ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s GQ Interview… Says Straight Men LOVE Him…”I Get Your Wives and Girlfriends Playing Drinking Games…”

DISGUSTING… JUST DISGUSTING… as mentioned previously, WWHL is no longer on my DVR list of programs to record.

andy pg

GQ decided to feature MissAndy in their latest issue.

Included in his interview was MissAndy’s reasons WHY he knows straight men love him and WHY they watch WWHL:

“I said this the other night on the show; I basically spoke directly to the straight men. ‘I know you’re watching. I met you on my book tour. You come up to me everywhere I go.

And I’ve figured out why you like me: I show a bunch of boobs and asses and good-looking women. I get your wives and girlfriends playing drinking games. I get ’em wound up, I get ’em drunk, and just when they’re at the point where… I’m off the air.”

andy drinking wives pg

NOTE:  MissAndy does not mention the age of these Andy-lovin’ straight men… they are probably the same age as the “men” who find humor in and admire da Gorgas.

ALSO… MissAndy must have had all of his straight guys in mind when he chatted with the OC Housewives in a pre-reunion taping… about their cup size!  Amazingly, ALL of the OC Wives were compliant with MissAndy’s questions… which was mentioned on SH in July 2012’s “MissAndy’s Gay Agenda”!

After YOU read “MissAndy’s Gay Agenda”… you may think that MissAndy not only despises the straight women who make up the majority of his Housewives franchises, but he now also despises the straight MEN for whom he says he’s playin’ his  misogynistic games!