SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Profound Words From Simon Barney… Fitness Joint STILL Lookin’ For Customers… BleeechFrankel’s New BF… NayNay Leakes’ Sitcom “Ratings Bombing”… Adrienne Maloof “SERIOUSLY, Adrienne?”… Camille Grammer “More Kissin’ and Huggin”


— adj
1. penetrating deeply into subjects or ideas: a profound mind
2. showing or requiring great knowledge or understanding: a profound treatise
3. situated at or extending to a great depth
4. reaching to or stemming from the depths of one’s nature: profound regret
5. intense or absolute: profound silence
6. thoroughgoing; extensive: profound changes


Simon Barney had some PROFOUND words, which he posted on his Facebook page, after watching the Lance Armstrong interview which Opree conducted.

OH!  Those “profound” words actually came outta Opree’s mouth, not Simon’s… whatever!  How profound… how profound!  Give Opree the Nobel Prize for profoundness!!

simon barney oprah lance

GEE!!   Wonder if those profound words could apply to ANY of the Housewives?!

RHOC Tamballs Simon pg

While on the subject of the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney,… her newly-established fitness venture does not seem as though it is bringin’ in those throngs of fitness enthusiasts as Tamballs had projected would pay big bucks just to be associated in some way with a Housewife or to just maybe even catch a glimpse of an OC Housewife hoped!

tamballs honey boo boo

There are STILL E-L-E-V-E-N… yes 11… spaces open for a class beginning in two days!   It’s surprising to see that there are ANY spaces available!  Isn’t everyone in CA running with cash in hand to get fit with Tamballs?

tamra cut fitness arrow


Nene Carson pg

NayNay Leakes better hope that her one adoring fan who just happens to be a television sitcom creator/writer/producer, Ryan Murphy, has another project he’s working on… and has another role in which NayNay can “act”!

NayNay’s sitcom… The New Normal… has taken a nosedive in ratings, according to TheWrap:

“…while “The New Normal” at 9:30 also hit a ratings nadir, dropping 24 percent from its last original five weeks ago for a 1.3/3 and taking 3.3 million total viewers.”

NOTE:  NayNay might have that SAG card… but, that don’t mean she can act!  NayNay has been profoundly “acting” herself as herself being herself in every role she’s been handed by her fan!  


From TheDailyMail:  Brandi Glanville shows Kyle Richards that Kyle ain’t the only Housewife who has the paps lurking around her house just waiting for the moment when the garbage has to be taken out!

brandi garbage arrow

Points to Kyle for wearing heels!  Sorry, Brandi… maybe next time!

kyle garbage

NOTE:  Poor, poor, poor Brandi!!  That is the same dress she wore on her way to her meetin’ with LisaVPump for some much-needed chatting about how they’re gonna tuck the “other women” story line into the RHOBH so the intro to “VPumpRules” would appear to be seamless to unsuspecting viewers shopping!   Brandi is SO poor that she cut off the sleeves, made a V-neck and added a collar to her “take out the garbage” dress!  Poor Brandi!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 1.17.46 PM


camille dimitri

Also over at TheDailyMail… Camille Grammer and her BF are huggin’ it up for the paps.


Adrienne BF arrow

Adrienne Maloof’s choice of “man” is profoundly puzzling.   As is her choice of “goin’ out to dinner” apparel!

Sean Stewart in photos from TheDailyMail looks about as interested in Adrienne as he looked when Dr. Drew was warning him of the dangers of drugs when Sean was on “CelebrityRehab”!

Note to Adrienne:  We have always liked you at SH, Adrienne!  In all the communication with you/your ‘people’… have found you to be intelligent, efficient, personable and most importantly a very kind person.   We realize that it is your duty to keep yourself relevant in this Housewife-eat-Housewife **cough, cough** “reality” world… and by choosing this loser who has nothing but his Daddy’s name goin’ for him the 20-years-younger-than-you Sean Stewart, you have many chatting about you.  Nice job… nice way to keep your name and face relevant!  

However, pictures say a thousand words!  Photos of Sean and you portray two people who both know the deal… and show that Sean has zero interest in YOU!  The body language in the photos seems to be saying, “Elliot Mintz thought this was a great idea, so let’s do it!  Let’s see everyone’s reaction to us!”   AND… you “dating” this young-enough-to-be-your-son guy certainly takes the attention OFF of the buzz about your “big secret” which Brandi blurted out.

Nice try, Adrienne… but, no one is buying this new BF ‘story’!   Are you THAT hungry for attention/fame to stoop this low?   Think about it, Adrienne… and take a look at all the photos of you and Sean.   If you are planning on proceeding with this phony romance, you and Sean need to take some lessons in body language!  

To be perfectly honest, Adrienne… we are shocked and a bit ashamed FOR you that you would even be photo’d with someone who seems to not only have no respect for you, but no respect for himself … it shows in his choice of clothing for his “date” with you… that you would actually accept his appearance.  You know many more acceptable men… many who would be much more believable than this one!   So, if you are goin’ with this phony “Cougar” phase… you could do much better!


kyle brandi dreams pg


AND… If you didn’t already know, B **BLEEEEEEECH!!!** Frankel  got a boyfriend… Warren Lichtenstein.

warren frankel arrow

All the months that she’s been whining about how “excruciating” her divorce is from Jason Hoppy, B**LEEEEECH**Frankel has been roaming about with Warren!

From the NYPost:

Lichenstein is the head of $4 billion New York based hedge fund Steel Partners, which he co-founded in 1990.   NOTE:  This is a nice little insight into hedgefund Warren/SteelPartners from 2009!

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