REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ALANTA: Kenya Invites Porsha To Lunch… Turns “Ashy”!

Bravo…  These two just ain’t never gonna get along… give it up, Kenya!

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24 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ALANTA: Kenya Invites Porsha To Lunch… Turns “Ashy”!

  1. So now its Pheadra’s fault that These two did not get along from the word go? And there are people who comment here saying they like Kenya. Really? She is infuriating. Not because she is crazy. Not because she is fake. But because she is blatantly insulting our intelligence. What is even more infuriating is that there are actually people who do not see that she full of shit.

    • Kenya is a piece of work, to say the least. Porsha way come across at times like a dim bulb, but she is no Cynthia and will not simply fall in line just because Nene says so, which is the reason why Cynthia is now friends with Kenya.

      • Exactly….Phaedra has been the nicest of any of them to Kenya, and Kandi has been nice to her. NayNay is behind all the crap that is going on with turning everyone against Phaedra and Kandi. I’m proud of myself, I didn’t waste my time watching the show last night, and I’m glad I didn’t.

      • Lmao Kenya clearly wants Porsha’s life that was clear when Cordell showed up to Porsha’s event that’s when Kenya started getting upset. And YESSSS Porsha dragged Kenya commenting on her ash feet.

  2. Porscha looks cute n this video. Kenya is really cray cray if she thinks Phaedra has any influence on Porscha. Did she forget the fight in Anguilla when Phaedra was still team Kenya. Curb a$$ b—, is what Porscha said & she was right.

    • Why not forget Anguilla since she also seems to have forgotten the nonsense that Porsha’s charity event. Kenya is nuts….and apparently has ashy feet to boot! LOL!

  3. Look, Porscha, I’m not business savvy, I’m haggy, I’m single, my eggs are drying up, and I’m a desperate, broke-ass, has-been, so I’ve got to promote this storyline so I can stay relevant. So c’mon, play along like Miss Andy says, okay, pleeeeeeaaaaase. No, no don’t leave! I am NOT ashy!

    • LOL! As dumb as people think Porsha is, she most definitely ain’t stupid enough to fall for Kenya’s line of BS!

  4. Neither Kenya or Phaedra are going to make any money on those stupid videos so they both need to give it up. Kenya is desperate to appear important and connected. If she really was she wouldn’t be showing her a** on this show, Porsha is a bit on the dim side but she can hold her own. I wonder if Kenya is still all buddy-buddy with Cynthia since she did, in fact, cast Phaedra’s video. Kenya takes everything personally. Its got to be lonely being Kenya.
    I don’t watch Ms Andy’s show anymore so I don’t know what Kandi had to say. But I like her.

  5. Maybe the Maloof family doesn’t know she used a surrogate & maybe it affects the kids inheritance or something. Why get so upset when rich older women often use a surrogate when there are fertility issues. There must be more to this surrogacy nonsense.

  6. How interesting tht Kenya wants to be friends with Porsha. Kenya is trying to cry a river and trying to save face because if she really was a businesswoman she would of secured. Contract. She didn’t and when Phaedra said No she got pissed because any lawyer representing her would have told her she went to far and made huge assumptions on amking big time cash on this project. She was given a task put a proposal together to film and edit the vido not get a distribution deal. The money to be made is getting a percentage of wht the vido makes on sales. Tht is one of the deals real ctors do when they star in a movie. They want a % of the box office and reruns. She thought tht she could charm her way in thru apolo but phaedra was like no way. Kenya hd no money invested as well as no part of envisioning this workout video. Phaedra and apollo have been working on this since 1 yr prior to this taking place. And as far as a donkey booty or stallion booty both animals have the same behind shape. A horse as is bigger than a donkeys. Lol… nene has always disliked kandi and phaedra because they both have money something she has just recently started making. Kenya is not a smart woman and Cynthia is a joke to side with kenya who could have hurt her busines and she has once again proven to be nenes puppet.

  7. Kenya really is a dumb cow. First she has a whole lotta of amnesia because she so easily forgets that they got off on the wrong foot because of her bullshit at the benefit. It must be nice to live in lala land like she does. Then the minute Porsha corrects you, then you want to start the I shit about having a grown woman conversation . Seems like that old hag is hating on the younger richer woman. Porsha might be young and somewhat innocent but she saw Kenya’s bullshit a mile away.

    • yes Ms. Porsha had Kenya’s number from the start. Kenya most be scared to actually try to convince someone she thinks is stupid to listen to her BS. At the end of the day, Porsha kept it real.

      • As dense as people think Porsha is, she definitely has Kenya’s number and I am glad that she let her know she saw her fake ass a mile a way. Porsha better be careful, Kenya looks like one of those crazy psycho chicks. I am sure she is envious of both Porsha and Phaedra’s lives. They better watch it before she tries to skin one of them and wear them like some wackadoodle to take over their lives.

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