LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s “Sexy, Unique Restaurant” SUR… Ratings, Reviews… Will SUR Only Last As Long As Lisa’s “Reality” Show?

Just some interesting information received via email re Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant.

RHOBH Open Table SUR

Diners who have visited SUR took the time to write about their dining experience on YELP… and OpenTable.   YELP’s reviews dated back to August 2011; OpenTable’s reviews were dated from September 2012.   That’s an average of 50… FIFTY… reviews per month on OpenTable!  That seems a very high number of reviews… just sayin’!


The following was sent by a SH reader:

“There are presently 419 reviews listed on YELP and this is how the numbers broke down:

  •  5 Star: 89
  • 4 Star:128
  • 3 Star: 814
  • 2 Star: 77
  • 1 Star: 42

That means that almost half were 3 Star and under.  What?  3-Star and under!  I really thought that Lisa had higher standards than this.  I read several, especially the lower stars (naturally!) and was almost amazed at how bad these reviews were.  Everything from filthy bathrooms, to rude waitstaff, to bumping elbows because the tables are too close,  to very mediocre food.

I think my favorite was the reviewer that said they were sent to the employee bathroom (yes, the employee bathroom) that was dirty and looking out the dirty, curtain-less window to see cook staff grilling on the dilapidated parking lot (heehee).  It goes on and on, and in a way, it was very entertaining.

These are educated people that are going to SUR and their reviews reflect that in their great detail.  Very eye opening.  NOTE:  Wonder if any of the “highly-educated” OC Housewives visited SUR!?  Just couldn’t help that one!

Obviously, there are many good reviews too, but I think some of them are fake.  Can’t prove it, but they sound kind of cookie cutter to me.

lisaV rules SUR

I’ve always been a Lisa fan and now, after reading these reviews, not so much.

I guess in real life, SUR is just a front for “VanderpumpRules,” but people are going there for the “high standards” Lisa espouses, but for many, it’s a bum deal.  Bottom line, I just don’t care for the hypocrisy.

 RHOBH SUR chart

Also, there is a chart re the SUR website and it appears SUR has taken quite the nosedive in the last couple of months, especially.   Hmmmmmm.

NOTE:  Attempted to find the reviews which were mentioned above; however, after spending waaaaaay too much time reading samplings of the over 400 reviews on YELP and the just under 200 reviews on OpenTable, came across a few which mentioned SUR’s lunch menu.

This is one from November 2011:


I will never go back to the restaurant, and I will stop ordering delivery from them too.  Here’s why:

1. I’m embarrassed – for taking a business lunch here
2. I’m mad – because I was treated like poo
3. I’m disappointed – because I work at a nearby business AND I live up the street, and this is a convenient place to go!

We order delivery from SUR at work all the time.  So I decided to meet with vendors at this restaurant for what I thought would be a convenient and classy lunch.

First, the hostess was not welcoming at all.  Awesome way to start off this meal!  Once we sat down, we were forgotten.  We waited for about 5 minutes, but it felt like 10 or 15 because we kept seeing employees pass us by with no eye contact or a way to get their attention.

Finally we ordered our food and drinks, and although the food came out quickly, our drinks DID NOT.  We asked the waitress for our drinks, and she huffed and went to get our drinks.  Finally we got our drinks half way into our meal, and at the end got doubled charged for the drinks!  So when we pointed this out to the waitress, she gave no response but just left the table to make the correction.

The food was good, but not good enough for me to endure the neglectful service and bad attitudes.  None of the employees except a cute little busboy smiled, and the service was excrutiatingly slow for a 25% full restaurant.

I work at a place with over 150 employees who spends an obscene amount of money on food.  I’m not a jerk, but growing up in the restaurant industry, I am completely insulted by this kind of experience.  So I have shared my experience at SUR with my company, and am encouraging them to frequent other nearby restaurants who actually WANT our business.


Oh gawd! (said with my best British accent)

I mean, gawdy. Terribly, terribly gawdy.

Party of about 10, outside.

Yes, things looked promising from the outside.
A façade of white linens, candlelight, soft pink bouquets.

I needed to use the ladies room.
Tacky crystals falling off the wall.
Disrepair throughout the place.

We were seated.
Giant, uncompromising, faux-fur-crystal-covered menus found their way into our laps.
People walked by, yelling in jest, “don’t eat the chicken!!”
Uh oh. Was that said in jest or for realz??

To sum it up:
Slow, messy, unprofessional staff and mediocre-to-bad food.
I mean, this place is so bad, it seems like a joke. (on everyone still going here?)
“Model” service needs a makeover.
I don’t care how beautiful you are (and they aren’t)–if it takes you 15 trips to clear 10 plates, there’s something wrong with your arms. I don’t care if this is LA, lift some weights. And I just paid waytoomuch for that entree, don’t tell me to scrape my plate into my friend’s for takeaway. That’s YOUR job.


What was found most interesting was the fact that SUR used to be open for lunch and had a lunch menu… which included the regular fare of sandwiches, etc…

SUR lunch menu


SUR states on their present dinner menu that they are open for lunch Tuesday through Friday….

SUR lunch

…however, on SUR’s reservation page, they are no longer open for lunch “until further notice.”

SUR hours of operation

It seems very apparent that SUR was remodeled, refreshed and rehabbed to accommodate a “reality” show… not for LA diners looking for some great food!  Let’s see how long “VanderpumpRules” exists on Bravo… and how long SUR continues their restaurant operation!


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89 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s “Sexy, Unique Restaurant” SUR… Ratings, Reviews… Will SUR Only Last As Long As Lisa’s “Reality” Show?

  1. I dont live in the area so I really can’t give a fair comment. There are plenty of whiners around and then there are those who are laid back. I have to hear from someone I know who has been there just what their feelings are. If it’s bad Lisa straighten up….

    • I don’t think the one who wrote this post can give fair comment either. Most of the Yelp posts were three stars or higher (89%). It’s not like we can’t do the math for ourselves. This is a really mean post. Why bash somebody’s business? Especially when it has nothing to do with you or your life. And how is it a ‘”front” for Vanderpump Rules? It’s open even when they’re not filming.

      • I have family in L.A. which I visit frequently, and we dine out frequently. My sis-in-law says that no locals ever eat in her restaurants. Maybe tourists, who are more likely to be interested in writing a review, because they were really looking forward to eating there, were disappointed. I can see why because the food looks luscious on t.v., but is probably just average. The writers seem bright and pretty fair to me.

        • I know a few people who have eaten at her first restaurant, Villa Blanca, and loved it… couldn’t say enough good things about it.

        • Err, I am a local. People go to Villa Blanca. I live off the same street as Sur, about 3 minutes down off of Robertson on Burton which is also very close to Villa Blanca. Sur is situated next to one of the most popular gay clubs in LA, the Abbey. The place is usually packed with gay club goers. I have been to Villa Blanca a few times. If you want to talk about a place NO ONE goes to, which is trash as I have witnessed for myself, try Blizz in Van Nuys, Adrienne Maloof’s filthy, empty yogurt shop.

    • ITA Barb. Some people are never happy. You cant tell by reading a review if the writer is one of them. Ive had a bad experience at one time or another at just about all the places I frequent but I would have to be pretty pizzed to write a bad review.

  2. I would never go by Yelp. Anyone can post whatever they want; slanderous or gloating. The website is crap it looks like a website for the TV shows fans. Who puts their staff on their website and in small print is the menu! Which, by the way, they charge a dollar extra for extra sauce! Doesn’t McDonalds charge extra for more than one ranch! How tacky!

  3. As a former server, what I have found most telling is that the staff appears to spend way too much time around the bar, drinking their own personal drinks and in no hurry to get drinks out to guests, and the staff spends too much time talking about their personal business on the floor in full view and hearing distance of the diners. Given that anyone who is rude on camera to other staff members is also likely to be rude to diners, and I’m was wondering how this restaurant would work in the real world, and apparently it’s not. It is possible to have all the drama, and still give great service. Hopefully this restaurant will be able to find that sweet spot, but so far it doesn’t look like that’s happening.

    By the way, I too hate tip sharing with a passion. I shouldn’t have to subsidize a lazy server with my hard work. If I’m making the money, I should get to keep the money.

    • I think sharing tips takes away from motivating servers to give good service. Even if the service isn’t perfect the personality of the server can make all the difference. The people working at the restaurant is much of a draw as is the food. I shut our restaurant down because it is too much work and takes an owner on the premises to keep things in check. You have to really love the business because it is your life if you want it to be successful.

      • Yeah, it’s definitely a 24/7 enterprise when running a restaurant and I don’t think people who have never been involved in running one or actually scrambling for tips, truly understand what a grind and an art form the restaurant industry actually is. Poor service breaks a restaurant no matter how good the food is.

    • The wait staff are auditioning for something better and are not really wanting to wait or help you. Lisa had better get a handle of her group or she might not have a SUR next year.

    • I really disliked Lisa’s “logic” regarding tip-sharing. (AND I usually love me some Lisa). If you work harder and give better service you make more money (period) Lisa must be looking to get into American politics for the deomcrats-ha.

      Curious, do you know any of the people who are on the show? Or were they hired just for the show?

      • I don’t know anyone, but interestingly enough, one of them has been on other reality shows. The nasty one who’ls name is escaping me at the moment was on a show on The “N”, Nickelodeon’s network for teens, and was on The Amazing Race family edition. My daughter remembers seeing her on the Nickelodeon show, so she’s obviously been looking for her big break for awhile now.

      • Well we know the one who slept with Brandi’s ex was a waitress at Villa Blanca for real so at least one of them is actually an employee.

        • I remember reading somewhere that this Scheana person was a Hawaiian Tropic Tan Beauty Contest winner or something and that she also had worked for HOOTERS and was part of a classs action lawsuit because the owner was watching the girls get undressed. I think it was her anyway. Not too many people with that name.

    • That is exactly right. Why should an excellent server have to share their tips with a lazy, unskilled server. That sucks. That is not the American f***ing way.

    • I don’t think tips should be shared, either. Some waiters and waitresses work hard and some are just plain lazy….and my tip amount is given by the service the waiter supplies. I get bad service, they get a not so good tip. I don’t go by a rule book leaving tips, if they don’t check on me to see if I need something, or keep my tea or coffee glass filled, I let them know by my tip…bad service, bad tip.

  4. I love Lisa but after seeing Vanderpump Rules I guessed it wouldn’t be what Villa Blanca is! I had a hunch it was all for the show… I am still a Lisa fan, the fact her restaurant isn’t getting good reviews or was only for show doesn’t change that. Everybody is trying to make the most of their 15 minutes.

    • Villa Blanca doesn’t appear to be stellar either–check out the many less than desirable reviews. Mostly, the food seems to be average at best, and it is not clean (soiled dining chair upholstery, etc.).

      • That’s funny. The reviews written by fans of the show who have visited on FB, all say that they saw Lisa, enjoyed the food, and thought that the service was excellent. In regards to Yelp, I got involved in a group that was against the horrible restaurant reviews of a deli, after the owner said something about having Mexican American employees. This got all the anti-immigration folks on edge, and they posted hundreds of negative reviews of the deli, even though most of the people could not possibly have ever visited. Yelp is a great place for folks who hold a grudge to trash an establishment with no recourse. Some food for thought as it were.

        • Well, isn’t that kind of suspect? ALL of those fans said they saw Lisa there? I highly doubt she is there that many hours that all of these people would see her. Plus, are fans of the show necessarily that interested in quality food? I think people who go to a restaurant just because it’s featured on a “reality” show aren’t the most discriminating patrons.

          • The reviews have been written since the show was on, and are posted on various Lisa Vanderpump/Ken Todd FB pages. I don’t know how often Lisa is present, but she seems to be present whenever the folks who have posted are there.

          • Why is that suspect? Many of the restaurants I go to the owners are almost always on the premises. Now that SUR is open I believe Lisa is there most of the time and Ken is at Villa Blanca.

          • Just because those reviewers are fans of the show does not mean they don’t care about the food they are eating and the quality of it, Stacy. That is a silly assumption.

    • I didn’t know about the Villa Blanca reviews. It seems to me, its the type of restaurant that you call the paps to wait for you at. So they can get one of those “candid, don’t photograph me, even though I called you to be here” photos… ;-)

  5. Well Hail far yall. Of course it was a so-so rating. They aint no purdy/smexy flowers category in that there review. So I reckon Lisa’s SUR be screeeewd. No one kirs a wit about her time consumin fowdry arrangements I reckon. :( Get the eatable kind Lisa like what McDonalds does and then you might get a better rating? Did yall knowd that you can eat the plants that Mickey Dee uses in landscaping?

  6. Well, I hate paying a lot of money to go to a fancy restaurant only to feel it was a big waste. I took my mother to a place that had been on RHOC, for Thanksgiving lunch this past year and it was a huge rip-off. Tiny portions, NO bread, miniscule pieces of cake/pie that we took “to go.” Over $100 for the two of us thrown out the window.

    • Tell me about it Debra. Took my entire family out to capitol grille for Christmas and it was seriously only ‘meh’…. wth? cost me almost a grand! it was just nothing special. I’ve had better meals at the olive garden.

      • I like Capitol Grille for non holiday meals. We used to go every Christmas eve and year after year it got worse (they would run out of certain food items very early in the evening). For a regular business dinner during the year I have found it to be excellent though.

    • I went to one of Emerill Lagasse’s restaurants and it was one of the best meals I ever had. For each oyster stew they shucked the oysters just for your soup, chopped the herbs, etc. The food was amazing. OMG, I’m getting fat just remembering it. Let’s face it, Lisa doesn’t eat. What does she know about food. And her menu? Not very cutting edge for California.

      • OT but I ate at Mario Batali’s food court, Eataly, in NYC this fall. The food was delicious but I’m not one to go online and write a review. There are very few HW I hold in high esteem and Lisa is/was one of them. Sounds like SUR is more of a shooting location vs a restaurant. Disappointing.

  7. I find the negative comment just as fake as the positive. I suppose it’s what you like. We ate there before it was ever a show, and I don’t believe half of that post. I will say, it has a little to do with what you like. If you are a hamburger and fries, plain, ordinary kind of person, this place might be a little too much for you. I didn’t find it too small, nor was the bathroom dirty. That’s the funniest complaint yet, but hey maybe they are a little OCD.

      • Restaurant reviews can be all over the place. My family and I have always loved Dillard House…we would try and make a trip to the area once a year and we’ve never had a bad meal (or even a bad dish). food is fresh, grown locally (some right there on the property) plentiful, wide variety and consistent. However, online reviews can be scathing….like crazy bad! (Maybe you have to be raised in the south to enjoy it)

        • I am not familiar with Dillard. Our staple around here is Cracker Barrel or Piccadilly n terms of home cookin stuff. And since this is an internet generation I can totally see a sacked waitstaff member or disgruntled dishwasher taking to the online reviews and going all wee doggies on them

        • Their breakfast cannot be topped. I can’t believe you just mentioned Dillard House on here. We use to take the kids there to ride horses and really, just eat. Oh…the good ole days…

  8. Funny this comes up……I just met a friend yesterday after work; and she told me her sister went out to LA and went to Sur, she said her sister said the restaurant was nice and food was okay an d not great, no sign of Lisa but a few of the TV staff, not over whelmed at all. ???

  9. I looked carefully at Sur’s website, and it’s all about appealing to starstruck tourists or those who are into suggestive photos, instead of those who are interested in fine food:

    Misspellings on the website and menu abound, as well as chipotle mayonnaise and caramelized pecans, hardly the mark of fine “international” dining. And featuring low-end Clos Du Bois wine (available at low cost at any grocery store) at a markup of over 100% is truly a crime.

    • So funny on the misspellings. Thats whats happen when you put a ding-a-ling in charge of writing up the menu… or in the case of our local tt bar, the advertising. They got themselves a fancy new sign some time back and it was spelled “gentleman’s club” I wrote about this when it happened cause it tickled me so. Even more when I called them and they didnt have a clue that it was misspelled and refused to even let on they “got” what I was talking about. Anyways the place burnt down a week ago and I hear tell theys gonna rebuild and name it The Burning Bush.

    • I tweeted Lisa about the misspellings on the site, and she said that the text was written by her partner, who is a non-native English speaker. I am surprised that she hasn’t fixed it yet.

      • That’s no damn excuse. Proofread it you dope. I always correct restaurants when they write on their menus ” shrimps” They never appreciate the correction.

  10. I think that the “cute little busboy” or his momma wrote that review in retaliation for the way the huffy waitresses and hostesses treat him.
    One time my bother(yes THAT brother) worked at a restaurant and he wrote himself(allegedly)a nice lil complement via the online customer complement feature to headquarters. It was SOOOOO very obvious it was him. Gosh I wish I still had it because for a long time he tried to deny it was him(with a chit eatin grin on his face) But he finally did concede that perhaps he MIGHT have done it to us family. I am pretty sure the entire restaurant was hip to his game too because they printed out the complement and hung it up in the kitchen area and mucho backslappin and attaboys was doled out. Ya’ll he said stuff like “I don’t know who that handsome young man you have working as bus boy is but I heard one of your staff call him “******”(and then proceeds to describe himself if great detail) but he didnt stop working the entire time I was there……blah blah blah … needs a raise… “

  11. I never though Lisa restaurant where all that I seems obvious its a tourist trap (that’s how you make the most money), but she’s making good money for sure.The restaurant industry works that way(sadly) when you don’t have talent has a chef. Lisa said herself she not 100% involved anymore. Its clearly a business deal between her and bravo and that other guy. I would never go to her restaurent …well maybe Villa Blanca. Anyways LA is not a place for fine foods your better of in New York for that.

  12. I tend to believe the comment that Sur was spruced up for the show. Didn’t we see Lisa and Ken going to Sur to check out renovations? Having some experience with doing sets for plays much is done on the cheap and it looks pretty good to the audience. I would thing the same would be true about films. I also can buy the comments about the staff. They seem lazy and self absorbed on the show. AND that is while the camera is rolling. Can’t imagine what they are like when there are no cameras rolling.
    As for Lisa being professional, she seems to promote their lazy ways. She keeps Stassi not because she is a good reliable employee, but because she is Pandora’s friend. Lisa basically said if she had to pick between keeping Stassi over another employee she would keep Stassi. How professional is that? When she going over the percentage of tips Stassi was one of the low earners, yet she shared the tips with those who work harder than she. And if I get what Lisa said, she would fire one of those hard workers over Stassi. Just because Stassi is friends with Pandy? Seeing and hearing what a total lazy brat Stassi is would make me question Pandy’s choices as far as friends go.

    • Well, the problem with family owned businesses and one’s that are not franchise, is that family and friends are kept on board even when they aren’t team players or don’t work as hard as other’s. It’s the nature of the beast, and there are a lot of people who’ve dealt with such nonsense in our working lives.

  13. Whe I visit LA (my son has a home in Santa Monica) we always take a quick trip to Korea Town for korean barbeque. I’m drooling just thinking about it! It the absolute BEST! When you travel a lot its best to ask locals where they eat. They always know the best spots.
    I like Lisa a lot but I would never eat at SUR. Simple reason. With all of the sympathizing she does with Brandi over the infedelities in Brandi’s marriage she promotes her restaurant as a place to bring your mistress! Say what?

  14. There were several tweets to Lisa from Peter(Cynthia’s husband from Atlanta) that I happened to come across last night telling Lisa that the Sur was ghetto, and that the law had just arrived to arrest a ‘white’ woman. Peter kept sending those tweets, about six of them, and then Lisa finally tweeted back that everything was under control so relax. I was kinda surprised at Peter thinking he was so important to keep tweeting Lisa until she answered just to shut him up…he made sure to let her know he was Cynthia’s hubby from the Atlanta show, and also made me think he was just jealous that she got a club advertized while his Bar One didn’t. Maybe that’s where some of the complaints are coming from. all the mess with Ad(her hired helpers) and others who are so mad at things going on in the show. For some reason, I’ve never really considered the Sur to be much of a bar, but more less just a show for the younger audience. I know I wouldn’t go there, I’m way too old for those young kids, don’t even want to watch the younger kids(don’t know why Bravo hasn’t figured out that the younger people shows don’t do well at all, and how many times are they going to keep trying), and I certainly don’t want those slutty guys and gals mixing me a drink with those hands that no telling where they have been.
    I did think it was extremely rude, and a reason behind Peter’s tweets to Lisa, though. Maybe Nene blames Lisa because she couldn’t become a Ca housewife since she has ‘arrived’ in Hollywood.

    • Hahaha, I saw those too. And I noticed that he clearly backed down due to what appeared to be negative tweets coming his way, before he stopped tweeting for the night. Professionalism is clearly not something that comes naturally to that guy, but I’m glad he got put in his place.

    • By the way, I’ve noticed a number of younger women watching the RHWoA at least in regards to their posts, as well as RHWoNY. Can’t blame Bravo for going for the Jersey Shore/The Hills crowd. Although my 18 year old is on the fence about the show, she’s still watching, and in fact is just as into the franchise as I am.

      By the way, I’m thinking that Start Up Silicone Valley apparently didn’t work out, although I can’t tell whether or not it’s been cancelled but also can’t find repeats of the last episode of the season, is that it didn’t come anywhere near being true to the people who live and work in the area, and therefore received a ton of bad press in the tech world, even though the guy from FB was the exec producer.

    • holey: It was out of line for Peter Thomas to even tweet! It was also totally racist of him to say that a “white woman” was arrested at SUR! Could you imagine the uproar if anyone tweeted that a “black woman” was arrested at BarOne?! His tweets show his level of ignorance… and, it seems jealousy! TFC!! SH

      • And you don’t think there was an uproar with Peter’s tweet? There was, and that is why he was forced to back down, attempt to explain himself, and in the end stop tweeting.

          • Oh, you’re sharp….and here I thought I’d happened to come across something no one had seen yet…lol! Should’ve known! I was shocked to read them, and I don’t tweet or follow tweeters except every now and then. Seems like Peter is not very smart or he’d know that show is a part of Bravo, and he’d not be doing tweets like that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the shows have anyone dissing another show like that. I saw a picture of Naynay at the other Lisa place sitting outside(think the pic was posted here..not sure) and maybe she was sitting outside with Kyle, and Naynay didn’t look happy at all to be there.

        • bs: Yeah… it really gets to me, too! What is fair is not always fair for everyone. No one would DARE say that a “black” woman or a “white” woman was arrested at BarOne! Peter is an idiot. SH

          • So, and please understand that I am not attempting to be argumentative, but the word “white” and “black” are both descriptive terms used regularly in conversation as in “this black lady I work with said” or far less often but still used depending on the group one is speaking to “this white lady said or did”. Therefore it would be far less noticeable if someone where referring to a black woman or a man at BarOne then it was having Peter say “a white woman” at Sur, since I am going to assume that most of the people who spend time at BarOne are indeed black. What Peter said was inexcusably stupid, but to draw a racial equivalency in this case is not warranted in my opinion.

    • Peter is a horse’s ass. So obvious that he is still butt hurt over the way Bar one was portrayed on RHOA. Shoddy electrical work, no AC in HOTlanta, sketchy parking arrangements in a “ghetto” area… ect ect. Peter is a big ole whiney assed baby. Always has been always will be.
      Remember the FIT he pitched over the FREE limo ride he was getting last season? Well with that in mind I wouldn’t put it past Poppa Smurf himself to have made some bad online reviews of what he prolly perceives to be (and rightlyfully so) BravoAndy’s precious Vanderpump.

  15. I am in total agreement with bsbfankaren, and BuckHenry’s comments on Sur. I am in the restaurant bar business, here in Miami. I work, places like SUR. That crew should be ashamed of themselves. If we ever behaved, did things like they’re doing, we’d be fired. We are not allowed to drink, with the customers, meaning hang out at the bar for anything. When our shift is finished, we have to leave. We are not allowed in on our days off. We are not allowed to work with anyone we live with. NO COUPLES., for obvious reasons, lol. We are required to leave our private lives at the door. We do not pool tips. No one wants to drag around anyone that goofs off…also. , we have call parties that over tip us, because they like us. I’ll be damned if I’d split that money. The waitress that looks like Chelsea Clinton….she wouldn’t make it a minute here. No one gets away with it being ‘her world and everybody lives in it”. She’s not head waitress, etc. I’d hate to have to work with her., or depend on her for anything. She sure isn’t working for the house. Who says…if I don’t like someone, I do whatever I can to get that person to quit???? And they keep her???because she’s friends with Lisa’s daughter???? That sure isn’t business. Can’t help noticing how Lisa makes excuses for this crew. I never worked for anybody like her. Here…if you don’t cut the mustard, you get traded. Plenty more where we came from. No one is indispensible. If this is her crew for real…..that restaurant’s days are marked. The crew….can make you…or break you. Owners down here, hire you by what you look like too….so them making a big deal about being attractive, IS, no big deal. We’ve got a pretty crew here too., but, WE have to tow the line. I’m sorry that, if this is the first show on TV, depicting a high end rest/lounge atmosphere…..that this crew, is meant to represent people in our business, and viewers, I hope, will not come away thinking that we’re all like them. Wouldn’t you know it. If you watch them….then, the old addage that servers are stupid, etc., proves too.

  16. When I was a waittress the “head waitress” that got the better hours and more $ per hour was head because she was giving head to the boss man til he died.

  17. I think Lisa made a huge mistake staffing SUR with “beautiful young people” who only want to get their foot in the door of the entertainment industry. I can’t sit through 5 consecutive minutes of the show. It’s like watching paint dry (except much louder).

  18. You did better than I did. I didn’t make it past 2 minutes when I saw the direction it was going in. I’m channel surfing now like mad. Aside from “Snapped” and “Honey Boo-Boo” what is the recommendation?
    Gosh…I might have to start reading books again. :)

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