JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ For “Parenting Magazine” As “Guest Editor”… Son’s Autism is No Longer “Shameful Secret”… Says That The RHONJ is A “Meaningless, Drama-Filled” Series.

jax and son

As you are all well aware, JaxLaurita was chosen by Parenting Magazine… not to be confused with the better-known and more respected “PARENTS” Magazine… as a ‘guest editor’ to speak with Parenting Magazine’s readers about her son’s diagnosis as being one of many children who fit into the autism spectrum.

From the RHONJ reunion show:


BubbaJax says in the brief article for Parenting Magazine:

  • she had no idea how much her life would change when she signed on as an “original” cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey”
  • BubbaJax never considered that she would actually have a higher purpose in life, but now that her son has been diagnosed with autism, she has found it!   NOTE:  Guess there’s no more time for scrapbooking!

jax scrapbooking

  • BubbaJax also says that people should NOT be afraid or ashamed of their life struggles.   NOTE:  Especially if YOU signed up to put your life on TV!
  • One of BubbaJax’ biggest warning signs that something was not quite right with her son was when he stopped saying  “I Love You.”

Jax Laurita Columbo pg

Interestingly, BubbaJax states that the Real Housewives of New Jersey is

“a seemingly meaningless, drama-filled series.”

Excerpts from ParentingMagazine:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the original cast members of Bravo’s hit reality television series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I signed on to this show back in 2008 without taking into consideration how much my life could change.   NOTE:  Really?   Anyone with an active brain cell would have taken into consideration that once you are being PAID to put your life on television as a part of a “reality” show your life would change!  To think otherwise is a bit cra-cra!!

RHONJ Jax Jacket pg

There was a three-month waiting period to see the developmental pediatrician. We arrived at her office already assuming that our child had autism.

I went home, hugged my husband, and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I cried for myself; I cried for my husband; I cried for my other kids, and I cried for my Nicholas. After that one-day grieving period, I woke up the next morning focused on bringing out the best Nicholas that he could be. I began reading everything I could find on autism. We learned that early intervention is key to recovery. We learned that diet and nutrition play an important role. We learned that my husband and I would have to work together to be our son’s greatest advocates.   NOTE:  None of this prevented BubbaJax from tweeting!!

Saying Bye to Ashley… voice dubbed in by Bravo…

I often wonder what led me to this life as a reality TV personality in a seemingly meaningless, drama-filled series. I didn’t know it would be a platform to help others.

NOTE:  IMO, It is truly amazing that this story line scenario has fallen into BubbaJax’ lap!  BubbaJax really had no story line since signing on to the RHONJ… except to try to convince everyone that she is her own person!  IMO, BubbaJax is on the RHONJ for the same reason Kim Richards is on the RHOBH… it’s a two-fer.  No Kim, no Kyle… no DonCaro no BubbaJax!   If this is REALLY the case, who were the total dumbasses at Bravo who made that decision to continue the DonCaro/BubbaJax duo?      

RHONJ Parenting twitter numbers

NOTE:  @Parenting is ParentingMagazine’s twitter account.    Parenting has 363,629 followers on twitter… which pales in comparison to BubbaJax’ twitter numbers of 636,731 “followers”!   However, when last checked, only one-third of  BubbaJax’ followers were authentic!    Therefore, realistically, “Parenting” has more twitter followers than BubbaJax!

jax laurita twitter audit

IMO, this is a very cozy arrangement for @Parenting!  Parenting attempts to gain more followers via twitter and more readers of their ‘many-times-mistaken-for-PARENTS’ magazine!

Parenting is very proud of the fact that they snagged BubbaJax as their “guest editor”…

jax parenting tweet 10.26.12

Let’s keep an eye on how @Parenting numbers “skyrocket” once BubbaJax starts including their twitter handle to tweets to her followers!   And, of course, we will all be glued to watching the RHONJ just to see how miraculously “cured” BubbaJax’ son gets during the filming of the RHONJ!   If for some reason you wish to contact Parenting magazine re their choice of “guest editor”… which many have already done with news of BubbaJax was announced back in October… the person to contact is @apconnery.

As for the RHONJ in particular, no truer words had been spoken ala Tina Fey!

As for the RHONJ cast in general, no truer words had been spoken by Ken!