ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s GQ Interview… Says Straight Men LOVE Him…”I Get Your Wives and Girlfriends Playing Drinking Games…”

DISGUSTING… JUST DISGUSTING… as mentioned previously, WWHL is no longer on my DVR list of programs to record.

andy pg

GQ decided to feature MissAndy in their latest issue.

Included in his interview was MissAndy’s reasons WHY he knows straight men love him and WHY they watch WWHL:

“I said this the other night on the show; I basically spoke directly to the straight men. ‘I know you’re watching. I met you on my book tour. You come up to me everywhere I go.

And I’ve figured out why you like me: I show a bunch of boobs and asses and good-looking women. I get your wives and girlfriends playing drinking games. I get ’em wound up, I get ’em drunk, and just when they’re at the point where… I’m off the air.”

andy drinking wives pg

NOTE:  MissAndy does not mention the age of these Andy-lovin’ straight men… they are probably the same age as the “men” who find humor in and admire da Gorgas.

ALSO… MissAndy must have had all of his straight guys in mind when he chatted with the OC Housewives in a pre-reunion taping… about their cup size!  Amazingly, ALL of the OC Wives were compliant with MissAndy’s questions… which was mentioned on SH in July 2012’s “MissAndy’s Gay Agenda”!

After YOU read “MissAndy’s Gay Agenda”… you may think that MissAndy not only despises the straight women who make up the majority of his Housewives franchises, but he now also despises the straight MEN for whom he says he’s playin’ his  misogynistic games!

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71 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy’s GQ Interview… Says Straight Men LOVE Him…”I Get Your Wives and Girlfriends Playing Drinking Games…”

  1. I swear he sounds like such a narcissistic misogynistic toad…..ugh. And the sad thing is, he could be sooo much more refined and still be effective in his role. Le sigh…..

  2. Don’t care for Miss Andy, his show, or those stupid games. I stopped watching months ago. I’m still trying to unsee some of the goofy and/or humiliating things he asked his guests to do.

  3. Yeah, that’s me… I wait up til 11:00pm so I can watch WWHL – then… when I know I have to work in the morning, I get blindingly drunk and pounce on my husband (he’s been waiting outside the bedroom til I’m ‘at the point where….. ‘ GIVE ME A BREAK! This man is such a bozo and loser.

    You’re right Andy. We don’t have anything better to do (eye roll)

  4. Too bad homely, little men who demean women they wish they could be- under the guise of friendship is such a show biz cliche’. Nothin original there.

  5. OK, my spidey senses were alerting me to a great, great disturbance in the universe, so I checked in here and found this utter tripe nonsense spewing from the most vile, hateful, disgusting troll on TV, the internet or any other form of media, social or otherwise. As a striaght man, please know, Mandy, that I cannot stand you. Y’hear that Mandy? Your “take a guzzlet” and your eye-rolls and wry-looking side grins, etc DISGUST me. Trust me, Mandy, neither my wives nor my girlfriends play your stupid drinking games, or even watch you, for that matter. PLEASE go crawl back under the rock from which you came!!

    • Glad to see you and let us know who much you dislike Ms.Mandy. You have wives and girlfriends not all at the same time I hope (you name isn’t Eddy?)

      • LOL, cyn–nice to see you as well! When you do hard time in the Memphis criminal prison system, “wives and girlfriends” can mean many different things–but I’m still straight, and I still can’t stand Mandy!!

    • My total and utter disdain for Miss Mandy has NO limits. Never liked him, ever!!!!!
      WWHL :) was always a “pass” for me. I’ve caught only a handful of “parts” of crappens thru the past few years, but only during a commercial.
      I had a few gay friends when I lived in California, and one in particular completely believed that all straight men were secretly gay….CRAZY!
      I’ve always believed Mandy hates all straight women and straight men; he loves to humiliate them! He’s one Twisted Sister.

      • Noticed the C, I wrote in place of the H for WW*L was changed. Is that a no-no? Is there a station known as WWCL? Just wonderin’. I wouldn’t of put a :) following it, otherwise ;).

        • Whats What Crapppens Live is a delightfully funny podcast of which Ms SH’s newly betrothed is a part off. When they do new ones she posts links to it. Give it a listen sometime. Its funny.

          • I know and I love them, especially Ronnie!! I just thought that maybe it was the use of the “initials” that was a boo-boo. Sorry, I missed this earlier.

          • Ms.SH: Yes it was :). Thanks for clarifying. I thought maybe WWCL stood for a station that I was unaware of, and you had to alter it. I would never have put a :) after WWHL…on a kinda’ I can’t stand Miss Mandy. Thanks for getting back to me.

            • Sorry, Should of clarified better. My dig was directed at Mandy and how lame I think HIS show is. Doesn’t deserved to be in the category of “Late night TV.” I’m actually a BIG fan of the parody’s of Watch what Crappens Live… sorry if that was unclear of me :(.

  6. Cannot stand Andy Cohen. I really used to just adore him, but he has shown his disgusting side……which is now his norm.

  7. He obviously doesn’t have any straight male friends ’cause he doesn’t get how they “work.” Fan wise they’re probably the type that say they can’t stand gays but secretly find them fascinating….And there’s a huge population of gay males who can’t stand Andy either. In Phaedra’s voice: Everybody knows that not all gay men are attention starved, woman-hating, cynical control freaks. Nor are they all fascinated by the flamboyant types Andy loves to surround himself with in the clubhouse (although personally I thought the ATL episode with Derek and shoot, I can’t remember the the other guy’s name-re-capping/answering questions was the by far the funniest, most intelligent show of the season. Then again I’m not a dude). It’s a shame he didn’t have the intelligence to keep from alienating the female fan base who were his bread and butter. Face it Andy, YOU’RE JUST NOT RELEVANT ANYMORE.

      • Thanks Linda, but re your post below, that happens to us all at times, so please don’t let that quiet your voice when you’re in the mood to speak. Even on a thread where everybody agrees, it stays interesting here because all our voices are different. So, even at the times when it’s all been said, if it hasn’t been said by you, in your original, one of a kind voice, we all lose out a little. That’s how I feel about it anyway :-)

  8. what a CREEP! I have avoided WWHL for months. It’s juvenile, silly and insulting most of the time-not fun. A little bit of Andy was fun. Less is definitely more in this case because the more I see of him, the more I realize he’s an immature jerk, obsessed with gossip and drama in other people’s lives. He has turned what used to be a guilty pleasure into an obnoxious, repulsive dirty secret-and I’m done watching him. I’m trying to not watch any HW show…RHONJ Season 5 will be the hardest for me to stop watching, but…I’m gonna try. I’m sure I’ll be lurking on the blogs to see how it’s going, but…I can’t take watching Andy support the bullies on his shows.

  9. I usually just lurk around (love this website), but upon seeing this post I felt the need to comment in case Miss Andy takes a gander. My b/f absolutely hates when I watch WWHL, in fact I hate watching WWHL and only do if I want to see a certain guest. In fact he leaves the room as soon as Bravo pops up, and takes the alcohol with him as an incentive to change the channel. So no Andy, I do not think most straight men like your show for any reason.

  10. His guest got him good the other night. I cant remember her name but he ask what was a dating deal-breaker for her. She said being precious. She said if you are gay then ok but if you are a man be a man. I swan I swan Andy’s hackles raise up for a split second. Its moments like this that keep me watching WWHL…. guest that don’t have a clue what they are dealing with when it comes to Andy.

      • LMAO!!! Already sending this one to all the kids! How do you wade thru it all so fast, find the best on literally any subject known to man and get them posted here so quickly? Naw, better to keep your secrets to yourself girl. Frick’in hilarious!!!

      • Was that video for real???? Or a joke? If it was for real, how warped can those people ‘in charge’ of our country be??? I have two sons, one is straight and one is gay, and should the draft ever be enforced again, I feel both my boys should have to be enlisted, how can gays be any different than women enlisting in the service?

        As for Andy, when I first started watching the HW’s shows, I liked Andy and some of the games were kinda funny. As time has gone by, I think the games are ridiculious…especially the one where Charlie Sheen’s ex was on…that was way too much for me. Most of the games are just beyond silly, and I’d rather he just ask the guest questions from the viewers(uncensored, as in not screened for comment), so his show is going downhill fast for me…heck, half the time I don’t even know who the people are he has on. The last show of his I watched was when Kim was on with Tom Arnold. Kim came off as very snobbish to me, and she acted like she was ‘too good’ to be sitting by Tom. Am I the only one who was not all impressed with Kim?? I only watch when there is someone I really like on his show, and I wish he’d leave his ‘games’ off period, they are just silly. I also agree that his show is going downhill fast. I wonder why he can’t seem to find someone he likes enough to partner with…whatever you want to call it…he’s a nice looking guy, and it seems to me like he could easily find a ‘partner’ since he claims he’s looking for love. Maybe he justs loves himself too much to let anyone in to love back.

        • That video was from The Onion. Its a joke . They do satire like that all the time. WWHL has lost its shine for me long ago. Aint it odd that he ask for callers and tweets on his “live” show but then he reads these supposed live tweets off a pre-printed card? The tweets and the calls and the polls are utter BS. The games are stoopid. Oh yeah and they hung up on me…. twice.

        • According to Mama Elsa, love is not the cards for Andy. Didn’t she say something like Andy doesn’t know how to love or something like that?

  11. Andy reduces humankind to stereotypes. His assumptions regarding women and men are completely ridiculous if not downright laughable. Andy lives in a very narrow world of his own devising, peopled with freaks, wannabes and the detritus of humankind reeking of debt, desperation and their latest plastic surgery. We are better than this folks but as long as we dive down to the lowest common denominator and watch this freak show nothing will change.

    • Well that is true, I need to quit. But I do get a kick out off his guest that are not Bravo affiliated and you can just tell they dont watch his silly shows. But really its not worth it anymore because those times are few and far between.

      • Sorry Made not chastising I promise. I find Andy repulsive because he reduces women to caricatures and does not seem to care about the lives he wrecks for the sake of a dollah! Spouting my frustration . I’m gad you are watching to keep us informed ! Plus you are the person who regularly points out that the Emperor has no clothes!

        • Yes she does as do many others here.This site is my fav BUT there’s not much for me to say when I’m done reading because it’s all been said. :)

        • However, isn’t it kinda like no one can hurt you without your consent? These women know what they’re getting themselves into (and if they don’t, it’s just as bad). Who’s fault is it really? Not saying Andy isn’t blameless and is an upstanding human being… but they’re all (or most) doing it for the sake of a dollah and I bet just about all of them would do it all over again and probably wouldn’t even change much if they could.

  12. Pandy Cohen is a self centered jerk who has a case of arrested development. There is an old saying that you do not kick someone when they are down. Pandy did not get that note, and will not only kick someone in the guts and head when they are done, he will pee all over and then offer them a drink when they get up. And, then he’ll push them to the ground again and repeat the process.

    • This is the most accurate description of Andy that I have ever read. He is a Gemini. Sorry to all the other Gemini folks out there, but it’s true. He is seemingly stuck forever in a constant limbo between childhood playground bully + shallow, narcissistic psuedo intellectual. He doesn’t even have a good twin. He is just like… two logs of Giggy turds, one laying on top of the other… in eternity. You know who else is a Gemini? Juicy Joe. Hmph.

  13. Andy is gross, GROSS. Ugh, haven’t watched WWHL in ages either. I will never forget tho the last time I watched him and he had Merryl Streep on and could tell that she was thinking WTF am I doing on this show!! LMAO . Andy was pissing in his pants with glee but she was noticeably uncomfortable the whole time. I often wonder how he got her to come on the show because she obvisisly didn’t have a clue about him. He acted so smug that night barf

    • One more thing Andy did that didn’t set well with me was during the Miami reunion when he asked Joanna if she slept with Joe F. I really thought he had a lot of nerve asking her that question, it was clearly none of his business, and it didn’t happen during the season the show was on, so it was totally none of his business who she slept with…might have been different if she was sleeping with him while they were filming and was the gossip of the show…but not something she may or may not have done before she signed on to do the show.

  14. I tuned in to WWHL last night to see Drita because I like her. She was on with Sulu, the gay man who was on Star Trek. He tried to humiliate them both. He is one sick bastage. With Drita, the game was to ask her questions any third grader would know, assuming she’s uneducated. She got all but one right (take that Mandy). She remarked something like “You must think I’m pretty stupid!” I was furious because Mandy had that sick gleam in his eyes just waiting for her to miss them. Then Sulu (I think that’s the character’s name) was asked “Who is a person you dated that we would be most surprised to find out about?” Ok, what is Mandy wanting but the guy to OUT someone, right? Well, he was pretty quick on his feet and answered a woman’s name. WHEW, WELL, then Mandy asks if they had sex! I can’t remember the exact way he put it…some modern slang but that was the question. Sulu was flumoxed for a second and then said it’s not polite to discuss such matters about a Lady in public. I mean, there are so many things wrong with all his questions. I agree with ya’ll! Again, Mandy is one sick Fug. I stopped watching the show a long time ago because of it but forgot how revolting it is and tuned in again. Ugh.

  15. Oh my god, is he ever short! The tops of those urinals tower over him. To your average guy, the top part to that style of urinal is chest height. That angle was obviously a dig by the magazine.

  16. My bf LOATHES Andy. Can’t stake that cross-eyed pig. Also, really over Andy asking every female guest if they’ve swam in the “lady pond”. Disgusting expression.

  17. Seeing Andy posing by the urinals gave me a chuckle…everyone knows he sits down in the ladies room just like his precious housewives…

  18. I don’t really pay attention to Andy nor do I care to think that he’s doing something “positive” about the LGTB community.

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