JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ For “Parenting Magazine” As “Guest Editor”… Son’s Autism is No Longer “Shameful Secret”… Says That The RHONJ is A “Meaningless, Drama-Filled” Series.

jax and son

As you are all well aware, JaxLaurita was chosen by Parenting Magazine… not to be confused with the better-known and more respected “PARENTS” Magazine… as a ‘guest editor’ to speak with Parenting Magazine’s readers about her son’s diagnosis as being one of many children who fit into the autism spectrum.

From the RHONJ reunion show:


BubbaJax says in the brief article for Parenting Magazine:

  • she had no idea how much her life would change when she signed on as an “original” cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey”
  • BubbaJax never considered that she would actually have a higher purpose in life, but now that her son has been diagnosed with autism, she has found it!   NOTE:  Guess there’s no more time for scrapbooking!

jax scrapbooking

  • BubbaJax also says that people should NOT be afraid or ashamed of their life struggles.   NOTE:  Especially if YOU signed up to put your life on TV!
  • One of BubbaJax’ biggest warning signs that something was not quite right with her son was when he stopped saying  “I Love You.”

Jax Laurita Columbo pg

Interestingly, BubbaJax states that the Real Housewives of New Jersey is

“a seemingly meaningless, drama-filled series.”

Excerpts from ParentingMagazine:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the original cast members of Bravo’s hit reality television series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I signed on to this show back in 2008 without taking into consideration how much my life could change.   NOTE:  Really?   Anyone with an active brain cell would have taken into consideration that once you are being PAID to put your life on television as a part of a “reality” show your life would change!  To think otherwise is a bit cra-cra!!

RHONJ Jax Jacket pg

There was a three-month waiting period to see the developmental pediatrician. We arrived at her office already assuming that our child had autism.

I went home, hugged my husband, and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I cried for myself; I cried for my husband; I cried for my other kids, and I cried for my Nicholas. After that one-day grieving period, I woke up the next morning focused on bringing out the best Nicholas that he could be. I began reading everything I could find on autism. We learned that early intervention is key to recovery. We learned that diet and nutrition play an important role. We learned that my husband and I would have to work together to be our son’s greatest advocates.   NOTE:  None of this prevented BubbaJax from tweeting!!

Saying Bye to Ashley… voice dubbed in by Bravo…

I often wonder what led me to this life as a reality TV personality in a seemingly meaningless, drama-filled series. I didn’t know it would be a platform to help others.

NOTE:  IMO, It is truly amazing that this story line scenario has fallen into BubbaJax’ lap!  BubbaJax really had no story line since signing on to the RHONJ… except to try to convince everyone that she is her own person!  IMO, BubbaJax is on the RHONJ for the same reason Kim Richards is on the RHOBH… it’s a two-fer.  No Kim, no Kyle… no DonCaro no BubbaJax!   If this is REALLY the case, who were the total dumbasses at Bravo who made that decision to continue the DonCaro/BubbaJax duo?      

RHONJ Parenting twitter numbers

NOTE:  @Parenting is ParentingMagazine’s twitter account.    Parenting has 363,629 followers on twitter… which pales in comparison to BubbaJax’ twitter numbers of 636,731 “followers”!   However, when last checked, only one-third of  BubbaJax’ followers were authentic!    Therefore, realistically, “Parenting” has more twitter followers than BubbaJax!

jax laurita twitter audit

IMO, this is a very cozy arrangement for @Parenting!  Parenting attempts to gain more followers via twitter and more readers of their ‘many-times-mistaken-for-PARENTS’ magazine!

Parenting is very proud of the fact that they snagged BubbaJax as their “guest editor”…

jax parenting tweet 10.26.12

Let’s keep an eye on how @Parenting numbers “skyrocket” once BubbaJax starts including their twitter handle to tweets to her followers!   And, of course, we will all be glued to watching the RHONJ just to see how miraculously “cured” BubbaJax’ son gets during the filming of the RHONJ!   If for some reason you wish to contact Parenting magazine re their choice of “guest editor”… which many have already done with news of BubbaJax was announced back in October… the person to contact is @apconnery.

As for the RHONJ in particular, no truer words had been spoken ala Tina Fey!

As for the RHONJ cast in general, no truer words had been spoken by Ken!

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121 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ For “Parenting Magazine” As “Guest Editor”… Son’s Autism is No Longer “Shameful Secret”… Says That The RHONJ is A “Meaningless, Drama-Filled” Series.

  1. Ya’ know I used to like Jax, but why would a child sickness be a “shameful secret”? If you once ran over a homeless guy & drove off or you rip off the elderly or something that’s a “shameful secret”, gezzz really? She thought it was an ego thing? Maybe (giving her the benefit of the doubt) she meant she felt guilty like some moms with sick kids do. Dunno, but I still say stop tweeting & tend the you little one. In terms of keeping her & Caro, the producers have proven i/m/o that they don’t truely care about their cast members. They both have serious problems in their lives , a sick child among other things (Jax) & a deep set personality disorder (Caro) & the producers seem to want to feed off of that. Even speaking as someone that finds Caro’s narcisissim & angry little tailspin funny, I don’t think the producers care about anything these gals at all. They are setting up dullards to be laughed at knowing the dullards aren’t honest with themselves or the other cast members so… Not to say I’m expecting morals from t.v. producers, I’m jus’ saying.

    • The “shameful secret” really pissed me off. Why would a disability be a shameful secret. It’s nothing that was in his/her control so why be ashamed fo something that is an actual disability….lord some people are just dumb.

      • @Bizzymammabee: I agree with you and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with Nicholas, they are using this as their story line and exploiting their child. He will have to carry this stigma around for the rest of his life. Hopefully she says something wrong in one of these articles or this stupid Parenting Magazine catches on quick.

        • Barb I think most people will be able to see her bs. I have a very good friend whose son is autistic. We realized something was wrong with him when he was around two. He has made tons of strides but I have to say you can really tell the difference developmentally. So unless she keeps that kid locked up and away from the world she can’t really hide it.

          If that were me, I would not be on RHONJ to make sure I could spend every single minute taking care of his schooling and whatever other therapies he needs. If they truly had money and the bankruptcy was totally isolated to their business, then she wouldn’t need the paycheck from RHONJ. So there is another big old flaming like from her mouth.

          • We have an autistic child in the family who is developing quite well. I also have a good friend who has a son who is autistic and he is one bundle in a half. His is bad.(meaning his Autism) She has had to fight tooth and nail for everything she has had to have for him, including his schooling. My daughter teaches the Autistic and I don’t want to say what she has said about this case.

            • Barb, My sister and I are both Interrelated Special Education Teachers and we both also agree that something in this ” autism” story doesn’t smell right. GOD bless the little fellow if he is seriously ill and I sincerely pray he isn’t. My youngest daughter is a beautiful angel with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She is 16, blessed with killer curves,and is drop dead gorgeous….however her IQ is 61. She performs at about a 3-5 th grade level in school but is very gifted artistically. She draws. paints, and sings like an angel. Please say a prayer for her my Lola-Bree (Alora Ennis) because she is actually.getting to try out for “The Voice” this Sat. at 7AM in Atlanta. That being said…. I will be very interested to see what Jac’s story line is and what she writes about her son. In my humble opinion, she flits from one idea to another. It is either because she is really too self centered to stick to a few forms of therapy and home treatment because they take too much time. That child should be on a strict schedule and his family should be laser focused on a few skills that are constantly repeated. They say he doesn’t communicate with them often…he should be using a communication book or even a computerized program since their financial situation is fine and they can afford it. Instead she tweets about sign language and that the poor boy isn’t learning it well….”WELL DUH …GET THIS THROUGH YOUR ALCOHOLIC BRAIN…..HE WON’T LEARN IT BY YOU THROWING HIM IN FRONT OF A VIDEO”! Sorry to go off on a tear but this entire situation disturbs me greatly!

              • How exciting about The Voice. Your story touched me deeply and Lola-Bree will be in my prayers. Good luck and God bless.

              • Wishing Lola Bree all the best. God bless you and that beautiful angel. Wishing her all the success in the world. Your comment was the common sense reminder we all need and enjoyed reading it.

              • Thank you Ain’t! We will be leaving at around 4AM in order to get to downtown Atlanta in plenty of time. I don’t want her to be nervous about being late and want to have enough time to let her get some breakfast in her system. As her “mommie”(what she has always called me and how she has always spelled it) I am just proud that she is trying. Of course I am prejudiced, but I know she will do wonderful. I sincerely thank all of you for your support! I will let you all know how it goes….worse case scenario, she will try again next year. She was so sweet…she said, “Mommie, even if they don’t pick me I still get to sing for them!” That is her overall attitude. You know, having taught Special Education and also dealing with it tron the other side of the table with my Lola-Bree is why my opinion about Jac is so low. If her child is on the Autism Spectrum she should be doing her dead level best working with him on a set schedule and with a set communication book/device/ or plan. What we see is her obsessive need for attention through her child. It really scares me for that poor baby. He needs stability and he won’t get it in his current situation. If she is setting up his “miraculous” cure…..well you know karma will come back on her ten fold. It feels like I know many of you from the posts I read all the time…I don’t post often, but AGAIN I THANK YOU. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL YOUR GOOD LUCK MESSAGES! I look forward to getting to know you all better!

              • Again good luck to Lola-Bree she is going to do fine…. what you have voiced has been my opinion since day one. Something is not right. Loonie toon is a scammer. They scammed the Susan Korman Foundation out of thousands of dollars. You are right about Karma and she is going to get hers. Be safe..

              • So nice to see you posting and I hope you and Lola-Bree know that you carry us with you in spirit. Fingers crossed .So great to see such wonderful attitudes. I am so happy you are supporting your daughter’s dreams and her wonderful talent.


              • Thanks everyone!! Thank you as well Ms.SH, I will keep you posted! Lola is nervous because she now has to have 4 songs by Tuesday..but I am just so proud that she is trying! I do so love this little community! Barb, you and everyone dealing with the fallout from the hurricane have been in our prayers!

    • I think everything about this says shameful secret. It’s shameful that Nicholas’s parents are using their sons medical issues as a storyline on a televison show, as a shield to soften the blow of their lies and ridiculous behaviour on the show and their lawsuit that is looming over their lives. It’s shameful that his Mother is trying to pass herself off as an advocate when it’s obvious she is a mentally ill, alcoholic that abuses perscription pills. (I make my assumptions by watching Jax’s own actions on RHONJ so don’t try to sue SH). I have said this before but I will say it again, the most shameful thing of all is letting Bravo dubb in Nicolas saying “I love You” to his Sister knowing he no longer said that. It’s disgusting and shameful and I wish to God she would have kept it a secret because I seriously don’t see how tweeting about this non stop is helping her son or her family.

      • I agree with you, 100%, SD. She’s disgusting and I can’t believe she doesn’t see what we all see…and not just BubbaJax but the whole family!

  2. I’m curious why she said she didn’t have a “higher calling in life” before Nicholas…So raising her other two kids wasn’t a higher calling to her? No wonder Ashlee is so messed up! I honestly think Jax is the most evil of all HW’s. I think she turned on Dina, then Danielle, then her own daughter, and now Tree. I wonder who it’s gonna be next season. I feel awful for that baby boy, and I feel especially bad for CJ. This woman is NO mother, she’s too wrapped up in herself.

          • Can’t see them… she blocked me a long time ago for asking her on twitter why T would try to block Mego from the show if Mego and Kat weren’t already trying to get on the show! Lol.

    • Made you should have been an attorney. Picking out that comment demonstrates exactly why I have a problem with Jacaloon.

      • Yeah the self-reporting component to his “diagnosis” should be thrown out the window when said mother is nuttier than a fruitcake.

        • I’m not surprised that she went the single diagnosis route because the panel approach requires that the parents submit to questioning apart from the child. Curious if that approach weeds out the crazies, the Munchhausen parents?

          • I was thinking, she has a doctor on because she is having trouble carrying a baby full term.. She has someone on when she needs to feel ok with herself.. Caroline has someone on to say her daughter is fat… Lap bands up the arse… But when it comes to something like autism, nothing… You would think she would be trying to help her son, and get this out anyway, except via twitter… I don’t believe her… Any mother would want to help their child…

    • I wonder how Bravo feels about Jacaloon describing the show in these less than complementary terms. Why would she sign up for another year on a show that she so obviously feels is beneath her lofty perch of a higher purpose as an autism advocate. Hey, hey, ho, ho, BubbaJax has gotta go.

    • She shows a small amount of self awareness with that statement.

      She probably is speaking with all the other women in mind, not herself though.

      Poor little con artist.

  3. That video showing Don and her clan lording over everyone’s every move says all we need to know about their twisted up shady dirtball ways. BGG with his sneer. arrrrrgggg. Albie creepin around in the background. …. Hey fools stay outa lady business.

  4. Poor ole Doncarowhine. The very last thing she’ll see is a true image of herself. An unhappy , Glady Kravitz wannabe whose own misery makes her jealous of anyone else’s happiness.

    • I hate sensational headlines. The article points out ” The findings suggest that the so-called autism spectrum contains a small but significant group who make big improvements in behavioral therapy for unknown, perhaps biological reasons, but that most children show much smaller gains. Doctors have no way to predict which children will do well.”

      • It’s a shame that Jax is allowed to tweet her ignorance. Remediation and recovery are two different terms and Jax is confused if she thinks there is a magic cure. As we have learned it is a long road. The professionals who advised my daughter says even with remediation parents have to be aware that progress is not a guarantee of anything . There are usually times even as an adolescent or adult that behavioral therapies, speech therapies and tutors may be required. My oldest D recently went back for a round of speech therapy because she was dropping her Ls when she lectured. Huge difference between ignorance and shame.

    • I can’t remember where I read this – maybe on her twitter. She was invited to be a panelist in an Autism discussion that included Jenny McCarthy. I have no respect for Jenny since she is on the “no vaccine” bandwagon. She spews out dangerous information. Hope this is not featured on RHONJ.

      • Chris laurita (aka Jax tweeting as Chris) is in on the whole Jenny McCarthy bandwagon
        Chris Laurita ‏@chris_laurita

        @JennyMcCarthy Good Luck with your new show! I’m sure its going to be great and Thank You so much for all you do!!! You’re the best!

  5. I don’t see it. Where does she say it was a “shameful secret”? Read this article 3 times thinking I’d missed it. Is it just not quoted here?

      • Who in this day and age thinks it is? Seriously? More sensationalism rather than a measured common sense educated approach . Jax is doing more harm than good. What Autism needs is less hysteria, fewer charlatans out to make a buck , fewer Doctors willing to hand out a diagnosis on the basis of a single meeting .

        • I work in an elementary school. The special ed teacher told me about a meeting with parents of an autistic child. After she told them about the students progress and plans the father had one question, “when is he going to snap out of it”. I dont understand how any parent doesn’t arm themselves with all the info available. They will need to advocate for this child to get him every available service and it can be a full time job. I do feel sorry for Nick as any parent only wants a good life for their child. You have to adjust your expectations and celebrate any progress.

    • ITA about the two fer’ with Blavo, just like on BH.
      Appreciated seeing the link you put up about Autism. I read years ago about this, and I believe the statistics alone are proof enough.
      I read up on autism years ago just out of curiosity, because it puzzled me. If I could come across this information w/o any need to be doing so….I’m sure Jacko could, especially if she was looking to grab onto a mystery that had a potential for a “seemingly” miracle.
      The one thing about any of this story that may actually be good, is that Nicholas isn’t stuck with Jac-a-loon ALL day. For that reason alone, he may begin flourishing.

  6. Here is my issues.
    1. Autism is not a disease. It’s a variation of how the brain works.
    2. It has no recovery. It’s a basis of learning for both parent and child on how the brain works.
    3. It is not shameful. 1 in 110 persons have autism so the likelihood of knowing someone with autism are pretty damn high
    4. This is NOT a platform to help others. Its not a rarity and there are hundreds of support groups and persons out there. You are lacing your pockets.

    This entire thing is so beyond distrubing!

      • I don’t share others suspisions on her sons diagnosis. The thought of her lying just doesn’t occur to me. I do feel she should use her energy to help Nick and not look for recognition elsewhere. She could use her twitter time to help at his school.

      • Also couple that with the “BKL helps autism symptoms says random mother” horsechit that Albie released just days(maybe even 24 hours) prior to Jax disclosing Nick’s condition.

        • If that had been a true statement about BLK helping an autistic child, I am more than sure that they would have had that person doing some publicity for them. So seeing as that never came about, I mean really who in their right mind would not want to seriously publicize something like that to rocket their sales, I too have to call bull shit and agree with you Made.

          • That right there set the scene for me to completely disbelieve every word outa their mouths regarding this. Without that, I might have been more inclined to give it the ole”bless they hearts” But not now. Not ever.

            • I am with you on that one 100%. That would have been one hell of a breakthrough for Autism. They would have been living like they minted money, you know kind of like when they were pillaging and looting that company. Can you imagine what the impact would have been had it have been true. I wonder if someone at the FDA contacted them about that claim. Obviously they had to back peddle because there has to be significant claim to make such a claim.

            • Fascinating video!! Wouldn’t it be great to see Sheldon, from “The Big Bang”, go toe to toe, on the subject of lying with this guy Lol! Thanks made.

    • I agree 100% Why are members of the medical community not taking her to task over this? Its horrific that this magazine is perpetuating her bullcrap. I can’t see how sponsors would abide by this.

    • @difrom nyc. Perfect comment. Sums up exactly how I feel. I am so disgusted …..Has it really come to this? People like Jax , who have no credibility, no educational background are suddenly experts. As your comments prove Jax is so far off the mark it isn’t funny. She brings nothing to the table.

  7. Excuse me, but couldn’t they find a credible parent? This lady has serious credibility issues for me and then there is the thing about Signature Apparel hanging over their heads.

  8. I kinda understand the shameful thing. I have ran into my share of parents who as a knee jerk reaction to something thier kids have and they view it as something shameful or something they must have done wrong. Is it the right thing of course not is it rational Nope but it does happen.

  9. I posted this last night on another thread but it is more appropriate to repost here:
    amber milton ‏@amberdawn25

    @REALAmyHanley you should reach out to #RHONJ @JacLaurita she does a lot to raise awareness 4 #autism since her son is autistic too😉

    And Amy responds:
    Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

    @amberdawn25 @jaclaurita I will do that! I am going 2 NYC in Feb w @noraschweihs n I will reach out then. #MobDolls in #NYC uh oh it’s #real

    Yall nothing good is gonna come outa this. Can yall imagine the tweet sessions once these two hook up publicly? Disturbing.

    • I never thought I’d say this of anyone, but Amy is more of a desperate famewhore than the Marcos. I like that she writes b.s. about how being mobbed up from birth has its advantages. Is there some awesome gangsta hit man trust that I’m not aware of? Did Mr. Mob Boss save his mob monies? Awww, so sweet of him to think of his daughter’s future that way… so sweet them ganstas.

      Jax and Amy are twamblers and those tweet sessions will be very disturbing.

      • lol. I know. Connected by ass. Disconnected from reality is more like it. And ya know what? Amy and Jax both have crazy mommas too. I did buy that dang book and I feel like every word in it is a lie. She talks about her baby daddy pullling a gun on a drug dealer and the dialog that she attributed to the drug dealer is such laughable bullcrap. If you pull a gun on a drug dealer you best use it because they are not likely to beg for their lives saying chit like “oh please Mr Hadley, we know what you did to our brother so please dont shoot us we promise to leave”(paraphrasing) yeah right. If a drug dealer even THINKS you jacked with their family you will eat lead and no words will be had. Period.
        She also says that Tom “defended her honor” by pulling a gun on a random customer in a grocery store for hittin on her in the express lane… now lets be real, more than likely someone said sumpin about the entitled Wendy being in the express lane with more than the allotted number of items. The entire book from start to finish sounds like bullcrap to me.

  10. how in the world can this magazine support someone under federal investigation! I cannot wait for the verdict to come out and send it to them…it is disgusting that this magazine doesn’t choose someone honest and respectable and chosing someone under federal investigation for fraud, theft, etc…horrible! Also, love how she adds diet in the cure……………as someone said above…set the stage for the black water tie in.

    • I know right. And why would autism speaks want to be attached to Laurita given the ramrod they did to Susan B Komen for the Cure? If they are not doing the bare minimum of due diligence to uncover such shenanigans then why would a donor think it would be worthy to donate to? Ignorance is no excuse when they are dealing with charitable contributions of donors. In fact its even more disturbing.

      • Autism Speas fired an a female employee because she need to leave early twice a week to take her autistic son to therapy. The employee tried to re-arrange her child’s therapies but it was next to impossible and A Speaks was unwilling to work with her. So be leery of charity. Autism Speaks is willing to let Jacaloon front charity functions despite the Lauritas bankruptcy for them but God forbid they allow a mother to actually engage in helping her child.

  11. I just have to say that I love this blog yes. Huge fan on the exposing of these sub human cultures that is the Real Housewives franchises.

    • i love your name..krispy kreme :) boy those are the best.. trying to lose the holiday weight so I will have to stay off those for a while

  12. Well, Daddy Chris and Mommy Jax are in a bankruptcy case where they ripped off a company. They also are going to be forced to sell all their assets to repay what they stole. Daddy played around with evidence and lied about the computer.

    Jax wants sympathy so she can’t get indicted. They probably will indict her husband and Joseph Laurita, Jr. DonCaro’s brothers are so UNETHICAL.

    Franklin Lakes will be a memory. HELLO, Patterson. HELLO, Newark. Or back to Las Vegas with Mommy and Daddy.

    • Sorry, but Jax is delussional if she thinks that sympathy is going to stop her indictment. I don’t care what it’s about. Ain’t gonna happen.

      • When will this happen already ? I don’t get how they are able to open another business and profit from it when they should be in jail. I bet somehow they figure out a way to get off .

    • Lauren is starting a clothing line. I guess she saw mommy dearest & Chris being successful in robbing people via signature apparel so she would try her hand at it.

      • Lauren might be the one with a disorder here. She seems to suffer from lazy ass-itis. Looks like she already lost interest in Cafface. With mommy moving closer to the boys she definitely needs to unload Cafface so she can move there too. God forbid the boys get any more attention than she does.

        • I live nearby and often walk by cafface on way into Starbucks. No one is ever in her shop and I haven’t seen Lauren there either.

          • Wonder if Lindsey still works there? So much for that investment that her parents made. Might have been better spending the $$ on a trip around the world or giving it to a charity. Then again if the rumors of her daddy having some mobbed up connects maybe the business is just a front to launder money.

          • Does she still have the sign on the door telling people she will kill them if they let her dog out?

            I swear, it looked like a gradeschooler had written it.

  13. The Lauritas ar con artists and liars.

    Why is no one holding their feet to the fire about defrauding the Komen Foundation?

    Every other tweet or message on blogs should be asking that question, before Wack Jac starts talking about helping with autism events.

  14. It scares me that she may be giving out bad advice. I know if I had just found out my child had autisim, that I would want information from a parent who has dealt with it long term, not just recently.

    • Too right! Makes a ton more sense. Also I would hope that there a medical professionals
      who might have a child with autism and could speak about it from both points of view.

  15. Ok y’all. Since Kyle and Jax are both featured in this post, I thought I would point out a weird connection they have: Kyle played an autistic child in a movie called “An Autistic Christmas Miracle” Enjoy.

  16. Shameful secret??? WTF!! With all the bones rattling around in this woman’s closet I am astounded that she considers her kid’s autism her “shameful secret.” It would never even occur to me that someone would be ashamed of their kids’ disability.

    Trying to peddle a potentially dangerous product as a cure for autism is shameful!
    Ripping off the Komen Foundation is shameful!
    Humiliating your daughter on national TV is shameful!

    The list could go on and on, but Ms. SH would need more bandwidth!

  17. I know nothing about autism except for what I’ve read & I have 2 friends that have children that were diagnosed with it………so, please correct me if I’m wrong but isnt one of the signals is that they child does not easily or frequently make eye contact when spoken to? There are a few photos of Nicholas doing this EYE CONTACT with the camera, his mom, etc and in the video above, Caroline seems to brag that he makes eye contact when his name is spoken…….Can someone please address this? It struck me weird. Happy Friday everyone! :) :)

  18. TiaGiaChristie.
    Way to go Lola-Bree!!! So excited for yall!!!! Keep on reachin for those dreams babygirl!!! This is your time to shine!!! Right now!

    Much Love,

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