SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Hurricane Sandy Customer Goin’ After Power Company… Gretchen Rossi “Sympathy Tour” Begins… Yolanda Foster “Capricorn Tough”… Andy Cohen “Warm Thoughts” In MissAndy’s Brain!

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one very brave customer (who also happens to be an attorney) of the power provider to his Staten Island home has filed a lawsuit against ConEd.  Mr. Prignoli lives in an area of SI in which all utilities are underground… he says that after Sandy hit on Oct. 29, he and his family had to stay with friends for more than two weeks.  Mr. Prignoli claims Con Ed gave him six different dates for when power would be restored, and a multitude of reasons for why there were so many delays.

gorga restore gorga pg

There are no overhead lines so the power wasn’t taken out by trees, and he says everyone on his block had power a lot quicker than he did. His home was left intact; it didn’t flood and nothing was damaged. So why no power? That’ll be up to Con Ed to answer when it files an answer to the complaint.   From DNAInfo

Robert Prignoli is suing the utility giant for at least $500 million and demands New York ban it from operating in the state. He also hopes to obtain certification as a class-action lawsuit to bring on other fed-up customers.

The lawsuit, filed in Staten Island Supreme Court, accuses ConEd of gross negligence in its preparation for the storm and its recovery effort.

“Con Edison does not deserve to be in the electric power supply business since it is inept at every level,” Prignoli said in an affidavit.  Prignoli said the utility has been “chronically deficient” and repeatedly failed him as a customer since he moved into his tony Annandale home.


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From TheDish... if anyone cares… Wretched **BLEEEEECH!** Rossi tries to explain why she hasn’t been havin’ her photos taken by the paps and basically why she’s been MIA from public display.  Wretched says it’s all because her attention has been focused on Slade’s very ill son!

“Slade’s youngest son Grayson went in for major brain surgery in New York and had some big complications. He was in ICU for three months and only just now is being moved to a different facility. There has been lots of bi-coastal traveling, worry and emotion on both Slade and my parts for his son.  On top of that, I’ve had some issues with a court case that has been going on for the last four years, but I won and am thankful to have that wrapped up.”

Wretched makes it sound like she’s been hovering over lil Grayson since his diagnosis!   Grayson’s illness has never stopped Wretched from making personal appearances… like this one in October!   Wretched also makes it sound like Jay Photoglou was nothing more than a stalker… photos say plenty otherwise!

Wretched’s lawsuit was another Goliath v someone who acted as his own attorney… kinda like the ongoing LeAnnRimes v the CA Schoolteacher!   In Wretched’s case, it looked like ‘he who had the best attorneys wins’!

gretchen photoglou




rhobh yolanda dutch show                                              Yolanda Foster with her Dutch “reality” show co-stars…

There are many who view Yolanda and David Foster’s relationship as gag-worthy “romance” just to sell her products… which can be found on    IMO, @YolandaHFoster is one of the rare extremely intelligent Housewives.  YoFo does not need the Bravo paycheck; therefore, IMO, YoFo signed up for the RHOBH not for the drama; not for the attention and not for any other reason than to just be herself!

rhobh david yolanda


Being smart, level-headed and a bit “tough” as many have labeled Yolanda is not because she is Dutch… it because she was born under the astrological sign of Capricorn!   Yolanda’s birthday was January 11…

People born under it are deep thinkers, natural ora­tors, and teachers. They are wor­shippers of intellect, and devotees to book knowledge. They are insatiable in their desire for intellectual growth.  They are indefatigable workers, and apt to tire quickly because they usually do several things at a time. Like the goat, they will work for themselves without stop or stint, but are very restless when harnessed to work for others. They are apt to be self-conscious.

Capricorn peo­ple resent all interference, and never meddle with the affairs of others. They are fine entertainers, have excellent mem­ories, and excel in story telling. This is the most brilliant and the most de­pressed sign in the Zodiac. When jolly, these Capricorners are very jolly; when miserable, they are more miserable than all the others put together, and can usually give no adequate reason for their wretchedness.

They are kind-hearted, loyal, and secretive. A friend once is a friend always. They are usually care­ful in all money and business affairs, and a promise is sacredly regarded. They are natural planners, and know how to make both ends meet.

The majority of the people born under this sign are natural absorbents of natural laws, and are efficient servers to the vast body of humanity in a material way. They are adapted to the carrying out of large projects, and have wonderful con­tinuity in attending to any enterprise which promises handsome material bene­fits; but they are apt to lose heart when the outlook seems small.

Every Capri­corn person should have a good business education and a practical experience in self-maintenance, even if they are pro­spective heirs or heiresses. These people are very particular about appearances, and set a great value upon the opinion of the world.

SO… a very Happy Birthday to Capricorn Yolanda!  Just a few days late!




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  1. I like Yolanda, and David Foster is a genius. I’m glad they are on the show. Great Story Ms SH!!!
    As for Gretchen….She has never seen a camera she doesn’t like..I am sure that she would be Photoglued…I mean photographed every day if she could…


  2. The only bad thing about this entire analogy…? Kyle Richards is the Anti-Yolanda. She minds EVERYONE’S business, constantly meddles and is one of the biggest backstabbing ‘friends’ any person could meet. She is also a Capricorn (and if I recall correctly, she shares the same birthday as Yolanda). So… while Yolanda matches that description, Kyle is more like bizarro Capricorn then.


  3. I live in the south and know dozens of horror stories from the aftermath of Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita and Issac! Kudos to Mr. Prignoli! It’s not just the energy companies that are crooks, it’s the charities that want you to donate money that victims of these disasters never see!


    • The problem is that underground power lines are specifically designed….or are supposed to be….to eliminate the issues associated with storm damages. Heck, I came to miss the underground power lines we had back home in Albuquerque, NM, because one windstorm here in Washington, took out my power for nearly a week (2 weeks for people three blocks from me) because the trees took them out. I think this guy might just have a case since the NYC has already fined the power company for taking so long to restore power.


  4. When Yolanda wrote in her blog that she rarely goes to Beverly Hills to shop or have lunch…I thought Bingo! She should be visiting others as much as she asks them to visit her Malibu Compound and lemon orchards. Gretchen is giving us a hint as to what her storyline will be. (Yawn).


  5. Awwwwe how tweet. Davie-poo wants to get his lil woman all likored up for her birfday. Just kidding. Its a sweet video.


  6. I respect Yolanda because she keeps it classy. Her beautiful exterior matches her interior. I’m glad she is on the show because she is a different breed from the status conscious, obsessed with material goods, defined by their zip codes behavior of the others.Yolanda is a breath of fresh air.


  7. Love Yolanda & love how cute she and David are to each other. And I agree with you miss SH on the extremely smart HW. And totally classy way higher then the other HW ( except Lisa, love her too)


  8. Seeing less of Gretch for season 8? Fine by me! My ears are still recovering from her attempt at “singing” last season. Plus, her obnoxiously fake friendship with TammyDooDoo sent to the toilet with mad diarrhea too many times to count. ( and I wasn’t even having a stupid tattoo removed from my finger!)


  9. Vile Kyle’s birthday is also January 11.

    In astrology, I try to think when I read something it is the potential of that person. Because if it were fact, then Kyle is a textbook case argument against astrology.

    I like Yolanda. But in Kyle’s case, there must be a nature and nurture effect here cuz she is nuts.


  10. I hope Slade’s son ends up ok. He’s been through alot for such a young boy. It’s odd to watch Gretchen (who I like in general) so strongly protest the idea that she & Jay P. where just friends after you see the photos. I think Gretch is one of these that when she gives you her “side” , no matter how untrue , she digs in & may even believe it herself. I’ve never understood how you can know the facts (better than anyone other than Jay himself) & believe otherwise, but you do see that with some folks. It’s like they try to wish it true.??


  11. Gretchen isn’t worried about anyone but Gretchen. I find it crazy how anyone can look at a climber like her and see anything else.


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