look at Beth’s mom, she has an eating disorder, too, or she’s sick! I hope Paul makes off like a bandit, too!

    • I wouldn’t consider where Jason grew up a “small home town.” It’s a lot closer to NYC then you might think. Plus, Jason worked in NYC before meeting Bethany. JMO, but he genuinely looked like a guy in Love with her. Bethany was no big mogul pre: Jason; she was struggling to find success and apparently herself too.
      I would never automatically blame the woman…just sayin’. Seemed to me Bethany developed quite the EGO when she hit lotto; maybe she was always mean but when she was on rhony it wasn’t really noticeable. JMO, but I think her EGO got the better of her.
      I know watching BEA, I didn’t care for her.
      I happen to have a lot of compassion for growing up in a dysfunctional family. It’s one thing to understand that BF got pretty screwed up…growing up, it’s another thing to blame, and take out your anger, on someone who might not have. Besides, what family doesn’t have some dysfunction?
      Her and Mandy seem to have that “victim” thing in common. Why is it that anyone who grew up with a relatively happy childhood has to painted as the “lucky ones or the popular kids,or whatever?” It’s like reverse racism to me. No one grows up with a perfect life, in spite of what some may believe.

    • I was raised in a far more dysfunctional situation than Skankenheimer and I never believed her tale of childhood woe for a nanosecond. On RHOBH she seemed engaging with a quick wit and a great humor but by the second season her cutthroat self became evident and when the spinoff began to air her true self was on display and it certainly was not pretty to see. She’s disgusting and Bryn’s only chance at normalcy is with her father and his family.

      • I’ve come to believe that much of her childhood analysis with her shrink was one big “poor me” fest. I did think the Doc. seemed better then most we’ve seen on these shows until we saw him on the boat in BEA, it was pretty clear, at that point, he was in her “pocket.” Money, money, money…..MONEY!
        ITA, Bryn’s best chance at a happy, healthy and normal life will be with her father and his family.

        • Yes, ktgirl. Most of the time when she was in the shrink office, I was thinking, ok, what exactly is her problem? I could never see WHAT the heck all the issues were in her current life. She was just never happy. If I didn’t know the story, I would have thought that Bethenny was just spoiled rotten and craving attention, one of those pretty people who create “problems”.

          • I agree Kel. It never seemed to matter how that Doctr tried to talk to BF. It was always her way or the highway. You’re right, if it weren’t for the background given to viewers, by her, one might of thought she was just a spoiled brat!

          • kel,I have to laugh at the “pretty people” comment though. Yikes…BF isn’t exactly what I would call one of the “pretty people.” :).

            • Lol, I was kinda referring to the term “pretty white kids with problems”, a joke I saw on Snl makin fun of kids like the 90210 types who don’t know what real suffering and fear is. “Pretty” as in pretty things, pretty life, pretty petty.

    • I’d agree mostly, Katek, but I think Bethenny took it too far. Many women have dysfunctional parents, and face things even more gruesome than she did, but at some point you have to take a step back and be rational. Bethenny seemed unable to just let some things be, her sessions with the shrink became less enlightening and more like whine fests over time. I think women who had bad childhoods started to think, jeese Bethenny, enough already. At times her arguements with Jason seemed contrived just to feed the drama. Many of us have partners who are really jerks, yet we let things go and work harder to compromise and be considerate of the jerk.

      • @ Kel I will never forget when she and Jason had arrived @ the Heliport and she started with him and he was completely caught off guard. She started screeching at him that he said she was “damaged and going to end up alone” and he started to quietly protest saying “but I didn’t… and she cut him off screaming “you didn’t have to”. To me that was extremely damning, she was projecting ( par for the course of narcissists, projection) what she wanted the viewers to think about him, that he was not perfect and, btw, who the hell is? She was jealous of the “fan” base that Jason and his parents were garnering. From BGM to the first and (especially) second season of BEA all the comments were about how lucky she was to have found such down to earth, loving and accepting people to fill the void of her “horrible” childhood. Like all egomaniacs she was JEALOUS of what little attention someone else was getting and there is only one star in Bitchenny’s firmament and that is Bitchenny. A reasonable person would have taken the admiration others had for her family as an affirmation of themselves having the good sense to surround themselves with people of such fine caliber. If Bitchenny didn’t have such a shallow measure of what constitutes a good person i.e. how much bank and/or fame they possess, she may have had a beautiful life secure in the fact that she had people around her that value her for her and not the illusion.

        • Yes adios, poor Jason he finally got a bone and jealous bethenny was up in arms about it, it’s me me me with bethenny. She was getting all the attention and she couldn’t just graciously give them the bone, even if Jason may be totally different behind closed doors. I also think BF was thinking if it wasn’t for me nobody would even know who you or your family were

          • @ GF It’s not like those poor people were looking for it, it’s just happened that others couldn’t help but take notice, Lol! They ARE nice people, good people and that jumped off the screen. Carol& Bob & Jason were just being themselves, none of them ever even entertained being “famous” or any such nonsense. Jason wasn’t a former actor/singer who had given up his search for fame, he was just looking for a nice woman to make some babies with and have a nice life together. He fell and he fell hard, he truly loves her, or what she presented herself to be in the beginning, just like we did and we weren’t having sex with her to cloud our perspectives!

            This one goes out to Jason:


              • OMgosh, Made That is too funny!!!!!!!! I seems so wrong, listening to the Chipmunks singing that song!!!

                Oh, and thanks, I can only aspire to be as adept as you when choosing music and/or video! You are the Queen and the original!

              • lol. I love these chipmunks things. I was actually trying to find the “clean” version of that song but wouldn’t ya know it its nowhere to be found. :) So I tried to soften it a bit with the chipmunks version but it just came out more sinister. Your song was more perfect.

              • @ Made IK! Jeff Lynn could have written it especially for B & the situation in general, weird! That’s why I posted the lyrics as well.

              • I can’t believe I just totally rocked out to Alvin & the Chipmunks “Bitch came back.” LOL.
                BBF has been seeing a shrink for So long she’s like Jac-a-loon with her constant psycho babble. I don’t know how Jason handled it? Geez.. he couldn’t even have a normal conversation with her, without her acting like a pseudo-shrink herself….Looney Tunes.
                I hate to see divorce but Jason & Bryn deserve a happy life. Spending the rest of his life with BBF would of been like a long,slow and painful death.
                Wishing him the best. I agree, the cameras like him and he overshadowed BFF on screen. I think in a long run…there will be a happy light at the end of the tunnel.
                BTW, I thought the picture of that new (yikes) guy she’s dating….had a creepy resemblance to BFF herself. That might make her happy….dating the male version of herself?! Then again, didn’t Mick Jagger & Bianca try that? Remember reading an interview in the 80′s with one of the guys in the “Stones” he was quoted as saying something like “Mick saw Bianca and fell in love immediately, how could he not? Who
                could Mick love more then himself.”

              • Whats wired about the way that Bethanny came off in Bethanny Ever After is she was a producer. So she gave herself the best possible edit I am sure in her mind anyways. And still came off looking like she was a few fries short of a happy meal. Bless her heart.

              • EVERYBODY, DUCK!!!! Made said “bless her heart” we all know what that is code for,Made is gettin’ ready to shoot to kill! Lmao!!!

              • OMG you just had me laughing SOoo…hard :). There’s just something about a Sweet Southern gal saying “Bless her Heart” that gets me every time!

              • @ KT Nemesis did draw Narcissus to that pool knowing Narcissus would be enamored with his reflection, so much so he stayed there till he died never knowing it was just a reflection…

              • @adios It’s been awhile since I pondered Greek mythology, but Adonis comes to mind. That may be the case with BBF….I do think that creepy guy looks a lot like her.
                BTW, I grew up just outside of NYC so I always felt like I had the best of both worlds when it comes to NY. That being said, I also spent a lot of time in Penn. Beautiful state, my grandparents had a vacation home there and a LOT of friends went to college in Penn. I totally get the family, smaller town, home thing, especially when a loved one passes away. I never really got how BBF landed a guy like Jason, but I forgot about the pregnancy.
                OAN, In Mick Jaggers defense, the interview I read was after Mick & Bianca had married & already divorced. SO I’m guessing he was fairly young & still a bit foolish in the 70′s. I was listening to the Stones by the time I was 11….a few older brothers & music has been a part of my life since I could walk.

          • Adios I know theyre just nice normal folk, they definitely were not looking for fame, they just wanted to be grandparents and Jason wanted a family , I feel bad for them now.

        • I think that not only is she narcissistic, she’s a sociopath – she has no conscious. She played on Jason by suggesting the name “Bryn” for their daughter, since his brother “Brian” died. What a way to get your hooks in, Bethanny.

          • Hey Kel..Do you guys think that maybe she is a Kartrashian? I mean she and Kim should have talked so Frankel could have gotten pointers on a short but profitable marriage. She could have gotten a divorce earlier like Kim and screwed him like she did her ex….Just a thought..LOL.

    • I agree that women are so awful to other women. And NO ONE KNOWS what went on between BF and the hubby. Maybe he is a total jerk, maybe an angel. Thinking you have insight into a marriage based on a reality tv show is ludicrous.

  10. Would have loved to see Nay Nay’s reaction if she had really divorced Greg her lapdog and he was dating a white woman.She acts all smug that she has a man and can give Kenyuk advice on relationships.She would be bitter if she really had had a “REAL” divorce and was a “single” mom going through child support issues like the rest.Glad the gay director Ryan Murphy likes her so much.I dont.Tired of seeing so much gay stuff on all the Bravo shows.Dont like the gay/lesbian stuff crammed down my throat for sick ass Mandy/Andy gay guy to enjoy.

  11. Maybe Nene can be on Murphy’s next installment of American Horror Story.
    I wonder if she will be in LA on March 6th for The New Normal’s panel at Paleyfest. LMAO I just checked and tickets were still available. Let’s just some of the other shows that will be at Paleyfest are sold out (The Walking Dead). We went last year and Murphy is just an ass (probably why the two get along). This year the Paley Center is having a special gala for Murphy and is probably the only reason why The New Normal would be showcased.

    • Did yall see the look on Oprah’s face when the Lance Armstorng pulled his “I never said fat” thing outa his butt?

      • I was watching Jimmy Fallon that night and it was GREAT! I adore Jimmy Fallon and I’ve had a big ole’ crush on him since his SNL days. Thanks for the video …loved seeing it again.

          • They’re the best!!! I love that that he ques the music guy (forgot his name) to play a melody “appropriate” for thank you note writing. I think there was one more thank you note he did, to Lance Armstrong that night, not in this video. I was laughing so hard. He was SO Great on SNL. I Really like his Late Night Show, but I also really miss seeing him act. He’s a gifted comedy actor….I miss that!

    • Yeah her network is not appealing at all, a few interesting interviews won’t make the ratings. Oprah really needs to think outside the box to reinvent her network and herself!
      As for NeyNey, real television is not real housewives, NBC is still struggling, her show either did not have the right time slot or people were just not interested? I lost all respect for Simon a long time ago, my thoughts of Tamballs have been up and down and she is better off without him. Maybe Bethenny and Adrienne are just finding a way to get their groove back, again (BCD) behind closed doors, we don’t know what happen to their marriages?

  12. We will see Cut Fitness going into a short sale soon.The HW hags think people will drop at their feet for whatever crap they are hawking.Tamballs is gross and over the hill.Plastic surgery can not turn back the hands of time.Insides are they age they are.

    • Ifn it wasnt for these HW shows I wouldn’t knowd what a short sale is. I would have been imaging a real estate office team full of little people

      • I was a teenager in HS when “Short People” came out and I use to enjoy singing it Lol. Always loved the line “You got to pick ‘em up just to say hello.” One of gf’s was not a happy camper when she finally realized the lyrics in the song. She always liked the sound of the song, but was like WT-HECK when she asked me one day “What is he saying kt?” Maybe I shouldn’t of told her :).

      • But when Tammy Sue shoves her foot in her mouth, as she always does, that place will be deserted. She better watch herself.

  13. Well judging by the cutfitoc website the gym/studio sucks. I don’t know what’s available in the OC, but in NYC this place would not make it. Here you either join equinox, reebok, nysports club(cheapest) or you do the latest craze of just small studio/classes like physique 57,soul cycle,or Barry’s boot camp, other case scenario a pvt trainer in your own gym. Cutfitoc does not stand up to any of these it looks dated, tamra should have checked into franchising a barre class.
    If it does make it it’ll be filled with wackos obsessed with OC HWs and guys like the creeps these women date.

    • I can see Eddie using it as an spot to meet and pick up other “guys like him”….if you get my drift….

    • Thinking the same thing. He is painfully unattractive AND has a substance abuse problem. Just the type of man I would want to have around my kids.

      • @ Sandy I think because tonight she is featured on the show and she had to have a big “reveal” in her personal life in order to attract viewers to tonight’s show. Just a guess but, there is not one thing any of these animals do that is NOT contrived.

  14. My guess is that Jason caught some herpes from B and realized she really is bad for his health. I cant even imagine the STD’s this chick has.

  15. Adrienne’s guy friend seems scuzzy to me. He just has that scuzzy look about him. I don’t quite feel like I want to barf when I look at him, like PT’s George, or that nasty Thomas Kramer scumbag that the Miami ladies loved, but just a queasy feeling of yuck. Adrienne has definitely sunk to a new low and that’s pretty hard to do.

    • Lol, and ITA with the “new low and that’s pretty hard to do” Slaen. Imho Adrienne always seemed full of sh*t even when she was trying to seem understanding and caring with some on the first season. Couldn’t put my finger on why exactly at the time, she just seemed too nervous and uncomfortable with it in the scenes. Not saying everyone should be understanding with everyone, or kind for that matter. And I appreciate strong, confident business women with or without the other attributes–no one can have/be everything. But Adrienne seems to be faking it ALL, and I can’t even feel the usual sympathy/empathy I feel for people who just haven’t figured out who they are yet (I know she’s on the older side for that, but we’ve all seen it happen, and it does sometimes seem to last longer for the very rich, if they’ve grown up too sheltered). Imo Adrienne has for many, many years been the type person that is just as lovely as she can be to anyone’s face while totally ripping them otherwise. I mean, waaay beyond the “usual” when it comes to being two-faced and passive-aggressive. She doesn’t just speak badly about someone she disagrees with/doesn’t like behind their back, she tries to destroy them in whatever she feels is the most important facet of their life. And she’s not woman enough to let anyone (other than Paul, I think that’s why she CONSTANTLY niggle/naggled at him, until a ‘course she pulled out the big b*llsh*t guns during the divorce) know to their face that she even slightly disagrees with them about anything at all in the world, including the weather. She goes straight from “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth” to “I will destroy you.” And most times that’s found out through others as well. I think that scene she had with Paul at Mo’ripoff’s’s shin-dig was really rare in her life. If it hadn’t been set up the way it was, and with Paul being so loud about it, imo she wouldn’t have said a harsh word to Brandi’s face and tried to do her damage on the DL (well, DL from Brandi, while secretly involving as many as others as she could of course, she also has to have back-up in her behind-the-scenes bullying). While still not having the balls to say more than “Geez, that did bother me a little, but we’ll work it out” as she’s patting Brandi’s back. Bet Paul even got some version of that treatment before she pulled the fake abuse/or true but it’s okay for the kids to be around someone like that w/out anyone else present load a crap. And yeah, I get that it’s better not to show your hand (didn’t say bullsh*t and lie) if someone’s truly trying to “get you” in some serious situation, but I think Adrienne’s the type to react the way she does with someone who said they didn’t like her outfit on slow days. And I think before she was on the show, pert near everyday was a slow day, being as Ms. Maloof was able to avoid hearin’ about much in the way of criticism. Money can make it easy to surround yourself with “yes men,” but you can’t pay the whole world to be, and she chose to let us in. Look, be a strong woman if ya wanna, be a kind woman if ya wanna, be snarky or sweet, evil, angelic, or any combination known to man, but why be so d*mned fake about it ALL Maudie? That’s what makes a person truly sad, pathetic, and disgusting. Okay, feel much better, pain’s let up quite a bit. Thanks y’all! :-)

      • Meant thanks y’all for giving me a safe place to go on a ridiculously long uncalled for rant in the middle of a miserable night, lol!

  16. Ahh Bethenny, always the climber. Kinda makes the interviews her mom gave saying she would dump Jason a lot less crazy, in retrospect…

  17. 1. Simon Barney’s bare feet in the house makes me cringe.
    2. PDA is gross no matter how famous, cute or “odd coupled” that you have a pathological need to show off. Yea. You Camille and Adrienne.
    3. Bethanny………no effing words for her.

  18. None of these women make me proud to be of their gender, that is for sure! I hope Jason does get custody of Bryn as it would be the best thing for the little girl. Beth no doubt loves her daughter, but her craziness can in no way make for a good life, a stable life for a child.

    • GF: That and more re BFrankel has been on SH. It is one of the many reasons why BFrankel is in the “HWs we don’t care about” category! If you’d care to read more re BLEEECHFrankel, just put “BFrankel” in the SH search bar! Happy reading! TFC!! SH

      • She was always so aggressive very harsh, no refinement , she was brazen even if it were a shawl or just a handbag to hawk, but this is…….well……..criminal. Going off to read now.

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