SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: LeAnn Rimes Answers “Cheating Question”… WWHL “Jumped Shark”… Adrienne Maloof “Dating Disappointment”… NO San Diego Housewives

Eddie Leann

LeAnn Rimes tells EOnline that she would be dumb if she didn’t think that her now husband, Eddie Cibrian, would not cheat on her… BUT, Eddie thinks the same about her!  LeAnn also shared that she had suicidal thoughts… one of the reason she went into tweethab.

“I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I am a liar if I didn’t say yes, and I have at times,” she says, adding that Eddie has had the same trepidations about her.

NOTE:  Really, LeAnn??  Do you REALLY think Eddie is worried about YOU cheating??   IMO, all this attention to LeAnn is in preparation for the upcoming release of her new CD.   Just sing, Leann…


   Andy Bored pg

Is MissAndy running out of guests for his late night talk show?  George Takai and Drita from MobWives will be subjected to MissAndy’s fun and games on WWHL tonight

takei drita

NOTE:  This may come as not shock to anyone and it may not be of interest to anyone; however, WWHL has been eliminated from my DVR record settings.  Perhaps that info would be of interest to Miss Andy!?   IMO, WWHL has jumped the shark!!

andy shark pg


sean stewart  Sean Stewart on Celebrity Rehab…

Let’s put this one in the “Don’t Believe This For One Second” category.  Adrienne Maloof dating Rod Stewart’s son… according to InTouchMagazine.

NOTE:  Seriously, Adrienne??  Seriously???  We’d actually believe Adrienne was dating Bernie TheInsultChef more than this phony baloney totally made-up-by-some-lunatic-PR-person-to-get-BOTH-Adrienne-and-baby-Stewart some publicity!  If this was done by Howard Bragman… shame on you!!!   If it was done by the guy at Kyle’s White Par-tay, who brought the huge-boobed woman…Elliott Mintz… shame on him, too!!   Maybe it was Dr. NoSocks who arranged the date!

rhobh elliott mintz big boob girl


Come on, Adrienne… oh, never mind.  There are just no words.  Except one… disappointed.  Our love for Adrienne is fading… and WHO planted this story?


andy pg


A DelMar paper says that the casting call for a new Housewives-like show is NOT for a Housewives show, which many are reporting!

The casting director who put out the casting call is to blame for many who have come to the conclusion that the call is for a Bravo Housewives show in San Diego!   However, we at SH did not come to that conclusion … from SH January 11.  Dumb… just dumb.

san diego casting call






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38 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: LeAnn Rimes Answers “Cheating Question”… WWHL “Jumped Shark”… Adrienne Maloof “Dating Disappointment”… NO San Diego Housewives

  1. Great couple, the Cibrian’s…each so concerned the other will cheat. Don’t even know what to say about that one. Just glad I’m not married to either one of them. Adrienne the ape woman dating? Really? Who on earth would be interested in her? Oh, she must be paying men to go out with her.

  2. Lol! Maybe the source for the Adrienne/Sean Stewart story is one of those SUR kids that’s trying to become head bartender and do some dirty work for bosslady Lisa.

  3. I read that Adrienne have responded to the story herself, saying that he is great with her kids. But of course they are close in age so thats a no-brainer.

  4. I still DVR WWHL, but unless someone really good is on, I delete it after 5 mins. Mandy used to be fun, but he’s not anymore. Same with Kathy Griffin, I hate it when people stop being funny and start pushing some kind of political agenda. Kinda like when sit-coms try to tackle a serious subject all of a sudden. Mandy and Kathy are like nails on a chalkboard anymore.

    • I whole heartedly agree….but someone over at Huffington post-al chewed me a new one for saying I am sick of famous ppl using their concerts, etc as a platform for pushing their political agenda… Hey, I paid to hear you sing and not to tout your viewpoints…

      • That really irritates me when people get personal like that on other sites. We are each entitled to our own opinions.

      • That’s because the Huffington Post is the WORST for that kind of stuff,. Arianna Huffington is the most politically crazy issue pusher out there.

  5. well, i guess it’s up to drita now. she’s going to have to put miss andy in a headlock or something. maybe they can all just get stoopified drunk?

  6. whats so scary is Leann is in Eddie and Brandi’s kids lives and shes as mentally unstable as a depressed teenager ( scary thought ) If I were Brandi Id be pissed off to. Those poor kids dont have a dying chance do they ? They probably act more mature then the adults in there lives. Sad very sad. They will be the next generation of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohans Truly scary thoughts.

    • Most kids have very good bs detectors – Brandi’s boys are getting to that age where they will not be cute little accessories for Leann’s pretend family.

  7. I stopped watching WWHL because it became too campy and it was supposed to be the show that talked about the housewives first and foremost. The bartenders turned me off…too Studio 54 meets The Village People. The plead the 5th game got stale after five seconds. Plus I think Andy killed Tramona the Turtle (just a guess).

    • Totally agree. The young bartenders in speedos make me uncomfortable. Casting couch? Saw one male model bartender (last year?) make an insipid slur; something about gays or ethnicity (don’t recall). Miss Andy turned on him like a viper and snapped, ” be quiet and look pretty” or something equally as scathing. The model wanted to crawl under the bar. I honestly can’t remember what the model said to ignite Mandy’s wrath but the retort was swift and lethal. I think that’s the real Mandy.

  8. Well yall knowd I’d purdy much HAVE to post this one.

    Always thought that any man singing lyrics like “the morning sun when its in your face really shows your age” needed to have a muddhole stompt in his ass. What kinda bullcrap love song is that? pfffft.

    • Lol Made, I always hated that line too. And that song, “You are so beautiful, to meeeee…”. I mean, can’t you just say you are so beautiful, and leave it at that? lol

      • lol. I know right? grrrrr. But on a lighter note Rod Stewart sure do make a purdy baby. Is that his yougin with that Rachel chick?

        • Idk but if it is, he’s got some good genes! Let us hope he doesn’t procreate via surrogate with cat lady Adrienne and mess up that gene pool…lol.

        • I think his mother was Alana wasn’t it? I thought Rachel was too young, she looks a lot younger than Adrienne, that’s for sure.

  9. Dear Miss SH,
    On behalf of everyone, (come on guys HELP) thnx for not getting urr-i-tay-ted or maa-haaad when ppl like me point stories to u that’s been already blogged here. It’s hard to remember and if I would be lying if I said I read evry post. You crank them out like its no ones biiiiss-mess.

  10. Not trying to pimp my site (I don’t have ads, I barely maintain the site) u’ll see I have a lengthy documention of Miss EddieLee’s “one sided” twitter behavior regarding Brandi. MissEddieLee even tried to get her self a spot on Miss Andy’s show.

      • LOL! I know. U know what is creepy Made? LeAnn watching RHBH and live tweeting. That would be like Brandi watching the Grammy’s & live tweeting. It’s Brandi’s life so of course she is gonna talk about Eddie cheating. That’s the consequences when u cheat and ur ex gets on a reality show. The sick part is most of them ppl who work for EddieLee pick who wins Grammy’s and they particpated in that twitter crap. The one guy said Eddie said he’s apart of the family. Gross. He’s old I mean why does he at that age, need to be apart of a family that involves kids. I digress.

        • Its disturbing for sure. I didn’t care enough to check in at the time on her twitter but I figured Eddie was gonna have a purty interesting night once Brandi utters “Even if Eddie is cheatin on LeeAnn now….” the whole Scheama convo was designed to send LeeAnn straight into orbit and apparently she fell in lock strep to the beat that Brandi was playing. Too funny. Score one for Brandi!!!!

          • @ Made You really know the way to my heart – Todd Rundgren in the morning…great start to my day! Ty!

          • This battle back and forth is tiresome. Really, no winners here. Brandis pr should tell her stfu about Eddie. She is starting to spend all her poor me goodwill and what will she be left with.Living well is the best revenge and brandi needs to step up and move on. We get it, you were treated poorly by a jerk. This Bravo storyline needs to end.

      • Ya, the problem with bein a homewrecker is that you forever know you are a crappy person, and the man you stole is a crappy person capable of lying.

  11. LeAnn and Eddie deserve each other. She was married and he was married when they paired up. I don’t know how either of them can trust the other. Once a cheat always a cheat kind of a thing.
    I don’t know if I agree with the term homewrecker. The home had to be in tact in order for it to be wrecked by an outsider and obviously Eddie was playing around long before he showed up on that movie set and met LeAnn.

  12. Can’t seem to pass up a Cibrian post without throwing a meow into the mix. I imagine LeAnn subscribes to the belief that the way to a man’s heart is how you look in a bikini. I think it’s the core purpose to her current life and lifestyle. It falls into our society’s obsession with maintaining youth and fitness; (Europeans and So Americans are just as invested)– but somehow LeAnn’s scale got tipped on body image leaving little room for much else. *bikini shots will never gross as much as her voice and song writing…..wake up LeAnn.

  13. Leann worries soooo much about what others think (if you go by her actions over the past few yrs. posing & tweeting all the time), I just can’t see her ever admitting to it if Eddie did step out. I think she’d be the type to deny it & anyone who pointed out the truth would be the one with the problem. Hmm, where have we seen that before…

  14. I have to laugh about LeAnn worried about Eddie cheating, Ofcourse he will cheat on you, your a fool. That man cant keep his pants up apparently. Maybe the dollars she has have detoured his urges but I am sure he will pad the wallet first and then move on to something alittle less crazy.

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