SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!… It’s The Housewives’ Version of JerseyShore’s “Situation” Effect!

WHO could this possibly be???

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A particular alcoholic beverage company is requesting that all references to their brand and this particular Housewife be severed.

This particular alcoholic beverage company obviously does NOT want their bottle of booze connected in any way with the Housewives!

We’re calling this the “Situation” effect… if you recall, Abercrombie and Fitch actually offered a large sum of money to Mike “TheSituation” Sorrentino from “JerseyShore” to NOT wear their clothing!

As far as we know, this alcohol brand is not PAYING, nor has offered payment… they just don’t want their booze associated with the Housewives!

Could this be just another hint that the Housewives have jumped the shark?

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122 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!… It’s The Housewives’ Version of JerseyShore’s “Situation” Effect!

    • Hmm, I’m on board with this idea. Melissa and her Voli Vodka ads and events. I sense that things are going to explode for Melissa very soon. Her ex is tweeting, and Danielle and Penny are filming this season. Seems like a storm is brewing for sweet Melissa.

  1. This would have to be a housewife who does not have her own brand or formal endorsement contract (Ramona and Teresa have their own brands).

    Could it be Jax and her Baileys? The problem with Jax is the bankruptcy fraud.

  2. I’m going with Bitchenny and Beam – their adds do not use her and she is getting MASSIVE bad publicity with the new BF and divorce, those talking are just saying “no” to SMG as well… And, Bitchenny was rumored to have had a make-out session w/the Situation…

    • Bethenny works with Beam. I believe she has a contract. I don’t think a divorce is that big a deal to cause them to want to disassociate with her. They own and sell Skinny Girl… they’re not going to walk away from that. And like I said, because of a divorce? Geez, half of marriages end in divorce. It’s not THAT big a deal.

      • @dch60 It’s not the divorce in and of itself, it is the circumstances surrounding the divorce. Beam is savvy and don’t use her image, the commercials are (blissfully) Bitchenny free. I believe because of her last season and the poor manner in which she came across they have been trying to quietly move away from her being the “face” of skinny girl because that face has too many sides and the (former) fans are pissed. The market is now saturated with similar and better quality products and I am sure the want to protect their investment.

        Crystal light has a killer sugar free Margherita mix. MUCH cheaper and you can halve the water to make a frozen Margherita that doesn’t taste watered down, FYI.

    • Beam owns skinny girl as well as Bfrankel. That was where the discrepancy between the 50 mil and 110 mil came from – she has to ‘perform’ the rest of the contract to continue to be paid. I don’t think they could get rid of her if they wanted to.

      I wonder when designer brands (worth a LOT more than A&F) will wise up and do this? Who wants to see their beautiful dress stretched across Nay Nay’s big ‘ol rump?

    • I’m going with Jim Beam disassociating their brand name and company from Bethany Bulimic Frankel; they own Skinny Girl now.
      They were originally sold onto the idea of the (pre-mixed, low-cal, has been around 4 EVER, easy to make at home cocktail) drink being oriented towards health conscious women. BBF doesn’t exactly represent a health conscious women!!
      Drink, eat and purge can’t look good for the company; her face/body is NOT a good motto for Skinny Girl! I would imagine her personality didn’t help much either. Lol.

      • I would say, given her nature that when she sold it to them there was some provision that she would still remain evolved and “the face” of the product. Just speculating.
        I am thinking the Baileys/jac is a much safer bet. Hedging their bets for when it is determined that what Jax is dealing with is not Autism but the the F word that NO alkihol company wants to associate with. This is just my opinion. As discussed on here previously ONE drink can damage a fetus just as much as a mommy who drinks like a fish throughout the pregnancy. Interesting that she used the term “SHAMEFUL” in her first parenting article. FAS is shameful…. Autism is not.

        • Made: Another thoughtful observation. Jax’s drinking has been all over this board (as well as on the show).

          • I know. Seeing as how she NEVER wants to eggmit fault at anything I can totally see her scrambling to get a more favorable diagnosis in terms of public opinion once she realized that Nic might be a tad bit delayed or have speech issues. I dont buy that he regressed at all. I also think he will “recover” just like FAS children can make strides too(depending on severity). In fact she tweeted and article about autism recovery(or a word like that) and I have to wonder if the percentages sighted in that article of possible recovery is nothing more than misdiagnosed children progressing.

        • I think there was an understanding and Jim Beam initially saw BBF as the women they wanted to be the “face” of the drink, but maybe Not so much anymore.
          Jac-a-loon was my first guess, but I thought BFF made more sense, given all the advertisement going on with Blavo.
          However, after reading a comment by adios in regards to Smirnoff and “Diageo” my curiosity was sparked, so I did a little research.
          Surprise, Surprise…..guess who also owns Baileys? A company called Diageo. The company owns Several brand liquors.
          Most interesting of all…the company does their fair share of charitable donations. Involved in helping various groups of those in need of help.
          It seems they also did a target campaign in 2012 oriented towards women. Jac-a-loons morning Baileys drinking, with a dash of coffee, can’t sit well with the company.
          Smart decision for this company to NOT want their products being associated/advertised with the “Housewives franchise”, particularly in light of Jac-a-loons association with the face of autism.
          From the get go, I voiced openly my doubts and feelings about the diagnosis given to Nicholas. The thought of Jac-a-loon being a Mother to any child has always upset me.

          • Oh wow interesting. I have always thought that the HW franchise in general is extremely irresponsible with the portrayal of alcohol consumption.

            • SO true made. I think a little drinking here and there is fine on the show, but Blavo pushin’ the constantly alcohol induced housewives and their house husbands has gotten old. I think blavo and Miss Mandy like it. #1 Mandy and blavo like to see some of these women make fools of themselves and #2 they probably profit from some of the free product placement.

          • @ KT girl Get out! I only know about Diageo owning Smirnoff because I will drink vodka but only Belvedere. My friend was the Northeast RD for Guiness when he moved here from Ireland and Diageo was his employer; he was always trying to get me to drink the SMirnoff Silver (I tried- so not as smooth as Belvedere) and that is how I knew who owned Smirnoff.

            The Bailey’s and Jackasshole doesn’t click with me, it would be too sloppy and sensitive to handle which the PR of it could backfire i.e. picking on a special needs child’s mother…we have to remember we are the minority, those of us that actually dig into these maroon’s lives. The majority of the viewing audience watches the show and that is where it ends for them; to them it’s just a show, to us it’s a blood sport, lmao!

            • @adios, I was reading up on Diageo earlier and I was pretty blown away at how much they “own” as a company. While I myself have little interest in “Business” so to speak, it is in my blood, so I have a pretty good understanding of how things work.
              I get my information re: HW on SH, so I don’t bother digging into their lives else where, plus I trust my instincts about them.
              What caught my attention re: your post, was “Diageo.” I recognized the name but couldn’t place from where I knew it. So…that was like a puzzle to me and I like puzzles :).
              Diageo owns Guiness too, but I guess you knew that. They also own Ciroc…which I found interesting. Can you imagine owning even a teeny tiny bit of stock in a company like Diageo??
              As far as the PR thing, it would have no affect on the company. They have every right to ask that “their” product NOT be advertised/associated with the HW franchise. It’s business and “they” don’t want to be associated with the HW, or HW franchise.
              You know I have less and less interest in the HW’s every day. I read SH.
              Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, long distance phone call. By the time I finally print this, I’ll have missed out on a bunch of comments and have to catch up Lol.

              • @ktgirl You and me both. I have had it up to my ears with these insipid, entitled, over-grown children. I’ve been watching BH but my heart isn’t in it, I wont even watch the first run, only reruns, I refuse to give them numbers for advertisers. I feel kinda dirty watching anymore; it’s all a train-wreck.

            • Crappy to interrupt, am learning a lot but could not resist. Just had to say looooved the blood sport comment Adios :-) Just perfect, cracked me up, and does describe how we deal with them to a “T”!

              • @ Linda Thanks, it feels great to know I gave someone a giggle and second, there is no such thing as interrupting a conversation here, it is all good, welcome!

      • Beam isn’t going to do that because they own SkinnyGirl now. Besides, haven’t you seen the ads with all the various types of SkinnyGirl drinks? It’s got to be someone else.

    • Never noticed Kyles massive nostril flare till today. Good thing she never took up doing blow in da bathroom. Kimmy would be so pissed…. nevermind.

            • OT but Ive been watching bulldogs tweets this morning. The thought just occurred to me that if Bullbog talks.. No need at all for Johnny and Penny paid or not. Do you think that Johnny is getting antsy that Bulldog might leapfrog them with his own story?

              • @ Made This is sooooooo off topic but I have been dying to tell you that I am now a certified “Duck Dynasty” addict!!! I NEVER thought I would find a a man sexy with that much facial hair but my goodness, them Robertson men set my pulse a runnin’ (did I say that right?)! They’re all so manly but gentle, WHOA, what a combo!!!! I just smile through the whole show because it so — reaffirming of faith and family and how true men should be, no wonder their wives are so hot! Their wives are lucky ducks, haha!

              • I agree, how nice that the entire family ends the show sitting down and giving thanks for their blessings and eating together. Just goes to show you that people can have fun and make a good show without all the jealousy and drama the housewives have. I wish Mandy would wake up and see that it is possible to have a group of women who can enjoy and support one another without all that nonsense that will eventually ruin the shows. They could start with BH. Part of those women seem like women who are secure with themselves and don’t feel the need to hog up the camera time.

              • I am loving it too. Jase cracks me up with his deadpan humor. And I know exactly what you mean about the facial hair and the fantasies. I found myself wondering how a kiss would work with a situation like that. Wondering and thinking so that I had to rewind the dadburn thing a few times to catch what they just said.
                This is interesting to me since I got married at 17 too. Still going

              • @ Made I’m ashamed (not really,lol) to say I found myself wondering about where else those beards would tickle! I adore Jase, I just knew he would be your fave as well, weird… Have you seen them without their beards? Handsome but I actually prefer the beards, IDKW. I’ve been with the hubs since I was 20 and I wouldn’t want it any other way, I adore that man even more now, I shutter to think if I had given up when things weren’t “perfect”, Peaks and valleys, that what ALL relationship are about and with this microwave and disposable society we live in I fear that there are going to be an a lot of very miserable and bitter people running around, it’s already started.
                I downloaded Willie’s book from Amazon (8 bucks – worth it) and read it in a day, so interesting what that family has weathered and still are going strong with so much love.

              • I have not seen them sans beard. Will surely get that book. So true about marriage. I love my feller and would not trade my life for anything. Would I lose my ever lovin mind if my youngin (20 years old) came to me and said she wanted to get married now? hail yes I would. Young marriages are a constant struggle (mostly financial but growing pains too) so I wouldn’t want my kid to rush it like I did for sure. But I know God gifted me my husband. Yes peaks and valleys, Feast and famine, all that. We have been through it all and everyday its something else but at the end of the day its me and him and this family we created that matters.
                This is a special song for us

              • I’ve been checking his TL and bulldog is not messing around! Cohen needs to sign him up and cut KimD loose. It needs to happen now before MeGo’s dumb book comes out.

              • YES!!! Bulldog!!! bulldog!! bulldog!!!! And I am ever so shocked that da Marco sisters are being very very quiet about this. Pants are being chittin all ova New Jersey right now. They are still filming right?

              • Oops!… Someone asked if he was dating MeGo when she told him this. He hasn’t replied yet. Lol!
                @bulldog_nj: What’s funny is she would always tell me her brother in law is a lot like me “juicy”then when I saw him on TV I saw why.He don’t put on act

              • LOL. What business would she have “talking” to him after she married JoGo? hmmmm looking more and more everyday like da parkinglot bjs is true.

              • Bulldog also said that Lookers told him that her brother in law, Juicy, reminds her of him. Juicy didn’t become her brother in law until after they were married. So she was at the very least in contact with Bulldog after she married Fredo.

              • I bet MeGo starting to sweat this! Of course it’s gonna take JoGo a while to put this all together but when he does… :-O

  3. I am going with Bethenny and Beam too. Just a few days ago Voli was tweeting MeGo about their vodka so I don’t think it’s her.

    • She’s getting paid by Smirnoff brands, which I believe owns Jim Beam, so they would like their product placement, I would think.

    • Bethenny? Really? Because she’s getting a divorce? I seriously doubt that. Bethenny still has a very large fan base. There’s no good reason to want to disassociate with her. Additionally, they have a working relationship.

      • Not just her divorce..her generally negative press.true or not.. and frankly I think her 15 is up. She was on QVC last week-end shilling her cleanse and energy bars and I heard she tanked.

        • @Halala I started to question her authority on health because she was always drinking! No self respecting health nut drinks as much as she does! The second alarm was her “cleanse”, cleanses are a joke and dangerous and I cannot believe they are making a comeback. 3rd, those “energy bars” are nothing but mules in horse harness: candy bars with a slick label. Not to mention she is always talking about feeding them to Bryn on a regular basis and smoothies filled with sugar but she wont give that child meat at her most critical time of development.

  4. Could it be Patron Tequila? The brand has been mentioned repeatedly in recent episodes of RWHoA, or perhaps it’s Maker’s Mark, since I don’t think it helps their brand to be associated with alcoholism on Shaws of Sunset.

    • It’s funny you mentioned that because once I read the article I thought ‘hey I wonder if Patron will ever do that to mob wives?’ You know, since they do shots then fight til they are bleeding with a boob out…… But I think patron enjoys infamy. Sorry to jump franchises Ms SH :)

  5. The RHOBH seem to enjoy Patron… my first thought was Ciroc/Traylor but if there’s no endorsement deal involved, I think it could be Patron

  6. I would love for it to be Moreece since he brought that bottle of gin to Ken, lot of rich folks friends of Ken and Lisa….plus his obnoxious actions toward Brandi….please let it be Moreece. Also, many comments about not buying any products endorsed by him and his wife. I’m hoping more than than ‘thinking’….would sure serve him right…especially since Ken let him know on air that he didn’t want his bottle of gin. Please let it be Moreece

  7. Thanks to reading SH a lot of people boycotted Ciroc last season. There were a lot of people that wrote and sent them emails because of SWINE. I wonder if it had an impact. You no longer see Ciroc featured on the show.

    • I may not remember correctly, but didn’t Ciroc sponsor several NYE parties featuring the HWs and SHAFT’s was the only one not sold out?

        • Ciroc is owned by Diageo, as is Smirnoff and Baileys, along with a few other brand liquors. Seems the company Diageo doesn’t want ANY of their brands associated with the “Housewives franchise” at all. Just not sure which housewife, in particular, was the final straw for the company. Traylor Trash was probably the “beginning of the end” for the company,….Jac-a-loon was likely the end all-be all.

  8. Is Andy a housewife?… I was thinking it might be one of the bottles he displays on Watch What Happens Live…which I did not watch at all last week – for the first time since the program came on… I think my BRAVO days are slowly slipping away….

    • Another possibility. Andy Cohen’s show is dissed a lot on the net. A lot of folks have said they are staying away from Bravo because of Miss Andy.

  9. I know its missy and it’s due 2 the many many complaints received from fans a 36 year old with a husband and hangers on that make such a joke of her them and the Vodka so we have a voice time 4 is 2 use it….

  10. I was thinking maybe Voli Vodka and Melissa or Ciroc Vodka and Taylor Armstrong. I also remember all the backlash from Taylor being a sponsor of Ciroc last season. Nothing like having a drunk represent your vodka where the slogan is “Drink Responsibly”, LOL!

    Ciroc and Voli made huge mistakes attaching their name to these two idiots.

  11. Could be Ciroc and Taylor. Considering Beverly Hills is airing now and in every episode she’s drunk off her a$$ while making one of herself.

  12. I’m going with Levindi Winery (from the RHONJ Cali trip), the one that didn’t want to do business with the Lauritas.

  13. I’m going with Jax and Baileys. Ms SH stated as far as she knows the brand has not paid for sponsorship. So that eliminates many of the above. Plus Jax has the autistic child storyline.

  14. I will go with: Blk water going Blk vodka (If they have done it with water why not with vodka – business genius NOT) or Melissa trying to do something like Teresa or Kathie trying to launch a drink with “fish” flavor… what could it be…. mmmm

  15. I say Taylor Armstrong. She was drunk at Portia’s 4th birthday party and she had her young daughter Kennedy with her who does that?

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