REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Kenya Moore On Her Way to “Slay Phaedra”…


Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it!  It’s at the very end … just wait for it!  Oh yeah… Nene makes a shoe, too.


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37 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Kenya Moore On Her Way to “Slay Phaedra”…

  1. Nay Nay’s $39.95 cheap ass hooker shoes are butt ugly.The HW hag would not be caught dead in those shoes herself.Push your crap off on people so you can buy the expensive red bottom soles when we all know you are not label obsessed like you said at the reunion.Size 41 for those big ole boat feet.Size 41 whatever that size translates to common shoes.Anyway she does have some big ass feet and so does Cynthia.Looked like skies wearing sandals in Anguilla talking to Phorsha about that sandwich Kenyuk did on Peter.

    • Well, my daughter is 5’10 and wears a size 11.5/12 and it’s hard to find nice shoes in her size, although she dos not wear heels. While I expect Nene’s shoes to be too high and not very attractive like Adrienne’s shoe line, it would be nice if one of these fools would come up with a nice shoe line for women with larger feet, but that would require having some sort of real interest in design instead of simply a need to make money.

    • The shoe’s are on Shoe Dazzle? Oh, those are just a bunch of designer knock off shoes anyway. She’s just one of several “celebrities” who have “picks” on the site. Yawn!

    • I have to agree with you. Those shoes are butt ugly and NeNe might say she wears a 10 but I think she probably needs to wear an 11. Her feet hand over the heels and toes of most of her shoes. There is nothing more disgusting that a woman not wearing a shoe that FITS.

  2. Kenya has no business trying to do a workout video. Say what you will about Pheadra but she is a thick girl but tone. No cottage cheese. That was just sad. Wearing that in Anguilla is one thing. Out in public at an event like that is a whole other thing. We’re not laughing WITH you Kenya…

    • That is why she is not going to be on the show next season……..ifmyounare going to be crazy be crazy with a message…………..she does not make any sense. To be honest I have never heard of her or seen her in anything. But I do like NENE this season.

    • Kenya is such an embarrassment. How many of these girl’s events is she going to jeopardize with her foolishness? Kandi’s surprise bday for Todd, Cynthia’s agency, Nene’s shoe thing, etc. She’s so stupid. And I’m tired of looking at fugly Lawrence. He is so desperate for tv time that he will kiss anybody’s butt that will have them. Notice since Sheree is gone he had to find someone else to stalk constantly for some air time. He needs to go. If I were gay I would be SO angry and offended at the representation of gays on these housewives shows.

      • I agree! And funny how Derek J was doing Kandi’s hair while Pheadra is on speaker phone and then it gets back to Kenya that she was being “slandered” by being called Bipolar and a drunk. I think Derek J and that Rupaul wanna be need to be fired by Kandi. She is the only one using that tool and he has the nerve to go back to Lawrence and Kenya. Certainly there are more attractive interesting gay men to grace our presence.

  3. This is going to be epic! I love that Kenya is wearing a swimsuit with a body stocking and a gigantic church hat.

    • Yeah, so while she is there to make Phaedra look bad, instead she makes herself look like she’s one pill away from the looney bin. I get that she’s putting on a show for the cameras, but I can’t imagine wanting to work with her after seeing her on this show.

  4. Kenya is showing Fakedra she is 2 faced being sexual/sucking tongues with Apollo/dressing nearly naked in mixed company in Anguilla/dressing busines black/funeral for an office /asking Kandi for a penis ring/going to a strip club/drinking then carrying prayer cloth and going to church.Amen!!! Jesus loves a sinner!!!

    • Sorry, but I like Phaedra and the fact that she is not afraid to be herself. I think it’s endearing and I actually like her sense of style, although I would not have worn that bathing suit no matter who was around. Then again, she did it because of Kenya’s obvious interest in her husband, which I believe is going to continue if I remember the season sneak peek.

      And what’s wrong with going to a strip club, exactly?

      • Better to go with them to the strip clubs, that let them go alone! I got news for those women, if the hubby’s are going to the strip clubs on a regular basis, they have problems, the hubby is not there just drinking…..married to one of those types myself!

        Nene is acting nicer this season, but imo, it’s fake as heck. Nene has some little snide remark in every blog she writes about either Phaedra or Kandi, and it has happened all season. Nene is doing her best to get rid of them both. I think Nene is hoping she’ll get her own show, and the At show will end.

    • So she tries to embarrass Phaedra by embarrassing herself in front of everyone? It makes no sense. Phaedra was not the one wearing a swimsuit and church hat at an event. Kenya was.

  5. That Phaedra impression was spot on. Kenya is cray cray but that was good.I don’t like Phaedra much, she too nasty for my taste.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen-on any show-someone so intent in being in the spotlight ALL THE TIME! If Kenya were wise, witty, sensitive or otherwise interesting I might give her a pass but she is just certifiable. She looks angry and/or fake smug most of the time. The rest of the time she is whinning or crying or twirling. Its almost embarrassing to watch.

    • This show is awful. Off the rails crazy. All the ladies look like fools. So far from what Atlanta originally was.I think the bar has been raised so far to outragious that it will implode. How did the other women allow this to become the Kenya show? They are just bit players now.

  7. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing when oil slick Kenya walked in. Good Lord, does that freak ever look in a mirror? Bravo, please take Kenya out with yesterday’s trash. I’m just so over her.

      • I get the feeling that him an Kandi had issues over his song. So he might be taking the side of the HW he KNOWS Kandi will disagree with over business dealings. I think Mo-reece is channeling his inner Miss Lawrence.

  8. Kenya realizes her time on RHOA will be limited, so she is going full tilt for any and all attention she can get. Phaedra’s shady business practices are on display for all to see – being that she is an entertainment attorney, Ms. Parks is definitely entertaining!

  9. OMG. That was priceless. You know those dreams where you’re naked in public or forgot to put your pants on and you need to make a presentation kind of thing…I don’t think Kenya has those.

  10. OH MY LAWD!!! Holy Shiz!! That Kenya is HILARIOUS!! Can’t wait to see!!!
    Call her crazy, cray-cray, greasy face, raisin face or whatever – she has me rolling on the floor laughing during all her scenes! Sooooo funny!!!

  11. I watched the video and Kenya is definitely off her rocker. I’m wondering if she will go to crazy and may physically hurt someone. How disrespectful to NeNe. She is launching a shoe for charity and here goes Kenya taking the show away from someone she should be supporting but no she has to have all the attention. I know she makes some people laugh but this is going to far. She hurt Cynthias Casting call making those models feel like shit then trying to take over Todds bday with her crap then hoping to make things right with Porsha trying to slam Phaedra and now NeNes event. Face it she is a liar and seeing her act this way because she didn’t get a business deal. This
    shows this is why she has no projects or business. Jeez get over it. Grow up Kenya. You finally pissed me off by disrespecting NeNes charity event. Go see a shrink because you need one and she is dangerous. Phaedra should stay away and be very careful with this woman she is out to destroy you. Bravo should watch her very closely.

  12. I am in total agreement. Porsha may be dingy at times but she had Kenya’s number from the jump.
    Phadera should not have given Kenya another chance after she acted the way she did in Anguilla in regards to Apollo. Cynthia proves once again she has no backbone and clearly is Nene’s puppet. Kudos to Kandi for seeing the “real” Kenya Moore.
    And Kenya needs to go to therapy cos her reality is not in this world. She suceeded in embarassing herself with that foolish getup. Earth to Ms. Moore- the show airs many months after it films, so your attempt to “imintate” Phaedra just proved how childish and inmature you are. MS. Lawrence is a sh*t starting attention seeking wh*re who needs to go away..

  13. What is funny is that no one but the RHOA cast would have gotten her “joke”. Did this heffer not realize that Ms. Lawrence was setting her up for failure?
    How can anyone still believe this woman is professional when she comes off so desperate in every episode? Flirting with married men, begging some guy to marry her, disrespecting both Cynthia and Porsha at their events as well as whining about her business deal-gone-bust with Phaedra to anyone and everyone, and now she has disrespected Nene’s event….
    Hope this Crazy heffer is not on next season.

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