LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s “Sexy, Unique Restaurant” SUR… Ratings, Reviews… Will SUR Only Last As Long As Lisa’s “Reality” Show?

Just some interesting information received via email re Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant.

RHOBH Open Table SUR

Diners who have visited SUR took the time to write about their dining experience on YELP… and OpenTable.   YELP’s reviews dated back to August 2011; OpenTable’s reviews were dated from September 2012.   That’s an average of 50… FIFTY… reviews per month on OpenTable!  That seems a very high number of reviews… just sayin’!


The following was sent by a SH reader:

“There are presently 419 reviews listed on YELP and this is how the numbers broke down:

  •  5 Star: 89
  • 4 Star:128
  • 3 Star: 814
  • 2 Star: 77
  • 1 Star: 42

That means that almost half were 3 Star and under.  What?  3-Star and under!  I really thought that Lisa had higher standards than this.  I read several, especially the lower stars (naturally!) and was almost amazed at how bad these reviews were.  Everything from filthy bathrooms, to rude waitstaff, to bumping elbows because the tables are too close,  to very mediocre food.

I think my favorite was the reviewer that said they were sent to the employee bathroom (yes, the employee bathroom) that was dirty and looking out the dirty, curtain-less window to see cook staff grilling on the dilapidated parking lot (heehee).  It goes on and on, and in a way, it was very entertaining.

These are educated people that are going to SUR and their reviews reflect that in their great detail.  Very eye opening.  NOTE:  Wonder if any of the “highly-educated” OC Housewives visited SUR!?  Just couldn’t help that one!

Obviously, there are many good reviews too, but I think some of them are fake.  Can’t prove it, but they sound kind of cookie cutter to me.

lisaV rules SUR

I’ve always been a Lisa fan and now, after reading these reviews, not so much.

I guess in real life, SUR is just a front for “VanderpumpRules,” but people are going there for the “high standards” Lisa espouses, but for many, it’s a bum deal.  Bottom line, I just don’t care for the hypocrisy.

 RHOBH SUR chart

Also, there is a chart re the SUR website and it appears SUR has taken quite the nosedive in the last couple of months, especially.   Hmmmmmm.

NOTE:  Attempted to find the reviews which were mentioned above; however, after spending waaaaaay too much time reading samplings of the over 400 reviews on YELP and the just under 200 reviews on OpenTable, came across a few which mentioned SUR’s lunch menu.

This is one from November 2011:


I will never go back to the restaurant, and I will stop ordering delivery from them too.  Here’s why:

1. I’m embarrassed – for taking a business lunch here
2. I’m mad – because I was treated like poo
3. I’m disappointed – because I work at a nearby business AND I live up the street, and this is a convenient place to go!

We order delivery from SUR at work all the time.  So I decided to meet with vendors at this restaurant for what I thought would be a convenient and classy lunch.

First, the hostess was not welcoming at all.  Awesome way to start off this meal!  Once we sat down, we were forgotten.  We waited for about 5 minutes, but it felt like 10 or 15 because we kept seeing employees pass us by with no eye contact or a way to get their attention.

Finally we ordered our food and drinks, and although the food came out quickly, our drinks DID NOT.  We asked the waitress for our drinks, and she huffed and went to get our drinks.  Finally we got our drinks half way into our meal, and at the end got doubled charged for the drinks!  So when we pointed this out to the waitress, she gave no response but just left the table to make the correction.

The food was good, but not good enough for me to endure the neglectful service and bad attitudes.  None of the employees except a cute little busboy smiled, and the service was excrutiatingly slow for a 25% full restaurant.

I work at a place with over 150 employees who spends an obscene amount of money on food.  I’m not a jerk, but growing up in the restaurant industry, I am completely insulted by this kind of experience.  So I have shared my experience at SUR with my company, and am encouraging them to frequent other nearby restaurants who actually WANT our business.


Oh gawd! (said with my best British accent)

I mean, gawdy. Terribly, terribly gawdy.

Party of about 10, outside.

Yes, things looked promising from the outside.
A façade of white linens, candlelight, soft pink bouquets.

I needed to use the ladies room.
Tacky crystals falling off the wall.
Disrepair throughout the place.

We were seated.
Giant, uncompromising, faux-fur-crystal-covered menus found their way into our laps.
People walked by, yelling in jest, “don’t eat the chicken!!”
Uh oh. Was that said in jest or for realz??

To sum it up:
Slow, messy, unprofessional staff and mediocre-to-bad food.
I mean, this place is so bad, it seems like a joke. (on everyone still going here?)
“Model” service needs a makeover.
I don’t care how beautiful you are (and they aren’t)–if it takes you 15 trips to clear 10 plates, there’s something wrong with your arms. I don’t care if this is LA, lift some weights. And I just paid waytoomuch for that entree, don’t tell me to scrape my plate into my friend’s for takeaway. That’s YOUR job.


What was found most interesting was the fact that SUR used to be open for lunch and had a lunch menu… which included the regular fare of sandwiches, etc…

SUR lunch menu


SUR states on their present dinner menu that they are open for lunch Tuesday through Friday….

SUR lunch

…however, on SUR’s reservation page, they are no longer open for lunch “until further notice.”

SUR hours of operation

It seems very apparent that SUR was remodeled, refreshed and rehabbed to accommodate a “reality” show… not for LA diners looking for some great food!  Let’s see how long “VanderpumpRules” exists on Bravo… and how long SUR continues their restaurant operation!