SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: LeAnn Rimes Answers “Cheating Question”… WWHL “Jumped Shark”… Adrienne Maloof “Dating Disappointment”… NO San Diego Housewives

Eddie Leann

LeAnn Rimes tells EOnline that she would be dumb if she didn’t think that her now husband, Eddie Cibrian, would not cheat on her… BUT, Eddie thinks the same about her!  LeAnn also shared that she had suicidal thoughts… one of the reason she went into tweethab.

“I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I am a liar if I didn’t say yes, and I have at times,” she says, adding that Eddie has had the same trepidations about her.

NOTE:  Really, LeAnn??  Do you REALLY think Eddie is worried about YOU cheating??   IMO, all this attention to LeAnn is in preparation for the upcoming release of her new CD.   Just sing, Leann…


   Andy Bored pg

Is MissAndy running out of guests for his late night talk show?  George Takai and Drita from MobWives will be subjected to MissAndy’s fun and games on WWHL tonight

takei drita

NOTE:  This may come as not shock to anyone and it may not be of interest to anyone; however, WWHL has been eliminated from my DVR record settings.  Perhaps that info would be of interest to Miss Andy!?   IMO, WWHL has jumped the shark!!

andy shark pg


sean stewart  Sean Stewart on Celebrity Rehab…

Let’s put this one in the “Don’t Believe This For One Second” category.  Adrienne Maloof dating Rod Stewart’s son… according to InTouchMagazine.

NOTE:  Seriously, Adrienne??  Seriously???  We’d actually believe Adrienne was dating Bernie TheInsultChef more than this phony baloney totally made-up-by-some-lunatic-PR-person-to-get-BOTH-Adrienne-and-baby-Stewart some publicity!  If this was done by Howard Bragman… shame on you!!!   If it was done by the guy at Kyle’s White Par-tay, who brought the huge-boobed woman…Elliott Mintz… shame on him, too!!   Maybe it was Dr. NoSocks who arranged the date!

rhobh elliott mintz big boob girl


Come on, Adrienne… oh, never mind.  There are just no words.  Except one… disappointed.  Our love for Adrienne is fading… and WHO planted this story?


andy pg


A DelMar paper says that the casting call for a new Housewives-like show is NOT for a Housewives show, which many are reporting!

The casting director who put out the casting call is to blame for many who have come to the conclusion that the call is for a Bravo Housewives show in San Diego!   However, we at SH did not come to that conclusion … from SH January 11.  Dumb… just dumb.

san diego casting call