As you all know, ma boo “flipit/it” Ronnie and I got married last month.   Yes, we are survivors of the dreaded Mayan prediction!  There is sooooo much to report re our wedding… but, we’re still on our cruisin’ Honeymoon!!   So, that wedding report will have to wait.

Ma boo just called down to the concierge on this cruise ship, which is supposed to have EVERYTHING, for his brand of cigarettes and was told that he smoked the last pack yesterday.   So, instead of ma boo waitin’ until we disembark in the next port, ma boo jumped ship and is swimmin’ on over to Hong Kong for some smokes!


This ain’t no Disney Cruise, Carnival Cruise or a crap Celebrity Cruise… this is a Crystal Cruise we’re on.  There are twenty staff members for each person aboard and nineteen of  them have jumped into the ocean waters tryin’ to get on dry land before ma boo, just to get his cigs before he does!!  It would be considered a tragedy and a big ding in the service record of this fine ship if ma boo were to scrounge around Hong Kong for his own smokes!

One staff stayed on board in preparation for ma boo’s return… steamed hot towels, massage, a breakfast selection and a bowlful of Dunhill lighters.

I been yellin’ at ma boo to swim back to ship, but it’s a bit dark and he says he’s enjoyin’ the swim and that the “dolphins” (the staff members) are very friendly and are talkin’ with him!

When ya gotta have a cigarette, I guess ya gotta have one!

Well, before he did a triple flip into the ocean from the balcony of our de-luxe suite… ma boo from TVGasm finished his BS of the Day!

While you’re over at TVGasm, give a listen to their new WatchWhatCrappens!!

AND… while awaiting his return…

smokes arrow

…found somma my favorite tunes as a nice little surprise for ma boo to listen while he’s getting pampered!!


Hope you also enjoy…